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mostly sunnythunderstorm It poured this morning before I woke up. I could hear the lightning and thunder and then leaving the house there was no more rain and the sun popped out later to become mostly sunny with only a few little scattered clouds.

I worked on the BCP issue that I’ve been assigned I’ve had it for most of the month I can’t duplicate the issue that they have or how they’ve created it. Therefore I decided just to let them know how to eradicate the problem when they do get it and asked them to Send re-create some steps if there ever able to pin down exactly how they replicate it.

National beer dayWent out on the trail around 10 a.m. The sun was out and although it was still very cool it was a really nice walk. Didn’t get out again although I had hoped to.

I headed out of work @ about 3:30 and went straight over to T.Mac @ Johns Creek. Tara was there @ 4 and then Jaime, Carlie and Jason came online soon afterward. The Real estate gang were celebrating Kim’s mom’s bday, she turned 62. Not bad at all for 62. Peter and Joanne were there for a bit before I left about 7:30 or so.

Came straight home like a good boy, and messed around with the DeAgostini Falcon til bedtime. I had gotten the Shapeways parts, FINALLY. Primed them outside and then began to think about painting the rest of the walls after attaching the port wall fixtures but instead figured I’d wait until the weekend. I did end up sanding the Computer console and the walls that had water spots with some 1500 grit.

partly cloudypartly sunny, some clouds, cooler. Didn’t get out on the trail.

Work was hectic since the WM is failing and I had built .4 the night before and Kem hadn’t gotten me the signed version until after 9:30am. Ken was running round and trying to figure out the problem, we didn’t find anything so I did another build later, .5 with the last of the bugs taken care of and the WM client removed.

Went over and had another beer @ John’s Creek with Katie, the Red Brick Holy Brother, a Saison Stout. Chatted with the dude Trent, the hockey dude and he had just gone to San Francisco.

Came home nd got my camera and clothes packed up since I will be leaving tomorrow after work.

mostly sunnyhazyHazy this morning adn then the sun burned off the has and rose to a semi-cloudy day.

I had a very unusual dream this morning. It was about me trying to get contacts for my daughter when she was under 10 or so I would say. They were huge things and I was suppose to put them in her eyes. I only got to the part of getting ready to do it and then woke up. Usually my dreams seem to be the same ones I’ve dream’t over and over again.

Work was slow again today, brought in the left-overs from my onions and sausage hoggies I’d made last week.

Texted Becky about possibly meeting up for lunch and possibly also giving her a ride to the airport. She called back saying that she has rented a car to get some last minute errands taken care of and then head to airport. We decided to hit Buckhead and the Stillhouse for lunch @ 11:30. When she arrived there a bit earlier than me she found that the Stillhouse was closed for lunch. Actually, she never found the Stillhouse. There was a sign out on the large sign out front of the Andrews Building but neither of us found the actual restaurant. There were only about 2 or 3 places actually open for lunch. I walked down south a bit more and found a place called “One Star Ranch, texas BBQ” and we decided that would work.

The One Star Ranch, is basically a hole in the wall place. Not bad BBQ actually and a very rustic feel. Lots of rough wood picnic tables and vinyl covered tables inside. It has a bar and a ton of bills on the walls. I should have take photos of the walls but we ate outside and I only went inside for a short time. The gals working there were cute in a very earthy kind of way. One gal had the outline of the state of Illinois on the back of her arm, didn’t get a chance to ask about it and tell her I was from Chicago. Our waitress was a cute auburn haired gal, more normal looking than the rest, another was tall and thin with faded leopard pants, like I said, unique. When we arrived only a single table was there, two guys from an office. When we left about 8-10 tables were seated. One full of female YUPPIES.

Becky felt bad that she may not get what she wants from the house, also the place was a wreck compared to what it was before she left. I feel bad that she has lost so much on this and used her frequent flyer miles to come here and accomplish so little. The real estate dude she has sucks bigtime as well, not a go-getter. She left today about 3pm and will be back in Seattle by 8pm.

Met a cute gal, Susie (Susan) who has two young boys and is a single mom. She’s a speech therapist and went to school in Illinois somewhere. A Bears fan but not a Cubs fan. Had also lived in the Wrigley Field area of Chicago for a time. Also met a nice guy, Drew who has a daughter and the same political views as I do. We both think term limits, laws created apply to ALL, & no lifetime benefits are a way to start cleaning up our political system. I was also asked again tonight if I know that I look like Billy Joel.


