Sunny and overcast at different times. Rained a few times in the afternoon as well.

Did some more laundry today, just towels and sheets. Then did a bit more of the cushion rings for the Millennium Falcon and waited for Nicki to show up, she didn’t.

Got a text from Nicki a bit after noon, she had slept in since she had to pickup The husband from work at 4am. Yeah, whatever. I told her I would have time about 8 so she will be coming over so I can teach her the facts about the “for loop”. She is trying to get into this program, but has no clue as to what an how to program. I could do the “assignment” in about 1 minute, she has no clue at all. I don’t see this going well for her.

Then I headed out to the hooters for some beer and possibly something to eat. Stopped by the new Mystic Moon pizza place, they will be open on Monday so says the sign. Lots of folks turned away today. I’m hopping they have saved my glass from the shroom beer club so I can at least keep it.

After a time @ Hooters with Sierra and chatting a little with Victoria, damn. I then stopped in @ the Target and picked up some different sized of mason jars for the vacuum sealer.

Went back to the house and played a bit more with the Millennium Falcon, glued together and sanded the last three of the cushion rings. Got a call from Nicki about meeting up sooner since she was in the neighborhood. I was fine with that so she came on by about 4pm. I think she got it OK, but I’m still worried that her heart is really not into programming and that this class will not become the saving grace she is looking and hoping it is.

When she left we stood outside and talked for awhile, She told me about all the $$ this is going to cost and that they have gotten some discounts but still need 2 Apple Laptops and they will be not working @ the time. (13 weeks I think).

I then watched the latest of the Divergent movies and had some cheese and crackers for dinner.



Consumed: Cellared:
Sierra Nevada 30th Fritz & Ken Sout -H
Southern Tier Tripel Cafe -H
Red Brick 3 Bagger -TM
Orpheous Wadering Blues Sour -TM
Terrapin Hi-10 IPA -TM
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity IPA -TM
Delirium Tremens -TM
3 Taverns Departed Spirit -TM
Abita Macchiato Milk Stout -TM
Boulevard The Calling IPA -TM
Evil Twin Femme Fatale Sudatchi IPA -H

beer list: week ending 08/14



Consumed: Cellared:
Evil Twin Femme Fatale Kabosu -H Three Taverns Wine Barrel Aged
He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA -H Abita Shotgun Double IPA
Sweetwater 18th Anny -H Rogue Cold Brew IPA
Evil Twin Ashtray Heart Smoked Porter -TM
Southbound Shakedown Street Saison -TM
Widmir Brothers Brrrr -TM
Fuller’s ESB -TM
Stone Southern Charred Ale -TM
Boulder Pulp Fusion IPA -TM
Clown Shoes Undead Party Crashers -TM
Founder’s Imperial Stout -TM

beer list: week ending 08/07



Consumed: Cellared:
Avery Vanilla Bean Stout -Home Stone Ruination IPA 2.0
Swamp Head Tropical Disturbance IPA -Home Stone WootStout
Copper Tail Night Swim Porter -Home Evil Twin Femme Fatale Sudatchi
Southbound/Second Self White & Gold IPA -TM Evil Twin Femme Fatale Kabosu
Second Self Citrus IPA -PArma
Gouden Carolus Noel Christmas -TM
Rogue Santa’s Reserve -TM
Stone Ruination 2.0 IPA -TM
3 Taverns Departed Spirit -TM

I’m accused, occasionally, of taking beer too seriously. I generally strive to be inclusive, understanding and welcoming when evangelizing on behalf of my favorite beverage. But there are few things that bother me more than when a bar or restaurant takes something that left the brewery in its best form possible and irrevocably changes it for the worse. My top complaint is when an establishment neglects to keep its tap lines clean, resulting in a contaminated, “dirty” beer. Frozen glassware is a sin of a different nature, one born not of neglect but, rather, a fundamental misunderstanding of craft beer.

Source: Frozen Glassware – Let It Go – Carla Jean Lauter

beer list: week ending 07/31



Consumed: Cellared:
Monday Night Blind Pirate DIPA -TM
Green Man ESB -TM
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA -TM
Straight to Ale Lilly Flag Milk Stout -TM
Straight to Ale Monkeynaut IPA -TM
Terrapin Mosaic Rye IPA -TM
beer -TM

beer list: week ending 07/24


Consumed: Cellared:
LeftCoast Fogcutter Double IPA -H New Holland Dragon’s Milk Raspberries & Lemon
Omegang Rosetta -H Stone RuinTen IPA
Wild Heaven Wise Blood IPA -TM
Brooklyn East IPA -TM
Cigar City Florida Man IPA -H
Southern Tier Salted Caramel Stout -H
21st Amendment Monk’s Blood Bel. Dark -TM
Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer -TM
New Holland Dragon’s Milk Raspberries & Lemon -H

beer list: week ending 07/17



Consumed: Cellared:
Bells Hopsolution IPA -Home Southbound Hopl’in IPA
SizPoint HiRes IPA -TM
Lagunitas Lucky #13 Mondo Ale -TM
Chattanooga Hill City IPA -TM
Abita Bourbon Street Imperial Stout -TM
Uinta Detour IPA -Home
Southbound Hopl’in IPA -Home

beer list: week ending 07/10



Consumed: Cellared:
Swamp Head 10-10-10 /Imperial IPA -Home Got lots of beers
Swamp Head Catching more Flys IPA -Home
Intracoastal Dragon Point IPA -Brewery
Intracoastal Chocolate Milkstache -Brewery
Green Man IPA -Home
Stone Mocha IPA -Home
Stone Citrusy Wit -Home
Funky Buddha Blueberry Cobbler -Home

mostly sunnyAgain another really sunny and hot gay. Mostly the clouds are above the lamb and over the ocean it was clear. I ended up doing a little bit outside forgot to hot. It rained around 2 PM for just about five minutes just enough to make things a little while.

I took off towards the intercoastal and flew the Phantom 2 off EuGalle, chatted with a man and his I believe grandson for a bit about the mantle. I thought about going over to Hooters and having a beer but instead I just headed on back to the house.

When I got back to the house and get a little dark I also heard a couple of three clubs thunder. Since it was a little bit overcast now I decided to go ahead and pull the motor out and mow the backyard for mom. I got finished with the moving right is mom and dad return from mom’s doctor appointment. About that time again the rain outside as well big props but it only lasted for about five minutes.

Hotdogs for lunch and then later we have ordered out for Boston market. I have the meatloaf and roasted chicken and dad had the rooms they screwed up the order though and instead of green beans I got mashed potatoes. This cost cause dad to call them back and hopefully we’ll get something out of it.

We then spent the evening just watching TV. Have to wake up early tomorrow morning to leave for Lake City.

OK, they killed off Natalie Dormer’s character in Game of Thrones, Queen Margaery, Tommen also jumped out of the window after she died in the Wildfire explosion. Not to mention the High Sparrow. Arya also sent the Stark’s regards to the Freys.natalie-dormer-4x846n4