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Out for a sandwich to go from Firehouse subs, stopped in at the Fresh Market next door and bought some pairs, some Gorgonsola Cheese, crackers and some chips. After lunch I took a short time taking photos that turned into more time than I had intended. I do that more than I should. I did get some good shots with the 36mm extension and the 150mm Macro lens in order to get some > 1:1 macro shots. Also got my time-off plans solidified, from Thursday before Thanksgiving till Tuesday after Thanksgiving and then from the 16th of December (Friday) till the end of the year.


Visited a friend @ her work to see her outfit for “Daria”. She looked adorable. Brian visited as well and we had dinner while the place went crazy with to-go orders, Lauryn said they had over $800 in less than two hours.

After I stopped in and saw the Hooters crew, wasn’t really feeling well by then, had a headache, more like an eye ache I think. Kayla was dressed as a busty devil, Larry showed up and sat with Katrina & then LaurenD arrived, all in plain clothes but Katrina showed me photos of her german barmaid outfit this year, she sure does make an excellent german oktoberfest gal.

Stopped back by the Shroom since I didn’t want to get back to the house until after the Halloween mayhem was over, I really do like Halloween but I just can’t seem to get myself into the mood anymore, I need someone to egg me on a but like when Becky and I went to the last Halloween party I’ve been to about 2 years ago. And also the time the Rogers and I all went to Hooters and then over to Wild Bills for Halloween back in 2007 or sometime back then.