Out on the trail again today, early. Spotted a box turtle and several different types of mushrooms. Saw a few chipmunks, three to be exact. And more mosquitoes and spiders, no snakes this time, it was earlier. Tried to get a photo of a jumping spider on a golfball.

Apple-logoApple came out with the iOS 7 update today, got the iPad started first and after about 1.5 hours finally had the update downloaded on the MacBook through the SAP_Internet (the slow one for our “personal” use). I then updated the iPhone and didn’t get finished with that until about 4pm. No trouble at all, everything updated and rebooted just fine. My first thoughts are that I really don’t like many of the “visual” changes, it looks flatter and a lot brighter. Some of the differences between the iPhone and iPad show they clearly are more interested in the iPhone market, I can see why but don’t understand why the code isn’t more interchangeable.

I worked on merging the aspx files for our CPR website, should be finished by tomorrow.

Went out to the Johns Creek Mac for BOTM, used my mall of ga list, over 1221 now. Saw the fellas there, John (divorced, glasses) and Brian the fitbit dude. Found out today the Brian has lost almost 100lbs in the last year. He should be dropping down blow 200 this weekend he says. Kate, Chantel and Ray where working tonight and I asked about Meg and Tommy only to find out they work on Saturday and Sunday last week after they got back from vacation.

It was getting dark by the time I headed out of there, only 7:30pm, fall is coming. Getting home I just watched the last 5 episodes of Cougar Town, these are the oldest shows, 2009 still very funny. Didn’t get to taking photos of the beers I got tonight, two Mikkellers a Stout and a Porter.

windycloudyUp this morning without any hitting of the snooze button, just laid there for a bit listening to a book and got up to take a shower. No rain but overcast all day. Noticed some buds on the trees by my window @ work. Spring may be getting here soon. All day the clouds were racing toward the North, at a good clip I might add. Rained right after work, then stopped.

mila_kunis_esquire_001Looked up info on the next release of PhotoSmith for the iPad, here they added more info on the 2.3 version and it looks like maybe next month (April) it should be coming out.

Here’s a photo of the very sexy Milla Kunis from Esquire magazine, ouch.

Work, frustrating again, not really bad but… Big guy has a meeting scheduled for 4pm EST, yeah like NO. Dude if you want to talk to Atlanta just stop in and speak, instead you schedule two events for the WHOLE world and then that’s it? I hope they record the thing and put it up on the web otherwise I won’t be seeing any of it.

I stopped in at the Duluth T-Mac and had a Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout, the manager from way back was there, the bald one who’s wife I met one time out when they both were drinking, damn I forgot his name.

Today the new version of Red Dawn came out on DVD/BlueRay, Brian and I went over to the Movie Stop and picked our copies up. Watched the Tivoed episodes of Cougar Town before and then after we went down to Brian’s and watched Red Dawn since Nicki was watching TV upstairs. I liked this version, a bit different and very much up to date as too politics and things like that. It was in a bigger city and not such a rural area as the other one was.

Ordered a couple of adapters for the mini/micro USB connector, right angle to allow a regular USB cable to fit better on the D700.

mostly sunnyGot up after quite a few weird dreams nothing bad really but just plain odd.

One of the dreams centered around the very old gang I used to hang out with at my first job. Then one where some odd chicken egg things were going on.

Went out to the mall and checked. Few places for the steam-vac thing, best buy first and picked up a mouse and a iTunes card for Nicki. Then to target where I ended up getting some things I’ve needed for some time. I then stopped in at the Mac.

Met up with Jeff T there and then Brian came by and we had an early dinner. I also saw Ellis from the Xcellenet days, cool chatting with him about the new stuff and that he is spearheading some really cool things for Afaria in the future, he now works along with SAP.

Came home and just watched some dr. Who and some of tBBT and then just movies all night.

Nicki tried to give me the guilt trip about not allowing Jorael in the house, just not going there with her, she may be starting to understand a bit about consequences, or at least I hope so.

When I was out @ Taco Mac they upgraded the T-Mac Mobile website for the TM Brewniversity, not sure I like the new setup much, but in some ways it’s a WHOLE lot better on the iPad. Just not suited as well for the phone.

Up just after 7 and messed around, got sheets ready to wash but noticed I was out of detergent. Then did some cleaning around the house, 409 and then vacuuming first the upstairs and then the down.

Brian headed out to the range to shoot his mosin and others out on a outside range somewhere in south ATLANTA. I had not wanted to get mostly due to my not feeling really comfortable with the cleaning job I’ve done on my mosin.

