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RainGot up a few times in the evening, very odd dreams tonight, a group of cute women were fixing up our house which was a conglomerate of many houses I’ve lived in. Brian and Nicki were there and it was some sort of HGTV like show but no cameras. Today was the first day this fall that I had to wear a sweater.

It was raining when I got up, cold and damp, mostly only a drizzle though no hard rain thank goodness. Hoping it isn’t dreary all day.

Decatur Beerfest 2013

Decatur Beerfest

Decatur Beerfest 2013

Decatur Beerfest

Beerfest started out quite good, the trip on MARTA was slow but OK, met a couple after 5-Points that was also heading over to Decatur for it. The rain had let up by the time we got to the Fest, after entering though it began to drizzle and basically continued all afternoon. Broke out the raincoat and had it on the rest of the time. Interesting people, connected with one chick, on Untapped, cute Asian gal with her husband both in German garb. We talked with another couple early on as well, two kids and then her brother and sister both under 21, all living in Decatur. Had some really good beers, top of the list was one from Lefthand, the Milk Stout with Mint Firkin, then the newest from 3 Taverns (in Decatur) Theophan the Recluse (Imperial Stout) looking for some of these in 750ml bottles, 3Taverns is my winner @ the fest. Sierra Nevada had a Black IPA called the DeveESTATEtion in bottles that was really good as well. As we drank I kept up with the Gator game on ESPN mobile, the were behind the WHOLE game LOST 17-34? Green Bullet had a Stout I need to try to find and Stone had a really good Black IPA I think it was. Lots of cute women in the crowd and lots of boots.
Decatur Beerfest 2013Decatur Beerfest 2013

Stopped in @ the Raging Burrito and had dinner before heading back on MARTA. I had the Monster Quesadilla, Chicken, mushrooms and broccoli, IT WAS HUGE! The gal behind the bar, Landon (boy’s name but a gal) was quite cute. There motto on their shirts say “Stay Calm and roll a fatty” (their borritos are really FAT see..).
Decatur Beerfest 2013Decatur Beerfest 2013

Ride home on MARTA was faster than the ride there.
Decatur Beerfest 2013Decatur Beerfest 2013

Came home and decided to spend the rest of the night in, good choice.

A bit cooler this morning, about 60 while driving in. Mostly sunny and I don’t see much to indicate it rained at all last night. Sunny most of the day but then at 9:30-10pm it poured for a few minutes (top down).

The 9th Annual East Atlanta Beer Festival will be held  in East Atlanta’s Brownwood Park and looks to be better than ever! – via East Atlanta Beer Fest.

Just got my tickets today, about 9am this morning. Noticed through facebook that the tickets were on sale starting today.

Went out on the greenway again today and a bit early. First thing I saw was a hummingbird but it don’t slow down a bit and flew off. A couple of butterflies, both varieties of Tiger Swallowtail, Red-Spotted Purple I think.

Home after work, cooked for a change, just some mexican rice with green onions. Also cleaned more of the shelves from the fridge. Picked up some groceries from Kroger, over $100, more than almost anything this year.

Another wild night at Parma Trivia, Lauren is back, she had taken a set of stairs poorly (missed that last step) and her left ankle was blown out. She did it weekend before last and on Monday it was Purple-Yellow and Black, and HUGE. She has been on crutches for about a week and had just gotten back to work today. She as limping around and was sitting with us every chance she got. We ended up winning tonight and spending the two first places we had gotten the month before, hopefully Lauren’s tip was good. Wow, our tab was about $125 and after the -60 was about $65, I think at least three of us pitched in $20 and another $30 so that was enough for the check and then Russ just added to the tip on his card. Bill got a bit angry that people were thinking about the bill and not the question which we got right but thought we only bet 15, instead Sam had raised to 16 which allowed us to win 1st.

I stayed and had a beer with Lauren & Bill but Bill left almost right after, I think he was really drunk and in a bad mood for the most part. Russ’s friend and his wife were there, Hellen? as well. Saying the dude is a bit LOUD is an understatement and he just YELLS the answers without really engaging his brain first. By the end he was beginning to learn to tone it down. He’s nice just a bit overbearing and he really rubbed Bill the wrong way.

Stayed out WAY too late, didn’t get to bed until after 11pm, drank one beer too many. The car also got caught in the rain, about 9:30 it must have started to rain, everyone was beginning to leave, I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the table to order up another beer I over heard Bill saying it was raining. Eeeek! ran out and put the top up but the damage was already done. I was continuing to look all evening and just when my guard was down, bam!

