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(CNN)As stunned fans mourned legendary singer Prince, questions remained on what killed him days after he performed in Atlanta to rave reviews.

Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. An autopsy will be conducted Friday, starting at 9 a.m. CT (10 a.m. ET).
Prince Rogers Nelson, 57, died Thursday after he was found unresponsive in an elevator at his studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota.
Paramedics tried to perform CPR but were unable to revive him, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m., less than 30 minutes after sheriff’s deputies responded to a medical call at the scene.

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Sausalito police remain tight-lipped about an ongoing investigation into an early morning shooting last weekend, but confirmed Tuesday the two people found dead were romantically involved.

The bodies of Robyn Chan, 51, of Sausalito, and Mara Truly, 42, of Sacramento, were discovered inside a residence at 173 San Carlos Avenue after police received reports from witnesses who heard multiple gunshots at about 2:38 July 20.

“There was trauma to both bodies, and we are conducting autopsies right now as we speak,” Sausalito Police Chief Jennifer Tejada said. “Neighbors reported hearing six gunshots.”

Police did not elaborate on details involved in the early morning incident.

Chan, whose occupation is listed as a software engineering executive on LinkedIn, and Truly had recently moved in together and had thrown a party Saturday to celebrate the news with neighbors and friends, Tejada said.

Police said the cause of the deaths is considered suspicious. The autopsies are being conducted by the Marin County Sheriff’s Coroner Division. Complete toxicology results won’t be known for several weeks.

Police entered the residence to check on the welfare of the occupants and found Truly and Chan deceased, police said.

Their deaths were deemed an isolated incident and are not related to recent burglaries in Sausalito, according to a press release from Sausalito police.

“There is no outstanding public safety risk due to this incident,” police said.

Tejada confirmed the case would be the first homicide in the city since 2009.

Anyone with information about the deaths is asked to call Sausalito police at 289-4170.

via Police investigating ‘suspicious’ deaths in Sausalito – Marinscope Community Newspapers : News.

It continues to be overcast this morning.

I hit the snooze multiple times and was in and out of a cool dream where I was with a HOT gal who was driving my S2000 and making out with me. Very odd dream, I kept trying to get back into it so I could manipulate what was happening but just couldn’t do it. 🙂 Brian came upstairs to ask if I was going to work about the time I got up, around 8am, he left about 30 minutes before me. Nicki was pulling up at the house about the time I was leaving the garage, she has a doctor appointment today, so no work.

I started on another issue today at work, mostly I just got the device figured out and then I messed around with some WordPress stuff. Changed the theme on my Blog, then had to try and fix all the things it broke. Needed to change the way it got the tagline in the header.php, changed to use bloginfo() instead of get_bloginfo() which doesn’t allow filtering it. I still haven’t figured out what is wrong with the rotating headers plugin to change the photo displayed in the header.

After work, it was almost just mostly cloudy instead of ALL cloudy. I put the top down but it was just a bit too chilly for that really. Stopped in at Pop’s and picked up a few new beers, well I thought I had, Got a third bottle of Jailhouse Hard Time Barleywine and then a six pack of Victory Storm King Stout and a Belhaven Scottish Stout. I already had a Hard Time but I didn’t check and had forgotten. Started todays BOTM at John’s Creek and sat with the Engineering dude, Harold? and another Chancellor – the older guy (like I’m not) who is almost always there, he works very close to the area. Found out that Alyssa is only 24, damn. Talked about the Cummings T-Mac and decided that I need to get there sometime soon.

After having a Terrapin 10th Anniversary Belgian and then a Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA I just went straight home and watched some TV, a few Big Bang Theory episodes and before that the 3rd Predator movie.

Sad day today, two musicians died, Greg Ham from Men at Work, and the drummer from the group the Band