I also tried a little maiden flight for my falcon40, it seems to be spinning in the clockwise direction wpuntil it leaves the ground and then it seems to steady up. But then the ‘copter pitches to the left, I need to look ontheweb to see if I can find some tips on tuning and stuff, the v2 is different than the v1 which I’ve learned mostly about.

Went over to the shroom for lunch, Justin showed up and I got to see the gals there, mostly Caitlin fawn over him a bit, he’s cool like that :). The dude does have a following there and is very popular with the gals. Erin was her typical standoffish self but smiled more than usual. Lauryn was a bit slow early on but after she go stone caffeine in her she was mu ch more fun. Caitlin was at the beach or at least the poplin the last couple of days, the tan lines where her bikini top was were very evidence and kept drawing my eye, I really do like tan-lines. Talked about Portal, a new store called Xxxxxxx, the Olympics but only by me.

Went over to Hooters after since I don’t have any will power, Katrina was working the bar and Kris awa working manager, let them both know about the night Patty and Rob are suppose to be in town, also Kree sho I expected to be working bar was on the floor, mmmm.


I then headed on home, picking up some laundry detergent and after getting to the house realizing that Nicki and Jorael were there and the washer/dryer were occupied. Nicki then told me that she feels she may loose her job @ the “school”. They have a new Manager, not Ashley whom I knew and hired her but another lady who is very close to the owner whom Nicki does not get along with very well. She also says her “class” is shrinking due to many getting on to school this year so when that happens very soon now she may not be a lead teacher (or she will have to go part time). I hope things go well and I let her know that if she is not comfortable with her job security she really needs to start looking HARD.

I then decided to head over to the pool for some R&R and some ultra-violet light. Had a beer there and got to chat a bit with Patty from next door. Heard a tail about the folks being asked to “tend” to the overgrown area behind their prospective houses, the area between each and the creek, by Patty and I it is part of the “border” of the Post Office but I think their’ is only between each of their houses. Also, Patty’s step-son has been with them the whole summer and they hope to go back to TX with him and possibly be able to bring him back to go to school here and stay with them. Hope so too, he’s a nice kid.

Went out to Taco Mac while Nicki and Jorael watched the Olympics, I caught the volleyball and then some of the men’s gymnasics while there. Brian came by and had a beer with me as well along with some dinner, we both had the new roast beef and blue not a bad wrap but I could and should have taken half home. Had the Festive Ale 11 and the Rogue Dad’s Little Helper, both dark and sweet. A new gal behind the bar with Nicholas, Meg (but not the one from Johns Creek with the tattoos), seemed nice but a but quiet, like Meg with the tattoos.

It began to rain about 9pm or so, the TVs in Taco Mac began to search for signal and I walked outside and noticed a few large drops, the ground was still about half dry but I went ahead and put the top up on the car, wiped down the seats and things to dry the little rain that did get into the car. I left about 20 minutes after that and it was a lot wetter as I got closer to home.

Came home and watched “Source Code” with Jake G*&*((&*, whatever his name is.

Overcast this morning, I had to put the top up when I got into the office. At McDonalds, I felt a few drops and therefore I had gotten the top cover put in the trunk in preparation for the possibility that the sky would open up at any moment during the ride in to work. It did rain a bit around 11 in the morning, and then dried up.

Work was a bit frustrating, I did learn a bit about the API and all but the bug still is in there somewhere and it seems to be in the actual marshaling code. We also got an SAP “IMPORTANT” notice about doing a “training” for security that must be done. It took an hour to go through the “class” and then you took a test at the end. I got 11 out of 14, just one above the minimum.


The drive over to the Mac in Johns Creek was a bit hot, had the top up the whole way. John was there as always, also the two mikes as well. Ray was there since the morning and then Meg and Brittany took up the bar after 5. Had a few and a a wedge then took off back home for a bit of a rest.

Nicki and Jorael were at the house, I just made up some guacamole and went upstairs and messed with the computer. Nicki told me some stuff about the car, that it sounded like the transmission was falling out, so dramatic, I was going to looks at it later but she left when I asked something more. I then watched a few episodes of tBBT and then went out to Taco Mac.

Arrived and got a shitty chair by the bottled beer, soon after I started my Brooklyn Black Stout, 2011 a few chairs opened up at the apex of the bar, I scooted over there. JiJi and Cara were taking care of the bar and then a crew of gals came in, including Lindsey from Parma and sat at a table in the bar area. Nicholas was hanging around and he was going off with JiJi and as it happens also the gals including Lindsey and they all were heading over to the Pink Pony, after they had a few beers here. Almost right after that, about 10pm Autumn and her friend, that plays for the other team, Terri joined me and then another friend Ashley (a cute JAP). They all chatted a bunch and I got a few words in edgewise. Talked about what we slept in, shaving practices and Terri made a comment about my ring, on my right hand, thinking it a wedding ring, WTF. I guess guys are not suppose to wear jewelry.

