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sunnyhazyClear but hazy sky, sun was out in am but still cooler and in the upper 50’s.

Bought the new upgrade to VMWare Fusion 6 for MacBook, so I could do stuff on Windows on my macbook, only $46 so not all that bad.

Went out on the trail today about noon, the pollen was and still is KILLING me, sinuses are aching, throat sore, coughing and my eyes are watering.

Stopped in at Hooters and then quickly to the Shroom, I did a little to much tonight. Dude @ the bar, someone in Education I think, tried to strike up a conversation to bitch about the new gun law signed by the governor relaxing some gun regulations. I guess he wasn’t expecting someone to be for it. I tried to explain why it wasn’t a bad thing but he figures that if people have guns they will always just kill for no reason. Got to chat and flirt with Kelli most of the evening, watching some hockey on the TV. Stopped over @ the Shroom for a Goose Island IPA and chatted with them for a bit, Madison, Margret or was it Rebbeca? Sahil was managing and the dude John? I forget his name was there. Talked abou the gun legislation and shouldn’t have, I think I pissed off Sahil, since I was kind of saying it would make more since to rob the place if no guns were allowed.

Today the Governor of GA signed a bill that will allow gun owners to carry weapons in bars, some schools, government buildings and churches. Opponents call it the gun everywhere bill but truly only allows it in bars and government buildings where there is no security setup and churches can decide if they want to allow people to carry, school boards can allow employees to carry if they want. It’s not a free for all.

Got home and crashed, falling right to sleep.

Rainpartly cloudySunny in the am, getting cloudier as the morning progressed. Finally about noon the rain came, just a light sprinkle but it thwarted any walk for me.

I’ve been wondering about the Homeowner’s Association and if we are going to have a pool this summer. I have to admit even though I didn’t get to the pool last year at all I will be upset if my fees are not reimbursed if they do not open it up.

Out to lunch and it was raining and I had planned on hitting the trail after lunch. Boo, I had Burger King and was again reminded by my digestive system why I don’t eat BK. Not to mention I really dislike their fries. Not to mention that I bit my tongue so hard that my meal tasted like blood since it didn’t stop bleeding for some time.

Called up ACS, the heating and air guys and lined up a system check for my A/C units, the bottom floor I think is a bit buggy. It doesn’t seem to be cooling very well. They are scheduled for Monday May, 5th, Cinco de Mayo. Sheez, two weeks out.

Found that the issue I’ve been working on is bogus, after getting everything setup I find that the Android Client works fine on SP5/CPR maybe it’s something about iCloud but I don’t know.

Pollen is getting bad, feel it in my throat and sinuses.

Stopped in @ the Shroom for dinner and a couple of beers, Madison, Margaret and Michelle were working tonight. Watching Fox news and found out the Supreme Court uphead the MI law tat repeelied Affirmative action in the MI universities, lets hope other states do the same soon. Only the people how believe in Discrimination so long as you are a Majority are fighting this. I also learned that Lawyers working for the IRS got in excess of 1M in bonuses even though some still owe taxes to the IRS themselves, wonderful.

Home and some time with the daughter, also found out that my DirecTV doesn’t work upstairs any longer, I haven’t tried it in quite some time but geeez. The Guide and things work just no TV or playback of Stored Shows.

Up just after 7 and messed around, got sheets ready to wash but noticed I was out of detergent. Then did some cleaning around the house, 409 and then vacuuming first the upstairs and then the down.

Brian headed out to the range to shoot his mosin and others out on a outside range somewhere in south ATLANTA. I had not wanted to get mostly due to my not feeling really comfortable with the cleaning job I’ve done on my mosin.

I also tried a little maiden flight for my falcon40, it seems to be spinning in the clockwise direction wpuntil it leaves the ground and then it seems to steady up. But then the ‘copter pitches to the left, I need to look ontheweb to see if I can find some tips on tuning and stuff, the v2 is different than the v1 which I’ve learned mostly about.

