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Contributed by: zkarj
While looking for the perfect product to keep my photos safe, I discovered that sometimes simple is best. My requirements were simple: ensure that all my digital photos, stored on a locally attached USB drive, were duplicated to another drive attached to my AirPort Extreme. My photos are in RAW format (specifically DNG files) and will never change, so I only need to concern myself with new files.

I checked out numerous commercial and free products for backup, synchronizing and more, and nothing quite fit the bill. Whilst rsync could probably do the job, I couldn’t get my head around the terminology to be sure I wasn’t risking the original files. Then I discovered the solution. So mind-bogglingly simple, and no third-party software required. In Terminal, I run this command:

cp -npRv “/Volumes/LocalUSB/Photos/” “/Volumes/RemoteUSB/Photos/”
Yes, it is the standard Unix copy (cp) command with a few options: •n – Do not overwrite an existing file
•p – Preserves attributes, including resource forks
•R – When the source file is a directory and the path ends in with a slash (/) then the entire contents of the directory are copied recursively
•v – Causes files to be listed when copied
The n and R ensure that all new files are copied from the directory tree. Files already there are not re-copied. In short, a quick and efficient means of getting just the new photos copied over.

cp -Rpnv “/Volumes/Media-BU/iTunes Media” /Volumes/MediaBackup

cp -npRv /Volumes/Photographs/Photographs /Volumes/PhotoBackup

sunnyhazyClear but hazy sky, sun was out in am but still cooler and in the upper 50’s.

Bought the new upgrade to VMWare Fusion 6 for MacBook, so I could do stuff on Windows on my macbook, only $46 so not all that bad.

Went out on the trail today about noon, the pollen was and still is KILLING me, sinuses are aching, throat sore, coughing and my eyes are watering.

Stopped in at Hooters and then quickly to the Shroom, I did a little to much tonight. Dude @ the bar, someone in Education I think, tried to strike up a conversation to bitch about the new gun law signed by the governor relaxing some gun regulations. I guess he wasn’t expecting someone to be for it. I tried to explain why it wasn’t a bad thing but he figures that if people have guns they will always just kill for no reason. Got to chat and flirt with Kelli most of the evening, watching some hockey on the TV. Stopped over @ the Shroom for a Goose Island IPA and chatted with them for a bit, Madison, Margret or was it Rebbeca? Sahil was managing and the dude John? I forget his name was there. Talked abou the gun legislation and shouldn’t have, I think I pissed off Sahil, since I was kind of saying it would make more since to rob the place if no guns were allowed.

Today the Governor of GA signed a bill that will allow gun owners to carry weapons in bars, some schools, government buildings and churches. Opponents call it the gun everywhere bill but truly only allows it in bars and government buildings where there is no security setup and churches can decide if they want to allow people to carry, school boards can allow employees to carry if they want. It’s not a free for all.

Got home and crashed, falling right to sleep.

Apple’s new OS-X that will allow the things you do on your computer to be linked to the things you do on your iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. Messaging has been added to allow sending messages to other devices as well. I don’t know what kind of things any other computer/OS manufacturer has but it seems to me that all the things most Mac/Apple users used to think about Microsoft&Windows trying to take over the world, they have played right into Apple’s hands as they ARE taking over the world. I know I would be lost without all the connectivity I have between my devices and computers, to quote another marketing cliche’ “I’m Lovin’ it”.

Apple – OS X Mountain Lion – Move your Mac even further ahead..

Portal 2

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Software Downloads: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

SteelSeries – Downloads. I got the SteelSeries 3GC Controller

Download JoyToKey 3.7.4 Free – It is a keyboard emulator for joysticks – Softpedia.


Joystick Mapper Released on Mac App Store. – Mac OS X XBOX 360 controller driver.

On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can capture photos and videos using the built-in camera, or save images from a variety of applications (such as Safari, and Mail) to your device. The following document explains how to import this media content from your device to a computer.

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