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cloudymostly sunnySunny and clear in the am. Then it clouded up in the pm.

Didn’t get much accomplished today @ work, the upload and then DB insert all fail nicely in my VM.

the Knick

the Knick

Cooked up some wantons for dinner and then watched some TV. Watched the Knick on Cinemax with Clive Owen. Eve Hewson also is now his “Love” interest and plays a young nurse @ the Knick. Eve is the daughter of Bono from U2. Juliet Rylance plays a rich chick who helps out @ the Knick and plays an interesting racial part, as she starts seeing a black doctor she knew as a child and got hired @ the Knick. Both of these lovely ladies have had a few very steamy scenes in the series.
Eve Hewson, that look

Eve Hewson, that look

Drank a few beers and thought about setting up the telescope to get some photos of the almost full moon. I got as far as getting the scope opened up and then getting the prime focus adapter for the camera and then the clouds just seemed to be covering the moon mostly so I lost interest.

partly cloudysunnyWoke up @ 7, then I went back to sleep. Woke up a short time at 8 then finally got up at about 8:50 mostly just messed not he computer.

Sunny then partly cloudy the rest of the’d any.

I took some photos oft he squirrel skull that I bleached with peroxide overnight. Then watched some music videos and messed around in the yard trimming back the vins on th deck and the side of the house.

Went out to Hooters for a beer and some buffalo shrimp, got to see Beth and also Katrina who seemed to be working as a manager. She looked very respectable in her glasses. Bruceaxnd a large Ganga werreaxttxhe bar when I arrived, ted included. Then most except Bruce left. Met a nice couple from Wisconsin, big Green Bay fans watching the game. He wifi there is still f’ed up so I didn’t stay long.

Stopped in at the Old Towne Tavern and sat at the bar outside, sweet, very nice the clouds had come in and it was cool with a slight breeze. Had a couple Hopsicutioners end then a wild pie with shrimp, damn good. I forgot how good it was. Oh, the bartender at the patio was named Alicia, beautiful brown haired, eyed girl. They also had beer long back in June back on the patio, college. I think I did see a gal from tilted kilt, blonde tall a bit on the redneck side, possibly playing for the other team.

Got a few things from Home Depot to update the shower to add a handheld shower in addition to the overhead rain type shower head I have already. The main reason for this was to be able to make it easier to clean up the shower. Only problem is I wanted the main one to be on all the time and then the handheld one to be turned on as well to rinse off the sides. I had first installed it so the main unit was turning off and on and the handheld always on. I didn’t get it reconfigured correctly since I ran out of the Teflon tape using it to set everything up the first time.

Watched the season premier of the Walking Dead.

From Beer Street Journal–>

Tonight’s Season Four premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead featured a fight scene full of craft beer. SweetWater Brewing, Terrapin Beer Co and Jailhouse Brewing had cameos. You also see Decatur’s Ale Yeah! banner in a scene. (Slightly obscured by the Jailhouse sign.)

This hit show is filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia. The Walking Dead’s set designers often reach out to local brewers asking for beer, signage and boxes to be used as props for filming.

The cat had gotten a hold of my squirrel skull and was obviously began batting it around, several pieces from the nose were on the floor and one tooth, I can’t find the other tooth and I’m a bit pissed at him. I have no idea where the damn thing is. I want to strangle Crash now, I really don’t want animals for exactly this reason, I want to be able to leave things and not have to worry about them getting broken or ruined.


Out on the trail again today, early. Spotted a box turtle and several different types of mushrooms. Saw a few chipmunks, three to be exact. And more mosquitoes and spiders, no snakes this time, it was earlier. Tried to get a photo of a jumping spider on a golfball.

Apple-logoApple came out with the iOS 7 update today, got the iPad started first and after about 1.5 hours finally had the update downloaded on the MacBook through the SAP_Internet (the slow one for our “personal” use). I then updated the iPhone and didn’t get finished with that until about 4pm. No trouble at all, everything updated and rebooted just fine. My first thoughts are that I really don’t like many of the “visual” changes, it looks flatter and a lot brighter. Some of the differences between the iPhone and iPad show they clearly are more interested in the iPhone market, I can see why but don’t understand why the code isn’t more interchangeable.

