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Sun was out, got up a bit before 6am, was out the door by about 6:20 and at work just after 7. It was hazy and looked like it may rain so I decided to go ahead and put the top up on the car while at work. Lots of thunder @ night but I don’t think it rained.

Took a short walk around the tributary of the Big Creek just off my office complex on the Greenway. Only took a few photos of some bugs, a beachball bug, a beetle of some sort and a damselfly.



Work was boring, getting another bug, the one I had was re-assigned to someone else.

Came home and made some chicken and rice.

Took some photos of my little pewter Star Trek ships, I’ve been wanting to document the silly things I collect, and that is one of them. I guess I need to make a “family” picture to showcase them.

It was partly cloudy all day, sun was out. A bit of a sunshower about 7pm just before sunset, thankfully I did put up the top on the car before it rained, I noticed the darker clouds.

I woke up about 6am but instead of going ahead and getting up I just laid back down and decided to get up a bit later. Around 7:30 I did finally get up and by 8:30 was at work, it was nice to let myself wake up more or less on my own.

I started to update the setup for the Portal and got out on the Big Creek Greenway around noon and got some photos of several mushrooms and a few insects.

Found out that Donna Summer died today of lung cancer that she got from the dust of 9/11, ok…..

Two Rugers


After work I stopped in at the Johns Creek TMac and had an Insanity and a Victoria along with a large taco for dinner.

Out of impulse I stopped in at the Mall and had a few more beers, having a great time chatting with Erin and Kevin, damn what a really nice couple. Lots of interesting discussions, genetics, books, hunger games, authors, and beer.

Bit warmer this morning as well. Sun peeked out in the afternoon and the wind picked up as well.

Got up a bit slower than normal since I had the third beer and I had also gotten to bed past 11pm.

Messed with LinkedIN for a bit, updating some connections from the old days of NCR.

PhotoSmith is in it’s final stages, only about a month behind schedule, a bit more actually. I’ve been looking forward to this release for about 6 months so the extra month seems to have made this DRAGGGGGGGGG on. I predict that they may have it out by the beginning of May maybe closer to the mid-May timeframe. I will hope for that and therefore if it comes out earlier I’ll be ecstatic.

Went out for a small walk on the Big Creek Greenway about 12:30pm it was mostly overcast still but the sun popped out a few times and I even broke a sweat. A few bugs were out, the same ladybug that was on the bridge yesterday and then a few dragonflies and damselflies. The wind began to pick up a bit after I got back into the office.

Off to the BOTM @ Taco Mac after work. I usually go to the Johns Creek store and today was no different. They are premiering the newest Terrapin beer, the Easy Rider which is a Pale Ale brewed to be a bit lower gravity, ie. about 4.5 ABV. I first stopped in at Pop’s and picked up a couple of Great Divide beers, the 18th Anniversary IPA and a Oak Aged Yeti Stout. The dude, John who had his hip replaced a while back was there again and we talked quite a bit. No one else of interest was there. Had the 2011 Red Brick Vanilla Gorilla before the Easy Rider. Then I drove down to the Tilted Kilt on the way home and had a Drafty Kilt, TiffanyG and Jizzille were there along with Andy what’s his name with the ponytail. I remember now, his last name is pronounced “ki-yay” as in yippie ki-yay (motherfucker!).

I work up a bit early this morning, woke up from the re-occuring dream about driving a bus for the kids (Nicki & MArk) when they were kids. Went over to Tammy’s house (we were divorced already) and was late. Then I woke up and looked at the clock, 5:05am, thinking that the alarm didn’t ring so I get up and take a shower, end up downstairs about 5:30 and Brian comes up asking why I’m up early, ooops.

@ work I went out early to have my walk and possibly get some photos in, it began to rain about the time I got over the first bridge, then it began to get a bit heavy. Back inside I was feeling very crapped out since my system still doesn’t work correctly, just no access policies, I don’t have access to allow them or something.

I got out a bit later, the sun came out after I had eaten lunch, about 11:45 or so. I got quite a few photos of some new things, since I walked out north of the trail where there were quite a few logs and lots of moisture, mosses, and mushrooms and fungi.

I stopped in at the Suwanee T-Mac for BOTM, I had the Moo-Hoo 2010 and then the Gordon IPA (by OB, the G’ Knight now) and even though I got a glass I didn’t drink one of the BOTM, Red Bricks. The only one I need is the Laughing Skull Lager, yuck. I saw Trish and Adam there, also the dude from Honda, John (shaved head). Also Beverly (blond, fair skin, thongs) is getting married, she has a big ring and is quite happy 🙂 Adam and I made a job about being pregnant which she didn’t take kindly of.

Stopped in at the Beverage Superstore, met a cute gal, all of 21 with a 4 pack of Founders Breakfast Stout, Ali who works at the old T-Mac on 120 & Riverside. It’s now something else, she told me the name but I can’t remember it. I may have to go over there sometime again. I picked up a Jailhouse / ????? Collaboration brew, Community Service (a Scotch Ale) and a Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout that I already had a bottle of.

