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  • I often fly in my dreams, really it’s more like floating.
  • I dream in color.
  • I grew a marijuana plant in college, it got about a foot tall before the roommates smoked it.
  • I wake from a dream almost every morning about an hour before my alarm goes off.
  • I graduated 11th out of about 125 in a small town high school in Florida, Okeechobee.
  • I can roll my tongue.
  • I’ve been nearsighted most of my life, realized @ 12 years old that you should actually see the leaves on trees after getting my first pair of glasses.
  • I procrastinate, a lot.
  • I’m passive aggressive
  • I have collected things since I was very young, rocks, bones, my own teeth although I can’t find them now.
  • I like starting new projects more than I like finishing old ones.
  • I’m a cat person not a dog person.
  • I love pistachios.
  • I love Altoids, they are like crack to me.

pretty dumb things – 13 ways of looking at an abortion

Thirty-nine years ago, the decision known as the Supreme Court handed down the decision known as Roe v. Wade, giving American women the legal right to abortion.

Saw this today and realized I should write about this. I’ve not had any abortions myself but I have been responsible for the fact that two women in my life have.

In College I was dating a gal- TH in my Sophomore year and she became pregnant, I was quite naive and that’s no excuse but she was only the second girl I had ever had sex with and I’m guessing she wasn’t on the pill. Found out later that we were just winging it and she was using the rhytumn method which is really not very reliable. I took her to the clinic and picked her up afterwards, I remember the price was about $200-300 dollars and it was done @ the local Planned Parenthood clinic, no one was picketing or anything at the time in 1980 or so.

The second time was about 4 years later, first year out of college I think or maybe second. AS was my first girlfriend out of school, had my own apartment and interestingly enough we didn’t really live together at all. I don’t really remember sleeping over a lot either. She had had several abortions herself since she didn’t want me to see the form she filled out with how many she had in the past. Interestingly, I found out later that she adopted when she got married, not sure if that had anything to do with the abortions or if she just DIDN’T want to deliver a baby through her vagina. Either way wouldn’t matter to me.

If I had married either of these women my life would be a LOT different than it is now, not sure if it’s better or worse.

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*1961 i am born

Aaron Wade Walton as an infant
I’m born in Cook County, Chicago, IL. It was Wednesday Morning at 7:36am. Cook county Hospital, I was birthed by Cesarean Section was seemed to be the main method of the times. I also was fed formula instead of breast-feeding.