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sunnySunny and cooler again today, into the 30’s actually and it didn’t break the 60’s by much.

Hard @ work today, finally got the Test Fixture done for the API changes and then found out one of them wasn’t even in the HF06 build. Worked until after 4pm, almost @ 5pm I left. Brian didn’t get home until after about 9pm at least. Nicki got home and just talked on the phone for the entire time cooking dinner. I fixed some fish, I think it was halibut and mixed it up with some pasta, rather good.

Watched a few of the last episodes of the Walking Dead and then the end of a weird show with Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon, then I watched most of Fight Club, can’t stop watching that one.
I also received the green dot sight from Amazon today, only after one day. I had ordered it over the weekend on Saturday and it arrived on Monday from Kentucky. The other item, the weather temperature deal that I’m planning on putting either in the garage or possibly out front.

I’d still like to get a real weather station and not only this temperature and humidity deal, wind and rain measurements would be cool.

cloudymostly sunnySunny and clear in the am. Then it clouded up in the pm.

Didn’t get much accomplished today @ work, the upload and then DB insert all fail nicely in my VM.

the Knick

the Knick

Cooked up some wantons for dinner and then watched some TV. Watched the Knick on Cinemax with Clive Owen. Eve Hewson also is now his “Love” interest and plays a young nurse @ the Knick. Eve is the daughter of Bono from U2. Juliet Rylance plays a rich chick who helps out @ the Knick and plays an interesting racial part, as she starts seeing a black doctor she knew as a child and got hired @ the Knick. Both of these lovely ladies have had a few very steamy scenes in the series.
Eve Hewson, that look

Eve Hewson, that look

Drank a few beers and thought about setting up the telescope to get some photos of the almost full moon. I got as far as getting the scope opened up and then getting the prime focus adapter for the camera and then the clouds just seemed to be covering the moon mostly so I lost interest.

Marin Independent Journal By Gary Klien @GaryKlien on Twitter

Mara Yvonne Truly

Mara Yvonne Truly

A couple found dead in Sausalito last weekend both died of gunshot wounds, police confirmed Tuesday.

Robyn Jay Chan, 51, and Mara Yvonne Truly, 41, were discovered inside 173 San Carlos Ave. about 2:45 a.m. Sunday after police received reports of gunshots in the area. The couple hosted a party at the home earlier that night.

Investigators found five guns at scene, four of which of which were registered to Chan and one which was unregistered, said Sausalito police Chief Jennifer Tejada.

One of the guns was an AR-15 assault weapon, and two of the weapons had high capacity magazines, she said.

Sausalito police did not disclose that both had gunshot wounds until the autopsies were performed Tuesday. Investigators are still trying to determine the circumstances leading to the shooting and whether it was a murder-suicide.

Robyn ChanA screen grab shows the profile page for Robyn Chan, who died at a Sausalito home early Sunday. ( Allen, David

Tejada reiterated earlier statements that there is no apparent public threat of a killer at large. Tejada said the police department is "very appreciative of the exceptional patience and understanding the community has shown" during the past two days, while police kept a tight lid on information during the early investigation.

The investigation is continuing and police planned to conduct additional interviews.

via Police: Sausalito couple died of gunshot wounds amid trove of weapons – Marin Independent Journal.

He was our VP for awhile, I even had a one-on-one meeting with him about a year or so ago.

Marin Independent Journal By Gary Klien @GaryKlien on Twitter

20140721__MIJ-L-DOUBLEFATAL-0722~1-RobynChanTwo people found dead inside a Sausalito residence after a flurry of gunfire were identified as the homeowner and his girlfriend, police said Monday.

Robyn Jay Chan, 51, and Mara Yvonne Truly, 41, were discovered inside 173 San Carlos Ave. about 2:45 a.m. Sunday after police received reports of gunshots in the area.

Neighbors told investigators that Truly had just moved in or was about to, and the couple threw a party Saturday night to introduce her to neighbors and friends.

A friend who was at the party Saturday night said the couple had been dating for some time and that Truly, a Sacramento resident, already spent a considerable amount of time at Chan’s home.