Getting out of there and going home Autumn gave me several kisses, how cute. I’m not sure where I fit into her “plans” just think she is a girl out to have some fun.

Some FUCKED up asshole shot up a bunch of people at a movie theater during the premier of Batman, he dressed up as the Joker and got up in front of the theater and unloaded a bunch of guns, a Shotgun, AR-15 & Glock? had multiple clips and got it all in by setting them by the emergency exit and then opening it from the inside and bringing it in. Maybe it wasn’t the emergency exit, possibly the exit that most theaters have that is to the side or rear of the building to funnel people out to an area so they cannot easily get into another movie for free.

Sunny when I got up about 9am, it became steadily more cloudy but really nice fluffy clouds and they moved fast enough the the sun stayed out as well.

Made the baked eggs, with salsa and asiago cheese, yummy. cleaned up around the house, vacuumed and picked up some of the clutter. I put the new LED light up in he porch but it doesn’t work with the X-10 stuff either, I guess I’ll remove the X-10 switch, don’t use it anyway.

reaching for the sky

This heartburn started up about noon, right after I had some “breakfast” a bit after 10am and drank a few more Diet Dews. It went away after that.

Went out to the Kroger and picked up some food and lunch stuff for work. Also some paper towels and TP for the house.

Out to the T-Mac about 3pm and with JiJi at the bar I had a few beers, the Green Flash Le Freak and the Heavy Seas Pale. Chatted with a dude there that had the same political thoughts I have, liberal as far as freedoms but conservitive when it comes to financial matters. I’m maybe a wee bit more against super high incomes though. Term limits, prosecuting the Senate for not having a balanced budget, the president it a liar, and if Obama wins in November the economy is really going to go to hell. I also chatted with a very nice couple, Will and Amy, Will was a big guy, 6’4″ with a greying beard; Amy was a very petite dark brown eyed gal with a nice tan and a very thin figure. Damn, it was difficult not to continue to glance down her top and at her legs, trying not to be the oggling bar fly. Talked about all sorts of things from sports to places to vacation. I’m wondering if they don’t live in my neighborhood.

Brian asked about re-upping with the Bull’s Eye Gun Range for the $60 for six months, I figured I would go ahead and do it, I won’t get near the benefit that he will since he goes over there about 2-3 times a week. I may go about 1-2 times a month. But with the $7 range fee I only have to go about 9-10 times during the half year and I’ll be about even.

The PhotoSmith release is back on Apple again, they found the error late on Friday and should have the 2.1 version out soon. It will be better for the larger number of files I have and also have added the flags sync.

Yeah, Friday the 13th. Got paid and paid some bills so not all that “evil” πŸ™‚
Weather was on the cool side, lower 70s and still a bit wet. Rained in the morning but by noon the sun was peaking out occasionally.

Ordered up the parts for the Double Horse 9100 and a toolkit along with a new 9958 mini 4CH FP heli to play with. Realized that I should have never bought a 3CH copter and only a 4 or above. I’d like to get another 4 channel next with a collective, so I’ll be needing atleast $200 or maybe $400.

Work is a bit frustrating, I think I’m getting Deanna mad @ me about not putting 100% into the issues when I continue to have to go back and forth with support just to get the things I need. It’s just so frustrating I just want to let it go and do somethings else. I also found out that another engineer solved the issue with the XSTrans traps, they were just what I thought and he fixed it by using flood control similarly to what we do in Outbound-Notification, smart. Now I feel stupid that I didn’t just think of trying that, although I know I’ve done the same thing before when I start a issue that someone else has had before me and hit a wall.

Ended up at johns creek for a delirium Noel and while the talked to the dude, David who is starting his own possible beer business, lots of people are trying to brew beer for profit these days after they brew in their homes for awhile. I chatted with a dude, thin tall guy drinking all kinds of drinks with maraschino cherries in them, sales guy for some sort of web-security thing that allows doctors to communicate “securely” for HIPA requirements.