I worked on merging the aspx files for our CPR website, should be finished by tomorrow.

Went out to the Johns Creek Mac for BOTM, used my mall of ga list, over 1221 now. Saw the fellas there, John (divorced, glasses) and Brian the fitbit dude. Found out today the Brian has lost almost 100lbs in the last year. He should be dropping down blow 200 this weekend he says. Kate, Chantel and Ray where working tonight and I asked about Meg and Tommy only to find out they work on Saturday and Sunday last week after they got back from vacation.

It was getting dark by the time I headed out of there, only 7:30pm, fall is coming. Getting home I just watched the last 5 episodes of Cougar Town, these are the oldest shows, 2009 still very funny. Didn’t get to taking photos of the beers I got tonight, two Mikkellers a Stout and a Porter.

mostly sunnywhen I first woke up it was sunny and looked great out, stayed that easy the whole day, although I didn’t actually get up until after 10am.

Today is national beer day, the day that prohibition ended and they could sell beer again. A whopping 4% stuff. But good all the same.

Today is big day in beer history. Leading up to today, The Cullen-Harrison Act was signed on March 22, 1933. This act was a major step in repealing Prohibition. It allowed for the sale of low-alcohol beer (4% ABV). Cullen-Harrison took effect on April 7, 1933. On this day, beer could flow again. April 6th is referred to as “New Beers Eve,” which saw throngs of people waiting in line until the first beer could flow at 12:01 AM on the 7th.

Just couldn’t get motivated to do much of anything till almost 11 and then just did some laundry and hung out at the hour. Brian and I did finally get the reservations for the camping trip over to Providence Canyon Park, also known as the Little Grand Canyon. N 32.064445 | W -84.921913

Finally, went out the Kroger and got some Mountain Dew and some other stuff. Then went out to the shroom and dropped off the photos for Charlie and had a late lunch. They were celebrating Sahil’s birthday that is tomorrow, s surprise thing. Michelle, Lauryn, Ryan and the rest of the crew here. Lauryn was looking adorable in her little summer dress. It had birds on it.

I released Jorael from his exile, Now he is allowed back in the house, but only till 10pm weeknights and midnight on weekends. Nicki made a comment that it wasn’t much help since he doesn’t get off school until after 9, but honestly it is not my problem. I honestly don’t care if he EVER steps foot in my house again. They were not bashful about taking over the livingroom and the TV the rest of the afternoon/evening though.

I wasn’t feeling well and ended up taking a nap for several hours upstairs and finally did get back down, took back over my TV and got to watch the last of the Season 3 episodes of The Walking Dead. Dam if they didn’t kill off another beautiful lady. First Lori and now Andrea.

windycloudyUp this morning without any hitting of the snooze button, just laid there for a bit listening to a book and got up to take a shower. No rain but overcast all day. Noticed some buds on the trees by my window @ work. Spring may be getting here soon. All day the clouds were racing toward the North, at a good clip I might add. Rained right after work, then stopped.

mila_kunis_esquire_001Looked up info on the next release of PhotoSmith for the iPad, here they added more info on the 2.3 version and it looks like maybe next month (April) it should be coming out.

Here’s a photo of the very sexy Milla Kunis from Esquire magazine, ouch.

Work, frustrating again, not really bad but… Big guy has a meeting scheduled for 4pm EST, yeah like NO. Dude if you want to talk to Atlanta just stop in and speak, instead you schedule two events for the WHOLE world and then that’s it? I hope they record the thing and put it up on the web otherwise I won’t be seeing any of it.

I stopped in at the Duluth T-Mac and had a Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout, the manager from way back was there, the bald one who’s wife I met one time out when they both were drinking, damn I forgot his name.

Today the new version of Red Dawn came out on DVD/BlueRay, Brian and I went over to the Movie Stop and picked our copies up. Watched the Tivoed episodes of Cougar Town before and then after we went down to Brian’s and watched Red Dawn since Nicki was watching TV upstairs. I liked this version, a bit different and very much up to date as too politics and things like that. It was in a bigger city and not such a rural area as the other one was.

