It was mostly cloudy in the a.m., then on into the p.m. and in the evening it was threatening to rain.

In our CPR meeting Greg went through all the stuff that he thinks is going to happen with the abolishment of CPR in the next week. so from now on we have no more 11am meetings, but I’ll more than likely have scrum meetings instead.

Came straight home and went out to the kani house for some sushi with Nicki.

Came home and Nicki ordered her books for her classes, then I get a phone call about my card, tells me to call another number and says something about MasterCard so I call up capital one and they know nothing about it. What? They think the people are phishing for info on my account.

Went over to eL real for beer, stayed a bit longer since it was Ashley’s birthday. The cute little young strawberry blonde was there and tried to talk more but we were a couple seats away from each other so didn’t do very well. She was looking very cute though and she did give me a hug before she left and she talked about needing a shower. I’m not sure if it was some sort of secret I guess you know but I found out today that Ashley is getting a divorce she’s a guess basically just outgrown her husband and she’s looking to get away. From what I can gather though the guy is a little bit too much on the drugs and is not really big on providing for his family. I’m sure it’s better for her that she gets rid of now while she still young. Speaking of young I guess she did turn 30 today so kudos to her.

partly cloudymostly sunnySunny then a bit mostly cloudy with sun now and again.

Up on time this AM, got to work and enrollment still isn’t working. Fiddled with it all day and still nothing.

Looked up our trash pickup folks, Republic Services and messaged them about picking up the garage door, I still need to also put in the old wine fridge and a few tires I have in the back.

Out to the Big Creek and back, saw a small turtle sunning on a log in the creek, lots of dragonflies, and I found another cicada husk. The turtle plopped back into the water at the sight of me.

Didn’t get very far in the bug at work today but I’m hoping I will break some thing loose tomorrow.

Went to the mellow mushroom with Brian and had some dinner, chatted with the gang, Katie and Madison about seeing Joanna at the concert on Saturday, hope I didn’t get her in trouble. Also saw Macklin there, and found out he had been in the hospital, he hasn’t been watching his diet and blood sugar very well.

A whole evening watching tivoed episodes of Masters of Sex and drinking high gravity beers, stayed up way to late as well.

beer list: week ending 08/17

Citra Ass Down

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Terrapin Guano Loco -Mc Delirium Red
Lonerider Eve’s Amber -TM
Sweetwater Bobblehead Bob TMac 35th -TM
Victory Mad King’s Weiss -TM
Three Heads Tre Kind -TM
Boulevard SSS Grainstorm Black IPA -TM
Terrapin Hopsecutioner -Hoot
Monday Night Eye Patch IPA -MM
Terrapin Moo Hoo -MM
Southern Tier Pumking -H

mostly sunnyIt was wonderful getting up late and sleeping in. The sun was out all day, very few clouds in the sky.

I messed around all morning in the garage and then in the back porch. Need to clean up a bit more than it’s been in the past.

Did a load of laundry again this morning and Brian went out to the Georgia Carry conference although a bit later than he had planned.

Nicki had gone out with the dude from Tuesday, Derrick? And seems to like him a lot. But, he is going back to PA today. I also found out the chick, Tiffany is quite wild and was flirting with me, not sure how to take that, did she like me or was it more trouble than I wanted to get into.

Went out to the shroom for lunch and Kate was there with Erin coming in a bit later. There was another girl but I don’t know her name but I have seen her before. Charlie the owner was there fixing the train although I got the impression that he didn’t think anything we wrong with it.

Headed over to the hooters to some crab legs and a Hopsecutioner or two. Stephanie, the cute brunette, not too unlike a blonde that is so completely adorable I just want to pinch her cheek. Stephanie told me about the Festival in Suwanee Georgia tonight, so I had to cute out about 2 pm and make sure I could get there. Went home and messed around the house and got ready to he’d over to suwanee, didn’t get there till after 5:30, more like 6:30.

August Concert and Wing Festival
August 16 @ 5:30 pm
Town Center Park
Featuring Everclear

Arrived at the Towne Center and couldn’t find a parking space so I traveled down the road and parked and took the shuttle.

mostly sunnyMostly sunny and clear today, some clouds running around.