“He loves traveling and he and Mara were just really happy together,” said the friend, who declined to be named. “They were happy that night. … I was shocked when his sister emailed the next day.”

Sausalito police are investigating the deaths with assistance from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, the coroner’s division and the Central Marin Police Authority.

Sausalito police Chief Jennifer Tejada declined to comment on the circumstances of the deaths pending autopsies, which are planned for Tuesday.

Tejada said police think the event was an isolated incident and that the public is not at risk of a killer at large.

The case would be the first homicide in the city of Sausalito since 2009, when Chet Turner killed his girlfriend, 46-year-old Avril Clary, at the apartment they shared on Bridgeway. Turner, who slashed the woman in the neck, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and took a 12-year prison sentence.

The homicide before that occurred in 1990, according to California Department of Justice records.

Sausalito police say deaths of resident, girlfriend occurred after party – Marin Independent Journal.

Marin Independent Journal By Gary Klien @GaryKlien on Twitter

MIJ-L-DOUBLEFATAL-0721-01Two bodies were discovered inside a Sausalito residence early Sunday after police responded to reports of gunfire in the neighborhood.

The bodies were found at about 2:45 a.m. inside 173 San Carlos Ave., a two-story home over a garage in the hills near Spencer Avenue. The residence has a front driveway on San Carlos Avenue and a rear staircase leading up to Santa Rosa Avenue.

The police department said it sent officers to the home after receiving a report of gunshots at 2:38 a.m., but another resident across the street said she heard several sharp bursts at 2:15 a.m. She said she did not call police because she thought the sound might have been firecrackers.

MIJ-L-DOUBLEFATAL-0721-02A rear staircase leads from Santa Rosa Avenue down to the home on San Carlos Avenue where Sausalito police found two bodies Sunday, July 20, 2014. (Gary Klien/Marin Independent Journal)

"I heard a loud pop, pop β€” then a pause β€” then pop, pop again," said the woman, who declined to be named. "This is Sausalito. You don’t think that anything like that would happen here."

A neighbor who lives behind the residence, on the Santa Rosa Avenue side, said she heard a "bang" two to three times.

"I looked around and saw nothing out of the window," she said.

Sausalito police declined to release details about the two people or their injuries, but described the event as an "isolated incident." Police Chief Jennifer Tejada said there is nothing to indicate the general public is at risk but declined to elaborate with the investigation in progress.

There was no sign of a break-in at the home, she said.

Two pets, a cat and a dog, were inside the home when police went inside. The animals were turned over to the Marin Humane Society.

Marin County sheriff’s detectives, Central Marin police and a coroner’s investigator were assisting in the inquiry.

The coroner’s office did not release the names of the victims pending confirmation and notification of family members.

The case would be the first homicide in the city of Sausalito since 2009, when Chet Turner killed his girlfriend, 46-year-old Avril Clary, at the apartment they shared on Bridgeway. Turner, who slashed the woman in the neck, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and took a 12-year prison sentence.

The homicide before that occurred in 1990, according to California Department of Justice records.

via Sausalito police find bodies in home after report of gunfire – Marin Independent Journal.

RainhazyHazy and foggy all am, overcast the rest of the day. Rained on the way to tmac and then stopped before I headed home.

No Lunch Trucks today, damn. I needed to eat my other evol dinner. I also built the first of the SP4 hotfixes, for Verizon.

World News:

Nelson Mandela died @ 95 today.

Out to Johns Creek for BOTM. I did stop in @ Pops and pick up a beer, then a couple of Creme Brule for Brian since they had some. Kate and Meg were working behind the bar so the scenery was very nice, I do love the banter that happens between the bartenders and the customers, very funny. John and his wife Katrina were there when I arrived, the regular regulars, Brian etc were in attendance as well. Many other faces I have seen before. The waitress who’s name I can’t recall that I took a photo of on Halloween with Peter was working as well. She was dressed as a Gypsy on Halloween.

Gulf Fritillary Egg

Gulf Fritillary Egg

Stopped in at the Beverage Superstore on the way home, picked up a few new and special beers, one from He’Brew and another from New Belgium, then also a Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball. I talked with Dad on his cellphone, found out he HATES the thing since he can’t talk on it using the hands-free, can’t hear it and it doesn’t pick up his voice very well. Also, he had switched to the Uverse since the internet on AT&T has been so bad. Now all the phones are out and he is having trouble getting into his email.