Ordered a couple of adapters for the mini/micro USB connector, right angle to allow a regular USB cable to fit better on the D700.

Cool, almost cold today. Mostly sunny and clear skys.

Got a bit more going on the issue @ work. Just feel things don’t get tested well enough when we originally put them out.

I stopped in @ the Mellow Mushroom after work, had a beer and a Chicken Caesar Salad. Lauryn was a bit out of sorts today, school is taking it’s toll but her spring break is coming up. Margaret was there along with Erin, or at least I think it was Margaret, not sure any more, I can’t tell the difference even when they are right next to each other, I think Rebecca is a bit more laid back. When we talked she mentioned working out so I think that it certainly was Margaret.

Went home and drove around to see if Nicki’s car was still there, hoping it wasn’t. It had gotten too dark so I couldn’t tell at all since I was on the other side of the road and there isn’t a streetlight where they had stopped the car.

Watched the latest episodes of Shameless and then Californication, damn the cutie on the show that is the one dudes nanny is FANTASTIC!

I then finished up the photos from the wedding and got them up on the web, sent the gal Nicki a message with the link.

Heard some very odd news from Brian, the place we (he) shoots is Bull’s Eye over in downtown Lawrenceville, GA. He heard that a dude killed himself in the gun range last week, or in the last few days. Just rented a gun, got bullets and then from the cameras in the range they said he kept looking behind him so as not to possibly hurt another person and then finally just put the gun to his head a fired.

PS. It was on the 25th of Feb 2012, the guy got eye and ear protection, no targets and then did this around 5pm and by 8 everything was back to normal.

Most of the day was just hanging around the house and chatting with mom & dad. We did go over to the Costco, Target and got the car filled up with gas @ Sam’s Club with Mom&Dad in the early afternoon. Found a few things at Costco I may pick up sometime, TurboTax for one and then another set of silverware but it’s a 12 piece set and I really don’t need that many.

Brownie Bull's Eye

Ended up going out about 7pm and having some drinks with Kim, I’m really wanting this relationship to move ahead or at least to become more consistently physical (not just sexual) but she is very cold right now and due to her doubts about her desirability due to her ex moving forward so quickly with another woman. Also, the death of her dad has hit her hard and I’m not getting what i want but realize she will have to work through this before I can. I feel like I need to walk away but I just can’t and if I don’t I will feel rejected when she can’t give me the things I hope for. I thought she said she was very touchie and physical but she shows non of that toward me so I should drop the relationship down a level which hurts me to think about. I guess it is already there in her mind so it really is a mute point.

I mentioned that she should take me home and she said her little dog, William? wouldn’t let me sleep on the bed. She doesn’t want to let me in. She was getting upset at the gal next to us, the blonde woman that I met earlier who has been making a play for me a bit, forget her name now, so that isn’t so bad, maybe jealousy? I wish.

Came home and mom & dad were already asleep, I watched the 2009 version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” that mom and dad did earlier when I was out and drank the Ommegang Gnomegang and got a bit more drunk and felt sorry for myself.

Kim sent a text and said she didn’t know who she was anymore (I thought it was due to the divorce) so I sent a reply about what I liked about her and that I didn’t want to be just friends, since I was very frustrated about our “relationship” status. I think we both have our wants and they cannot be fulfilled by each other.

Brian and I got the wood scraps from the front path to the door moved into the back so he could cut them down to a size the garbage collectors with take. Then Nicki and I headed out to have lunch and get to the Decatur Winefest 2011.

We stopped in at a Sushi place and had a couple of rolls and some miso soup, then we got back out into the slightly chilly afternoon and the long line into the festival. Fernando was suppose to show up as well but didn’t get there until well after 3pm with only about 45 minutes left, WTF, I feel terrible that he didn’t show up because of her. Lots of women my age and around it should have taken more photos but didn’t want to make Nicki feel funny at all. Took some of her and around a bit though. Talked to a few gals, lot of pairs of women. I did meet a bunch of Gators since I had my Florida hoodie on. The food lines were WAY to long again.

