Mostly clear today, the moon was full again this am. Also a lot cooler than it has been.

Got up a bit slow this am, my alarm still rang at 5:30 although I know I re0-set it for 6:30.

Arrived at work and not many people were there, all the Winnipeg folks are out today and therefore not much in the way of help. I did get a bit accomplished, finding the software/libs I needed to get the PDF service working and then figured out that I could just move something out in order to get it’s link to show up in the PDF that they use for the mobile Mystery shops.

I worked a bit on the cicerone app at work, mostly at lunch time. Got the location, lists and serving types updated and moved the beer and servings tables from the current app to my laptop so hopefully I can merge it into the new one and hit the road running. Still need to get the link between the servings and the lists and the servings to beers, but I may already have that since I just realized that neither is a many to many, both are 1 to many, one list to many servings and one beer to each serving.

After work I drove north and stopped in at the TMac Johns Creek. Lucki was taking care of the bar while Tess was getting things stocked etc. I sat there through two sets of Nooners, all most all high Gravity. Mostly stouts and porters over 9%. I drank slow but steady and had dinner too. Worked on the app most of the evening and left about 8pm. Got myself 8 points on the list tonight.

Came home and crashed,

Warmer today and mostly sunny. Still no rain to speak of.

Duran’s older daughter was at the house, she had let the cat out last night and had me believing that the cat was somehow finding it’s way into the upstairs.

Duran made some biscuits and gravy, not bad at all, but I’m sure they were not very good for you.

Did some laundry and watered the plants inside and out before heading out to Hooters for some crab legs and a couple of beers. Mariana and all the regulars there, Bo, Bruce, Nick, Micheal.

Went over to Home Dopt and picked up a bunch of stuff, large pot, a new set of heaven duty shelves for the garage a plant for the toilet pot I’ve got now and batteries for the door locks.

I then took a short nap and woke up about 7pm to head over to Roswell and Paul’s place there. Met up with Fernando over at the Rosell’s ?hooters, the place was looking good with a BUNCH of hot hooters gals. The one at the bar, Emily was a very thin tall brunette, small breasts and absolutely no butt but very nice and friendly. Paul was not around much but there were nice gals all around, a blonde and a redhead/strawberry blonde who’s name escapes me now. Very curvy butts there. Also, a cute asian gal named Ty.

Fernando showed me some stuff on thinkorswim and we talk about old times and what’s in the future. Left there right after the game, the gators losing 42-28 but all the problems in the 4th quarter.

Stopped in at the Law Hooters before heading home, Baylee there at the bar, having one 7&7 and then going home.

Came home and basically just hit the bed.

Still overcast but no real rain again, it said there was suppose to be rain but I know my weather station saw NONE.

Today at work was mostly, learning and some meetings. We had three things about different parts of the software, PushReports, SurveyInvites and then a big meeting for Dev with the Analyst. LeslieW I think it was. Not sure if she is here or over in Winnipeg. I also heard that the two guys that are all that in Dev, Colton and Jersey are both leaving and I think it is at the end of the week.

I think I’ll have to get them for at least 120K or they can kiss my ass.

Stopped in at Hooters again tonight spent most of the evening messing with Razor pages and .NET core 3 on Mac, still no really good stuff with a DB only working on MemDB.

Harley and Allison are the hi lights of the evening, both with marvelous asses.

bulls eye on fire

A fire broke out inside a downtown Lawrenceville gun shop Saturday morning, authorities said.

Firefighters responded to the blaze at the Bull’s Eye Indoor Range and Gun Shop on West Crogan Street about 10:20 a.m., a Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said

Taxes 2018

Taxes 2018, Finished my returns today and payment will come out on Monday. I guess I have to pay about 180 some dollars in federal taxes and I’m supposed to get another 500 back from state.

Private Meeting

Walton, Aaron ; Samadi, Ali ; Harrison, Ben ; Buchanan, Bruce ; Conti, Chris ; Junius, Christopher ; Heimann, Daniel ; Avera, David ; Darden, David ; Taggart, David ; Thomas, Deanna ; Sivakumar, Deepa ; Angelucci, Dominique ; Hinds, Don ; Lopez, Donna ; Marks, Doug ; Van Heest, Eric ; Peacock, Gary ; George, Geoff ; Gibbs, Greg ; Naftel, James ; Newman, Reed ; Reid, Janice ; Williams, Jeff ; Jones, Kem ; Moore, John ; Medina, Fernando ; Raffaele, Joe ; Hanson, Jowell ; Lynch, Kate ; Joseph, Ligy ; Weaver, Marcus ; McNeil, Mariel ; McGahee, Mark