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FalconFull_0188584433Check out this incredible Millennium Falcon cut-away art that’s been officially released by its artist, Brian Sauriol. It gives fans a really cool detailed look at the Han Solo’s YT-1300 Corellian light freighter. The illustration was commissioned 20 years ago and is officially licensed by Lucasfilm.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the illustration and the story behind it:

After two decades of secrecy, the vault has been opened and Illustrator Brian Sauriol has unveiled an incredible cut-away illustration of the iconic Star Wars starship, the Millennium Falcon. Commission by Nonpareil Communications, Inc. and licensed by Lucasfilm, Ltd., this art shows Han Solo’s YT-1300 Corellian light freighter at a level of detail never seen before. Originally intended as a licensed print, this piece reveals the interiors of the fan-fave starship with vibrant rendering and top-notch craftsmanship rarely seen today.
Sauriol is one of the premiere product and advertising illustrators of the modern era. He is also a professor and program coordinator of Media and Communication Arts at Macomb College, where he has molded the careers of many professional concept artists, including Marc Gabbana who worked with Lucasfilm on Star Wars Episodes II and III, and numerous illustrators that have gone on to create licensed Star Wars art for posters, books and apparel, including Matt Busch, Lin Zy, Alex Buechel, Bill Pulkovski, Darin Radimaker, Brandon Gallo and Ryan Waterhouse.
When the art was created in 1993, Sauriol was hand selected to illustrate 4 starships from the Star Wars Universe including the X-Wing Fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer, and Death Star. The Millennium Falcon was the only ship completed, but the intricate work Sauriol put into the art working hand-in-hand with Lucasfilm’s blueprints is unsurpassed. The original art was created right before the industry transition to digital illustration, producing a work that is hand painted and airbrushed. “This is one of the last traditionally illustrated works I’ve done,” comments Sauriol, “and certainly the most involved piece of my career. It’s dear to my heart, so finally being able to share it after all these years is profoundly gratifying.”
While not easy to let go of such an iconic piece, Sauriol is also putting the original art on the market, making it one of the most rare and exquisite collectibles a Star Wars fan could own. The art is gouache and acrylic on 24” x 36” Crescent Illustration Board. The illustrator is also including a plethora of extras, including Lucasfilm approved preliminary drawings, contracts, and even blueprints. Illustrator Matt Busch comments, “It truly is amazing. Hidden in secrecy for almost 2 decades, this stunning piece has finally emerged from the shadows and is available to own! Imagine having this one-of-a-kind painting gracing your collection! Don’t be surprised if you have to fight me for it!”
As to whether this piece will be available as a licensed print as intended, Sauriol is tight-lipped, but does slip that there is at least talk of such a possibility. For now, it’s all about the art itself. Busch adds extra nostalgia, “This is one of the most exquisite paintings I’ve ever seen. It also has sentimental value for me, as I got to witness Brian working on this project back when I was a budding student of his. It was Brian’s mentorship and seeing this piece come to life that gave me the courage and inspiration to follow my own dreams pursuing a career to become a Star Wars artist.”


Cool but not rainy this morning, very overcast before actual sunrise.

Need to turn off my alarm and just wake up normally. I’ve been turning off the alarm after waking up and just letting myself want to get up before actually doing it. It has worked ok so far, sometimes I’m later sometimes earlier.

Booo! No Visual of the Transit of Venus, all cloudy here.

Checked in all the changes up to this point I have on my project at work, didn’t get an email from Chris or Kem about the things I need to do. I guess I just need to say it’s done and let them do a build.

Got home and Nicki was here, she went and got Subway even after I told her that I think I had enough spaghetti for her too. She left soon afterward, and left her Subway trash on the couch, not good. She also called last night and earlier today about the book she needed for class, obviously there was something that was suppose to come with the Astronomy book but didn’t in the whole book.

Nicki complained about her aches and pains again, seems another part of her body hurts as soon as another stops. She said it is mostly joins and gets bad enough for her to call out of work. She has mentioned it to the Nurse Practitioner and has gotten really no response except to have an MRI. Well seems a bit overboard to her and me as well. I’ve heard of a lot of young people coming down with certain chronic ailments more often than it seemed my generation did.

I made changes to the Beer web-code that now requires a login and should make it so bad things do not happen to the database due to crawlers and robots on the web.

St. Simon lighthouse

I tried with Brian’s help to get a CVS thing on my site, instead I just found out that I really don’t have tty access to my server. It’s the only way he knows how to make it work, I’ll look around to see if there is another way, I haven’t seen one yet.

Brian and I ended up going to the Movie Stop and picking out some movies, I got the two that came out just today, Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds along with Disney’s John Carter of Mars. Then I also reserved the next Sherlock Holmes and the Avengers. Used up about half of the $100 card I got for the rebate of my contact lenses that I just received. We then stopped in at Parma and got to see Lauren and Brian had dinner and we both had beers. The sun was out finally today, it was just before sunset and we couldn’t have seen it from the house due to all the trees to the west of us. If we had forgone the trip and went right back and got the solar scope we could have seen something but didn’t feel it was that important. I don’t figure I’ll be around in 117 years when it happens again, but who knows 🙂

Most of the day was just hanging around the house and chatting with mom & dad. We did go over to the Costco, Target and got the car filled up with gas @ Sam’s Club with Mom&Dad in the early afternoon. Found a few things at Costco I may pick up sometime, TurboTax for one and then another set of silverware but it’s a 12 piece set and I really don’t need that many.

Brownie Bull's Eye

Ended up going out about 7pm and having some drinks with Kim, I’m really wanting this relationship to move ahead or at least to become more consistently physical (not just sexual) but she is very cold right now and due to her doubts about her desirability due to her ex moving forward so quickly with another woman. Also, the death of her dad has hit her hard and I’m not getting what i want but realize she will have to work through this before I can. I feel like I need to walk away but I just can’t and if I don’t I will feel rejected when she can’t give me the things I hope for. I thought she said she was very touchie and physical but she shows non of that toward me so I should drop the relationship down a level which hurts me to think about. I guess it is already there in her mind so it really is a mute point.

I mentioned that she should take me home and she said her little dog, William? wouldn’t let me sleep on the bed. She doesn’t want to let me in. She was getting upset at the gal next to us, the blonde woman that I met earlier who has been making a play for me a bit, forget her name now, so that isn’t so bad, maybe jealousy? I wish.

Came home and mom & dad were already asleep, I watched the 2009 version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” that mom and dad did earlier when I was out and drank the Ommegang Gnomegang and got a bit more drunk and felt sorry for myself.

Kim sent a text and said she didn’t know who she was anymore (I thought it was due to the divorce) so I sent a reply about what I liked about her and that I didn’t want to be just friends, since I was very frustrated about our “relationship” status. I think we both have our wants and they cannot be fulfilled by each other.