Went over to the shroom for lunch, Justin showed up and I got to see the gals there, mostly Caitlin fawn over him a bit, he’s cool like that :). The dude does have a following there and is very popular with the gals. Erin was her typical standoffish self but smiled more than usual. Lauryn was a bit slow early on but after she go stone caffeine in her she was mu ch more fun. Caitlin was at the beach or at least the poplin the last couple of days, the tan lines where her bikini top was were very evidence and kept drawing my eye, I really do like tan-lines. Talked about Portal, a new store called Xxxxxxx, the Olympics but only by me.

Went over to Hooters after since I don’t have any will power, Katrina was working the bar and Kris awa working manager, let them both know about the night Patty and Rob are suppose to be in town, also Kree sho I expected to be working bar was on the floor, mmmm.


I then headed on home, picking up some laundry detergent and after getting to the house realizing that Nicki and Jorael were there and the washer/dryer were occupied. Nicki then told me that she feels she may loose her job @ the “school”. They have a new Manager, not Ashley whom I knew and hired her but another lady who is very close to the owner whom Nicki does not get along with very well. She also says her “class” is shrinking due to many getting on to school this year so when that happens very soon now she may not be a lead teacher (or she will have to go part time). I hope things go well and I let her know that if she is not comfortable with her job security she really needs to start looking HARD.

I then decided to head over to the pool for some R&R and some ultra-violet light. Had a beer there and got to chat a bit with Patty from next door. Heard a tail about the folks being asked to “tend” to the overgrown area behind their prospective houses, the area between each and the creek, by Patty and I it is part of the “border” of the Post Office but I think their’ is only between each of their houses. Also, Patty’s step-son has been with them the whole summer and they hope to go back to TX with him and possibly be able to bring him back to go to school here and stay with them. Hope so too, he’s a nice kid.

Went out to Taco Mac while Nicki and Jorael watched the Olympics, I caught the volleyball and then some of the men’s gymnasics while there. Brian came by and had a beer with me as well along with some dinner, we both had the new roast beef and blue not a bad wrap but I could and should have taken half home. Had the Festive Ale 11 and the Rogue Dad’s Little Helper, both dark and sweet. A new gal behind the bar with Nicholas, Meg (but not the one from Johns Creek with the tattoos), seemed nice but a but quiet, like Meg with the tattoos.

It began to rain about 9pm or so, the TVs in Taco Mac began to search for signal and I walked outside and noticed a few large drops, the ground was still about half dry but I went ahead and put the top up on the car, wiped down the seats and things to dry the little rain that did get into the car. I left about 20 minutes after that and it was a lot wetter as I got closer to home.

Came home and watched “Source Code” with Jake G*&*((&*, whatever his name is.

Cool, almost cold today. Mostly sunny and clear skys.

Got a bit more going on the issue @ work. Just feel things don’t get tested well enough when we originally put them out.

I stopped in @ the Mellow Mushroom after work, had a beer and a Chicken Caesar Salad. Lauryn was a bit out of sorts today, school is taking it’s toll but her spring break is coming up. Margaret was there along with Erin, or at least I think it was Margaret, not sure any more, I can’t tell the difference even when they are right next to each other, I think Rebecca is a bit more laid back. When we talked she mentioned working out so I think that it certainly was Margaret.

Went home and drove around to see if Nicki’s car was still there, hoping it wasn’t. It had gotten too dark so I couldn’t tell at all since I was on the other side of the road and there isn’t a streetlight where they had stopped the car.

Watched the latest episodes of Shameless and then Californication, damn the cutie on the show that is the one dudes nanny is FANTASTIC!

I then finished up the photos from the wedding and got them up on the web, sent the gal Nicki a message with the link.

Heard some very odd news from Brian, the place we (he) shoots is Bull’s Eye over in downtown Lawrenceville, GA. He heard that a dude killed himself in the gun range last week, or in the last few days. Just rented a gun, got bullets and then from the cameras in the range they said he kept looking behind him so as not to possibly hurt another person and then finally just put the gun to his head a fired.

PS. It was on the 25th of Feb 2012, the guy got eye and ear protection, no targets and then did this around 5pm and by 8 everything was back to normal.

