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Irma is among the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record based on wind speed.

The major hurricane could notch more historic moments in the days ahead.

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful hurricanes to roam the Atlantic basin in more than a decade, and it could hit more historical benchmarks in the days ahead.

Here’s a rundown of Irma’s notable extremes so far.

Strongest Winds in Almost 12 Years

Irma’s maximum sustained winds have so far maxed out at 185 mph. Those winds are well above the 157 mph Category 5 threshold and are the highest registered in any Atlantic hurricane since 2005.

Hurricane Wilma on Oct. 19, 2005, was the last hurricane to have maximum sustained winds reach 185 mph.

One of Four Hurricanes With 185+ MPH Winds

The 185 mph winds also place Irma in the upper echelon of Atlantic hurricanes based on wind speed.

Only three other hurricanes have had winds of 185 winds or greater, including Wilma (2005), Gilbert (1988) and Allen (1980), according to Dr. Phil Klotzbach, a tropical scientist at Colorado State University.

Allen had the strongest winds of those four hurricanes, maxing out at 190 mph in early August 1980.

Longest Duration of 185 Winds Anywhere in the World

Irma’s winds were at 185 mph for 33 hours as of late Wednesday evening. That’s the longest a tropical cyclone has maintained winds at that level or stronger anywhere in the world, according to Klotzbach.

The previous record was Super Typhoon Haiyan (2013) in the northwest Pacific which held winds of that intensity for 24 hours.

Most Powerful Hurricane to Strike the Leeward Islands

Irma’s maximum winds were 185 mph as it raked through the Leeward Islands, including Barbuda, Anguilla and Saint Martin.

Klotzbach says that Irma’s winds are the strongest for any hurricane on record to wallop the Leeward Islands region, beating out the Okeechobee Hurricane (1928) and David (1979). Both of those hurricanes had 160 mph winds at their peak in the Leeward Islands.

Lowest Central Pressure in a Decade

The central pressure observed in Irma dropped to 914 millibars early Wednesday morning, the lowest pressure for any Atlantic hurricane since Dean in August 2007, according to Klotzbach.

Irma’s pressure, however, does not rank among the top 10 lowest in the historical record for the Atlantic.

In general, a lower pressure means a more intense hurricane in terms of its winds and overall destructive potential. Conversely, a higher pressure indicates a weaker system when it comes to wind speeds.

Irma Ranks Among Longest-Lived Category 5 Hurricanes

Hurricane Irma has been a Category 5 for more than 48 hours as of Thursday early morning.

Hurricane Allen (1980) and Hurricane Ivan (2004) hold the record for the longest duration as a Category 5 in the Atlantic at three days total.

Irma now ranks third overall since the reconnaissance era began in 1944 with Category 5 strength lasting two days, according to data from NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division.

Atlantic Category 5 Hurricanes 1924-2015 (Red Indicates Category 5 Intensity)

2017 Could Be the First Year With Two U.S. Category 4 Landfalls

Irma has a chance to be the second Category 4 hurricane landfall in the U.S. this season.

The first Category 4 landfall was Hurricane Harvey which roared ashore near Rockport, Texas, with 130 mph winds on Aug. 25.

In historical records dating to 1851, the U.S. has never been struck by two Category 4 or stronger hurricanes in the same year, according to Bob Henson, a meteorologist with

History of Hurricane Harvey.
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Hurricane Hermine

β€’ Hermine strikes Florida.

Hurricane Hermine is battering the state, dealing a blow to tourism during the holiday weekend and complicating the fight against the Zika virus.

Here’s how to turn your phone into an early warning system for extreme weather, disasters and other crises.

I work up a bit early this morning, woke up from the re-occuring dream about driving a bus for the kids (Nicki & MArk) when they were kids. Went over to Tammy’s house (we were divorced already) and was late. Then I woke up and looked at the clock, 5:05am, thinking that the alarm didn’t ring so I get up and take a shower, end up downstairs about 5:30 and Brian comes up asking why I’m up early, ooops.

@ work I went out early to have my walk and possibly get some photos in, it began to rain about the time I got over the first bridge, then it began to get a bit heavy. Back inside I was feeling very crapped out since my system still doesn’t work correctly, just no access policies, I don’t have access to allow them or something.

