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thunderstormcloudyGot up at 8 o’clock it was foggy and chilly fog is lifted it in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy all day, warmed up to 80’s and then about 6pm it was rainy with some lightning and thunder, this happened right after BT told me that she hasn’t seen lightning at all in the three years she has been in Seattle.

After waking up had to the turn on the dryer to get the towels dry and then we just broke down boxes and loaded them up in the car. Not constructed the little shelf unit for the downstairs bedroom so she could have some more storage.

prohibition gastropub, kitchen nightmares, washington heraldWent it to the Prohibition Gastropub for the revisit of Kitchen Nightmares, what a agree lunch, after we finally got throughout the line, not a line and signed our releases they let us in and we got to our table on for four but only the two of us were at it. I actually got to talk to chef Ramsey, the star of the show, he asked ,”what did you have my man?”, and as i started to tell him he finished it for me, I had the IPA BBQ shrimp and sausage with grits, very good.

Here is the episode for the initial visit of Chef Rampsey. Also, found an article from the Washington Herald here. BT and I are even in the photo, man do I look like an angry fatman.

After the Prohibition we went to several other happy hours, Sol Food, one at Majestic. Met a cool guy @ Sol Food who works at Boeing, Greg, then we went over to the Majestic and over to the concert.

Fly Moon Royalty. They we suppose to be at the outdoor concert on the arts center, but it started raining and we headed for the prohibition instead. Then the bands then called them and the band Flymoon Royalty paled at the prohibition instated to her village quarter. When we sat at the prohibition they were almost empty, then it got very crowded when people figured out the band was coming. Earlier the guys from Kitchen Nightmares were in the back still, doing stuff. We had to be quite until they were finished. The band stared up after about 7 and the place was packed. BT and I had drinks and we ordered a wing appetizer. I had the brown ale from two beers brewery, the SoDo brown, very sweet and then bitter finish. The band ended with baby got back, very cool.

On the walk back BT gets a all from her “guy” Will, moved to CA. I drove back to the house and get to bed around 10, she is out. N her bed, hope we get up on time.

Feeling crappy this morning, nicki was at the house early and was wanting to get the car tow it and sell it to car max. I was pissed but decided to go ahead and get the car with her and then sell it to car max so I would be rid of it. She and I got into a discussion about why she isn’t very humble when someone does something for her. I guess it was what was expected when I was a kid and I equate that to being confrontational.

We got to the U-Haul place where we were going to pick up a tow thing to get the car but they had just rented it out. Emotions were HIGH and some crying was done. Instead we just went to the car and I decided we would try to move the car. I had planned on just driving down to the next shopping center there off of Satellite Blvd & SR120 but the temp stayed just below the red so long as I coasted most of the time and didn’t accelerate much. I decided then to go to the ‘Shroom and give the car a rest while we had lunch and tried to decide what to do next. Nicki had intended to take it to CarMax and see what they would give her for it.

While @ the ‘Shroom we realized that the belts were not moving and one outside one was no longer there. Nicki also mentioned that the belts were making noise (squealing) and that had stopped on Friday morning, yes that must have been when it fell off or broke. She googled and found someone else saying that this will make the car overheat. We then got extra conformation since the battery light was on as well. Decided to get to the Auto Zone and get a new belt and install it. After quite a greasy time it was installed and everything seemed to be fine, I’m still worried about the power-steering unit and since she isn’t putting any fluid in it the belt will more than likely crap out again really soon. Nicki slept most of the afternoon away after that.

I decided to head out to the Red Hare Brewery for their Saison Release Party. It was a lot of fun, good beers, nice people and some nice music by the 4 Monkeys, three guys and a gal singer.
Ended up at the Fred Bar downstairs of the Prado Taco Mac, met a couple that were also at the Saison Party, Steve and Kate I think, really nice folks. They told me about the Tiny Toast that they were having for La Chouffe beers, got a mall gnome sized pint glass and we all toasted @ 6:66pm or 7:06pm. Had the RWS Fred Fries which were slightly undercooked IMHO but the dipping sauce was so good I wasn’t even worried about it.

Brasserie D’Achouffe celebrates 6,666th anniversary with Gnome Week. Huh? You’ve seen the Chouffe gnomes right? It goes that – 6,666 years ago, a village of gnomes were found in magical water in Belgium they were using to make beer. In 1982, the last surviving gnome pasted the secret recipe on to two aspiring Belgian brewers, giving birth to Brasserie D’ Achouffe.

The Fred

all the taps @ the Fred

I then stupidly went over to Taco Mac by the mall to have some dinner and a couple of more beers there, namely the Innis & Gunn Independence Day Ale.

Slept so well in fact that I didn’t get up when my alarm rang at all.

I saw a Tesla on the way to get a sandwich this afternoon, it was red. I thought it was a Ferrari at first.

U went out to the T-Mac at the Mall to have a Left Hand Fade to Black Smoked Baltic Porter Cask and I even got to hammer in the tap head on the cask. I didn’t get a photo like a fool but I didn’t waste much beer. The greater part of the crowd was the regulars from Suwanee, Charlie, his wife Alicia and Beth. Cara was at the bar, sweet Cara, the only gal at the place wearing shorts, told us it was because she didn’t have any long work pants anymore, they had split one night not that long ago. JeeJee was working the floor and I got to say hello before leaving. Jason (the GM) also said hi/bye before I left.

I went home and rested before meeting up with Fernando at 37Main, a gal, Jaime at the bar was a bunch of fun, and a hotie to boot. The place was rocking and we left about 1am, the party didn’t start until almost 11 even though we were there before 9. The Guns and Roses tribute band, Appetite for Destruction was GREAT and the rocked the house. Quite a few hot ladies dancing around to the music. Also, some that were not so cute a wide variety of people.