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Slept so well in fact that I didn’t get up when my alarm rang at all.

I saw a Tesla on the way to get a sandwich this afternoon, it was red. I thought it was a Ferrari at first.

U went out to the T-Mac at the Mall to have a Left Hand Fade to Black Smoked Baltic Porter Cask and I even got to hammer in the tap head on the cask. I didn’t get a photo like a fool but I didn’t waste much beer. The greater part of the crowd was the regulars from Suwanee, Charlie, his wife Alicia and Beth. Cara was at the bar, sweet Cara, the only gal at the place wearing shorts, told us it was because she didn’t have any long work pants anymore, they had split one night not that long ago. JeeJee was working the floor and I got to say hello before leaving. Jason (the GM) also said hi/bye before I left.

I went home and rested before meeting up with Fernando at 37Main, a gal, Jaime at the bar was a bunch of fun, and a hotie to boot. The place was rocking and we left about 1am, the party didn’t start until almost 11 even though we were there before 9. The Guns and Roses tribute band, Appetite for Destruction was GREAT and the rocked the house. Quite a few hot ladies dancing around to the music. Also, some that were not so cute a wide variety of people.

Got to work this morning, going through my e-mail on the iPhone an noticed my Federal tax return has hit the bank. Now to pay off some credit cards and my car. I also think I’ll be investing into a new computer with Windows 7. Need to step up to a 64 bit operating system at home.

Got the Girl Scout cookies I ordered last month, immediately ate a half a box of Lemon Cremes.

Ordered my tickets to the Brew Your Cask Off Festival next weekend. I’ve missed the other beerfest activities so far this year and since I hadn’t gotten to the one last year (the first?) I decided I would make it to this one. I said tickets but I mean ticket (1), I have bought an extra in the past but who am I kidding here? I’ll buy that second ticket when I know I have someone who wants to accompany me from now on.

Came home and then cooked some dinner, pasta and clam sauce, with garlic.

Off to trivia and won 3rd, the regular gang, Kayla, LaurenDe, Kimberly, and Andge were about. Also the very quiet JessicaK and the very HOT brunette (tall- Chelsea – who’s mom tried to get a job @ Hooters as well) with the half shirt. They’ve had 420 since yesterday, wonderful.

Set up the camera just before I took off for trivia, had over 1000 photos waiting on the card when I brought the camera in. Mostly cloudy all evening so not many stars in the timelapse but it still may make a cool video we’ll just have to see. Downloading as I type and now to bed.

I got the computer at work installed with the OS and have started putting things back together for development. Got a ping about the issue I’ve been working on since the end of last year. Need to get some traction on it.

Got a call from Brian and we both met up at the Mall of GA Taco Mac, talked to a nice couple and had a few beers and some food. I had a Fuller’s Porter and then a “Mystery Beer”, a $2 beer that could be anything, about 4 of us at the bar ordered them and Brian got a Porter, and I originally got the Dogfish Head Pumpkin but traded with the gal down the bar who had a Hooker IPA, a beer I haven’t had before (maybe at the Decatur Beerfest though).
That’s Cara on the left of the bottle. Seems she is more in focus than the bottle, didn’t mean for it to be that way 🙂

After getting home I messed with my Beer iPhone website and then Brian and I watched a movie with the dude that played Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. It was called Carriers about a group of young people in a disease epidemic traveling to the brother’s vacation spot.

started working at ncr

Started working at NCR Columbia SC. I began as a Test Engineer, my first project was testing a NEC printer. The second was a Syquest hard drive (like a JAZZ but worst).
I was employed by the Systems Engineering Division that integrated and resold systems manufactured by Convergent Technologies. The systems were a multitasking OS called CTOS running on an Intel based multi-processor platform.
Later they built a building next door that we moved into.

date unclear

*chelsea street pub

Started working at Chelsea Street Pub. Started out as a short order cook and later became a full fledged bartender. Working to 2 or 3 am 3 or 4 nights a week took there toll and I had to drop all my classes that semester.

from 10/82 to 3/83
nicole was this semester

*work study at UF

Worked for the UF Physiology Department working with rats ( and a friend Juan ). The PhDs were working on hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as some experiments on alcohol consumption for the US Army.
We did some pretty gross things to the rats, like operations to place tubes into their hearts in order to directly measure their blood pressure in addition to taking blood samples till they died of blood loss.

from 8/80 to 8/82