Decatur 2011

Decatur 2011

@ Taco Mac I met up with Dan and Cathy for about 10 minutes and they had to leave, *frown* but then not long after a couple of twenty somethings sat next to me and all was good again. Christie and Amy were really fun, two UGA fans cheering for Arkansas to beat USC. They were drinking shots for every USC score, they only had two and then a few blue moons but they were fun and possibly drunker than they needed to be. They did say they weren’t going to be driving so that’s good. There was also this REALLY drunk gal about my age or so, a Alabama fan who was a bit tipsy as well, told me I had nice eyes which is always nice to hear. She grabbed my hand and smashed it to her breasts asking if I would cheer for Alabama, nope sorry.

Had a small rah-rah session with Kate at the hostess desk about Florida and felt funny that I wasn’t wearing any Florida gear. We beat Vandy 21-26 but I heard it wasn’t pretty.

Watched the movie Driving Angry, with Nicholas Cage and some really HOT gal run around and finally kill all the bad guys who are Devil worshipers/Cult group.

another tiny

Up and Adam this morning, I did hit the snooze once but I had woken up about 4 and then again at 5 dreaming some shit about work, mostly worried about something. I’ve dreamt similar things in the past, odd buildings, weird happenings. After getting to work and messing with some iPhone bug I went out and sent the D200 to Life Pixel Infrared, $26 and change to get it there by Thursday. Hopefully I’ll have a IR camera before the end of the month. After messing with installing the Server at work I figured out that I needed 2008R2 and not just plain vanilla Win2008 so I downloaded the ISO burned using my Mac and then started the install just before going on home.

Came home and made some chicken and mushrooms with Whatsthishere sauce, simple and good. Then watched a few of Beyond the Wormhole, then took some photos of the bird skull I’ve got. Let the TV to Nicki after I made sure that Terra Nova was going to record.

Went upstairs and played on the computer with photos for awhile.

I was up a bit late since I didn’t get to bed until well after 2am. Was up and around about 11am in order to head over to the Shroom for some lunch, Brian tagging along. Lauryn was in a nice mood and looked great too. Another cool fella hung out as well, having a Guiness and then a PBR, odd!

From there we went over to Fry’s and looked at a bunch of stuff, ended up even getting a small Heliocopter, 3 channel RF RC and saw Jeannie and Jeff there when we were checking out. They were going to Taco Mac and wondered if I was going. Decided to play with the Helio instead but did go later (meeting them as they were leaving).

After messing with the ‘copter and NOT doing all that well I headed over to the Mac and had a couple of beers about 9pm. Chatted to several folks and Cara was in a fabulous mood. Dan&Cathy as well as Jeannie&Jeff were both there but left within about 20 minutes of my arrival. Saw the cute blond gal who always drinks martinis with her dad, has a fantastic tan and was with her son. Veronica is her name and her son’s name was Cameron or something like that. LEft after only two beers, the Founders Anvil Porter (suggested by Dan and Jeff) and then the Southern Tier Cuvee 3 suggested by Cara. Along with an order of wings it was a nice evening. Got home before it began to rain. I continued to check outside the whole time I was at the Mac and thankfully it didn’t rain until about 15 minutes after I got home and into the garage.

On Friday I got my photo from the lovely Katie West from Canada. I stopped in at Micheals after the Taco Mac and picked up a frame, not quite sure it would fit, but it looks great. Got it all framed up but had to use some tape on the corners to hold the photo down. I used masking tape, hope it doesn’t hurt it.

Grace Park - BSG - BoomerI just picked up my copy of Maxim that came in the mail a few days ago and guess who’s in it? The Actress that plays Boomer in the Sci Fi’s BattleStar Galactica. I looked her up on the nex and found out that she was in the LPGA for a few years back in the early 2000’s. Very interesting…. More than just a pretty face she also plays piano, violin and who knows what else.

I thought she was fabulous before I saw the Maxim pictorial, now I’m completely smitten.
Maxim pics here..