Out for a sandwich to go from Firehouse subs, stopped in at the Fresh Market next door and bought some pairs, some Gorgonsola Cheese, crackers and some chips. After lunch I took a short time taking photos that turned into more time than I had intended. I do that more than I should. I did get some good shots with the 36mm extension and the 150mm Macro lens in order to get some > 1:1 macro shots. Also got my time-off plans solidified, from Thursday before Thanksgiving till Tuesday after Thanksgiving and then from the 16th of December (Friday) till the end of the year.


Visited a friend @ her work to see her outfit for “Daria”. She looked adorable. Brian visited as well and we had dinner while the place went crazy with to-go orders, Lauryn said they had over $800 in less than two hours.

After I stopped in and saw the Hooters crew, wasn’t really feeling well by then, had a headache, more like an eye ache I think. Kayla was dressed as a busty devil, Larry showed up and sat with Katrina & then LaurenD arrived, all in plain clothes but Katrina showed me photos of her german barmaid outfit this year, she sure does make an excellent german oktoberfest gal.

Stopped back by the Shroom since I didn’t want to get back to the house until after the Halloween mayhem was over, I really do like Halloween but I just can’t seem to get myself into the mood anymore, I need someone to egg me on a but like when Becky and I went to the last Halloween party I’ve been to about 2 years ago. And also the time the Rogers and I all went to Hooters and then over to Wild Bills for Halloween back in 2007 or sometime back then.

Got up wondering what was up with Autumn that she hadn’t called to let me know what was up for today. Went out to the Shroom with Brian and poor Lauryn is getting worse instead of better, sinus issues galore. I texted Autumn but got nothing back in the next hour. After lunch I went over to Hooters for a beer cince B.Ritch was going to be working her eligebility day at the bar so I figured I’d go in and say Hi.

Turned into a nice early afternoon, got to see BritR and then a few other “regulars”, Bruce, Alabama dude, Desire’, Rick-photo, as well as Alex, Trish the Gator, and even Anna (still blonde but I can’t seem to get used to it). There was this very Gothy looking petite chick at the end of the bar, a few tattoos showing very pale skin and dark hair. She had a few beers, fries and sat with her one foot up on the char so her knee is up around her chin. I did notice she was really small all around with a cute little butt.


I finally got a text from Autumn while there at Hooters watching UGA do OK against Ole Miss. She had JUST gotten up, must have had a bad (long) night. I texted such but got no reply to that only that she was watching UGA as well. Asked about meeting up at T-Mac for the UF game @ 7 but no real reply to that. Came home and just hung out and messed around water plants, cleaning up around the yard, etc. I got my re-newed PASSPORT today and absolutely hate the picture on it. I look like my Grandpa Walton, plus the color is all wrong. I’m suppose to get my old passport back as well a bit later.

I then took off to T-Mac for the Florida/Kentucky game, had some dinner, a few beers and they won, 48-10. Brian also stopped in and had dinner with me, him a panini and I the shrimp/avacado salad, but forgot to tell them to leave off the fresh jalapenos, OUCH I got a few and they really did BURN. I also chatted with a nice couple, the gal a redhead about 7.5 months pregnant and as cute as a button, strawberry blonde, fair skin and a boat load of freckles. I may have chatted with them before. Also a crew from the Petite Le’Mans just got into town and were there, Boz crew?

Finished watching the game and then came on home, nice cool evening by now, lower 60’s on the drive home. Watched some TV with Jeremy and Nicki, then we figured out the Wii wasn’t working when Nicki tried to exercise, find out then that it’s been having trouble all along, she has been leaving it on and then not removing her disc which hasn’t made things better.

Didn’t get together with Autumn, maybe this is an omen. Got a call from Becky about her moving this next week, needs to be out of her VERY NICE but VERY expensive apartment at the end of the month. She is not happy about this at all.

Got another bug this morning, one for Inventory Mgr and a serial number, fixed the fact that the Manufacturer and Model were not being done correctly and now just need to get the last touches on some code from the Internet to get the REAL serial number displayed on the back of the unit. I left a bit early so I could get to the Suwanee Post Office @ 2:45pm.