Went over to the Mall of GA, glad I did, got to hang with John the Honda Guy and Lori the very cute Auburn fan I used to tease that worked over at the Suwanee store and now works somewhere by Lake Lanier. Lori was complaining about her long (beautiful, thick and dark) hair and about cutting it off. Had the Delirium Noel in both bottle and on draft, it tasted better in the bottle IMHO. I also added the Clown Shoes Eagle Claw Brown which is more like an Imperial IPA than a brown. Finished the night and came on home watching a movie Brian brought up with Katherine Hiegel one of my celebrity crushes.

Feeling crappy this morning, nicki was at the house early and was wanting to get the car tow it and sell it to car max. I was pissed but decided to go ahead and get the car with her and then sell it to car max so I would be rid of it. She and I got into a discussion about why she isn’t very humble when someone does something for her. I guess it was what was expected when I was a kid and I equate that to being confrontational.

We got to the U-Haul place where we were going to pick up a tow thing to get the car but they had just rented it out. Emotions were HIGH and some crying was done. Instead we just went to the car and I decided we would try to move the car. I had planned on just driving down to the next shopping center there off of Satellite Blvd & SR120 but the temp stayed just below the red so long as I coasted most of the time and didn’t accelerate much. I decided then to go to the ‘Shroom and give the car a rest while we had lunch and tried to decide what to do next. Nicki had intended to take it to CarMax and see what they would give her for it.

While @ the ‘Shroom we realized that the belts were not moving and one outside one was no longer there. Nicki also mentioned that the belts were making noise (squealing) and that had stopped on Friday morning, yes that must have been when it fell off or broke. She googled and found someone else saying that this will make the car overheat. We then got extra conformation since the battery light was on as well. Decided to get to the Auto Zone and get a new belt and install it. After quite a greasy time it was installed and everything seemed to be fine, I’m still worried about the power-steering unit and since she isn’t putting any fluid in it the belt will more than likely crap out again really soon. Nicki slept most of the afternoon away after that.

I decided to head out to the Red Hare Brewery for their Saison Release Party. It was a lot of fun, good beers, nice people and some nice music by the 4 Monkeys, three guys and a gal singer.
Ended up at the Fred Bar downstairs of the Prado Taco Mac, met a couple that were also at the Saison Party, Steve and Kate I think, really nice folks. They told me about the Tiny Toast that they were having for La Chouffe beers, got a mall gnome sized pint glass and we all toasted @ 6:66pm or 7:06pm. Had the RWS Fred Fries which were slightly undercooked IMHO but the dipping sauce was so good I wasn’t even worried about it.

Brasserie D’Achouffe celebrates 6,666th anniversary with Gnome Week. Huh? You’ve seen the Chouffe gnomes right? It goes that – 6,666 years ago, a village of gnomes were found in magical water in Belgium they were using to make beer. In 1982, the last surviving gnome pasted the secret recipe on to two aspiring Belgian brewers, giving birth to Brasserie D’ Achouffe.

The Fred

all the taps @ the Fred

I then stupidly went over to Taco Mac by the mall to have some dinner and a couple of more beers there, namely the Innis & Gunn Independence Day Ale.

Up with the alarm today, it’s Friday so it’s important to get to work early so I can leave early as well. Dark intermittent clouds most of the day, sun came out a few times but nothing spectacular.

Ate lunch a bit early and was out in the bush about 11:30. Found a few more “new” mushrooms, I think. some small red/orange ones (sticky-wet), some 1″ to 1.5″ ones flat and grey/blue, some yellow/white in a bunch with *MORE*. Crawling through the bushes and then almost laying on the ground to take photos I felt like things were crawling all over my body when I got back inside. Not to mention I was sweaty and got bit by a large black ant on the ball of my left hand that stung for quite some time.

Rained about 1:30pm or so, just a nice summer rain, no lightning that I could tell. Soaked everything really well, at least by work it did.

Looking into CVS (Concurrent Versions System) for home to allow me to keep my website and other code under source control. It would really help me in the long run, especially when I make changes and blow things up. There are also GUI adaptations for Mac and Windows.

Tybee Island Lighthouse


Fernando and I were going to hit the NEW Tin Lizzy location over in Dunwoody but they are not going to be open until sometime in July now.

Changed my elections for my 401K, I really have no idea what I’m doing, just trying to get things in some sort of average, I was into lots of risky funds when the shit hit the fan, I lost a bunch from what I can tell, not really worrying about it and forging ahead.

Had some dinner and a beer over at the Tilted Kilt off of Old Peachtree, saw AnnaK as she was leaving and got to meet a couple of the girls there, Amanda (pronouced like Armada without the ‘r’) a cute black gal with Tina Turner 80’s hair. Then another gal who I forget her name with some WONDEROUS tattoos, want to have a photo shoot with her.

