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Got back into the swing at work but felt like shit all day. May be a bit graphic and gross but I was back to the restroom very often in order to relieve my diarrhea.

Watched the shuttle launch at 11:28 or so this morning, clean perfect launch. I’ll say it again, I think it’s a shame that the US is stopping Manned launches. We are just letting something else we are at the top on slip away through our fingers. Instead we will continue to have the Congress RAPE the taxpayers of America and try to allow every bum in the country (some not even citizens at all) to pull a paycheck for sitting on their collective asses. Again, thank you Obama and the rest of the bleeding heart liberals.

Talked to Dad since I forgot to call them last night.

Had a Firehouse sub for lunch.

This issue was mainly just a port but not excatly so I haven’t completed it yet.

Drove on home and instead of going out I decided to just hang out at the house. Went to sleep on and off during the early evening hoping to feel better, just barely did so I went on to bed.

Northern Sky

Got up this morning and didn’t do much, things are winding down this trip. I’ve been thinking about possibly getting a checked bag and getting all the stuff home now. Not sure but I may do it.

We went out to Bonefish Willies for lunch, really HOT gal working there with some very interesting tattoos, several skulls, one day of the dead type. Nice brown hair, not very happy though. I had the oyster poboy and it didn’t sit well with me. After getting home I laid down and didn’t get up until about 6pm when we were suppose to head over to the Silver T’s and watch a baseball game, I bailed and instead just hung out at the house, sleeping and feeling like throwing up. Finally about 9:30pm Mom and Dad got home and I felt better.

Found out they already had a verdict in the Casey Anthony case, they acquitted her. Someone said that even OJ Simpson thought the verdict was full of shit. I guess I see why they did it, but I feel that she did more wrong than just lie to police.