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If your employer does not provide you with healthcare insurance (or you are unemployed), you will be REQUIRED to buy that insurance on your own, with your own money. If your income is below a yet to be determined amount, you will be eligible for a tax credit which you can only use to buy insurance at a state-run exchange in the state in which you live. In order to get the tax credit, you must enroll in Medicaid. Following me so far? Good. Because here’s whete it gets complicated. More than half of the states are refusing to set up exchanges and are suing the Federal government to put an end to this. The Federal government only fully funds the state-run exchanges for the first year. The percentage it pays drops the next two years, then disappears altogether. But I digress…
So, you’re back to appying for Medicaid. Except, there is a problem with that, too. Remember when the Supreme Court ruled last year that the new law was Constitutional? Well, they also ruled that the individual states did NOT have to expand Medicaid, which basically was the backbone of the Affordable Care Act. So, you can APPLY for Medicaid, but you won’t necessarily be accepted because your state can’t afford to have anyone else on Medicaid.
Which means you’re back to paying for healthcare insurance on your own. You will have to wade through the dozens of options offered by every insurance company that can lawfully operate in your state. Don’t worry….I’m sure each will send that information directly to your home, since they will be able to find out from the government who doesn’t have employer-provider insurance.
And if you decide that it’s too much trouble and/or you can’t afford it? Well, there’s a penalty, er…a tax…for that. Which will be collected and enforced by the IRS.

You will soon no longer have to spend your days without Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Ding-Dongs thanks Metropoulos & Co.  A U.S. judge has just approved the sale. Metropoulos & Co owns iconic beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon. Last year, Hostess filed for bankruptcy, owing more than 1.4 billion to its creditors.

The deal for the pastries is said to be $410 million. There is a Twinkie/PBR tallboy special in your bar’s future. Just wait and see.

via Twinkies May Soon Return Thanks to PBR | Beer Street Journal.

mostly sunnyRainHit the snooze multiple times up around 6am. Rainy and cold drying up later and the sun coming out by about 2pm.

At work I got somewhat through the new stuff for the SP7 for 6.6, about 23 or so bugs fixed out of about 58 in patching

Went over to the ‘Shroom and had a few beers and dinner, Sahil, Rachel and Sam again. Charlie was there earlier and left soon afterward thankfully. Chatted with a cool guy about politics, mostly the economy actually. Our budget for last year was 3.8 trillion dollars, up from 1.8 since 2001. The country also has over 16 trillion in debt and we only have a Gross Domestic Product of 15.7

16T debt, 5.2 foreign, 1.164 China rest to Americans or US Gov. to itself. And at a 102% Debt to GDP ratio, we are in trouble folks.

Nicki asked the same thing again, wants to stay on the insurance when she gets married to the dumb-shit Jorael. I don’t even say I approve at this time. Neither of them are capable of supporting each other, not to mention that Nicki has some medical issues that she can’t take care of without some serious financial concessions that she is not willing to make. I refuse to allow her to have her cake and eat it too. I really just want her to realize that life is not something you start having others pay for you. She started the discussion again with a “let’s not argue” but when I said NO again she just wouldn’t quit, I tried to tell her again that is wasn’t going to change thing no matter how much she tried to “guilt” me into it by saying How she would be scarred if she didn’t have the medicine like I am making her get married. Then she played the “it’s no money out of your pocket”, that’s not the point, the point is YOURE MARRIED to HIM. Then I’m selfish and then that I just want to control her, well maybe I just don’t want her to jump into something they are not fully equipped handle. OK I said, go with that one. Make yourself feel better.

Here’s hoping she isn’t pregnant.

Got the NRA Membership stuff today.

Now getting the 2 CSRs I got from Paul C Buff sent back, got them reboxed, a box to ship them in and now I just need to send them back, insured I guess.

Up with the alarm today, it’s Friday so it’s important to get to work early so I can leave early as well. Dark intermittent clouds most of the day, sun came out a few times but nothing spectacular.

Ate lunch a bit early and was out in the bush about 11:30. Found a few more “new” mushrooms, I think. some small red/orange ones (sticky-wet), some 1″ to 1.5″ ones flat and grey/blue, some yellow/white in a bunch with *MORE*. Crawling through the bushes and then almost laying on the ground to take photos I felt like things were crawling all over my body when I got back inside. Not to mention I was sweaty and got bit by a large black ant on the ball of my left hand that stung for quite some time.

Rained about 1:30pm or so, just a nice summer rain, no lightning that I could tell. Soaked everything really well, at least by work it did.

Looking into CVS (Concurrent Versions System) for home to allow me to keep my website and other code under source control. It would really help me in the long run, especially when I make changes and blow things up. There are also GUI adaptations for Mac and Windows.

Tybee Island Lighthouse


Fernando and I were going to hit the NEW Tin Lizzy location over in Dunwoody but they are not going to be open until sometime in July now.

Changed my elections for my 401K, I really have no idea what I’m doing, just trying to get things in some sort of average, I was into lots of risky funds when the shit hit the fan, I lost a bunch from what I can tell, not really worrying about it and forging ahead.

Had some dinner and a beer over at the Tilted Kilt off of Old Peachtree, saw AnnaK as she was leaving and got to meet a couple of the girls there, Amanda (pronouced like Armada without the ‘r’) a cute black gal with Tina Turner 80’s hair. Then another gal who I forget her name with some WONDEROUS tattoos, want to have a photo shoot with her.

Came home after and Nicki was at the house, getting mad since Jorael was working late again but she acted like she thinks it is something else and not work. She left about 9pm and I did as well to head off to the Taco Mac for a few beers, had a few and saw the gals, Julie and Cindy and chatted with them, the cute couple, Christine and Dale?

Home and to bed.