On it’s way to my house.
Siglent SDS1102CML Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100MHz, 7'' TFT-LCD Display

Product Features

  • 100MHz, two-channel digital oscilloscope for electronics applications such as product design, assembly lines, repair and servicing, and electrical engineering education
  • Maximum real-time sample rate of 1GS/s and record length of 1Mpts per channel for acquiring detailed waveforms
  • Advanced triggers for isolation of specific signals
  • Vertical sensitivity to 2mV per division for capturing low-level signals
  • 7″ color TFT-LCD with an internal 8 x 18 division grid for viewing waveforms

Source: Siglent SDS1102CML Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100MHz, 7” TFT-LCD Display: Science Lab Oscilloscopes: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

beer list: week ending 07/26


mmmm... Beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Stone HiFi-Lo-Fi Mixtape -TM
Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout -TM
Stone Chai Russian Stout -H
Burnt Hickory Old Wooden Head -H
Blue Moon Belgian White -TM
Red Brick Casual Session IPA -TM
Anchor Christmas 2014 -TM
Uinta Hop Nosh IPA -H
Eventide Dry Irish Stout -Brew
Eventide Snowpocalipse Belgian Dark -Brew
Eventide Pale Ale -Brew
Terrapin Black is the New Wit -H
NOLA Irish Channel Stout -H

beer list: week ending 07/19


mmmm... Beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Duck Rabbit Porter -TM
Reformation Stark Porter -TM
Evil Twin Joey Pepper -TM
Orpheus Boubalos IPA -TM
Great Divide Hercules IPA -TM
Sweetwater Hop Hash IPA -Parma
London Porter -TM
Blue Moon White IPA -TM
Jekyll JR Series Pale Ale -TM
Red Brick Casual Session IPA -TM
HeBrew Messiah Nut Brown Ale -H

Charon’s surprising, youthful, and varied terrainRemarkable new details of Pluto’s largest moon Charon are revealed in this image from New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI), taken late on July 13, 2015 from a distance of 466,000 kilometers. The LORRI image has been combined with color information obtained by New Horizons’ Ralph instrument on July 13.

Source: First look at New Horizons’ Pluto and Charon images: “baffling in a very interesting and wonderful way” | The Planetary Society

Sunny but a bit cooler in the shade.

Work steady, I’m making small steps with the issue a French company is having with the WinCE Listener.

I ended up placing two orders on Amazon.com, It was Prime Day today on Amazon.com and I ended up getting one order with a Security Camera from D-Link and a couple of the metal models I’ve wanted for awhile. Then I went crazy since they had a GoPro Hero4 kit for only $499, so for the price of a Hero4 I got a case, 32G microSD card, head strap, two extra batteries and a dual charger, LCD touch bacPac and then a better antenna for the Baofeng radio. I should get all this bounty Friday Evening, in time for the weekend, some pool time and possibly a Brewery this weekend, maybe two.

When home after work and have a little leftover dinner then Brian and I cut the two links of wire I needed for my shortwave antenna the dipole.  I’ve been put together which basically consisted of stripping one side of each of the 30 foot wires and then taking a yellow wire nuts and connecting it to either side of the balun.  The reception is pretty good so I decided to go ahead and meet up with Autumn over at Parma.

By the time I got to Parma I know that Autumn had to be at least one beer ahead of me I went ahead and have a couple more beers and she is well along with some wings. We met up with Rocky and sherry but he left before trivia started to do a disagreement with the name.  Ottoman and I’ve been paired up with the couple on the other side of the corner of the bar. Her name is Tracy and his name is Mike we did OK. we ended up leaving before trivia was over which was a good thing.

Autumn had a knockdown drag out with her 18-year-old son Austin I really feel for her because I know what it’s like. Nikki gave me a whole lot of grief when she was that age. I guess there was a lot of accusing words and probably a lot of harsh words and I’m sure that they wish they hadn’t said half of what they did. The only problem is her parents are a little too open with this child and any kind of Toughlove she wants to try to make happen it’s probably going to be reversed by them.  I also found out that her I think I’m younger sister had been a stripper for a while and networking met her current husband now they are born again Christians.

