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mostly sunnyhazyHazy this morning adn then the sun burned off the has and rose to a semi-cloudy day.

I had a very unusual dream this morning. It was about me trying to get contacts for my daughter when she was under 10 or so I would say. They were huge things and I was suppose to put them in her eyes. I only got to the part of getting ready to do it and then woke up. Usually my dreams seem to be the same ones I’ve dream’t over and over again.

Work was slow again today, brought in the left-overs from my onions and sausage hoggies I’d made last week.

Texted Becky about possibly meeting up for lunch and possibly also giving her a ride to the airport. She called back saying that she has rented a car to get some last minute errands taken care of and then head to airport. We decided to hit Buckhead and the Stillhouse for lunch @ 11:30. When she arrived there a bit earlier than me she found that the Stillhouse was closed for lunch. Actually, she never found the Stillhouse. There was a sign out on the large sign out front of the Andrews Building but neither of us found the actual restaurant. There were only about 2 or 3 places actually open for lunch. I walked down south a bit more and found a place called “One Star Ranch, texas BBQ” and we decided that would work.

The One Star Ranch, is basically a hole in the wall place. Not bad BBQ actually and a very rustic feel. Lots of rough wood picnic tables and vinyl covered tables inside. It has a bar and a ton of bills on the walls. I should have take photos of the walls but we ate outside and I only went inside for a short time. The gals working there were cute in a very earthy kind of way. One gal had the outline of the state of Illinois on the back of her arm, didn’t get a chance to ask about it and tell her I was from Chicago. Our waitress was a cute auburn haired gal, more normal looking than the rest, another was tall and thin with faded leopard pants, like I said, unique. When we arrived only a single table was there, two guys from an office. When we left about 8-10 tables were seated. One full of female YUPPIES.

Becky felt bad that she may not get what she wants from the house, also the place was a wreck compared to what it was before she left. I feel bad that she has lost so much on this and used her frequent flyer miles to come here and accomplish so little. The real estate dude she has sucks bigtime as well, not a go-getter. She left today about 3pm and will be back in Seattle by 8pm.

Met a cute gal, Susie (Susan) who has two young boys and is a single mom. She’s a speech therapist and went to school in Illinois somewhere. A Bears fan but not a Cubs fan. Had also lived in the Wrigley Field area of Chicago for a time. Also met a nice guy, Drew who has a daughter and the same political views as I do. We both think term limits, laws created apply to ALL, & no lifetime benefits are a way to start cleaning up our political system. I was also asked again tonight if I know that I look like Billy Joel.

thunderstormcloudyGot up at 8 o’clock it was foggy and chilly fog is lifted it in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy all day, warmed up to 80’s and then about 6pm it was rainy with some lightning and thunder, this happened right after BT told me that she hasn’t seen lightning at all in the three years she has been in Seattle.

After waking up had to the turn on the dryer to get the towels dry and then we just broke down boxes and loaded them up in the car. Not constructed the little shelf unit for the downstairs bedroom so she could have some more storage.

prohibition gastropub, kitchen nightmares, washington heraldWent it to the Prohibition Gastropub for the revisit of Kitchen Nightmares, what a agree lunch, after we finally got throughout the line, not a line and signed our releases they let us in and we got to our table on for four but only the two of us were at it. I actually got to talk to chef Ramsey, the star of the show, he asked ,”what did you have my man?”, and as i started to tell him he finished it for me, I had the IPA BBQ shrimp and sausage with grits, very good.

Here is the episode for the initial visit of Chef Rampsey. Also, found an article from the Washington Herald here. BT and I are even in the photo, man do I look like an angry fatman.

After the Prohibition we went to several other happy hours, Sol Food, one at Majestic. Met a cool guy @ Sol Food who works at Boeing, Greg, then we went over to the Majestic and over to the concert.

Fly Moon Royalty. They we suppose to be at the outdoor concert on the arts center, but it started raining and we headed for the prohibition instead. Then the bands then called them and the band Flymoon Royalty paled at the prohibition instated to her village quarter. When we sat at the prohibition they were almost empty, then it got very crowded when people figured out the band was coming. Earlier the guys from Kitchen Nightmares were in the back still, doing stuff. We had to be quite until they were finished. The band stared up after about 7 and the place was packed. BT and I had drinks and we ordered a wing appetizer. I had the brown ale from two beers brewery, the SoDo brown, very sweet and then bitter finish. The band ended with baby got back, very cool.

On the walk back BT gets a all from her “guy” Will, moved to CA. I drove back to the house and get to bed around 10, she is out. N her bed, hope we get up on time.

JailHouse Brewing Co.
Beer So Good…It Should Be Outlawed

Started the day by getting up, thats about all. Well I did do some things around the yard and decided I need to get something done about the weeds in the front.

Finally Brian and I got going and first stopped in for some lunch at the Mellow Mushroom, he went a bit wild, maybe being a bit too much for little ole Lauryn, but I was happy to get him out of the house. He has been staying in too much due to the job thing (lack of one). We had our “normal” and even though I had a beer he didn’t. We figured we would be a bit late for the 2pm start of the tours, not that we really needed to worry about it, it didn’t matter when we arrived so long as if was after 2 and before 6pm.

We arrived there at almost exactly 2pm drove past the place several times and finally arrived realizing that the road (Cherry) was a one way only street. The downtown of Hampton, GA is revitalizing and they even had some interesting “lofts” for sale/rent at about $100K for a 1 bed 1.5 bath. The Jailhouse Brewing Company is in a cool building, actually has jailbars on the windows. The beers were asouse and the owners even better. Glen, the brewmaster is a storehouse of knowledge about brewing and beer and will tell you anything you want to know. Heard some interesting plans for the future as far as beers from JailHouse and look forward to seeing the beers at other places I go. I’ve read on there site that they will be at the East Atlanta Beer Festival, the Great Decatur Beer Festival, and the Hotober Beer Fest during the summer, I really look forward to seeing them.

I went out to Taco Mac for dinner and a few beers, got to see Monica (Jason’s g-friend) for a bit and also chatted to this dude who was from Ohio. At the end of the evening a brunette in a Budweiser shirt stopped in for a few bud light limes and to see the end of the NASCAR race, we talked for awhile (Allison) but I couldn’t really get past her country redneck feel, I really need to more down closer inside the perimeter.