Cold and clear this morning kind of wispy clouds came through.

Ended up hitting the snooze waking up this morning then I woke up and realized it was 530 already. Hurried up and headed out to work getting here about 630. Started working on the unit test for the recap services it’s really just a Jason class reader I guess.

Interestingly enough I slept a little better last night not sure why went to sleep probably around 1030 and I didn’t actually wake up again until about 4 o’clock 4 AM and I just rolled over went back to sleep and then woke up about 5 o’clock and basically sat around for the alarm to go off. The alarm didn’t go off and then I hit the snooze wasn’t really the best idea.

Went out for a quick walk on the trail not much wildlife pretty cold actually. Did hear a woodpecker in the distance though. Thinking about all the stuff I need to get packed up for the Florida trip get it all in the truck pack up a few rifles and guns ammo. Now I got to decide if I want to leave Thursday after beer of the month or if I want to go ahead and just wait until the morning I’m kind of leaning toward the morning.

Going out for a walk on the trail about 9 AM headed on out like I said only got some good pictures at first that I saw three doe’s, they were hanging out just after you cross the second bridge.

After work I had to run over to Hooters Erica was at the bar Cheyenne and Taylor along with the very big boob and Bailey. It’s just amazing Bailey tends to always be touching her breasts. Not to mention the fact she smashes them up as often as she can. Definitely a sight to see and I would certainly love to play with him. I’d love to play with and without fucking up from behind bang in that big ass. Not to mention spraying all over glasses.

Came home after a couple of big daddy’s and then ate some Snacks for dinner. I’ve been watching a silly movie teenybopper UFC fight movie. I really needed to be packing for the trip to Florida but I did not know that.

Overcast and chilly in the a.m. then by noon it was sunny and highs in the 70s.

Spent the morning putting on the roof rack wasn’t so hard just kind of tedious and I start getting really hot ended up changing into shorts and a thinner shirt.

Over to Bass Pro and I picked up another pair of cameo pants and a belt. I wanted to look at Kayaks but they didn’t seem to have any. Looked around a bit and then went over to TMac for some double credit Monday. Went to Suwanee, got to chat with Beverly and a bit later Ellis and the JeffT both arrived about 2pm. They had some samples from Blue PAnts Brewery in AL that were pretty good.

My late lunch turned into an early evening and then I headed home about 4pm. Only had about 7 nooners.

Messed the rest of the evening watching TV and feeling like it was much later than it was since the time change back to regular time. It’s getting dark at about 5:30 now, shit. By six it was totally dark. It’s a great time

Clear and cold, later in the pm clouded up.

Small walk on the trail, just out to the circle and then back. I did almost run into a small fawn, walking back up the trail to the offices.

Went out to lunch to the Fancy Pantry and then had a hotdog from the vendor the company had.

Bought a set of Yakima Mighty Mounts For using the older bike racks. Friday I should get the last clips, and the mounts at the same time.

Stopped in at the Hooters afterwards, we had a sprint planning thing that was a bit frustrating. Also got the code down and tried compiling it, finally got it to do so without errors and then went on out. The nice crew was there at first, Harris, Brooke and then Hillary (huge tall girl with boobs the same, bleached hair), Erica, Baylee and the hostess Hannah. Had a huge and a small beer, then went home.

At the house I watched Scent of a Woman and then went to bed basically, forgot to plug in the phone, damn.


Built my Anet 3D Printer on the weekend of Irma, started on Saturday evening and ending on Monday. Mostly.

Printed two things, the new fan nozzle and a part for the feather robot. Both seemed to have gaps and holes, googled that and got this info.

1. You are under extruding. Raise the extrusion multiplier by at least 5%.
2. Slow down print speed.
3. You have loose belts and excessive play in the printer (the A8 has tons of play it’s really junky but fun). If you don’t add a tensioner to the belts, it’s tough to keep them tight.
4. Raise the temperature to 230. The A8’s temperature probe is off on my unit.

This Friday, federal appeals court in Washington D.C. decided that Federal Aviation Administration has no right to require hobbyists to register their camera drones and model aircraft. As SF Gate reports, this decision came after a drone hobbyist John Taylor filed a claim against the FAA in 2016. He claimed that they don’t have the right to force him to register his aircraft.As U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh states, “Taylor does not think that the FAA had the statutory authority to issue the registration rule and require him to register.” And according to the judge, he is right.Even with this decision, the restricted areas for flying unmanned aircraft remain the same. However, from now on, you can fly your camera drone or model aircraft in the permitted areas, but you are not required to register it with FAA as long as you use it for personal purposes.Drones used for crop or cell-tower inspection, real estate photography, as well as delivery drones, don’t fall into this category. They are considered commercial drones, and they still require registration.The registration system went into effect Dec. 21, 2015. From then on, as SF Gate reports, around 745,000 people have signed up with FAA. The new regulation (or better to say, the lack of one), could bring lots of issues.First of all, FAA uses the regulation system to educate users about safety. Also, when the owners register, FAA can track which of the users pose a risk. Without the registration, there is no way of tracing the drone back to the owner who poses the risk to others with irresponsible flying. For example, if someone hurts a person with a drone or flies in the restricted area, the authorities have no easy way of finding the pilot. Considering that the number of hobbyist drone users is rising, I wonder about the results this decision will give.What do you think? Does FAA have the right to require users to register, or not? Was this a good decision?[via SF Gate]

Source: FAA doesn’t require registration of personal drones anymore – DIY Photography

SpaceX is targeting launch of NROL-76 from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Following scrub of the initial attempt due to a sensor issue, the two hour launch window now opens on Monday, May 1, at 7:00 a.m. EDT, or 11:00 UTC.

Following stage separation, Falcon 9’s first stage will attempt to land at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.


A driver crashed through the wall of a soon-to-open Lawrenceville restaurant, but the eatery is taking it in stride.“The anticipation is REAL, Lawrenceville!” Parkside District wrote in a caption for a photo of the car still wedged through a brick wall. “Our first guest couldn’t wait any longer for us to open and created a drive thru.”The driver was trying to make a right turn into the seafood restaurant’s parking lot. The car was going too fast for the roads wet from a recent heavy rain, according to a Gwinnett County police report, and the driver lost control of the vehicle.Get free Wi-Fi at home with new Gwinnett library programThe SUV hit an embankment before crashing through the brick wall. The driver was not injured, and nobody inside the restaurant was hurt.

Source: Car crashes through restaurant wall in Gwinnett County

Published on Apr 6, 2017 MEDITERRANEAN SEA (April 7, 2017) The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) conducts strike operations while in the Mediterranean Sea. Porter, forward-deployed to Rota, Spain, is conducting naval operations in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations in support of U.S. national security interests in Europe. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ford Williams/Released)