bulls eye on fire

A fire broke out inside a downtown Lawrenceville gun shop Saturday morning, authorities said.

Firefighters responded to the blaze at the Bull’s Eye Indoor Range and Gun Shop on West Crogan Street about 10:20 a.m., a Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said

Taxes 2018

Taxes 2018, Finished my returns today and payment will come out on Monday. I guess I have to pay about 180 some dollars in federal taxes and I’m supposed to get another 500 back from state.

Private Meeting

Walton, Aaron ; Samadi, Ali ; Harrison, Ben ; Buchanan, Bruce ; Conti, Chris ; Junius, Christopher ; Heimann, Daniel ; Avera, David ; Darden, David ; Taggart, David ; Thomas, Deanna ; Sivakumar, Deepa ; Angelucci, Dominique ; Hinds, Don ; Lopez, Donna ; Marks, Doug ; Van Heest, Eric ; Peacock, Gary ; George, Geoff ; Gibbs, Greg ; Naftel, James ; Newman, Reed ; Reid, Janice ; Williams, Jeff ; Jones, Kem ; Moore, John ; Medina, Fernando ; Raffaele, Joe ; Hanson, Jowell ; Lynch, Kate ; Joseph, Ligy ; Weaver, Marcus ; McNeil, Mariel ; McGahee, Mark

For the last week after all the info about possible re-organizations and a layoff by SAP of about 4,400 employees. About 1K have been offered early retirement and then the rest will be from areas in the company that they feel do not meet the criteria of what they want to do in the next 5-10 years.

I have not been able to find old resumes that I used to have on some memory sticks but I think I’ve lost them. Need to look around on some old hard drives I have laying around to hopefully find the last ones I used and update those.

I think they should be about 5 years old now.