Went home and watched the movie I picked up on Tuesday, Wolverine and drank up a deep cellar beer, the Brewdog Paradox Isle of Arran, nice mellow 10%+ stout aged in whiskey barrels.


Out on the trail again today, early. Spotted a box turtle and several different types of mushrooms. Saw a few chipmunks, three to be exact. And more mosquitoes and spiders, no snakes this time, it was earlier. Tried to get a photo of a jumping spider on a golfball.

Apple-logoApple came out with the iOS 7 update today, got the iPad started first and after about 1.5 hours finally had the update downloaded on the MacBook through the SAP_Internet (the slow one for our “personal” use). I then updated the iPhone and didn’t get finished with that until about 4pm. No trouble at all, everything updated and rebooted just fine. My first thoughts are that I really don’t like many of the “visual” changes, it looks flatter and a lot brighter. Some of the differences between the iPhone and iPad show they clearly are more interested in the iPhone market, I can see why but don’t understand why the code isn’t more interchangeable.

I worked on merging the aspx files for our CPR website, should be finished by tomorrow.

Went out to the Johns Creek Mac for BOTM, used my mall of ga list, over 1221 now. Saw the fellas there, John (divorced, glasses) and Brian the fitbit dude. Found out today the Brian has lost almost 100lbs in the last year. He should be dropping down blow 200 this weekend he says. Kate, Chantel and Ray where working tonight and I asked about Meg and Tommy only to find out they work on Saturday and Sunday last week after they got back from vacation.

It was getting dark by the time I headed out of there, only 7:30pm, fall is coming. Getting home I just watched the last 5 episodes of Cougar Town, these are the oldest shows, 2009 still very funny. Didn’t get to taking photos of the beers I got tonight, two Mikkellers a Stout and a Porter.

windycloudyUp this morning without any hitting of the snooze button, just laid there for a bit listening to a book and got up to take a shower. No rain but overcast all day. Noticed some buds on the trees by my window @ work. Spring may be getting here soon. All day the clouds were racing toward the North, at a good clip I might add. Rained right after work, then stopped.

mila_kunis_esquire_001Looked up info on the next release of PhotoSmith for the iPad, here they added more info on the 2.3 version and it looks like maybe next month (April) it should be coming out.

Here’s a photo of the very sexy Milla Kunis from Esquire magazine, ouch.

Work, frustrating again, not really bad but… Big guy has a meeting scheduled for 4pm EST, yeah like NO. Dude if you want to talk to Atlanta just stop in and speak, instead you schedule two events for the WHOLE world and then that’s it? I hope they record the thing and put it up on the web otherwise I won’t be seeing any of it.

I stopped in at the Duluth T-Mac and had a Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout, the manager from way back was there, the bald one who’s wife I met one time out when they both were drinking, damn I forgot his name.

Today the new version of Red Dawn came out on DVD/BlueRay, Brian and I went over to the Movie Stop and picked our copies up. Watched the Tivoed episodes of Cougar Town before and then after we went down to Brian’s and watched Red Dawn since Nicki was watching TV upstairs. I liked this version, a bit different and very much up to date as too politics and things like that. It was in a bigger city and not such a rural area as the other one was.

Ordered a couple of adapters for the mini/micro USB connector, right angle to allow a regular USB cable to fit better on the D700.

mostly sunnyRainHit the snooze multiple times up around 6am. Rainy and cold drying up later and the sun coming out by about 2pm.

At work I got somewhat through the new stuff for the SP7 for 6.6, about 23 or so bugs fixed out of about 58 in patching

Went over to the ‘Shroom and had a few beers and dinner, Sahil, Rachel and Sam again. Charlie was there earlier and left soon afterward thankfully. Chatted with a cool guy about politics, mostly the economy actually. Our budget for last year was 3.8 trillion dollars, up from 1.8 since 2001. The country also has over 16 trillion in debt and we only have a Gross Domestic Product of 15.7

16T debt, 5.2 foreign, 1.164 China rest to Americans or US Gov. to itself. And at a 102% Debt to GDP ratio, we are in trouble folks.