I got out a bit later, the sun came out after I had eaten lunch, about 11:45 or so. I got quite a few photos of some new things, since I walked out north of the trail where there were quite a few logs and lots of moisture, mosses, and mushrooms and fungi.

I stopped in at the Suwanee T-Mac for BOTM, I had the Moo-Hoo 2010 and then the Gordon IPA (by OB, the G’ Knight now) and even though I got a glass I didn’t drink one of the BOTM, Red Bricks. The only one I need is the Laughing Skull Lager, yuck. I saw Trish and Adam there, also the dude from Honda, John (shaved head). Also Beverly (blond, fair skin, thongs) is getting married, she has a big ring and is quite happy πŸ™‚ Adam and I made a job about being pregnant which she didn’t take kindly of.

Stopped in at the Beverage Superstore, met a cute gal, all of 21 with a 4 pack of Founders Breakfast Stout, Ali who works at the old T-Mac on 120 & Riverside. It’s now something else, she told me the name but I can’t remember it. I may have to go over there sometime again. I picked up a Jailhouse / ????? Collaboration brew, Community Service (a Scotch Ale) and a Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout that I already had a bottle of.

Brian and I shared the second bottle while I downloaded and updated my iPad with the iOS5, took all evening to download, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have the charger on and the power was low (I think). Set up the download for the iPhone and will update in the morning.

I ended up moving the piano from next door into the garage last night, Patty and Jeff were talking about it with a friend and then they left just after I got home. I then continued to think about it just getting ruined outside so I decided to go ahead and had Brian help me with it up the short hill to the driveway. We then put it between the cars and I’ll move it back to the back as soon as I get stuff moved around back there, or in the house by the back windows.

Dreary and overcast most of the day, the clouds continued moving toward the west all morning long. Lots of wind.

Read a bit about Christopher Columbus, seems he wasn’t a really nice fellow. Terrorized what is now the Dominican Republic, killing and enslaving many Indian and Caribbean people. There are people who want us to stop having a Columbus Day, seems silly since we are not really celebrating the man but the fact that he helped start colonization of the USA back in 1492, wow, that was almost 300 years before we became our own country, and we have only been a country for 235 years. Kind of reminds you how young we really are as a country compared to all the ones in Europe & Asia.



I went over to the Natural Foods Warehouse for some frozen things for lunch, ended up seeing a dude I’ve met over at Taco Mac – Mall coming out of the Beer Depot in the same shopping center across from my office. Just after I finished my lunch I realized that it was raining outside, the light misty kind.

mmmmmmm beer

Checked on my package to LifePixel (D200 IR conversion) and it is out for delivery today. Should be finished 5-10 days from today (also should get email from them tonight) and then be back to me sometime by the end of the month. Need to get set up for adjusting the focus on the camera just in case.

Came home and had some dinner, then watched some Ancient Aliens again, then some FoodTV. Noticed Terra Nova was recording but some Dumb-Ass baseball game was still on, Fuck, now I won’t have it recorded.

Took some shots like the one above, messing with the reversed 50mm on my 150 macro, used the NIKON CLS flashes.

Wet this morning, although not actually raining as I drove in. Issue at work came back because as soon as the original bug was fixed another popped up. Now its about the number of files sent, over 2000+ but the issue isn’t that I’m afraid, more interesting I think, not sure yet.


Went over to the Suwanee T-Mac and had the BOTM after a French Broad Easy IPA, very GOOD IPA IMHO. Then I had the Sierra NEvada Torpedo IPA and it just didn’t float my boat. Lastly I had the Victory Moonglow, nice Bock beer, enjoyed it. I got to chat with a gal, Susan, a bit heavy but nice. Then Bonnie came in, wow, I really have a hard time NOT staring between her boobs, yes, boobs not tits. Swoon. I wish. Oh yeah, I got the Tumbler glass I forgot Thursday before last.

Chatted with a dude from the Mall of GA Honda, John works at the service department, need to get some stuff done to the car and have him do it. Brakes, about $500, then the clunk in the back tires may be the axle, he thinks I could tighten the nut on it and it may go away.

Took the bones and the skull from the “bird” that I found on the Big Creek Greenway several months ago and watched decay, and put them into a pan with some bleach in the hopes to whiten and clean them up. We will see what they look like in the morning and throughout the weekend if need be.

