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Got up about 8:30 and it was sunny and getting blazing HOT.

I had a couple of eggs for breakfast and then I started doing laundry and messed in the yard some. I pulled a few weeds in the front, pulled some dead stalks off of the lilies and trimmed back some of the vines along the deck, that is an un-ending task. I also roamed around the house looking for some things to take photos of, a few wasps building a nest in the front porch, going to have to kill them soon, and then followed a dragonfly around but he just wouldn’t stay still.


Tried to mess with the Falcon 40 and decided what if any tunning needed to be done on the linkage between the servos and the swash plate, it looks mostly level but the times I’ve tried to “hover” the ‘copter it would slide to the left, it may have been the wind but I still haven’t determined that fully. I wish I had an indoor area like a gym to fly and practice in.

I messed with printing some photos today, cleaned the nozzles and have done head checks but the print quality is still pretty bad, I’ve just left the printer stay dormant too long with the ink it has.

The paper had an article about a young couple from Gwinnett where she has a similar “flesh-eating” bacteria as another Gwinnett gal did sometime last year. She seemed to get it from somewhere in her yard and the other gal got it when she fell from a ZIP-line that broke and she fell, cutting her leg and ending up in a river somewhere near West Georgia College. Both have now lost all there feet and hands, very sad, both were at most in their 20’s. Reading about the gal’s husband and the fact that he is going to have to explain to her that she has lost her hands&legs is going to be really HARD and I was crying at the end of it like a baby.

Nicki called up and I gave her the Direct TV login so she could watch the Olympics through the Internet.

Met up with ChrisW (was Kohrs now Finch) and in celebration of Brian’s Birthday we went out for some Prime Rib as always. Had planned on and did meet at the Old Town Tavern in Suwanee but after getting our drinks and then ordering the Prime Rib we were told they wouldn’t have any until after 5:30, the menu says after 4pm so we were quite upset. Also, about 2 years ago or maybe only a year ago, @ Brian’s b-day last year we had a similar thing happen when we were there a bit early at the OTT over in Lawrenceville. After that we had boycotted that establishment. A manager showed up and then told us they had only medium and above, so they had shoe leather and tougher. We decided to leave and go ahead and forget Olde Towne forever and just head on over to the Outback and have the Prime Rib there, it was more equidistant from our respective homes and we may have paid a bit more but the food was way better IMHO. Also the waitress Laura was a doll. On the way home we stopped in at the Beverage Superstore and picked up some Creme Brulee Stout.

Went out to the Taco Mac for a couple of beers after dinner. Had the Dad’s Little Helper again for the 2nd list and then the LAzy Magnolia Southern Gentleman, nice Brown Ale. Cute Ashley was in a good mood today and Brad at the bar was not. Meg from the bar yesterday was there but very quiet as you would expect. Watched a few American women win some Olympic Gold in swimming.

This morning Nicki’s car wouldn’t start again, the battery or charging system is not working correctly it seems.

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast during the weekend and things got blown around. Not much rain here (none) or in Florida last week but the news was full of 10+ inches all up in North Carolina, Jersey and New York. And as always there are a lot of people without power right now up there.

1952 or so, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles

My parent’s families were friends, my dad with my mom’s older brothers (Chuck and Dean) and mom’s older sister – Glenna with my dad’s older sisters (Nadene and Glendene) ( finally everyone moved away. My mom is the second from the left, with her eyes closed and my dad is the 5th from the left. My mother’s dad (Grandpa Schadd) is taking the picture, I assume he’s doing it with the Argus that he gave me when I was about 15. Mom helped me date the photo, she figured she was about 10 here which made my dad about 14 or 15.

Walked around the creek today, saw a turtle about 6 inches long, about the size of the shell I found with a turtle missing from it awhile ago. I noticed something moving through some long grass and snuck up on it. It kept itself hidden and stopped moving as soon as I was watching it. Looked away photographing a spider and it began to move again. Walked around back to the Big Creek not finding anything good to shoot, went back to the spot where the turtle was and couldn’t find him.

Got home this afternoon and the dudes had mowed the lawn, it really needed it and I’m not sure but I think they only do it every two weeks. I need to check and see since I think I blogged about it then.

Nicki looked up a way to test the alternator on a car with a multimeter so we went out and tested her car. Seems the Alternator is just fine, which leaves the battery, it shows charged but will not start the car, I think it may be shot, put it on the charger until tomorrow morning and she will have to see what happens.

Cloudless Giant Sulfur

Lazy day, went out with the parents quick trip to the library, very cute gal at the computer there, nice florida tan. Then we quickly went to the arcade and then home for lunch.

Puttered around the yard with Mom and then we both watched Dad fix the watering (sprinkler) water pump.

Mom and I went out to Lake Washington about 3pm but it began to cloud up and had been thundering even before we had left. Went out to the dock and by the time we came back it darkened up a lot and had just started to rain and blow. Got under the picnic area and stayed for awhile during the issuing rain storm, lots of lighting and thunder along with the rain. Wind began to slow and so did the rain. Tried to get some photos of lightning, wishing I had brought my StopShot in order to do so. I setup the S9100 and videoed the storm for the 30 minutes we waited and then left before it had stopped complete.

Home and Mom cooked up some really good spagetti while Dad and I watched the finishing up of the Casey Anthony rebuttal. She gal must be guilty but I don’t know if they will be able to convict her. Her car smelled of something dead, Kaylee was buried just like all the animals in her family were and she lied and had no idea where her daughter was from day one. No matter what she is GUITLY of something.