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124-Spider Scorpione

This is a special Fiat 124 Spider, for about #30,020 or 41,800 USD. Lots of racing parts and things.

There is also a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth sold by Fiat that is only about $30,000 USD and a Fiat 124 Spider starting at $24,000 USD.

All are built at the Japanese plant where the Mazda MX5’s are built, the whole interior and chassis are just like the MX5. Just the outside skin and several upgrades.

A bit cooler this morning, about 60 while driving in. Mostly sunny and I don’t see much to indicate it rained at all last night. Sunny most of the day but then at 9:30-10pm it poured for a few minutes (top down).

The 9th Annual East Atlanta Beer Festival will be held  in East Atlanta’s Brownwood Park and looks to be better than ever! – via East Atlanta Beer Fest.

Just got my tickets today, about 9am this morning. Noticed through facebook that the tickets were on sale starting today.

Went out on the greenway again today and a bit early. First thing I saw was a hummingbird but it don’t slow down a bit and flew off. A couple of butterflies, both varieties of Tiger Swallowtail, Red-Spotted Purple I think.

Home after work, cooked for a change, just some mexican rice with green onions. Also cleaned more of the shelves from the fridge. Picked up some groceries from Kroger, over $100, more than almost anything this year.

Another wild night at Parma Trivia, Lauren is back, she had taken a set of stairs poorly (missed that last step) and her left ankle was blown out. She did it weekend before last and on Monday it was Purple-Yellow and Black, and HUGE. She has been on crutches for about a week and had just gotten back to work today. She as limping around and was sitting with us every chance she got. We ended up winning tonight and spending the two first places we had gotten the month before, hopefully Lauren’s tip was good. Wow, our tab was about $125 and after the -60 was about $65, I think at least three of us pitched in $20 and another $30 so that was enough for the check and then Russ just added to the tip on his card. Bill got a bit angry that people were thinking about the bill and not the question which we got right but thought we only bet 15, instead Sam had raised to 16 which allowed us to win 1st.

I stayed and had a beer with Lauren & Bill but Bill left almost right after, I think he was really drunk and in a bad mood for the most part. Russ’s friend and his wife were there, Hellen? as well. Saying the dude is a bit LOUD is an understatement and he just YELLS the answers without really engaging his brain first. By the end he was beginning to learn to tone it down. He’s nice just a bit overbearing and he really rubbed Bill the wrong way.

Stayed out WAY too late, didn’t get to bed until after 11pm, drank one beer too many. The car also got caught in the rain, about 9:30 it must have started to rain, everyone was beginning to leave, I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the table to order up another beer I over heard Bill saying it was raining. Eeeek! ran out and put the top up but the damage was already done. I was continuing to look all evening and just when my guard was down, bam!

Got to talk to Lauren a bit and I got her number to get together for a photo shoot, she seems very interested in doing some stuff artistically which is REALLY cool!

Wet this morning, although not actually raining as I drove in. Issue at work came back because as soon as the original bug was fixed another popped up. Now its about the number of files sent, over 2000+ but the issue isn’t that I’m afraid, more interesting I think, not sure yet.


Went over to the Suwanee T-Mac and had the BOTM after a French Broad Easy IPA, very GOOD IPA IMHO. Then I had the Sierra NEvada Torpedo IPA and it just didn’t float my boat. Lastly I had the Victory Moonglow, nice Bock beer, enjoyed it. I got to chat with a gal, Susan, a bit heavy but nice. Then Bonnie came in, wow, I really have a hard time NOT staring between her boobs, yes, boobs not tits. Swoon. I wish. Oh yeah, I got the Tumbler glass I forgot Thursday before last.

Chatted with a dude from the Mall of GA Honda, John works at the service department, need to get some stuff done to the car and have him do it. Brakes, about $500, then the clunk in the back tires may be the axle, he thinks I could tighten the nut on it and it may go away.

Took the bones and the skull from the “bird” that I found on the Big Creek Greenway several months ago and watched decay, and put them into a pan with some bleach in the hopes to whiten and clean them up. We will see what they look like in the morning and throughout the weekend if need be.

Gave Autumn a call after getting home. Looks like we may be going to the Chili Cookoff at Stone Mountain. Why do I always seem to get to Stone Mountain with the Rampey Crew? Mellissa, Ellen and crew are still with Autumn in a pack, guess it is wonderful to have life long friends. No driving drunk for me though.

Looking up some interesting stuff on S2000’s, I need to get mine in the shop to fix the nasty spot on my front bumper and the door locks.

Cool website with some info, http://www.s2kblog.com

Nice iPhone/iPod connector for the S2000, need to get this http://www.scienceofspeed.com/products/interior_performance_products/S2000/USASpec/

A nice S2K forum with good DIY and OEM Info. S2Ki http://www.s2ki.com/

Here is a place to get a new gearshift knob and other Honda accessories. Majestic Honda