Gave Autumn a call after getting home. Looks like we may be going to the Chili Cookoff at Stone Mountain. Why do I always seem to get to Stone Mountain with the Rampey Crew? Mellissa, Ellen and crew are still with Autumn in a pack, guess it is wonderful to have life long friends. No driving drunk for me though.

Day started out cool, didn’t get much over 75 I don’t think. It was overcast and cloudy most of the day. I messed with my Beer Site since they have been talking up a new dev release of iUI a version 0.50 dev1, also a 0.40 dev3 but I think I’m going with .50. I may have found a few bugs in the Dialog section of the CSS code. Spacing just isn’t right on text boxes and lots of other things don’t look very good.


Went over to the John’s Creek Taco Mac, MK was there, the counterpart to Cara at Mall0fGA, and I had a couple of beers along with some dinner. The Stone Russian Imperial Stout was first and then second was the Red Banshee from Ft. Collins. Not much else very interesting there.

Came on home and brought in the trees, off the deck into the house since I think it’s going to be a cold evening and night. When I left again for the T-Mac it was in the lower 60’s and I even wore a sweater, a Gator one of course. Timmy and Cara were there at the Mac, Cara leaving almost the same time I arrived, boo hoo.

Had the Florida Brewing Holy Mackerel, Panic Attack and then the Red Brick Peachtree Pale Ale. JiJi said hi as well and I chatted with another cute couple, the guy quite a beer dude even with only about 100 beers on his list, the gal was CUTE all CAPS for sure, strawberry blonde with librarian glasses, wire rimmed and lots of freckles, damn. Also was showing some really great B-cup cleavage, kept stretching and arching her back to accentuate her breasts, ha.

Nicki told me that Tammy (her mom, my ex) had lost her job today. I didn’t even know she was employed again. She was working as a MArketing Manager @ some Sugarloaf place for rich people so Nicki tells me. They just let her go stating that she “wasn’t good enough or up to standards. I said that it sucked but I guess she thought I should be more upset, uh, not really.

BeckyT texted me last night about 1am, I was getting my way back home after a couple of beers at T-Mac Mall and she was having shepherds pie over at the Ballard place, I’m guessing for the last time for a bit since she is moving to a new place this weekend. Over to where her shop is about 2-4 blocks I’ve heard.

They are firing one of those “guns” at work that mount things into a slab of concrete, can you say, “NOISY!” and distracting, I guess I’ll just keep surfing the web instead of working. It was misting rain just a bit on the drive into work this morning, overcast when the sun did finally peek out a little. Messed around with my beer website a bit, have 2 cellars, beers to drink now and ones to leave for 6-12 months, I’ve currently got cellared long term.


Had more of my daughter’s lasagna for lunch, funny aspect of her lasagna, she cuts off the little wrinkled part of the noodles, I’m afraid she may have gotten a bit of my OCD but channeled it a bit differently. No matter, the lasagna tastes GREAT!

Out to the Taco Mac Suwanee for BOTM, had the Tumbler and then a Heavy Seas Great Pumpkin, very good. Saw Connie (or Bonnie) with the blonde shoulder length hair, nice cleavage *smile*. There were also a trio of gals, all married I think who worked with the dude Mike. Then Joy (tallish with the short redish hair) came by and said something about my shaved face, she liked it but I just don’t feel it, a couple of weeks before she said I should shave my goatee off, I made sure she knew that I did it for a passport not her, not really sure why, well yes I am. Connie is who I really would like to see but Beth was being her chatty self and with some looks at Connie I ended up hitting the road. Realized that Beth is VERY much like my brother, very opinionated especially when it’s not a viewpoint most people have.

Came home and had the beer Beth gave me week before last, the Krombacher Weizen, nice but WAY too bready, banana for me. Also watched some movies with Nicki and updated the stuff for beers and dvds on the net.

Everything seemed OK this morning until I got a call from Nicki that the car battery won’t start the car even with the charger, I think I messed up the cable when I replaced it and since I didn’t re-test before finishing it up it’s my fault. Told her to just take Brian’s truck and be careful. Called Brian to let him know and ask forgiveness and he told me we had left the garage door open last night, I should be more careful, just forgot about it when we came in after messing with the car.

tiny gulf fritillary

The sky was clear and I almost set up the camera this morning to take some wide field shots of the Orion constellation but didn’t. By about 9am it was totally clouded up and the wind was gusting.