After a wait of more than 22 hours with no communication, New Horizons “phoned home” precisely on schedule after its flyby of Pluto. The signal was received at 00:52:37 UT | 20:52:37 ET | 17:52:37 PT. As planned, New Horizons returned no images with the Phone Home downlink. But every bit of telemetry indicated that the flyby executed successfully. The thrusters used as much fuel as expected; no “autonomy rules” were called, indicating that the spacecraft computer did not reset; and most importantly, the solid state data recorders are now crammed full of data.

Source: New Horizons “phones home” after Pluto flyby | The Planetary Society

beer list: week ending 07/12


mmmm... Beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Eggenberg Urboack 23 -H
Florida Beer Swamp Ape Double Black IPA -H
Sierra NEvada Beer Camp Hoppy Lager -H
Roebling Vanilla Espresso Imperial Porter -H
Orlando i-4 IPA -H
Florida Beer Swamp Ape Double Red Rye IPA -H
Lazy Magnolia Southern Hops’itality IPA -H
Left Coast VooDoo Stout -H
Monday Night Blind Pirate -TL
Monday Night Drafty Kilt -MM

mostly sunnyMostly clear and hot all day.  The sky was hazy at first and then it became more cloudy as I got up into Georgia.

The drive was mostly uneventful, the on,y thing that happened wa a slow down just after Macon and before the 675 split.  Mostly due to construction I think.  Hit a dunk in donuts just before I got onto I-95 and picked up my free donut that’s got from the Manatee baseball game.  Got an on as well

Got back to Atlanta about 5pm and by that time Brian had already had several trips for Nicki and Duran already done.  He is a great uncle. Gives and gives, I hope she actually appreciates that.

Stopped in at hooters after I got home to Lawrenceville.  Had an order of shrimp and a few Hopsecutioners.  Did a few more tests and passed them while there and drinking.  Does that mean I really know the stuff? flirted a little bit with Morgan, and only problem is I don’t usually remember her name.

Stopped in at this shroom for a Monday night draft kilt.  Nice folks there sat there and chatted with them. Madison was working the floor and Erin was working the bar, a couple very young gals hostessing and cleaning glasses.

Bought the study guide for the General Ham test but I don’t think I’ll be doing very well on that test, but I think I’ve got the technician test covered.

Welp. New Horizons decided to put on a little 4th of July drama for the mission’s fans. It’s currently in safe mode, and it will likely be a day or two before it recovers and returns to science, but it remains on course for the July 14 flyby. Here’s the mission update in its entirety.

Source: New Horizons enters safe mode 10 days before Pluto flyby [UPDATED] | The Planetary Society

beer list: week ending 06/28


mmmm... Beer

Consumed: Cellared:
New Holland Night Tripper -H
Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer (2012) -H
Rogue Nation Brutal IPA -H
Southbound Rock 106.1 Fade to Red -H
Goose Island IPA -TM
Orpheus Boubalos IPA -TM
Second Self Summer IPA -TM
Lagunitas IPA -TM
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout -TM
JW Dundees Honey Brown -TM
Monday Night Drafty Kilt -MM
Sweetwater IPA -TM
Lagunitas Hop Stupid -TM
Terrapin Hi-5 IPA -TM
Against the Grain Tall Tale -TM

mostly sunnySunny and clear today, no rain in sight. Didn’t get to hot though.  Hazy clouds roll over the sky most of the day.

Lazy am messing with photos and playing on the internet.

Went out to the Pool @ about 10:30, I was the first one there, except for the lifeguard. She was a really cute sun-bleached blonde.  Looks like a swimmer, bronze skin contrasting with her red and white lifeguard two piece swimsuit.  An extended family group came in next, mom looked middle aged but hot as hell, petite with almost a boyish figure but subtle curves marking her as definitely a woman.  Then a couple of couples, one male-female the other both females.  Then a family with a young daughter and finally a pair of college age gals who sit about 3 chairs away from me, the one on my side with two large tattoos, a pair of wings on her shoulders and a LARGE eye on her right abdomen.  a very flat belly and I realize a very round butt when she finally rolls over on her stomach.

