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I was up a bit late since I didn’t get to bed until well after 2am. Was up and around about 11am in order to head over to the Shroom for some lunch, Brian tagging along. Lauryn was in a nice mood and looked great too. Another cool fella hung out as well, having a Guiness and then a PBR, odd!

From there we went over to Fry’s and looked at a bunch of stuff, ended up even getting a small Heliocopter, 3 channel RF RC and saw Jeannie and Jeff there when we were checking out. They were going to Taco Mac and wondered if I was going. Decided to play with the Helio instead but did go later (meeting them as they were leaving).

After messing with the ‘copter and NOT doing all that well I headed over to the Mac and had a couple of beers about 9pm. Chatted to several folks and Cara was in a fabulous mood. Dan&Cathy as well as Jeannie&Jeff were both there but left within about 20 minutes of my arrival. Saw the cute blond gal who always drinks martinis with her dad, has a fantastic tan and was with her son. Veronica is her name and her son’s name was Cameron or something like that. LEft after only two beers, the Founders Anvil Porter (suggested by Dan and Jeff) and then the Southern Tier Cuvee 3 suggested by Cara. Along with an order of wings it was a nice evening. Got home before it began to rain. I continued to check outside the whole time I was at the Mac and thankfully it didn’t rain until about 15 minutes after I got home and into the garage.

On Friday I got my photo from the lovely Katie West from Canada. I stopped in at Micheals after the Taco Mac and picked up a frame, not quite sure it would fit, but it looks great. Got it all framed up but had to use some tape on the corners to hold the photo down. I used masking tape, hope it doesn’t hurt it.