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Yes, first day of school, many of the corners I passed had mom & dads waiting with their kids for the bus. I always loved the first day of school, seeing friends you hadn’t seen for the whole summer, getting to wear new clothes for the first time and all the new school supplies. I think some kids don’t actually start until Wednesday though.

Jumping Spider

Tommorow the order Brian sent for our stuff from AdaFruit should be coming in. I’ll have to then play with some of the Arduino stuff. I’ll need to get a few more proto-boards so I can have multiple projects going before possibly making them permeant on a proto-board.

stopped in at the Shroom for my free Appetizer and a beer, Lauryn was decked out in her ‘Shroom shirt she ‘modified’ by cutting the neck larger and then opening the back with cuts and some creative braiding. She had a cute colored bra who’s straps showed from behind as well as when the larger neck opening would fall off her shoulder, wow. Had a Fat Tire but it didn’t count since it rang up with the same button as the pint.

Getting home and backing into the garage I noticed that the yard guys had been by,, they cut the grass and had even skalped it in several places, <sarcasm>thanks dudes</sarcasm>

I assembled the 555 timer circuit I wanted to test the oscilloscope with and messed with tHE Arduino a bit. Then watched last weeks episode of True Blood, it’s getting a bit crazier than I like SO I may let it go. I want the new episodes of Game oF Thrones to start up again.

Mom and Dad are going to be here tomorrow I think Brian said.

For the last week my mid-lower back on the right side has been sore, in my kidney area which kind-of worries me. It only hurts when I get up from sitting at the computer at work and when bending forward.

Also, I’ve had some bites or something all over my waistband/legs for about the last 2-3 weeks. They itch like crazy and almost feel like poison ivy or something like that. I scratch and they scab up but almost always come back. My waistline and the joint at my knees seem to be center locations. It may be some-sort-of-bites I think. What do bed-bug bites look like?

Long Creek Falls

After work Fernando and I went over to the Happy Hour over at the Sage Tavern on Haynes Bridge. I think we have been there before and aside for a few women who came in pairs, one pair at bar and the other at a small table the place was mostly guys. I know I’m a fud so there was no way I was staying until 10pm for the “start” of Ladies Night so we just had a few Tapas and a couple of 420s leaving about 6:30. The bartender, Maria, was really cute, average thicker build about 5’5″ I’d say with longer dark brown hair, very nice. The ages around the place were in the late 30’s to late 50’s I’d say. I had several good Tapas although the cost a bit more $$$ than if I had just bought a dinner, lump crab stuffed mushroom caps and pancetta wrapped twin jumbo shrimp @ about $13.

Came straight on home but almost detoured to either Hooters or Taco Mac but decided to not spend the $$$$.

Nicki paid for her school today, so she is enrolled again, hopefully she will have her AA soon and in about another 2 years her Bachelors.

Oh, and updated the iPhone and iPad2 today with the latest software, not iOS5 yet though.