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Suwanee Beerfest

Got up and started getting ready for the beerfest today. Brian and I first headed over to the Shroom for some lunch before drinking up some beer. Lauryn, Michelle and we talked about various things and they even had a new beer, Vitory HopDevil but I wasn’t drinking today. Loaded up on water instead. After we started the drive over to Chris’s so she could drop us off at the Festival, really nice of her.

The beerfest in a word was HOT, hot as hell actually. It was rather small with a really decent selection of beers but the “VIP” was nothing special at all. No water, no special beers, you got in an hour early put there was no really special swag or anything that I could see. Saw quite a few friends from Taco Mac, Adam & Trish, Casey & Mike, other Mike, other dude I can’t remember his name (balding), Charlie & Alicia, Dan & Cathy as well as a special appearance by Tracy (used to work at T-Mac Mall) who was just newly engaged and looked WAY thin.

In the middle we exited and had a drink at the Shroom there at the Towne Center and then returned for a few more beers before meeting up with ChrisK at the Olde Towne Taverne for Brian’s birthday dinner. We then went back to Chris’s place and watched the Green Hornet and then came on home to Nicki and her boyfriend making ice cream. Also had a bit of a “religious” argument, she is a bit too churchy for my comfort but it it makes her happy.