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partly cloudycloudyOvercast and cool this morning I finally got out and headed up to see her Nevada and Chico.

Brian got up about 6 o’clock I continued to lay there for at least an hour I want to say before I finally got up and took a shower. Brian and I then went over to the breakfast area in the hotel and picked up our breakfast there I met to the guys he works with Scott and older dude from Minnesota and John (Brian’s mgr.) was also a younger guy from Atlanta as well.

The drive up to Chico was pretty uneventful it was overcast the entire drive. On 99 N. from Sacramento to Chico the road was lined with all types of fruit trees and nut trees (Almonds and Pistachios) as well as packing plants.

It’s rather well not rather but totally flat here I guess were in the valley and old the only mountainous area seem to be toward the west about halfway up to Chico.

Sierra Nevada

sierra nevada

The tour Sierra Nevada was wonderful the girl (Daisy) led us around the brewery, she had very very long dark hair & very thin very long legs. The tour was quite a bit longer than I thought it was going to be but very interesting and informative. Our group was really cool there were a couple of minors who were very nice in a lot of ways. I’m not sure if they were there with some siblings or with family. As I said we learned a lot about the beer especially at the end when we had all the samples we got to have the Audition Old Ale, the Hefewiese and the Torpedo, the snow White IPA and lastly the Black IPA.

After the tour I picked up a few souvenirs a book about beer tasting and a T-shirt for the Hoptimium beer. I then proceeded on to the Sierra Nevada restaurant and had myself a Black IPA which I should’ve passed on and the wonderful Torpedo cheese hamburger. Met a trio of beautiful women at the bar, in particular, Lisa Dion (her roommate was Tina, larger gal, brunette). The third gal was a young very pretty thing who is getting married soon, lucky guy, she loves beer and was as cute as a button. Lisa and I talked and chatted quite a bit. She actually had lived in Georgia for quite sometime. She has only just changed careers now working on some technical/web-based company whereas she used to work with horses.Mostly warming up horses, cleaning, grooming and training. She even worked @ times @ rodeos, including the one in Okeechobee. Lisa had been raised in Chico and only last year moved back. Oh and she worked with the horses @ the Medieval Times in Kissimmee, FL.

I stayed a little bit too long chatting and drinking my beer because by the time I recalled time we started to leave Brian called me and it was almost already 3:15 and there was no way I was going to get back to Sacramento before 4 o’clock.

Got back just a bit before 5pm and we all (Brian’s crew from work and I) went to Bella Brue and had some beers and dinner, I had the salmon with mashed potatoes, then a Ninkasi IPA and a brother ph. the waitress was a greek gal, with an interesting name, something that started with a “Grim…” no idea what it was now. Met Brian’s crew from work, really nice group actually, his boss John, the other Brian, Scott from Minnesota and the sales guy who’s name I forget now.

Back to the hotel for a beer and bed.

A little fungi

Up rather early for a vacation and while Mom and Dad went out to thier Archades I went out back and took some photos of Mom’s flowers and some butterflies flying about. Started to get rather warm by about 11am and by about 2pm it was raining, a good sold rain that they really needed.

Went to the World of Beer place over in Viera and got a sixpack of 12’s and a 750. The six consisted of two Cigar City beers, Maduro Brown Ale and an Oak Aged Jai Alai IPA, An Avery Samali, two BrewDog beers and a Dogfish Head World Wide Stout. Drank the White Oak IPA this evening.

We then watched a bunch of the Casey Anthony trial that Dad had Tivoed. It’s a circus and real life trials are riddled with studdering witnesses, as well as a bunch of objections and silly little word games. I think being a lawyer is all about just confusing jurers and not presenting any facts. I’m believing that Casey did kill her daughter, more likely by accident or neglect and is just trying to cover it up.

Went out to Dinner with Shawn and Gail over to the Long Doggers, very cute gals on the staff there, the tuna sandwich I had was good and other than the cold sweet potato fries everything was really good. Mom had a burger, Dad the ribs, Gail a burger and Shawn fish and chips, they had waffle fries which made me think of Chickfila.

Home and more Casey Anthony on the TV and some conversations with the parental units.

The drive home was nice and sunny, had decided to go ahead to Freeman Mill to check out the falls after the rain we had but then decided against it and instead went shopping for dinner.

Made up a new recipe I saw on FoodWishes.com, a spicy Italian sausage pasta dish. It was really good and I know I’ll be doing that again. Well, I guess I should wait until I’ve had it for lunch the next several days and dinner tomorrow before I state that, maybe I’ll get sick of it by then.

Watched a bit of TV, namely A Clockwork Orange, very odd and slightly disturbing movie. Thought it was done in the 60’s but it was 1971, close.

Had the Samuel Smith’s Winter Warmer Ale (2009) OK, but not all that wonderful IMHO.