Got up later, just felt bad, my eyes are gummy and I’ve got some chills, really need time to sleep in, so I did.

Got into work and the Relay Server was down and I couldn’t get anything done anyway. It didn’t come back up until after lunch. I ended up hitting the trail for a bit around 10am due to this and finally it was back on line @ about 1:30 or so. Now my server will not enroll my devices due to timeouts so I think the relay server is dropping the connections since my connections are slower.

Brian and I went over to Honeybaked Ham for lunch.

Got a call about the garage door in the morning, dude made sure I wanted the insulated one. Hope he also remembered the Almond color. He then called back after lunch to let me know the door was there, I guess we will be picking it up tonight and hopefully may get it done this weekend. Not on Saturday though since Brian has some Georgia Carry Conference @ Cumberland Mall area.

After getting home Brian and I headed out with the truck to pick up the garage door, loading it on the truck and they never even gave me a receipt or anything, maybe they will send me something later. I was a bit worried about driving with it strapped as it was over the top of the cab and on top of the tailgate didn’t have a problem though.

Should be putting it in on Sunday I hope.

I then went over to the TMac for dinner, Brian passed since he couldn’t find a beer he wanted there on the Brewniversity Site, when I arrived there they told me they had just put up the Sweetwater Festive 2012 and calling Brian he then decided to head over there after a bit. The couple from SC were there for awhile, and the place was empty when I arrived just after 7pm. Sad there is no more Alyssa there but Nick was managing and Brian and I chatted with him about guns and stuff for some time. The place started to crowd up about the time Brian left @ 8:30 and I was gone by 10:30.

sunnyhazyHazy and in the 70′s this morning, clearing up and then just HOT again.

Struggled with the Android and getting it’s status to be something other than offline. Googled it a bunch and finally just borrowed the one that Reed had. Still didn’t get it working before going home.

Got a call and an email from Dr. Sobel’s office about my appt. on the 21st @ 9:30, I should get an appt for the lab work that I should get done first but I HATE having to basically have two appointments.

Went over to Johns Creek T-Mac for BOTM, Jennifer the VERY cute blonde wife\mother that I’ve talked to several times was there, as well as JohnH the Honda Guy. Lots of nice conversations with them and then Brian the nerd. Kim and Jeremy? were there too and then Peter and his woman (damn for got her name) arrived later. The crew was minus Kate but plus Amy with the beautiful long dark brown hair. Had chili and a few beers, made tenative plans to meet up with John, Lori and others @ the Fred (Chapter Room) on the 21st for his B-Day, maybe.

lawnmowerMowers came by today, lawn looks great.

Stopped in @ El Real since Ashley was there and I just love the banter they have there, just a hometown small neighborhood bar. Stayed out a bit too late not getting home until just after 10pm.

sunnyIt’s mostly sunny and cooler in the upper 60′s in the am working it’s way up to over 80 later in the day.
Worked most of the day on the Android issue and finally think we have the reproducible steps.

Went for a short walk on the trail, just down to the west a bit and then into the woods. Only a few damselflies and a skipperling as far as photo opts.

Drove straight on home and started to mess with the new light fixture for outside the basement doors. I pulled the old broken one down and then using some of the left over paint from the house touched up around where the new fixture would not cover what the old fixture had. Then Brian finished it and we now have a new good looking light over the rear basement doors.

I started watching the latest Leftovers episode and then about midway Brian and I decided to go out to Firehouse Subs for dinner.

Went over and tried to get the garage door ordered, then found out it comes in Almond and decided to get them to check on availability of colors and price of colors before making the decision. They will call me in the am

Then I just watched some Tivoed episodes until bedtime.

hazyOvercast, drearry and hazy.

Had another very odd dream last night, this one was about work and a layoff. I was having a HUGE party @ my house and lots of people from work were there. We were all talking about layoffs @ work and what type of severance package there may be. It seemed like a done deal, Monday would tell. Then later when people had already began to leave, the LEAD Architect came in and told me that the layoff was really small and there was nothing to worry about, showed less than 10 names only one I recognized, and they were not someone I knew well. I then began running around trying to let everyone know. I guess the changes @ work are affecting me more than I thought. There are rumors that we could be on the chopping block and our code responsibilities may be shipped abroad.