Came home after and Nicki was at the house, getting mad since Jorael was working late again but she acted like she thinks it is something else and not work. She left about 9pm and I did as well to head off to the Taco Mac for a few beers, had a few and saw the gals, Julie and Cindy and chatted with them, the cute couple, Christine and Dale?

Home and to bed.

It was partly cloudy all day, sun was out. A bit of a sunshower about 7pm just before sunset, thankfully I did put up the top on the car before it rained, I noticed the darker clouds.

I woke up about 6am but instead of going ahead and getting up I just laid back down and decided to get up a bit later. Around 7:30 I did finally get up and by 8:30 was at work, it was nice to let myself wake up more or less on my own.

I started to update the setup for the Portal and got out on the Big Creek Greenway around noon and got some photos of several mushrooms and a few insects.

Found out that Donna Summer died today of lung cancer that she got from the dust of 9/11, ok…..

Two Rugers


After work I stopped in at the Johns Creek TMac and had an Insanity and a Victoria along with a large taco for dinner.

Out of impulse I stopped in at the Mall and had a few more beers, having a great time chatting with Erin and Kevin, damn what a really nice couple. Lots of interesting discussions, genetics, books, hunger games, authors, and beer.

Bit warmer this morning as well. Sun peeked out in the afternoon and the wind picked up as well.

Got up a bit slower than normal since I had the third beer and I had also gotten to bed past 11pm.

Messed with LinkedIN for a bit, updating some connections from the old days of NCR.

PhotoSmith is in it’s final stages, only about a month behind schedule, a bit more actually. I’ve been looking forward to this release for about 6 months so the extra month seems to have made this DRAGGGGGGGGG on. I predict that they may have it out by the beginning of May maybe closer to the mid-May timeframe. I will hope for that and therefore if it comes out earlier I’ll be ecstatic.

Went out for a small walk on the Big Creek Greenway about 12:30pm it was mostly overcast still but the sun popped out a few times and I even broke a sweat. A few bugs were out, the same ladybug that was on the bridge yesterday and then a few dragonflies and damselflies. The wind began to pick up a bit after I got back into the office.

Off to the BOTM @ Taco Mac after work. I usually go to the Johns Creek store and today was no different. They are premiering the newest Terrapin beer, the Easy Rider which is a Pale Ale brewed to be a bit lower gravity, ie. about 4.5 ABV. I first stopped in at Pop’s and picked up a couple of Great Divide beers, the 18th Anniversary IPA and a Oak Aged Yeti Stout. The dude, John who had his hip replaced a while back was there again and we talked quite a bit. No one else of interest was there. Had the 2011 Red Brick Vanilla Gorilla before the Easy Rider. Then I drove down to the Tilted Kilt on the way home and had a Drafty Kilt, TiffanyG and Jizzille were there along with Andy what’s his name with the ponytail. I remember now, his last name is pronounced “ki-yay” as in yippie ki-yay (motherfucker!).

It continues to be overcast this morning.

I hit the snooze multiple times and was in and out of a cool dream where I was with a HOT gal who was driving my S2000 and making out with me. Very odd dream, I kept trying to get back into it so I could manipulate what was happening but just couldn’t do it. πŸ™‚ Brian came upstairs to ask if I was going to work about the time I got up, around 8am, he left about 30 minutes before me. Nicki was pulling up at the house about the time I was leaving the garage, she has a doctor appointment today, so no work.

I started on another issue today at work, mostly I just got the device figured out and then I messed around with some WordPress stuff. Changed the theme on my Blog, then had to try and fix all the things it broke. Needed to change the way it got the tagline in the header.php, changed to use bloginfo() instead of get_bloginfo() which doesn’t allow filtering it. I still haven’t figured out what is wrong with the rotating headers plugin to change the photo displayed in the header.

After work, it was almost just mostly cloudy instead of ALL cloudy. I put the top down but it was just a bit too chilly for that really. Stopped in at Pop’s and picked up a few new beers, well I thought I had, Got a third bottle of Jailhouse Hard Time Barleywine and then a six pack of Victory Storm King Stout and a Belhaven Scottish Stout. I already had a Hard Time but I didn’t check and had forgotten. Started todays BOTM at John’s Creek and sat with the Engineering dude, Harold? and another Chancellor – the older guy (like I’m not) who is almost always there, he works very close to the area. Found out that Alyssa is only 24, damn. Talked about the Cummings T-Mac and decided that I need to get there sometime soon.

