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Dreary and overcast most of the day, the clouds continued moving toward the west all morning long. Lots of wind.

Read a bit about Christopher Columbus, seems he wasn’t a really nice fellow. Terrorized what is now the Dominican Republic, killing and enslaving many Indian and Caribbean people. There are people who want us to stop having a Columbus Day, seems silly since we are not really celebrating the man but the fact that he helped start colonization of the USA back in 1492, wow, that was almost 300 years before we became our own country, and we have only been a country for 235 years. Kind of reminds you how young we really are as a country compared to all the ones in Europe & Asia.



I went over to the Natural Foods Warehouse for some frozen things for lunch, ended up seeing a dude I’ve met over at Taco Mac – Mall coming out of the Beer Depot in the same shopping center across from my office. Just after I finished my lunch I realized that it was raining outside, the light misty kind.

mmmmmmm beer

Checked on my package to LifePixel (D200 IR conversion) and it is out for delivery today. Should be finished 5-10 days from today (also should get email from them tonight) and then be back to me sometime by the end of the month. Need to get set up for adjusting the focus on the camera just in case.

Came home and had some dinner, then watched some Ancient Aliens again, then some FoodTV. Noticed Terra Nova was recording but some Dumb-Ass baseball game was still on, Fuck, now I won’t have it recorded.

Took some shots like the one above, messing with the reversed 50mm on my 150 macro, used the NIKON CLS flashes.

Wet this morning, although not actually raining as I drove in. Issue at work came back because as soon as the original bug was fixed another popped up. Now its about the number of files sent, over 2000+ but the issue isn’t that I’m afraid, more interesting I think, not sure yet.


Went over to the Suwanee T-Mac and had the BOTM after a French Broad Easy IPA, very GOOD IPA IMHO. Then I had the Sierra NEvada Torpedo IPA and it just didn’t float my boat. Lastly I had the Victory Moonglow, nice Bock beer, enjoyed it. I got to chat with a gal, Susan, a bit heavy but nice. Then Bonnie came in, wow, I really have a hard time NOT staring between her boobs, yes, boobs not tits. Swoon. I wish. Oh yeah, I got the Tumbler glass I forgot Thursday before last.

Chatted with a dude from the Mall of GA Honda, John works at the service department, need to get some stuff done to the car and have him do it. Brakes, about $500, then the clunk in the back tires may be the axle, he thinks I could tighten the nut on it and it may go away.

Took the bones and the skull from the “bird” that I found on the Big Creek Greenway several months ago and watched decay, and put them into a pan with some bleach in the hopes to whiten and clean them up. We will see what they look like in the morning and throughout the weekend if need be.

Gave Autumn a call after getting home. Looks like we may be going to the Chili Cookoff at Stone Mountain. Why do I always seem to get to Stone Mountain with the Rampey Crew? Mellissa, Ellen and crew are still with Autumn in a pack, guess it is wonderful to have life long friends. No driving drunk for me though.

Everything seemed OK this morning until I got a call from Nicki that the car battery won’t start the car even with the charger, I think I messed up the cable when I replaced it and since I didn’t re-test before finishing it up it’s my fault. Told her to just take Brian’s truck and be careful. Called Brian to let him know and ask forgiveness and he told me we had left the garage door open last night, I should be more careful, just forgot about it when we came in after messing with the car.

tiny gulf fritillary

The sky was clear and I almost set up the camera this morning to take some wide field shots of the Orion constellation but didn’t. By about 9am it was totally clouded up and the wind was gusting.

Went out and got a few photos before it got bad or began to rain, stayed close in, checking on the Viceroy larva that are on a willow branch. The willow tree-bush is really small and looks as if it had been cut down more than once. Since it is close to a colvert I figure it may not continue to thrive in this area. There are at least 4 larvae, one large and three smaller ones. The Big Creek is getting smaller by the day, went down to the edge by the bridge that connects the greenway to our office building area and got a few photos of what I think are either small wolf spiders, grass spiders and some sort of jumping bug that looks like a crab.

Home and Nicki’s car is still BAD, I charged the battery again, it started and then about 2 hours later off the charger it wouldn’t start. Nicki walked to the store, didn’t even bitch about it so I told her we would get a battery after work tomorrow. I’m a sucker I know.

Watched True Blood, still weird. Then messed with some photos and made some zucchini for dinner.

Arduinio UNO close up

So, yesterday I got the Arduino and messed with it for awhile, today I instead just had some beers and hung out.

After work I stopped in at the Shroom and had a beer along with some meatball sub, then came home and had a short nap on the couch upstairs. I did wake up before too long and was over at the Taco Mac for a couple of more beers about 9pm.

Stayed out way too late, Cara & Timmy holding up the bar, JiJi even said Hi.

I chatted with a cute younger couple I’d talked with before, Christine and Dale or Clay. Also met a new Florida fan, Karen Christy who is a Sales person at a Plumbing supply company. Had a nice time talking and stayed for more beers than I should have. Got home after 2am and got her number.

For the last week my mid-lower back on the right side has been sore, in my kidney area which kind-of worries me. It only hurts when I get up from sitting at the computer at work and when bending forward.

Also, I’ve had some bites or something all over my waistband/legs for about the last 2-3 weeks. They itch like crazy and almost feel like poison ivy or something like that. I scratch and they scab up but almost always come back. My waistline and the joint at my knees seem to be center locations. It may be some-sort-of-bites I think. What do bed-bug bites look like?

Long Creek Falls

After work Fernando and I went over to the Happy Hour over at the Sage Tavern on Haynes Bridge. I think we have been there before and aside for a few women who came in pairs, one pair at bar and the other at a small table the place was mostly guys. I know I’m a fud so there was no way I was staying until 10pm for the “start” of Ladies Night so we just had a few Tapas and a couple of 420s leaving about 6:30. The bartender, Maria, was really cute, average thicker build about 5’5″ I’d say with longer dark brown hair, very nice. The ages around the place were in the late 30’s to late 50’s I’d say. I had several good Tapas although the cost a bit more $$$ than if I had just bought a dinner, lump crab stuffed mushroom caps and pancetta wrapped twin jumbo shrimp @ about $13.

Came straight on home but almost detoured to either Hooters or Taco Mac but decided to not spend the $$$$.

Nicki paid for her school today, so she is enrolled again, hopefully she will have her AA soon and in about another 2 years her Bachelors.

Oh, and updated the iPhone and iPad2 today with the latest software, not iOS5 yet though.