Worked all day with the dude from support on the supposedly issue with authentication in the android client. We both went through it in his desk and actually almost every time you work there was a few times it failed them after looking back at it it seems that the server wasn’t actually answering and the error that came back was access denied. Didn’t end up @ the meeting since I was busy with the support guy.

Went out on the trail a bit, saw a Heron in the creek, some very large mushrooms bigger than my open hand. Other smaller mushrooms and a spider storing it’s meal of a yellow jacket. Lastly, I found a cicada skin and a bunch of bees feeding on a dead small frog.

Came home after work and Brian very wonderful he decided that he would buy the new garage door so we went over to Ace Hardware and look at them there and got a quote for a 16 x 7′ door with him without windows with and without insulation. Came up to a little over $500 without installation installation or installation as an artifact and then around 764 windows and insulation. After looking around at all the homes in the neighborhood we come to the realization that most of them didn’t have windows that had the new aluminum garage doors and I think it might actually be a little bit cooler if were not living in the side I’m not sure that insulation is really good to make that much of a difference though. Especially when you’re talking about $150 or maybe about 20% difference in price. Suppose to go and check on one @ Lowes and then order it. Lowes does have one in cream that may not need to be painted since my trim is a cream/light tan color.

Went out to El Real for dinner with Nicki, she had already eaten and instead just had drinks, a bit too many maybe. I know I was a bit over on the number of beers I had. Ate the Camaron Poblano Asada (but had chicken instead), very good with mushrooms and shrimp in a cream sauce inside a Plablano pepper with zucchini and rice. Chatted with a bar full of regulars, a dude named Darius? and a gal named Tibby (Tiffany) who works @ Applebees and lives just behind the Kroger Shopping Center in the neighborhood across Ridge Road from us. Tibby is a very cute light strawberry blonde with blue eyes and very pale skin, and only 21. Ashley @ the bar was way to fun again and we stayed to long, closed the place down @ 10pm.

Overcast and cooler this am, then it started to warm up and since the air didn’t move much a bit of the greenhouse affect was going on today.

Decided that the issue I was working on Friday is not a bug, at least how they described it to me. I have a feeling they were trying to turn off the requirement to change your password the next time you logged in and Windows was not allowing that.

I went out to lunch with Brian and Kevin his buddy from work. Nice Jimmy Johns, but I think I always seem to get a bit “sick” after eating all that sandwich.

Had weird dreams last night, family related ones with odd characters thrown in.


old man

Out for a bit after lunch, too hot to get very far but I did see a few mushrooms, notably a Old Man in the woods.

Got home and Brian offered to pay off my Ruger SP100 if I wanted to go over to Bulls Eye with him. So we went and I filed the paperwork, then he paid the gun off. He then bought a new single stack XDM and we both went in the range and shot for a time. He shot his new XDM and then his .223 pistol he has finished building. It’s kind of neat and supports his suppressor. He and I then stopped in @ McCrays and had dinner and a beer. I decided on the Terrapin Guano Loco and didn’t finish it since the heat although not really that bad was giving my throat angst. I had the Cuban and he and the Pub Dip, I guess they didn’t want to call in French down here in Georgia.

Really like my new Ruger SP100, can’t find any documentation on the extras for the Wiley Clapp model and how to adjust the rear sight since at least for me it shoots a bit low and to the left, or maybe that is just a sign of my poor marksmanship.

Deborah Ann Woll in blackCame home and watched the latest episode of True Blood, only two more left and things are falling into place, the actress who plays Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) still gives me butterflies.

Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA) is ready to ship their 3rd release in the Special Reserve Series, Imperial Pumpkin Porter.

A departure from the brewery’s other pumpkin offering, Pumpkinfest, Imperial Pumpkin Porter starts with a porter beer as a base. From there, the beer is then nuanced with a plethora of spices – nutmeg, clove, ginger, and of course, pumpkin. The result is what “Spike” calls, luscious.