Brian and I shared the second bottle while I downloaded and updated my iPad with the iOS5, took all evening to download, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have the charger on and the power was low (I think). Set up the download for the iPhone and will update in the morning.

I ended up moving the piano from next door into the garage last night, Patty and Jeff were talking about it with a friend and then they left just after I got home. I then continued to think about it just getting ruined outside so I decided to go ahead and had Brian help me with it up the short hill to the driveway. We then put it between the cars and I’ll move it back to the back as soon as I get stuff moved around back there, or in the house by the back windows.

Work is a bit slow at the moment, very welcome since I can use the time to learn a bit and search for new things in the coding world. Even though it was raining a bit while I drove into work this morning I did get out to the greenway after lunch. Much heartburn during the walk, took a zantax and ???? it helped. Not much notable on the trail, almost stepped on a large yellowish toad pictured here. Then a few katydids, a ????? spider, some feathers and lastly a doe right were the bridge meets the trail near the entrance by my office. I had heard something that I thought was an owl but I didn’t investigate nor did I try and record it, stupid of me.

Southern Toad

Southern Toad

After getting home it was mostly overcast like the entire day was, I played on the computer for awhile, messing with the photos I took on the greenway. The one up top is one of the first taken today. I then looked up some more spiders and tagged all the ones I wasn’t sure of with my “WHAT” keyword, then I went through my frogs and got most of them named as well. I’m really getting interested in all the nature stuff along with the naming of the creatures I take photos of. I guess I even do it with the people as well 🙂

Got the Indiana Krunkles IPA a wheat IPA actually. I was thinking it was a Black IPA for some reason. Noticed the Passport has a hold on my account for the $110 check I sent them, I didn’t know they could do that, I guess it’s an electronic banking thing.

Everything seemed OK this morning until I got a call from Nicki that the car battery won’t start the car even with the charger, I think I messed up the cable when I replaced it and since I didn’t re-test before finishing it up it’s my fault. Told her to just take Brian’s truck and be careful. Called Brian to let him know and ask forgiveness and he told me we had left the garage door open last night, I should be more careful, just forgot about it when we came in after messing with the car.

tiny gulf fritillary

The sky was clear and I almost set up the camera this morning to take some wide field shots of the Orion constellation but didn’t. By about 9am it was totally clouded up and the wind was gusting.

Went out and got a few photos before it got bad or began to rain, stayed close in, checking on the Viceroy larva that are on a willow branch. The willow tree-bush is really small and looks as if it had been cut down more than once. Since it is close to a colvert I figure it may not continue to thrive in this area. There are at least 4 larvae, one large and three smaller ones. The Big Creek is getting smaller by the day, went down to the edge by the bridge that connects the greenway to our office building area and got a few photos of what I think are either small wolf spiders, grass spiders and some sort of jumping bug that looks like a crab.

Home and Nicki’s car is still BAD, I charged the battery again, it started and then about 2 hours later off the charger it wouldn’t start. Nicki walked to the store, didn’t even bitch about it so I told her we would get a battery after work tomorrow. I’m a sucker I know.

Watched True Blood, still weird. Then messed with some photos and made some zucchini for dinner.

This morning Nicki’s car wouldn’t start again, the battery or charging system is not working correctly it seems.

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast during the weekend and things got blown around. Not much rain here (none) or in Florida last week but the news was full of 10+ inches all up in North Carolina, Jersey and New York. And as always there are a lot of people without power right now up there.

1952 or so, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles

My parent’s families were friends, my dad with my mom’s older brothers (Chuck and Dean) and mom’s older sister – Glenna with my dad’s older sisters (Nadene and Glendene) ( finally everyone moved away. My mom is the second from the left, with her eyes closed and my dad is the 5th from the left. My mother’s dad (Grandpa Schadd) is taking the picture, I assume he’s doing it with the Argus that he gave me when I was about 15. Mom helped me date the photo, she figured she was about 10 here which made my dad about 14 or 15.

Walked around the creek today, saw a turtle about 6 inches long, about the size of the shell I found with a turtle missing from it awhile ago. I noticed something moving through some long grass and snuck up on it. It kept itself hidden and stopped moving as soon as I was watching it. Looked away photographing a spider and it began to move again. Walked around back to the Big Creek not finding anything good to shoot, went back to the spot where the turtle was and couldn’t find him.

Got home this afternoon and the dudes had mowed the lawn, it really needed it and I’m not sure but I think they only do it every two weeks. I need to check and see since I think I blogged about it then.

Nicki looked up a way to test the alternator on a car with a multimeter so we went out and tested her car. Seems the Alternator is just fine, which leaves the battery, it shows charged but will not start the car, I think it may be shot, put it on the charger until tomorrow morning and she will have to see what happens.