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For the last week my mid-lower back on the right side has been sore, in my kidney area which kind-of worries me. It only hurts when I get up from sitting at the computer at work and when bending forward.

Also, I’ve had some bites or something all over my waistband/legs for about the last 2-3 weeks. They itch like crazy and almost feel like poison ivy or something like that. I scratch and they scab up but almost always come back. My waistline and the joint at my knees seem to be center locations. It may be some-sort-of-bites I think. What do bed-bug bites look like?

Long Creek Falls

After work Fernando and I went over to the Happy Hour over at the Sage Tavern on Haynes Bridge. I think we have been there before and aside for a few women who came in pairs, one pair at bar and the other at a small table the place was mostly guys. I know I’m a fud so there was no way I was staying until 10pm for the “start” of Ladies Night so we just had a few Tapas and a couple of 420s leaving about 6:30. The bartender, Maria, was really cute, average thicker build about 5’5″ I’d say with longer dark brown hair, very nice. The ages around the place were in the late 30’s to late 50’s I’d say. I had several good Tapas although the cost a bit more $$$ than if I had just bought a dinner, lump crab stuffed mushroom caps and pancetta wrapped twin jumbo shrimp @ about $13.

Came straight on home but almost detoured to either Hooters or Taco Mac but decided to not spend the $$$$.

Nicki paid for her school today, so she is enrolled again, hopefully she will have her AA soon and in about another 2 years her Bachelors.

Oh, and updated the iPhone and iPad2 today with the latest software, not iOS5 yet though.

Back in May, GPS Tracklog said:

“The Bad Elf GPS Receiver plugs into your iPod touch, early generation iPhone, WiFi iPad or iPad2, allowing you to start using your beloved iOS device for navigation and all sorts of geo-goodness. I’m not yet an iOS user (though an iPad 2 is on my wish list), but the Bad Elf is so popular that I thought it deserved a post. As I compose this, it’s ranked number 23 on Amazon’s GPS bestseller list and has been in the top 100 for 147 days.”

More resources:

via Bad Elf GPS for iPad, iPod and iPhone | GPS Tracklog.

The drive home was nice and sunny, had decided to go ahead to Freeman Mill to check out the falls after the rain we had but then decided against it and instead went shopping for dinner.

Made up a new recipe I saw on FoodWishes.com, a spicy Italian sausage pasta dish. It was really good and I know I’ll be doing that again. Well, I guess I should wait until I’ve had it for lunch the next several days and dinner tomorrow before I state that, maybe I’ll get sick of it by then.

Watched a bit of TV, namely A Clockwork Orange, very odd and slightly disturbing movie. Thought it was done in the 60’s but it was 1971, close.

Had the Samuel Smith’s Winter Warmer Ale (2009) OK, but not all that wonderful IMHO.

StoneWall FallsDrove up to Tallulah Falls and then to Clayton, took pictures of three waterfalls, Stonewall in Tallulah Falls, and then Becky Creek Falls and Martin Creek Falls by the Warwoman Dell just east of Clayton.

The Stonewall Falls was a very short hike on a road to a campsite at the base of the falls. There was a lot of trash around the site and I picked up some beer cans and a MacDonalds bag, sad part is that just at the parking area there was a trash can and people couldn’t even throw it there. They had some nice mountain bike trails and may have to bring my bike sometime.

Becky Creek Falls
Next, I stopped at the Warwoman Dell and plodded up to the Becky Creek Falls, this was on the Bartram Trail that winds accross Warwoman Rd and then a rather steep but short distance to the bridge/viewing deck. The trail continues around back to Warwoman Rd. You could cut some of the walk out if you just pulled off the side of the road (on the left if you are traveling out of Clayton) just before reaching the Dell entrance on the right.
Martin Creek Falls
The last falls I had time for was the Martin Creek Falls, just down the road from Warwoman Dell, off a Forestry Service road I parked at a campsite and then headed out trying to look for the trail. I crossed the creek as the directions said and then lost sight of any trail. I continued for some time just following the creek but ended up in a very steep area and decided to try another route before I got into something I would regret. I went back to the car, attached the GPS to my pocket pc and started following the signal, I was only about 1800 feet from the falls. I ended up at the road farther down that where I parked and found another campsite who’s entrance was blocked by a mound of dirt. After going down to the site by the creek I found the elusive forestry service trail and after a very short walk found the waterfall. By this time it was around 4:30pm and I headed back deciding to try to find the way back using the trail. I ended up walking this trail, for about 1 mile before pulling out the GPS and finding I was at least .75 milles farther down the valley than I wanted to be. I back-tracked and realized that there was a split in the trail where a large branch was placed that led to the area I wanted to be in and soon found the place I had originally crossed the creek on my first outing. HOME AT LAST!