Got to talk to Lauren a bit and I got her number to get together for a photo shoot, she seems very interested in doing some stuff artistically which is REALLY cool!

I work up a bit early this morning, woke up from the re-occuring dream about driving a bus for the kids (Nicki & MArk) when they were kids. Went over to Tammy’s house (we were divorced already) and was late. Then I woke up and looked at the clock, 5:05am, thinking that the alarm didn’t ring so I get up and take a shower, end up downstairs about 5:30 and Brian comes up asking why I’m up early, ooops.

@ work I went out early to have my walk and possibly get some photos in, it began to rain about the time I got over the first bridge, then it began to get a bit heavy. Back inside I was feeling very crapped out since my system still doesn’t work correctly, just no access policies, I don’t have access to allow them or something.

I got out a bit later, the sun came out after I had eaten lunch, about 11:45 or so. I got quite a few photos of some new things, since I walked out north of the trail where there were quite a few logs and lots of moisture, mosses, and mushrooms and fungi.

I stopped in at the Suwanee T-Mac for BOTM, I had the Moo-Hoo 2010 and then the Gordon IPA (by OB, the G’ Knight now) and even though I got a glass I didn’t drink one of the BOTM, Red Bricks. The only one I need is the Laughing Skull Lager, yuck. I saw Trish and Adam there, also the dude from Honda, John (shaved head). Also Beverly (blond, fair skin, thongs) is getting married, she has a big ring and is quite happy 🙂 Adam and I made a job about being pregnant which she didn’t take kindly of.

Stopped in at the Beverage Superstore, met a cute gal, all of 21 with a 4 pack of Founders Breakfast Stout, Ali who works at the old T-Mac on 120 & Riverside. It’s now something else, she told me the name but I can’t remember it. I may have to go over there sometime again. I picked up a Jailhouse / ????? Collaboration brew, Community Service (a Scotch Ale) and a Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout that I already had a bottle of.

Brian and I shared the second bottle while I downloaded and updated my iPad with the iOS5, took all evening to download, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have the charger on and the power was low (I think). Set up the download for the iPhone and will update in the morning.

I ended up moving the piano from next door into the garage last night, Patty and Jeff were talking about it with a friend and then they left just after I got home. I then continued to think about it just getting ruined outside so I decided to go ahead and had Brian help me with it up the short hill to the driveway. We then put it between the cars and I’ll move it back to the back as soon as I get stuff moved around back there, or in the house by the back windows.

The photo today is quite apropos, it was raining early this morning, heard some thunder and the rain on the roof a few hours before actually getting up. We really needed the rain. Driving into work the roads were wet but the rain had stopped.
It started raining again later in the morning, so I didn’t get out to the Greenway today. By noon though the rain had stopped and the temperature rose.

Work issue with SSL seems to be related to the customers configuration or routers not allowing SSL to negotiate, it works on their server from here using their device and software.

Even with it being IPA Day I didn’t have an IPA at the BOTM, I already had the Harpoon IPA so instead I had the Raspberry Hefe, yuck! Then I had the Avery The Czar 2010, the end of Suwanee Taco Mac’s Christmas in July. Saw the regular crew there, Mike, Mike, Beth, Lori, Lori’s friend (with BF), EE dude, Pete, other talk short haired cute gal (I should know her name), other curly haired brunette. Then black dude, photoshop guy, Charlie & Alicia, other couple were the gal is cute. There was another dude I’ve seen before with a gal with several tattoos and quite an impressive cleavage who moved to a table later.

Got home after picking up several beers from the Beverage Superstore, a Nogne O Barley Wine, Jailhouse Conjugal visit Red Ale, Shipyard Imperial Porter and a six-pack of Butternuts Snapperhead IPA. I found my package from RobotShop.com and opened it up to find three very small things. Went upstairs with the MacBook and plugged in the ArduinoUNO and it began running the BLINK program automatically, it must have been programmed to start. Built the Prototype Breadboard Shield and realized just how BAD my eyes are, boy getting old sucks big time. I got it all together and the LEDs work fine as well as all the lines I used on several small test projects. Did some playing with LEDs and then a Piezo. the Piezo was suppose to make some music but it was rather lame, also the volume was really low, or I can’t hear.

Dad called this afternoon because Mom and heard about the ground turkey recall of 2011 Cargill initiates a Recall of 36Million pounds of turkey due to possible contamination from Salmonella Heidelberg. FoxNews Many are brands sold by Kroger and today my brother Brian checked our fridge and noticed we both had some of the turkey on recall.