The Passport photo and getting everything in the envelope was done by about 3:00 and then I went over to the Beverage Superstore and picked up 3 more beers. Heavy Seas Hop Haarest Ale, The Labyrinth by Uinta and lastly the Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Head collaboration of Life and Limb 2.

Home to some WONDERFUL lasagna by Nicki and then over to the ‘Shroom with Brian for a beer. Lauryn was there to my delight, she was looking really HOT in her cut-up Mellow Mushroom shirt, the one in blue and sporting a blue/purple bra who’s straps peeked out since the shirt’s opening would allow it to fall down her shoulder. She showed her peach, tattoo that is, when Brian was talking about tattoos and Gina (Lauryn didn’t know she had died in a car accident about 4 years ago).

Home and messed with photos for a bit before getting to bed.

Yes, first day of school, many of the corners I passed had mom & dads waiting with their kids for the bus. I always loved the first day of school, seeing friends you hadn’t seen for the whole summer, getting to wear new clothes for the first time and all the new school supplies. I think some kids don’t actually start until Wednesday though.

Jumping Spider

Tommorow the order Brian sent for our stuff from AdaFruit should be coming in. I’ll have to then play with some of the Arduino stuff. I’ll need to get a few more proto-boards so I can have multiple projects going before possibly making them permeant on a proto-board.

stopped in at the Shroom for my free Appetizer and a beer, Lauryn was decked out in her ‘Shroom shirt she ‘modified’ by cutting the neck larger and then opening the back with cuts and some creative braiding. She had a cute colored bra who’s straps showed from behind as well as when the larger neck opening would fall off her shoulder, wow. Had a Fat Tire but it didn’t count since it rang up with the same button as the pint.

Getting home and backing into the garage I noticed that the yard guys had been by,, they cut the grass and had even skalped it in several places, <sarcasm>thanks dudes</sarcasm>

I assembled the 555 timer circuit I wanted to test the oscilloscope with and messed with tHE Arduino a bit. Then watched last weeks episode of True Blood, it’s getting a bit crazier than I like SO I may let it go. I want the new episodes of Game oF Thrones to start up again.

Mom and Dad are going to be here tomorrow I think Brian said.

I was up a bit late since I didn’t get to bed until well after 2am. Was up and around about 11am in order to head over to the Shroom for some lunch, Brian tagging along. Lauryn was in a nice mood and looked great too. Another cool fella hung out as well, having a Guiness and then a PBR, odd!

From there we went over to Fry’s and looked at a bunch of stuff, ended up even getting a small Heliocopter, 3 channel RF RC and saw Jeannie and Jeff there when we were checking out. They were going to Taco Mac and wondered if I was going. Decided to play with the Helio instead but did go later (meeting them as they were leaving).

After messing with the ‘copter and NOT doing all that well I headed over to the Mac and had a couple of beers about 9pm. Chatted to several folks and Cara was in a fabulous mood. Dan&Cathy as well as Jeannie&Jeff were both there but left within about 20 minutes of my arrival. Saw the cute blond gal who always drinks martinis with her dad, has a fantastic tan and was with her son. Veronica is her name and her son’s name was Cameron or something like that. LEft after only two beers, the Founders Anvil Porter (suggested by Dan and Jeff) and then the Southern Tier Cuvee 3 suggested by Cara. Along with an order of wings it was a nice evening. Got home before it began to rain. I continued to check outside the whole time I was at the Mac and thankfully it didn’t rain until about 15 minutes after I got home and into the garage.

On Friday I got my photo from the lovely Katie West from Canada. I stopped in at Micheals after the Taco Mac and picked up a frame, not quite sure it would fit, but it looks great. Got it all framed up but had to use some tape on the corners to hold the photo down. I used masking tape, hope it doesn’t hurt it.

Arduinio UNO close up

So, yesterday I got the Arduino and messed with it for awhile, today I instead just had some beers and hung out.

After work I stopped in at the Shroom and had a beer along with some meatball sub, then came home and had a short nap on the couch upstairs. I did wake up before too long and was over at the Taco Mac for a couple of more beers about 9pm.

