3 comments on “inducted as a brother in apo

  1. You’ve been posting a lot. I’m wondering, if you’re okay. I am not saying this to be an ass, but out of worry. I’ve never known anyone to do what you do. It doesn’t bother me, but I wonder if you are alright.

    • posting a lot

      Well, I’m trying to put my life on live journal as much as I can remember and have documentation for. Just feeling mortal and thinking of all the things I’ve done in my mostly boring life.

      Thanks for the concern, I’ve changed the dates to be back in history after initially posting them, is it messing up your friends page?

      • Re: posting a lot

        No not at all. I was only worried you were going to kill yourself or something. Normally people who do that sort of thing are depressed. I’m glad to know you are simply remembering your past. I do that as well, and have been posting about my various jobs :p

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