After having a Terrapin 10th Anniversary Belgian and then a Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA I just went straight home and watched some TV, a few Big Bang Theory episodes and before that the 3rd Predator movie.

Sad day today, two musicians died, Greg Ham from Men at Work, and the drummer from the group the Band

Brian and I got the wood scraps from the front path to the door moved into the back so he could cut them down to a size the garbage collectors with take. Then Nicki and I headed out to have lunch and get to the Decatur Winefest 2011.

We stopped in at a Sushi place and had a couple of rolls and some miso soup, then we got back out into the slightly chilly afternoon and the long line into the festival. Fernando was suppose to show up as well but didn’t get there until well after 3pm with only about 45 minutes left, WTF, I feel terrible that he didn’t show up because of her. Lots of women my age and around it should have taken more photos but didn’t want to make Nicki feel funny at all. Took some of her and around a bit though. Talked to a few gals, lot of pairs of women. I did meet a bunch of Gators since I had my Florida hoodie on. The food lines were WAY to long again.

Decatur 2011

Decatur 2011

@ Taco Mac I met up with Dan and Cathy for about 10 minutes and they had to leave, *frown* but then not long after a couple of twenty somethings sat next to me and all was good again. Christie and Amy were really fun, two UGA fans cheering for Arkansas to beat USC. They were drinking shots for every USC score, they only had two and then a few blue moons but they were fun and possibly drunker than they needed to be. They did say they weren’t going to be driving so that’s good. There was also this REALLY drunk gal about my age or so, a Alabama fan who was a bit tipsy as well, told me I had nice eyes which is always nice to hear. She grabbed my hand and smashed it to her breasts asking if I would cheer for Alabama, nope sorry.

Had a small rah-rah session with Kate at the hostess desk about Florida and felt funny that I wasn’t wearing any Florida gear. We beat Vandy 21-26 but I heard it wasn’t pretty.

Watched the movie Driving Angry, with Nicholas Cage and some really HOT gal run around and finally kill all the bad guys who are Devil worshipers/Cult group.

I work up a bit early this morning, woke up from the re-occuring dream about driving a bus for the kids (Nicki & MArk) when they were kids. Went over to Tammy’s house (we were divorced already) and was late. Then I woke up and looked at the clock, 5:05am, thinking that the alarm didn’t ring so I get up and take a shower, end up downstairs about 5:30 and Brian comes up asking why I’m up early, ooops.

@ work I went out early to have my walk and possibly get some photos in, it began to rain about the time I got over the first bridge, then it began to get a bit heavy. Back inside I was feeling very crapped out since my system still doesn’t work correctly, just no access policies, I don’t have access to allow them or something.

I got out a bit later, the sun came out after I had eaten lunch, about 11:45 or so. I got quite a few photos of some new things, since I walked out north of the trail where there were quite a few logs and lots of moisture, mosses, and mushrooms and fungi.

I stopped in at the Suwanee T-Mac for BOTM, I had the Moo-Hoo 2010 and then the Gordon IPA (by OB, the G’ Knight now) and even though I got a glass I didn’t drink one of the BOTM, Red Bricks. The only one I need is the Laughing Skull Lager, yuck. I saw Trish and Adam there, also the dude from Honda, John (shaved head). Also Beverly (blond, fair skin, thongs) is getting married, she has a big ring and is quite happy πŸ™‚ Adam and I made a job about being pregnant which she didn’t take kindly of.

Stopped in at the Beverage Superstore, met a cute gal, all of 21 with a 4 pack of Founders Breakfast Stout, Ali who works at the old T-Mac on 120 & Riverside. It’s now something else, she told me the name but I can’t remember it. I may have to go over there sometime again. I picked up a Jailhouse / ????? Collaboration brew, Community Service (a Scotch Ale) and a Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout that I already had a bottle of.

Brian and I shared the second bottle while I downloaded and updated my iPad with the iOS5, took all evening to download, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have the charger on and the power was low (I think). Set up the download for the iPhone and will update in the morning.

I ended up moving the piano from next door into the garage last night, Patty and Jeff were talking about it with a friend and then they left just after I got home. I then continued to think about it just getting ruined outside so I decided to go ahead and had Brian help me with it up the short hill to the driveway. We then put it between the cars and I’ll move it back to the back as soon as I get stuff moved around back there, or in the house by the back windows.

I finally got more traction at work, I’m even getting close to a solution to an issue that would have been easy if I had not had to turn my development environment on it’s ear. I should have it solved by the end of tomorrow or at the latest about Monday or Tuesday.



