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mostly sunnyRainHit the snooze multiple times up around 6am. Rainy and cold drying up later and the sun coming out by about 2pm.

At work I got somewhat through the new stuff for the SP7 for 6.6, about 23 or so bugs fixed out of about 58 in patching

Went over to the ‘Shroom and had a few beers and dinner, Sahil, Rachel and Sam again. Charlie was there earlier and left soon afterward thankfully. Chatted with a cool guy about politics, mostly the economy actually. Our budget for last year was 3.8 trillion dollars, up from 1.8 since 2001. The country also has over 16 trillion in debt and we only have a Gross Domestic Product of 15.7

16T debt, 5.2 foreign, 1.164 China rest to Americans or US Gov. to itself. And at a 102% Debt to GDP ratio, we are in trouble folks.

Nicki asked the same thing again, wants to stay on the insurance when she gets married to the dumb-shit Jorael. I don’t even say I approve at this time. Neither of them are capable of supporting each other, not to mention that Nicki has some medical issues that she can’t take care of without some serious financial concessions that she is not willing to make. I refuse to allow her to have her cake and eat it too. I really just want her to realize that life is not something you start having others pay for you. She started the discussion again with a “let’s not argue” but when I said NO again she just wouldn’t quit, I tried to tell her again that is wasn’t going to change thing no matter how much she tried to “guilt” me into it by saying How she would be scarred if she didn’t have the medicine like I am making her get married. Then she played the “it’s no money out of your pocket”, that’s not the point, the point is YOURE MARRIED to HIM. Then I’m selfish and then that I just want to control her, well maybe I just don’t want her to jump into something they are not fully equipped handle. OK I said, go with that one. Make yourself feel better.

Here’s hoping she isn’t pregnant.

Got the NRA Membership stuff today.

Now getting the 2 CSRs I got from Paul C Buff sent back, got them reboxed, a box to ship them in and now I just need to send them back, insured I guess.

hazyRainRainy and wet this morning, up at the first snooze. Foggy most of the am as well.

The pope resigned today, well at least he said he will at the end of the month.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise announcement on Monday that he will resign on Feb. 28 sets the stage for a succession battle that is likely to determine the future course of a church troubled by scandal and declining faith in its traditional strongholds around the world.

Nicki asked if I would keep her insurance when she got married, I told her no I felt that if she was getting married she should be supporting herself completely. I refuse to enable her and Jorael so they can rush into a marraige. I reacted badly and brought up how I didn’t feel that Jorael was much of a man if he would marry her before they could support themselves. I think I did say too much but I was angry and she wasn’t listening anymore and just wanted her way.

She mentioned I make her feel inadequate, I know I am disappointed most of the time, her priorities are nowhere near mine, she is just looking for the easy way. Feeling sorry for herself and her medical issues, asking for handouts and believes she should not be responsible for herself.

Sunny and wispy clouds this morning, lots of thunder and dark skies about 3pm, I went out and put up the top on the car, it didn’t actually rain at all though.

Nicki pressing me for an answer about Jorael staying at the house for some period of time, not sure when and I’m not sure where they are going to put all their “stuff”, I just texted “No”, well a bit more than that but I do not feel right having him stay at the house, I’m to set in my ways and already feel put out when they are in the house. They take over the TV and the living room. I know that the issues that will arise from the kitchen again if she moves back in may be too much for me to bear. Both of them will be impossible. I refuse to be the parent who allows their child to live off them and have the boyfriend/girlfriend staying too. Plus I wouldn’t have done that to my parents I expect her to do the same for me.

Later in the morning I went out for a walk which consisted of taking some photos of several shrooms, a spider and a blue heron. It also contained a bunch of back and forth texts where Nicki tried to make me feel “bad” for not allowing Jorael to stay @ the house, it’s really nothing against him but I just don’t feel it’s right and I refuse to be “pushed” into yet again doing something for Nicki because she has made a bad/un-thought-through choice. She continued to try to make it a “you don’t like him” issue but I explained it wasn’t and I wasn’t going the change my mind. Not sure if she will be coming back to the house or not, she implied she will stay with him, in the car. I have a bad feeling that she will push some sort of thing where he stays @ the house all day and evening only to park himself in the car @ night like they did before. I’m not down with that and will have to fight that.

I haven’t seen the “apartment” and I think I should have went over there before this. Now the dream is over and I would love to be able to visit my daughter in her place sometime but it’s hard if she only has one for about 3-5 months before leaving it again. I really wish she would get a place with some actual roommates instead of living with someone. I really think they both need to be comfortable with living on their own and taking care of themselves alone before trying to do things together.

Drive home still no rain, kept the top up anyway. Home and re-heated the pork cutlets from the day before, still good but I eat a bit too much. Watched some TV, mostly Cooking Channel stuff, some silly Man vs Food and then the one where the guy eats all kinds of odd things. Moved all the photos from the iPad to the MacBook and onto the Desktop.

Then spent some more time watching some videos about RC Copters and finally messed with some simulator time, I think I need to get at least the Heli-X software for about 50 euros or the RealFlight 6 software and controller for about $199. Didn’t get to bed until almost midnight, I have to stop doing this.