Nicki asked the same thing again, wants to stay on the insurance when she gets married to the dumb-shit Jorael. I don’t even say I approve at this time. Neither of them are capable of supporting each other, not to mention that Nicki has some medical issues that she can’t take care of without some serious financial concessions that she is not willing to make. I refuse to allow her to have her cake and eat it too. I really just want her to realize that life is not something you start having others pay for you. She started the discussion again with a “let’s not argue” but when I said NO again she just wouldn’t quit, I tried to tell her again that is wasn’t going to change thing no matter how much she tried to “guilt” me into it by saying How she would be scarred if she didn’t have the medicine like I am making her get married. Then she played the “it’s no money out of your pocket”, that’s not the point, the point is YOURE MARRIED to HIM. Then I’m selfish and then that I just want to control her, well maybe I just don’t want her to jump into something they are not fully equipped handle. OK I said, go with that one. Make yourself feel better.

Here’s hoping she isn’t pregnant.

Got the NRA Membership stuff today.

Now getting the 2 CSRs I got from Paul C Buff sent back, got them reboxed, a box to ship them in and now I just need to send them back, insured I guess.

Overcast this morning, I had to put the top up when I got into the office. At McDonalds, I felt a few drops and therefore I had gotten the top cover put in the trunk in preparation for the possibility that the sky would open up at any moment during the ride in to work. It did rain a bit around 11 in the morning, and then dried up.

Work was a bit frustrating, I did learn a bit about the API and all but the bug still is in there somewhere and it seems to be in the actual marshaling code. We also got an SAP “IMPORTANT” notice about doing a “training” for security that must be done. It took an hour to go through the “class” and then you took a test at the end. I got 11 out of 14, just one above the minimum.


The drive over to the Mac in Johns Creek was a bit hot, had the top up the whole way. John was there as always, also the two mikes as well. Ray was there since the morning and then Meg and Brittany took up the bar after 5. Had a few and a a wedge then took off back home for a bit of a rest.

Nicki and Jorael were at the house, I just made up some guacamole and went upstairs and messed with the computer. Nicki told me some stuff about the car, that it sounded like the transmission was falling out, so dramatic, I was going to looks at it later but she left when I asked something more. I then watched a few episodes of tBBT and then went out to Taco Mac.

Arrived and got a shitty chair by the bottled beer, soon after I started my Brooklyn Black Stout, 2011 a few chairs opened up at the apex of the bar, I scooted over there. JiJi and Cara were taking care of the bar and then a crew of gals came in, including Lindsey from Parma and sat at a table in the bar area. Nicholas was hanging around and he was going off with JiJi and as it happens also the gals including Lindsey and they all were heading over to the Pink Pony, after they had a few beers here. Almost right after that, about 10pm Autumn and her friend, that plays for the other team, Terri joined me and then another friend Ashley (a cute JAP). They all chatted a bunch and I got a few words in edgewise. Talked about what we slept in, shaving practices and Terri made a comment about my ring, on my right hand, thinking it a wedding ring, WTF. I guess guys are not suppose to wear jewelry.

Getting out of there and going home Autumn gave me several kisses, how cute. I’m not sure where I fit into her “plans” just think she is a girl out to have some fun.

Some FUCKED up asshole shot up a bunch of people at a movie theater during the premier of Batman, he dressed up as the Joker and got up in front of the theater and unloaded a bunch of guns, a Shotgun, AR-15 & Glock? had multiple clips and got it all in by setting them by the emergency exit and then opening it from the inside and bringing it in. Maybe it wasn’t the emergency exit, possibly the exit that most theaters have that is to the side or rear of the building to funnel people out to an area so they cannot easily get into another movie for free.

Sun was out, got up a bit before 6am, was out the door by about 6:20 and at work just after 7. It was hazy and looked like it may rain so I decided to go ahead and put the top up on the car while at work. Lots of thunder @ night but I don’t think it rained.

