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Brian and I got the wood scraps from the front path to the door moved into the back so he could cut them down to a size the garbage collectors with take. Then Nicki and I headed out to have lunch and get to the Decatur Winefest 2011.

We stopped in at a Sushi place and had a couple of rolls and some miso soup, then we got back out into the slightly chilly afternoon and the long line into the festival. Fernando was suppose to show up as well but didn’t get there until well after 3pm with only about 45 minutes left, WTF, I feel terrible that he didn’t show up because of her. Lots of women my age and around it should have taken more photos but didn’t want to make Nicki feel funny at all. Took some of her and around a bit though. Talked to a few gals, lot of pairs of women. I did meet a bunch of Gators since I had my Florida hoodie on. The food lines were WAY to long again.

Decatur 2011

Decatur 2011

@ Taco Mac I met up with Dan and Cathy for about 10 minutes and they had to leave, *frown* but then not long after a couple of twenty somethings sat next to me and all was good again. Christie and Amy were really fun, two UGA fans cheering for Arkansas to beat USC. They were drinking shots for every USC score, they only had two and then a few blue moons but they were fun and possibly drunker than they needed to be. They did say they weren’t going to be driving so that’s good. There was also this REALLY drunk gal about my age or so, a Alabama fan who was a bit tipsy as well, told me I had nice eyes which is always nice to hear. She grabbed my hand and smashed it to her breasts asking if I would cheer for Alabama, nope sorry.

Had a small rah-rah session with Kate at the hostess desk about Florida and felt funny that I wasn’t wearing any Florida gear. We beat Vandy 21-26 but I heard it wasn’t pretty.

Watched the movie Driving Angry, with Nicholas Cage and some really HOT gal run around and finally kill all the bad guys who are Devil worshipers/Cult group.

Got up wondering what was up with Autumn that she hadn’t called to let me know what was up for today. Went out to the Shroom with Brian and poor Lauryn is getting worse instead of better, sinus issues galore. I texted Autumn but got nothing back in the next hour. After lunch I went over to Hooters for a beer cince B.Ritch was going to be working her eligebility day at the bar so I figured I’d go in and say Hi.

Turned into a nice early afternoon, got to see BritR and then a few other “regulars”, Bruce, Alabama dude, Desire’, Rick-photo, as well as Alex, Trish the Gator, and even Anna (still blonde but I can’t seem to get used to it). There was this very Gothy looking petite chick at the end of the bar, a few tattoos showing very pale skin and dark hair. She had a few beers, fries and sat with her one foot up on the char so her knee is up around her chin. I did notice she was really small all around with a cute little butt.


I finally got a text from Autumn while there at Hooters watching UGA do OK against Ole Miss. She had JUST gotten up, must have had a bad (long) night. I texted such but got no reply to that only that she was watching UGA as well. Asked about meeting up at T-Mac for the UF game @ 7 but no real reply to that. Came home and just hung out and messed around water plants, cleaning up around the yard, etc. I got my re-newed PASSPORT today and absolutely hate the picture on it. I look like my Grandpa Walton, plus the color is all wrong. I’m suppose to get my old passport back as well a bit later.

I then took off to T-Mac for the Florida/Kentucky game, had some dinner, a few beers and they won, 48-10. Brian also stopped in and had dinner with me, him a panini and I the shrimp/avacado salad, but forgot to tell them to leave off the fresh jalapenos, OUCH I got a few and they really did BURN. I also chatted with a nice couple, the gal a redhead about 7.5 months pregnant and as cute as a button, strawberry blonde, fair skin and a boat load of freckles. I may have chatted with them before. Also a crew from the Petite Le’Mans just got into town and were there, Boz crew?

Finished watching the game and then came on home, nice cool evening by now, lower 60’s on the drive home. Watched some TV with Jeremy and Nicki, then we figured out the Wii wasn’t working when Nicki tried to exercise, find out then that it’s been having trouble all along, she has been leaving it on and then not removing her disc which hasn’t made things better.

Didn’t get together with Autumn, maybe this is an omen. Got a call from Becky about her moving this next week, needs to be out of her VERY NICE but VERY expensive apartment at the end of the month. She is not happy about this at all.