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mostly sunnyGot up after quite a few weird dreams nothing bad really but just plain odd.

One of the dreams centered around the very old gang I used to hang out with at my first job. Then one where some odd chicken egg things were going on.

Went out to the mall and checked. Few places for the steam-vac thing, best buy first and picked up a mouse and a iTunes card for Nicki. Then to target where I ended up getting some things I’ve needed for some time. I then stopped in at the Mac.

Met up with Jeff T there and then Brian came by and we had an early dinner. I also saw Ellis from the Xcellenet days, cool chatting with him about the new stuff and that he is spearheading some really cool things for Afaria in the future, he now works along with SAP.

Came home and just watched some dr. Who and some of tBBT and then just movies all night.

Nicki tried to give me the guilt trip about not allowing Jorael in the house, just not going there with her, she may be starting to understand a bit about consequences, or at least I hope so.

When I was out @ Taco Mac they upgraded the T-Mac Mobile website for the TM Brewniversity, not sure I like the new setup much, but in some ways it’s a WHOLE lot better on the iPad. Just not suited as well for the phone.