Took a short walk around the tributary of the Big Creek just off my office complex on the Greenway. Only took a few photos of some bugs, a beachball bug, a beetle of some sort and a damselfly.



Work was boring, getting another bug, the one I had was re-assigned to someone else.

Came home and made some chicken and rice.

Took some photos of my little pewter Star Trek ships, I’ve been wanting to document the silly things I collect, and that is one of them. I guess I need to make a “family” picture to showcase them.

Work is speeding up a bit, got the final of my yearly Performance Review, got a 3 which is said to allow a bonus that is suppose to be paid out soon but ChrisC (my team lead/boss) says he hasn’t heard any numbers yet. If nothing comes out of it I guess I will need to start looking for another job, 3 extra weeks of vacation is a lot to lose though. But if I can get a raise that would balance that it may be worth it.

IR Star trails

Eeek, I placed some files in a directory on my key-usb-memory stick for work and walked over to a support gal, TB to send them to a customer, she failed to click on the correct directory and instead brought up a nice little GIF I had on the root of the drive, a bit embarrassing to say the least, at least she didn’t accidently click on the video I also had there of a gal very close up to the camera, I guess I need to get a USB drive that is ONLY for work.

Sunny out most of the afternoon, although it started out cold and overcast in the morning.

Worked a bunch to get some more trace code and helped a dude, John get his system setup for debugging Windows Mobile stuff. I think I’ll be helping him a bit more, maybe I can groom him for CPR and then get myself out of there.

I came on home, then Brian and I went out to Taco Mac after I became quite bored messing on the computer and hoping Nicki and Jorael would LEAVE so I could watch my TV, they have been watching it with NOTHING but bullshit E! crap.

Got a call on the way home from Dad about Richard and Deanne stopping by ATL on Friday, talked to Richard, they will be calling sometime about 4pm on Friday and we will be meeting up for some Dinner and then maybe they will stay her the night, it will be hard but I have no problem with them staying so long as they realize that.

Yeah, I got my Federal Income Tax Refund today, noticed when I pulled out $100 from the bank after work.

another tiny

Up and Adam this morning, I did hit the snooze once but I had woken up about 4 and then again at 5 dreaming some shit about work, mostly worried about something. I’ve dreamt similar things in the past, odd buildings, weird happenings. After getting to work and messing with some iPhone bug I went out and sent the D200 to Life Pixel Infrared, $26 and change to get it there by Thursday. Hopefully I’ll have a IR camera before the end of the month. After messing with installing the Server at work I figured out that I needed 2008R2 and not just plain vanilla Win2008 so I downloaded the ISO burned using my Mac and then started the install just before going on home.

Came home and made some chicken and mushrooms with Whatsthishere sauce, simple and good. Then watched a few of Beyond the Wormhole, then took some photos of the bird skull I’ve got. Let the TV to Nicki after I made sure that Terra Nova was going to record.

Went upstairs and played on the computer with photos for awhile.

They are firing one of those “guns” at work that mount things into a slab of concrete, can you say, “NOISY!” and distracting, I guess I’ll just keep surfing the web instead of working. It was misting rain just a bit on the drive into work this morning, overcast when the sun did finally peek out a little. Messed around with my beer website a bit, have 2 cellars, beers to drink now and ones to leave for 6-12 months, I’ve currently got cellared long term.


Had more of my daughter’s lasagna for lunch, funny aspect of her lasagna, she cuts off the little wrinkled part of the noodles, I’m afraid she may have gotten a bit of my OCD but channeled it a bit differently. No matter, the lasagna tastes GREAT!

Out to the Taco Mac Suwanee for BOTM, had the Tumbler and then a Heavy Seas Great Pumpkin, very good. Saw Connie (or Bonnie) with the blonde shoulder length hair, nice cleavage *smile*. There were also a trio of gals, all married I think who worked with the dude Mike. Then Joy (tallish with the short redish hair) came by and said something about my shaved face, she liked it but I just don’t feel it, a couple of weeks before she said I should shave my goatee off, I made sure she knew that I did it for a passport not her, not really sure why, well yes I am. Connie is who I really would like to see but Beth was being her chatty self and with some looks at Connie I ended up hitting the road. Realized that Beth is VERY much like my brother, very opinionated especially when it’s not a viewpoint most people have.