Stayed out way too late, Cara & Timmy holding up the bar, JiJi even said Hi.

I chatted with a cute younger couple I’d talked with before, Christine and Dale or Clay. Also met a new Florida fan, Karen Christy who is a Sales person at a Plumbing supply company. Had a nice time talking and stayed for more beers than I should have. Got home after 2am and got her number.

I was thinking about heading out to a waterfall this morning but laying in bed until 10am didn’t make it happen.

Instead, I waited around the house until after about 1pm and went over to the Mall, stopping in at Taco Mac for some lunch and a beer. Looked for some pasta bowls but didn’t find any I liked. I only really saw two sets, one at Williams Sonoma and another at Crate & Barrel.

Left the Mall and was thinking about walking the Greenway by 85/Hwy20 and decided against it since it was pushing about 98 degrees out. Instead I cruised over to the Shroom and then to Hooters for a snack, saw some friends there for a bit, Kayla – Jasmine – Kate – Katrina, texted the Rogers to give them the Nah-Nahs about being there.

Home for the rest of the evening (it was already 6pm by the time I got home) and played a little bit with the 150mm with the 50mm reversed on the camera. Some photos of a new penny, so very close.

I did leave to get some groceries, an odd variety of stuff, and fruit and yogurt for work.

Watched the new DVD I got the day before, Source Code, not at all what I was thinking it was, really cool though.

Suwanee Beerfest

Got up and started getting ready for the beerfest today. Brian and I first headed over to the Shroom for some lunch before drinking up some beer. Lauryn, Michelle and we talked about various things and they even had a new beer, Vitory HopDevil but I wasn’t drinking today. Loaded up on water instead. After we started the drive over to Chris’s so she could drop us off at the Festival, really nice of her.

The beerfest in a word was HOT, hot as hell actually. It was rather small with a really decent selection of beers but the “VIP” was nothing special at all. No water, no special beers, you got in an hour early put there was no really special swag or anything that I could see. Saw quite a few friends from Taco Mac, Adam & Trish, Casey & Mike, other Mike, other dude I can’t remember his name (balding), Charlie & Alicia, Dan & Cathy as well as a special appearance by Tracy (used to work at T-Mac Mall) who was just newly engaged and looked WAY thin.

In the middle we exited and had a drink at the Shroom there at the Towne Center and then returned for a few more beers before meeting up with ChrisK at the Olde Towne Taverne for Brian’s birthday dinner. We then went back to Chris’s place and watched the Green Hornet and then came on home to Nicki and her boyfriend making ice cream. Also had a bit of a “religious” argument, she is a bit too churchy for my comfort but it it makes her happy.


I got up a bit late this morning, woke up about 7:15 and hadn’t heard the alarm at all.

Got somewhere on the bug, finally getting the correct PDB file and now the customer wants a FIX NOW! I told support that I’ll try to have something on Monday.

Met up with Ted at the Hooters in Roswell for lunch, very cute blonde with very LONG legs and a nice semi-circle butt named Christine? Nice brown eyes maybe a little green. A bus load of old guys came in about the time we were finishing up.

On the way home I noticed that the Oak Village had something going on. There was a LARGE group of people on the roadside were the Lady was found last week, NiqueL. She has a large outcry there.

AFter work I stopped in at Hooters and had an order of buffalo shrimp and a 420. It was Christmas in July so mostly everyone was dressed up a bit Christmasy. Saw the regular crew plus some. Kayla, J, Shawntae, JK, Kate, Trish, and on the customer side that gal who came to the Tilted Kilt, Clay and several others. Got out and then went over to the Shroom for a beer before heading home. Chatted with Sahil and Justin for awhile. found out that Margrett’s dad, Tim Cummings has gotten a job with a SW company, Sage. The other crew were there as well, Erin, Michelle and two others I can’t name. Sahil told me then that she may be over at Taco Mac tonight as well.

I came home and bought the latest update to the MAC OS, Lion. Then got the latest XCode (development kit) I need to get something written for the Mac so I can say I have.