Went out and got a few photos before it got bad or began to rain, stayed close in, checking on the Viceroy larva that are on a willow branch. The willow tree-bush is really small and looks as if it had been cut down more than once. Since it is close to a colvert I figure it may not continue to thrive in this area. There are at least 4 larvae, one large and three smaller ones. The Big Creek is getting smaller by the day, went down to the edge by the bridge that connects the greenway to our office building area and got a few photos of what I think are either small wolf spiders, grass spiders and some sort of jumping bug that looks like a crab.

Home and Nicki’s car is still BAD, I charged the battery again, it started and then about 2 hours later off the charger it wouldn’t start. Nicki walked to the store, didn’t even bitch about it so I told her we would get a battery after work tomorrow. I’m a sucker I know.

Watched True Blood, still weird. Then messed with some photos and made some zucchini for dinner.

The photo today is quite apropos, it was raining early this morning, heard some thunder and the rain on the roof a few hours before actually getting up. We really needed the rain. Driving into work the roads were wet but the rain had stopped.
It started raining again later in the morning, so I didn’t get out to the Greenway today. By noon though the rain had stopped and the temperature rose.

Work issue with SSL seems to be related to the customers configuration or routers not allowing SSL to negotiate, it works on their server from here using their device and software.

Even with it being IPA Day I didn’t have an IPA at the BOTM, I already had the Harpoon IPA so instead I had the Raspberry Hefe, yuck! Then I had the Avery The Czar 2010, the end of Suwanee Taco Mac’s Christmas in July. Saw the regular crew there, Mike, Mike, Beth, Lori, Lori’s friend (with BF), EE dude, Pete, other talk short haired cute gal (I should know her name), other curly haired brunette. Then black dude, photoshop guy, Charlie & Alicia, other couple were the gal is cute. There was another dude I’ve seen before with a gal with several tattoos and quite an impressive cleavage who moved to a table later.

Got home after picking up several beers from the Beverage Superstore, a Nogne O Barley Wine, Jailhouse Conjugal visit Red Ale, Shipyard Imperial Porter and a six-pack of Butternuts Snapperhead IPA. I found my package from and opened it up to find three very small things. Went upstairs with the MacBook and plugged in the ArduinoUNO and it began running the BLINK program automatically, it must have been programmed to start. Built the Prototype Breadboard Shield and realized just how BAD my eyes are, boy getting old sucks big time. I got it all together and the LEDs work fine as well as all the lines I used on several small test projects. Did some playing with LEDs and then a Piezo. the Piezo was suppose to make some music but it was rather lame, also the volume was really low, or I can’t hear.

Dad called this afternoon because Mom and heard about the ground turkey recall of 2011 Cargill initiates a Recall of 36Million pounds of turkey due to possible contamination from Salmonella Heidelberg. FoxNews Many are brands sold by Kroger and today my brother Brian checked our fridge and noticed we both had some of the turkey on recall.

Got up a bit earlier today, cold outside, almost under 40 I think. It’s cold downstairs since I put on the AC instead of the Heat last week. Turned on the heat and watched the end of Skyline that I had started last night but just couldn’t finish.

Nicki got up and then went out to go to the store.

I then played upstairs with photos for awhile and Brian came up asking about maybe going to lunch somewhere, suggested the Kilted Kilt that just opened up by the Mall.

Had some lunch there but TOTALLY forgot about the 12:30 before you can buy a beer rule. Stupid Georgia and the liquor laws here. Cute Kilt Girl, light auburn hair and some really nice freckles on her midriff. Brian was his regular somewhat fault finding self. Let the owner/manager know that some of the girls don’t look good in the outfit, mmmmm. OK, thanks. I love him but sometimes he makes me want to crawl under something and disappear. It was fine that he say it to me but….

We then stopped in at the T-Mac for a beer since the Kilt was out of Guinness, what? an Irish bar out of Guinness? Just not right! I had the Victory Heartland Pale Ale and he the Ommegang Chocolate Indulgance, I only have 11 more credits to get my Dean and the stein. Maybe I’ll drink the Schlitz Gusto for the 750th beer.

Stayed home the rest of the day, just messed with some StopShot photos with a glass of water and some dice. I also messed on the Interwebs and waited for a text I didn’t get. I figured that Bill&Suzy didn’t really want me over but I was being polite and would rather get to know them better. I’m really not into the third wheel stuff as much as I seem to get into it. It would have been cool watching them do the beer brewing, it would have been cool.