I got my prescription in the mail today, one day to spare. It was BOTM today, Got the Red Brick Blonde glass, didn’t have to even buy a RB Beer, cool, I drank more expensive ones anyway. The Stone Imperial Stout and the Red Hare Gangway IPA. There was this chick down the bar that had a voice about one octave above what wouldn’t make your hair stand on end. Adam made the joke that if she breathed Helium only dogs would hear her.

Then came home and had the last of the Trappist Ales I had in the fridge, the 8. Saw Adam and Jeff at the Mac. Also the fellow gator, Katie was working the Hostess table, damn she is cute. Came home and played on the computer, a little photography stuff, Tumblr and then to bed.

Got up wondering what was up with Autumn that she hadn’t called to let me know what was up for today. Went out to the Shroom with Brian and poor Lauryn is getting worse instead of better, sinus issues galore. I texted Autumn but got nothing back in the next hour. After lunch I went over to Hooters for a beer cince B.Ritch was going to be working her eligebility day at the bar so I figured I’d go in and say Hi.

Turned into a nice early afternoon, got to see BritR and then a few other “regulars”, Bruce, Alabama dude, Desire’, Rick-photo, as well as Alex, Trish the Gator, and even Anna (still blonde but I can’t seem to get used to it). There was this very Gothy looking petite chick at the end of the bar, a few tattoos showing very pale skin and dark hair. She had a few beers, fries and sat with her one foot up on the char so her knee is up around her chin. I did notice she was really small all around with a cute little butt.


I finally got a text from Autumn while there at Hooters watching UGA do OK against Ole Miss. She had JUST gotten up, must have had a bad (long) night. I texted such but got no reply to that only that she was watching UGA as well. Asked about meeting up at T-Mac for the UF game @ 7 but no real reply to that. Came home and just hung out and messed around water plants, cleaning up around the yard, etc. I got my re-newed PASSPORT today and absolutely hate the picture on it. I look like my Grandpa Walton, plus the color is all wrong. I’m suppose to get my old passport back as well a bit later.

I then took off to T-Mac for the Florida/Kentucky game, had some dinner, a few beers and they won, 48-10. Brian also stopped in and had dinner with me, him a panini and I the shrimp/avacado salad, but forgot to tell them to leave off the fresh jalapenos, OUCH I got a few and they really did BURN. I also chatted with a nice couple, the gal a redhead about 7.5 months pregnant and as cute as a button, strawberry blonde, fair skin and a boat load of freckles. I may have chatted with them before. Also a crew from the Petite Le’Mans just got into town and were there, Boz crew?

Finished watching the game and then came on home, nice cool evening by now, lower 60’s on the drive home. Watched some TV with Jeremy and Nicki, then we figured out the Wii wasn’t working when Nicki tried to exercise, find out then that it’s been having trouble all along, she has been leaving it on and then not removing her disc which hasn’t made things better.

Didn’t get together with Autumn, maybe this is an omen. Got a call from Becky about her moving this next week, needs to be out of her VERY NICE but VERY expensive apartment at the end of the month. She is not happy about this at all.

Wet this morning, although not actually raining as I drove in. Issue at work came back because as soon as the original bug was fixed another popped up. Now its about the number of files sent, over 2000+ but the issue isn’t that I’m afraid, more interesting I think, not sure yet.


Went over to the Suwanee T-Mac and had the BOTM after a French Broad Easy IPA, very GOOD IPA IMHO. Then I had the Sierra NEvada Torpedo IPA and it just didn’t float my boat. Lastly I had the Victory Moonglow, nice Bock beer, enjoyed it. I got to chat with a gal, Susan, a bit heavy but nice. Then Bonnie came in, wow, I really have a hard time NOT staring between her boobs, yes, boobs not tits. Swoon. I wish. Oh yeah, I got the Tumbler glass I forgot Thursday before last.

Chatted with a dude from the Mall of GA Honda, John works at the service department, need to get some stuff done to the car and have him do it. Brakes, about $500, then the clunk in the back tires may be the axle, he thinks I could tighten the nut on it and it may go away.

Took the bones and the skull from the “bird” that I found on the Big Creek Greenway several months ago and watched decay, and put them into a pan with some bleach in the hopes to whiten and clean them up. We will see what they look like in the morning and throughout the weekend if need be.

Gave Autumn a call after getting home. Looks like we may be going to the Chili Cookoff at Stone Mountain. Why do I always seem to get to Stone Mountain with the Rampey Crew? Mellissa, Ellen and crew are still with Autumn in a pack, guess it is wonderful to have life long friends. No driving drunk for me though.