  I stay out for about 3 hours, maybe an hour too long, I’m red and later in the afternoon really begin to feel it.

Brian comes home about 9am, and crashes after his all night HAM radio event. Brian wakes up at about 4pm and I help him install a 10 meter antenna up on the back of the house up under the eves.

I heard through Brian that Rob and Jenny got married today down in G’ville, FL.

The rest of the evening consists of a beer and lots of messing with photos on the iMac.

Sunny RainLast night it rained a few times this morning it was cloudy and then about 930 rained and then about 10 o’clock the sun popped out. Supposed to do this all day and it did, rained several times more during the day and evening.

Got up and stop started playing with photographs copy the files that didn’t make it the previous import.  Imported a few more years into the iMac Lightroom and so far haven’t had much trouble.

Out to the Shroom for lunch and then over to Hooters as normal.  Madison was looking great today with a very flow skirt that hit about mid thigh with spaghetti straps, and offering a tantalizing look down her cleavage.  It took most of my self-control to not continually stare down her dress.  Resa was there and very chipper.

Went over to Hooters afterwards, had a few beers and some crab legs.  Regular crowd, Bruce, Clay, Micheal, all of us are so pitiful and starved for attention. Or, at least I know I am.

Came home and went to the pool, only problem is the sun wasn’t out at the pool with me.  It began to rain about 20 minutes in.  There were lots of kids there and the place would have been rocking if the sun and been out just a bit more.

Met Nicki and Duran for dinner @ El Real.  Had a great time.  She is worried about her mom and her lack of communication.  I try to stay positive and that’s all I can do.

Went over to TMac for a nightcap and chatted with Julie (from Johns Creek and now managing @ MallofGA.  Also talked to a friend of her’s who is into Phantoms and is thinking about getting a 3 soon.

Jekyll Brewing tour

JekyllOn a whim I ended up heading over to Jekyll brewing since they had the fancy to a class today only drink for the tickets which is probably too much anyway but met some really nice people do from London named Paul and his girlfriend whose name escapes me now. I also met another older guy who lives right off the Greenway here in Alpharetta I can’t remember his name either started with an L.

The brewery has had some changes, they have gotten a better bottling line, although it’s still very manual.  They have increased distribution to include some of Tennessee and they will soon add some of Florida.  They already have all of Georgia covered.

beer list: week ending 06/21

mmmm... Beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet 2.0 -H
Abita Macchiato Expresso Milk Stout -H
Black Diamond Fracas Red -H
Lagunitas Daytime IPA -TM
Port Wipe about IPA -TM
Terrapin Wake and Bake -TM
Terrapin Wake&Bake Trench Toast -TM
Second Self Summer IPA -TM
Hoegarden White -TM
Founders Devil Dancer -TM
New Belgium Ranger IPA -TM
Founders Blushing Monk -TM

beer list: week ending 06/14

mmmm... Beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Black Diamond Peak XV Imperial Porter -H
Victory Moving Parts IPA 02 -H
Victory Moving Parts IPA 03 -H
REformation Cadence Dubbel -TM
Eventide Citrus Grove Hefewizen -TM
Stone Ruination IPA -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM

Watched Gross Point Blank a few days ago and it reminded me of  my crush on Minnie Driver.



Minnie Driver, topless hand bra

minnie-driver-029-05Looking at pictures of her from when she was young too now when she’s a tad older I realized that a lot of these women look a lot better as they got older. One of those is Clare Dane she looked kind of goofy when she was younger but now, Holy shit!

Minnie Driver, older but still HOTAnother crush of mine is Marissa Tome watching a movie that came out in 2014 with her and it holy mackerel she’s three years younger than me if it looks fucking Hot.