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mostly sunnythunderstorm It poured this morning before I woke up. I could hear the lightning and thunder and then leaving the house there was no more rain and the sun popped out later to become mostly sunny with only a few little scattered clouds.

I worked on the BCP issue that I’ve been assigned I’ve had it for most of the month I can’t duplicate the issue that they have or how they’ve created it. Therefore I decided just to let them know how to eradicate the problem when they do get it and asked them to Send re-create some steps if there ever able to pin down exactly how they replicate it.

National beer dayWent out on the trail around 10 a.m. The sun was out and although it was still very cool it was a really nice walk. Didn’t get out again although I had hoped to.

I headed out of work @ about 3:30 and went straight over to T.Mac @ Johns Creek. Tara was there @ 4 and then Jaime, Carlie and Jason came online soon afterward. The Real estate gang were celebrating Kim’s mom’s bday, she turned 62. Not bad at all for 62. Peter and Joanne were there for a bit before I left about 7:30 or so.

Came straight home like a good boy, and messed around with the DeAgostini Falcon til bedtime. I had gotten the Shapeways parts, FINALLY. Primed them outside and then began to think about painting the rest of the walls after attaching the port wall fixtures but instead figured I’d wait until the weekend. I did end up sanding the Computer console and the walls that had water spots with some 1500 grit.

FalconFull_0188584433Check out this incredible Millennium Falcon cut-away art that’s been officially released by its artist, Brian Sauriol. It gives fans a really cool detailed look at the Han Solo’s YT-1300 Corellian light freighter. The illustration was commissioned 20 years ago and is officially licensed by Lucasfilm.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the illustration and the story behind it:

After two decades of secrecy, the vault has been opened and Illustrator Brian Sauriol has unveiled an incredible cut-away illustration of the iconic Star Wars starship, the Millennium Falcon. Commission by Nonpareil Communications, Inc. and licensed by Lucasfilm, Ltd., this art shows Han Solo’s YT-1300 Corellian light freighter at a level of detail never seen before. Originally intended as a licensed print, this piece reveals the interiors of the fan-fave starship with vibrant rendering and top-notch craftsmanship rarely seen today.
Sauriol is one of the premiere product and advertising illustrators of the modern era. He is also a professor and program coordinator of Media and Communication Arts at Macomb College, where he has molded the careers of many professional concept artists, including Marc Gabbana who worked with Lucasfilm on Star Wars Episodes II and III, and numerous illustrators that have gone on to create licensed Star Wars art for posters, books and apparel, including Matt Busch, Lin Zy, Alex Buechel, Bill Pulkovski, Darin Radimaker, Brandon Gallo and Ryan Waterhouse.
When the art was created in 1993, Sauriol was hand selected to illustrate 4 starships from the Star Wars Universe including the X-Wing Fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer, and Death Star. The Millennium Falcon was the only ship completed, but the intricate work Sauriol put into the art working hand-in-hand with Lucasfilm’s blueprints is unsurpassed. The original art was created right before the industry transition to digital illustration, producing a work that is hand painted and airbrushed. “This is one of the last traditionally illustrated works I’ve done,” comments Sauriol, “and certainly the most involved piece of my career. It’s dear to my heart, so finally being able to share it after all these years is profoundly gratifying.”
While not easy to let go of such an iconic piece, Sauriol is also putting the original art on the market, making it one of the most rare and exquisite collectibles a Star Wars fan could own. The art is gouache and acrylic on 24” x 36” Crescent Illustration Board. The illustrator is also including a plethora of extras, including Lucasfilm approved preliminary drawings, contracts, and even blueprints. Illustrator Matt Busch comments, “It truly is amazing. Hidden in secrecy for almost 2 decades, this stunning piece has finally emerged from the shadows and is available to own! Imagine having this one-of-a-kind painting gracing your collection! Don’t be surprised if you have to fight me for it!”
As to whether this piece will be available as a licensed print as intended, Sauriol is tight-lipped, but does slip that there is at least talk of such a possibility. For now, it’s all about the art itself. Busch adds extra nostalgia, “This is one of the most exquisite paintings I’ve ever seen. It also has sentimental value for me, as I got to witness Brian working on this project back when I was a budding student of his. It was Brian’s mentorship and seeing this piece come to life that gave me the courage and inspiration to follow my own dreams pursuing a career to become a Star Wars artist.”