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Got to work this morning, going through my e-mail on the iPhone an noticed my Federal tax return has hit the bank. Now to pay off some credit cards and my car. I also think I’ll be investing into a new computer with Windows 7. Need to step up to a 64 bit operating system at home.

Got the Girl Scout cookies I ordered last month, immediately ate a half a box of Lemon Cremes.

Ordered my tickets to the Brew Your Cask Off Festival next weekend. I’ve missed the other beerfest activities so far this year and since I hadn’t gotten to the one last year (the first?) I decided I would make it to this one. I said tickets but I mean ticket (1), I have bought an extra in the past but who am I kidding here? I’ll buy that second ticket when I know I have someone who wants to accompany me from now on.

Came home and then cooked some dinner, pasta and clam sauce, with garlic.

Off to trivia and won 3rd, the regular gang, Kayla, LaurenDe, Kimberly, and Andge were about. Also the very quiet JessicaK and the very HOT brunette (tall- Chelsea – who’s mom tried to get a job @ Hooters as well) with the half shirt. They’ve had 420 since yesterday, wonderful.

Set up the camera just before I took off for trivia, had over 1000 photos waiting on the card when I brought the camera in. Mostly cloudy all evening so not many stars in the timelapse but it still may make a cool video we’ll just have to see. Downloading as I type and now to bed.