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Work is a bit slow at the moment, very welcome since I can use the time to learn a bit and search for new things in the coding world. Even though it was raining a bit while I drove into work this morning I did get out to the greenway after lunch. Much heartburn during the walk, took a zantax and ???? it helped. Not much notable on the trail, almost stepped on a large yellowish toad pictured here. Then a few katydids, a ????? spider, some feathers and lastly a doe right were the bridge meets the trail near the entrance by my office. I had heard something that I thought was an owl but I didn’t investigate nor did I try and record it, stupid of me.

Southern Toad

Southern Toad

After getting home it was mostly overcast like the entire day was, I played on the computer for awhile, messing with the photos I took on the greenway. The one up top is one of the first taken today. I then looked up some more spiders and tagged all the ones I wasn’t sure of with my “WHAT” keyword, then I went through my frogs and got most of them named as well. I’m really getting interested in all the nature stuff along with the naming of the creatures I take photos of. I guess I even do it with the people as well 🙂

Got the Indiana Krunkles IPA a wheat IPA actually. I was thinking it was a Black IPA for some reason. Noticed the Passport has a hold on my account for the $110 check I sent them, I didn’t know they could do that, I guess it’s an electronic banking thing.

This morning Nicki’s car wouldn’t start again, the battery or charging system is not working correctly it seems.

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast during the weekend and things got blown around. Not much rain here (none) or in Florida last week but the news was full of 10+ inches all up in North Carolina, Jersey and New York. And as always there are a lot of people without power right now up there.

1952 or so, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles

My parent’s families were friends, my dad with my mom’s older brothers (Chuck and Dean) and mom’s older sister – Glenna with my dad’s older sisters (Nadene and Glendene) ( finally everyone moved away. My mom is the second from the left, with her eyes closed and my dad is the 5th from the left. My mother’s dad (Grandpa Schadd) is taking the picture, I assume he’s doing it with the Argus that he gave me when I was about 15. Mom helped me date the photo, she figured she was about 10 here which made my dad about 14 or 15.

Walked around the creek today, saw a turtle about 6 inches long, about the size of the shell I found with a turtle missing from it awhile ago. I noticed something moving through some long grass and snuck up on it. It kept itself hidden and stopped moving as soon as I was watching it. Looked away photographing a spider and it began to move again. Walked around back to the Big Creek not finding anything good to shoot, went back to the spot where the turtle was and couldn’t find him.

Got home this afternoon and the dudes had mowed the lawn, it really needed it and I’m not sure but I think they only do it every two weeks. I need to check and see since I think I blogged about it then.

Nicki looked up a way to test the alternator on a car with a multimeter so we went out and tested her car. Seems the Alternator is just fine, which leaves the battery, it shows charged but will not start the car, I think it may be shot, put it on the charger until tomorrow morning and she will have to see what happens.

Found Food: Cauliflower Mushroom
Cauliflower Mushroom

This is interesting since about a month ago I found this mushroom and took a photo of it not knowing what it was, now I do. It disappeared rather quickly and maybe someone picked it up or possibly an animal such as a deer ate it. I couldn’t see myself eating something like this I’ve just picked off the ground. I have eaten some wild blackberries that grow around the greenway though, but it sometimes worries me and I don’t eat too many at a time.

via GROW YOUR OWN (food): Found Food: Cauliflower Mushroom.