Terrapin Imperial Pumpkin Porter follows inaugural release White Chocolate Moo-Hoo, and Cinnamon Roll’d W-n-B. In the video above, Spike discloses the next two offerings, MooHoo-ciato (chocolate milk porter with coffee), and French Toast Wake n Bake. (Think breakfast.) Those two will round out the Special Reserve Series in 2014.

There are about 10,000 bottles of Imperial Pumpkin Porter headed into the wild. Be on the lookout starting this week.

Style: Imperial Porter (w/ Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Allspice, Ginger)

Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft. Very Limited

9.2% ABV

via Terrapin Imperial Pumpkin Pie Porter Video.

beer list: week ending 08/10

Innis & Gunn

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Dark Horse Blueberry Stout -H Citra Ass Down
T. Bitter Woman IPA -H Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Stout
Founder’s Double Trouble IPA -TM
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA -TM
Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA -TM
Lonerider Shotgun Betty Hef -TM
Full Sail IPA -TM
Three Heads Too Kind DIPA -TM
Red Rock Secale Rye Dobbelbock -TM
Boulder 35th Ann. -TM
Clownshoes Blackcorn Unidragon Stout 12 -TM
Evil Twin Lil’B 13 -TM
Just Beer Anytime IPA -TM
Monday Night T-Mac Daddy Porter -TM
Straight to Ale Monkeynaut -TM
Boulder Mojo IPA Nitro -TM

Overcast some drizzle.

I dropped off the old computers at the Goodwill truck and then went to Lowes and got another paint brush so I can finish the deck painting sometime.

Found out at tmac that Alyssa is opening the new store in Cumberland so her last day is tomorrow, it’s sad since I’ve known her for some time now, first at johns creek as she moved up to manger from bar. Then while she worked in the Mall of GA store for the last 6-12 months I’d say.

Came home and just hung out @ the house the rest of the evening, watching the last three episodes of Extant that I’d Tivoed.

Took more photo’s of the house painting, front and back here, the back is mostly complete, just the upper trim and the area under the dining area and outside the basement doors. All the trim needs to be done on the front side though.





partly cloudycloudyOvercast most of the day, not much rain maybe a drizzle here and there. The sun did peek out once in awhile later in the day.

I got up at about 8:30 and then the painters got here about 9, chatted with the head dude and they began by painting the doors, so the house was basically open all morning. I messed around and picked up some watering the planes like a normal Saturday and swept up some of the trash from the house and yard.

trim still needs to be finished, along with the shutters


Nicki got up at about 10:55 and I asked if she would stick around til I. Got back from lunch and stuff since they had the doors opened until the paint dried some.

At the shroom Katie and Joanna (nerdy glasses) were there, I had dropped off the recycling stuff at Publix, the bags and foam trays. Katie was wearing a rally sexy pair of pants, low waist-ed and very colorful bell bottoms that accentuated her long legs and showed her tanned flat tummy almost too well. Madison came in a bit later also sporting a tummy exposing outfit that equally affirmed why I luncheon here almost every week. Beautiful and intelligent, there are some lucky guys out there that get to spend time with these women. Katie’s little puppy didn’t come home yesterday, his name was Forest, it made me very sad to here that news.

Drove over to the house and checked out the painters then went over to bulls eyes and paid $200 on my 357mag before going over to the Ale Yeah! place and buying a beer and glass from a new brewery in Athens, Creature Comforts. It when went over to Hooters and had an order of crab legs and a Hopsecutioner.

At hooters I met a new manager, Ashley, very cute black gal with a cute caboose, seemed a bit tired and yawned a lot, seemed veyr nice though. Clay and Steve showed up a bit later, Haley was manning or womanisting the bar and Angela took over at 5pm. Bruce and more regulars showed up after that, an interesting couple, he bald and buff, her sexy and all in black including long fingernails and a cute butterfly tattoo, way too dressed up for Hooters. Met a couple of new gals, Breonne (Brie), a very cute and tall gal with shoulder length blond hair and very thin. Also, a brunette who was even taller than Brie at least 6 foot plus, Kelsey, both are under 21. Another newer gal, blonde, told us she was an actress, she was nice, with blond hair, nice curves, and really red lipstick, I totally forgot her name. Spent way too long there.

sunny thunderstormpartly cloudyIt was overcast and a bit drizzly in the am. It cleared up a bit around noon time but then by 2pm it was storming in Alpharetta at least.