Came home and had the beer Beth gave me week before last, the Krombacher Weizen, nice but WAY too bready, banana for me. Also watched some movies with Nicki and updated the stuff for beers and dvds on the net.

another type of Amanita, I think

Today was the big “Spring Event” @ work.

Not much else going on, it was about mid 70’s this morning on the drive into work, I had the top down and listening to the beginning of the 4th Honor Harrington novel on my iPhone.

November 3rd, 2011 — Now There Is An International Stout Day? Β I’m in.

The event for work was quite good. The food was great and that is not even because I didn’t eat lunch at all and just waited until we had the “stuff” there @ 2pm. There was a TON of stuff, wings, beef and chicken skewers, crunchy flatbread, FISH tacos (yum), crab & goat cheese with bread, pulled pork mini burgers and shrimp & bacon skewers. I also had a Hopescutioner that I shouldn’t have had. On the way home I was feeling a little sick, took a nap after getter to the house for about 2 hours and then headed over to the Taco Mac about 8:20pm.

Two beers at the Mac, Widmer Nelson Imperial IPA and the Victory Hop Wallop. Saw the couple from last time, Christine and Dale (or Cole) and then I saw Veronica, she actually stopped me outside while I was leaving, she was behind me when i walked out and tapped me on the shoulder and called me by name. Chatted for awhile, she works in Buckhead, lives in Buford (around the corner from the Mall) apologized about being short last weekend. I felt good about the exchange and she even hugged me at the beginning and end of our conversation. Wow, I wonder if something could happen there?

Got home and it began thunder and lightning a bit, funny since I just mentioned it to Veronica before I left the MAc that I would like it to rain and she asked if it was in the forecast. Also, I had the top down in the car and I’m glad it didn’t rain BEFORE I had gotten home.


I got up a bit late this morning, woke up about 7:15 and hadn’t heard the alarm at all.

Got somewhere on the bug, finally getting the correct PDB file and now the customer wants a FIX NOW! I told support that I’ll try to have something on Monday.

Met up with Ted at the Hooters in Roswell for lunch, very cute blonde with very LONG legs and a nice semi-circle butt named Christine? Nice brown eyes maybe a little green. A bus load of old guys came in about the time we were finishing up.

On the way home I noticed that the Oak Village had something going on. There was a LARGE group of people on the roadside were the Lady was found last week, NiqueL. She has a large outcry there.

AFter work I stopped in at Hooters and had an order of buffalo shrimp and a 420. It was Christmas in July so mostly everyone was dressed up a bit Christmasy. Saw the regular crew plus some. Kayla, J, Shawntae, JK, Kate, Trish, and on the customer side that gal who came to the Tilted Kilt, Clay and several others. Got out and then went over to the Shroom for a beer before heading home. Chatted with Sahil and Justin for awhile. found out that Margrett’s dad, Tim Cummings has gotten a job with a SW company, Sage. The other crew were there as well, Erin, Michelle and two others I can’t name. Sahil told me then that she may be over at Taco Mac tonight as well.

I came home and bought the latest update to the MAC OS, Lion. Then got the latest XCode (development kit) I need to get something written for the Mac so I can say I have.

Got back into the swing at work but felt like shit all day. May be a bit graphic and gross but I was back to the restroom very often in order to relieve my diarrhea.

Watched the shuttle launch at 11:28 or so this morning, clean perfect launch. I’ll say it again, I think it’s a shame that the US is stopping Manned launches. We are just letting something else we are at the top on slip away through our fingers. Instead we will continue to have the Congress RAPE the taxpayers of America and try to allow every bum in the country (some not even citizens at all) to pull a paycheck for sitting on their collective asses. Again, thank you Obama and the rest of the bleeding heart liberals.

Talked to Dad since I forgot to call them last night.

Had a Firehouse sub for lunch.

This issue was mainly just a port but not excatly so I haven’t completed it yet.

Drove on home and instead of going out I decided to just hang out at the house. Went to sleep on and off during the early evening hoping to feel better, just barely did so I went on to bed.