The weekend is mostly rainy and cool. I didn’t get up till almost 11am and then didn’t get out to lunch until almost 1pm since Brian had called the DirecTV guys and he had blocked the car in the garage. I’m not sure why they don’t always just park on the street.

I came home after lunch and just messed around a bit with the StopShot and took some photos of dropping dice in a wine glass of water. I just simply dropped the dice and then had the camera triggered.

I then went out to T-Mac for a couple of beers, Had the Holy Mackerel Panic Attack and then the Unibroue La Terrible. Saw Dan and Cathy there just before they finished their last beers. They are off to the north next week. Met another couple, Bill and Suzy, they have a 3 yo boy at home and also brew beer. They invited me over to the house tomorrow to witness the brewing process. They and D&C talked about Ireland since D&C are going soon and they went about 3-4 years ago I think. Now I want to go. We discussed the gal at the table next to the bar, she seems to be there EVERY Friday and Saturday, this weekend with an older dude we were theorizing if he was her dad or if there was a romantic connection, didn’t seem to be. Really none of our business. She is HOT in a slutty dirty blond with big breasts sort of way. The cute gator fan hostess and I shared our condolences on the Florida’s elite 8 loss to Balor.

Came home after that, stopping in at the Kroger for some salmon to cook and instead stopping in for wings at the Beef O’Brady’s instead.

I did very little but slink around the house most of the morning, I did go to the Home Depot and pick up a few things for the yard and a couple of 4×8 sheets of white wallboard to use as a floor for my white wall. I then had lunch over at the ‘Shroom and got into a cool conversation with Lauryn and Lucia about evolution and such. Noticed Lucia has some gray hairs since she was wearing her hair down today, very sexy.

After getting home and playing around and helping ChrisW move in a bit along with moving the TV down to the curb hoping someone will pick it up. Brian and I headed over to Taco Mac for the tapping of the Rogue Double Mocha Porter Cask at 5pm we stopped in at Lowe’s and a furniture place to possibly pick up stuff but didn’t get anything big after all. Met up with Dan and Kathy, then Jeff and Jeannie as well. Also, Jason the manager’s girlfriend, Monica -hotness, was sitting next to us as well as Jason’s Dad from England. Also had a Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, aged in bourbon casks. We went on home after that and just hung out watching TV.

When we drove up Chris’s light was on but then went off when I decided to head over to Beef’s, watched a bit of Basketball there and then stopped in at Kroger before heading on home (walked, it was nice outside).

Lunar Eclipse with SaturnI stopped in at the Mellow Mushroom for dinner and a few beers before heading home to view/photograph the lunar eclipse. Amanda was there along with Kat (Katheryn?). A fellow server (the dude) had called in and wasn’t going to make it, he had called earlier and another server told him he wasn’t on the schedule. Nicki called while I was finishing my beer and was at the house hoping to get her tax forms printed so she could get them sent out tomorrow. I finished my beer and becoming a little pissed off at the news about Obama. Seems his wife has NEVER been proud of America/Americans or politics except for the people wanting her husband to be president. Personally, I feel he may be the anti-Christ.

I got home and started Nicki finishing her tax stuff, and printing it out. Then I started setting up the camera for the lunar eclipse. It was somewhat cloudy, only wisps but right in line with the moon. It was still behind the trees to the east but was coming up fast. By 8:30 I was getting the mount aligned and trying to get the focus right. Something went haywire with the mount and it got off alignment somehow, right after I tried to have it seek to Saturn (it was just below the moon). Re-aligned and then started shooting the moon so to speak. 🙂

Lunar Eclipse coming out of TotalityBy the time totality occurred the clouds had came in quite heavily, and stayed that way for some time. Around 10:45 it started to clear up a bit and I got some more shots like the one above with Saturn in the lower left-hand part of the frame. The shot to the left is one just as totality was complete and the lower right edge is beginning to emerge from the Earth’s shadow. It was after 11pm by then so I started packing up and getting the stuff inside. I was tired and sore (all the bending and standing on my feet for the last 2-3 hours, I’m not as young as I used to be.