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Day started out cool, didn’t get much over 75 I don’t think. It was overcast and cloudy most of the day. I messed with my Beer Site since they have been talking up a new dev release of iUI a version 0.50 dev1, also a 0.40 dev3 but I think I’m going with .50. I may have found a few bugs in the Dialog section of the CSS code. Spacing just isn’t right on text boxes and lots of other things don’t look very good.


Went over to the John’s Creek Taco Mac, MK was there, the counterpart to Cara at Mall0fGA, and I had a couple of beers along with some dinner. The Stone Russian Imperial Stout was first and then second was the Red Banshee from Ft. Collins. Not much else very interesting there.

Came on home and brought in the trees, off the deck into the house since I think it’s going to be a cold evening and night. When I left again for the T-Mac it was in the lower 60’s and I even wore a sweater, a Gator one of course. Timmy and Cara were there at the Mac, Cara leaving almost the same time I arrived, boo hoo.

Had the Florida Brewing Holy Mackerel, Panic Attack and then the Red Brick Peachtree Pale Ale. JiJi said hi as well and I chatted with another cute couple, the guy quite a beer dude even with only about 100 beers on his list, the gal was CUTE all CAPS for sure, strawberry blonde with librarian glasses, wire rimmed and lots of freckles, damn. Also was showing some really great B-cup cleavage, kept stretching and arching her back to accentuate her breasts, ha.

Nicki told me that Tammy (her mom, my ex) had lost her job today. I didn’t even know she was employed again. She was working as a MArketing Manager @ some Sugarloaf place for rich people so Nicki tells me. They just let her go stating that she “wasn’t good enough or up to standards. I said that it sucked but I guess she thought I should be more upset, uh, not really.

BeckyT texted me last night about 1am, I was getting my way back home after a couple of beers at T-Mac Mall and she was having shepherds pie over at the Ballard place, I’m guessing for the last time for a bit since she is moving to a new place this weekend. Over to where her shop is about 2-4 blocks I’ve heard.