I had called up Nicki about 11:30 and she said the painting crew was there, and sent the picture below. The color doesn’t look half bad I think, but I wasn’t sure if the paint would have dried enough before the rain came in.

Greg came by with a bug that I hopped right on and then had trouble with my server and android device.

Left work and headed down to the tmac at johns creek, had a bit too much fun there. Tommy, Meg, and Hannah at the bar, met a dude named Greg and chatted with him for some time. Big Chicago bears fan and was from Chicago as well. Drank a bit too much. Met a dude with a stone brewery tee and who is going to be playing in a band at the 37Main in johns creek next Thursday.

Ended up at hooters like a fool, Angela and Stephanie at the bar, Bruce and the regular crew on the business end. Had some shrimp and a Hopsecutioner paid for this dudes tab since he seemed to not have enough,

thunderstormmostly sunnySunny and warm today I didn’t end up out on the trail. Thunderstorms a bit after work and it got dark.

We had two meetings a mobile entire SAP corporation. The other was an internal open door meeting with dirt which I ended up not going to. I think all these meetings are a complete waste.

I did get some headway on the boat with active directory and the disable feature. Ended up staying a little bit late at work although most of it was due to do some messing around with the

Big Creek Greenway

Headed out to beer the month at John’s Creek after work. The regular bar crew was working and as well as most of the regulars on my side of the bar. When I arrived I realized I was sitting next to young lady that I talk to before and she did mention Brian so it must’ve been the last couple weeks I certainly can’t remember couldn’t remember her name. Got to catch up a little bit she has two kids which I do remember now and both of them announce school and she was picking up some dinner for them basically the same thing she was doing before only saw her last. Did find out her name was Jennifer and a very cute blonde (about shoulder length) with brown eyes and wearing the cutest summer dress. Her bare shouders and nicely tanned skin had be struggling to keep my eyes on her face, hope I didn’t leach to much. She was telling me that she only had I forgot how many 50 beers on our list although from what I gather it’s her husband’s list.

Came home and the painting guys were still working on the house doing mostly just the repairs pretty happy with most of the work they’re doing. There’s been a few places that I’m not quite sure that I like yet when they did leave this afternoon or this evening the head just finished fixing the back door and the splices that they put in weren’t matching perfectly which I’m a little upset about. Other than that they seem to of been taken care most of the stuff really good they didn’t do great job on the trim around most of the windows and they had the complete trim almost to complete trim around the window in the center of the house all taken care of. They had taken off the gutter in the front of garage and although I did ask them to go ahead and replace the whole piece they didn’t but they did and I guess were going to replace the whole got her piece so I’m not sure if that’s what I had not what I meant for them to do.

Spent the rest of the evening having a beer that I think it’s going bad or sour and watching Divergent.

mostly sunnyOvercast this am and by noon the temps had risen and the sun was out mostly.

Work began slow but I did some changes to enable the Cloud install to work more reliably and then I got the info to use a Win2003 AD server and started debugging the issue from last week.

Went over to the T-Mac in John’s Creek after work. Had three beers in the bottle, all 12 oz, the Founder’s Double Trouble, the Sierra Nevada Torpedo, and the Terrapin Hopsecutioner. The black gal, XXXXX was there and then Tommy came in @ 5pm. Trever and a few others I knew arrived later, the gal from Cumming with the dark tan and cute butt was there as well. They were having trouble with the computers again.

Painters started this afternoon, they power washed the house, most of the paint on the walls was OK but the paint on the trim did not fair as well. It peeled off more than other places. They were still working on the house when I got here @ about 8pm. They finished up soon afterward. Next is the repairs from what I gather. Still haven’t gotten work that I need to pay anything yet.