Hot and muggy today. I was out on the trail just before 11am and it was well into the 80′s.

Went out for a short walk today and got some photos before heading out to lunch with the brother. We went to the Greek place and had the gyro plate, the same mom-pop are manning the front along with a new young lady cleaning up and getting the drinks. I think it’s been over a year since I had lunch there.


Brian and I met over at the johns creek tmac for a few of the Christmas in July beers, thought there were two but only one, the Evil Twin lil’B Imperial Stout and instead had a few others, one the Eventide Nitro Irish stout. Brian talked with a gal who had sat down at the end of the bar for quite some time. She was rather cute, brunette with glasses and that very studious not made up look. Lives in sandy springs and was out visiting a friend who just had a baby about a month ago. She made sure we realized she was not really into babies at all. Not sure what she does although Brian did ask her, I didn’t get the response. She seemed likely to be back tomorrow but Brian didn’t say he would. Not sure if her name was ever mentioned. I stuck around and had another two beers along with some dinner getting home just around 9pm or so.

Got an email from the painters that I’m scheduled for Tuesday the 5th of August to start the painting job on the outside of the house.


Caliber: 5.56×45 / .223 (chamber is 5.56). Conversion kits available for 5.45×39 and 9×19

Barrel Length: Available in 16.5” and 18” versions

Rate of Twist: 1:7

Overall Length: 26 1/8” (16.5” bbl) or 27 5/8” (18” bbl)

Length of Pull: 15.75”

Weight: 7.9 lbs

Trigger Pull Weight: 11.5 lbs

Operation: long stroke gas piston, locking bolt (right or left ejection specific)

Capacity: Accepts AR-15 magazines

Finish: Polymer body available in Black or Flat Dark Earth. All metal parts treated for corrosion resistance

MSRP: $1,999 either color or barrel length. $2,599 in IDF version with Mepro-21 Reflex Sight affixed to barrel (note: this version does not have a full picatinny upper rail)

via Gun Review: IWI TAVOR SAR | The Truth About Guns.

mostly sunnySunny and some clouds most of the day. Cloud cover went from light to a bit heavy at times, not a raindrop in sight.

Got up and messed around the house, did a little weeding of the front beds but didn’t really do a good job.

Headed out to the pool about 11:30 and I was one of only three groups, me, a gal, and two woman and a little girl, then a dad and his two daughters came in soon after that. I only stayed out until about 1:30. The Nazi lifeguard was on duty.

Watched some TV for a bit, just waiting for dinnertime. Brian came back from the gun show thing and then installed his new radio in his truck. Watched the last half of the Internship and then the last bit of Scent of a Woman before we headed out for Brian’s B-day dinner @ Olde Towne Tavern.


beer list: week ending 07/27

Red Brick

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Widmer Kill Devil -H Red Brick Yuzi IPA
Weyerbacher Insanity -TM Six Point Resin
Monday Night Blind Pirate IPA -TL
Terrapin Hozilla IPA -H
Warlock Imperial Stout with Pumpkin -TM
Anytime IPA -TM
21st Amendment Hop Crisis IPA -TM
Eventide Irish Stout -blind
Wild Heaven Civilization Barleywine -Blind
Three Taverns Quasimodo -TM
Monday Night Drafty Kilt Nitro -TM
Back Tongue Black IPA -TM

Again I’m obsessed with KimO, had a dream about her last night, lots of kissing and making out, funny I don’t actually dream about sex just all the foreplay.

We we’re sneaking around and having little make out sessions here and there, in a very large home, not sure where it was. Basically she is on my mind often. But when I do ask if she wants to meet up or do something I usually get an “I’ve already got plans” even when I give plenty of notice, maybe it’s just bad luck, maybe she is telling me something…

mostly sunnyWoke up early for a Saturday, about 8am and messed around with some photos and filled out the gun club application. The sun wa out and basically stayed that way all day.

At a bit before 10am Brian and I headed out to the Georgia Gun Club to shoot and get my membership card. I have to say thank you to my brother for allowing me to get a membership off of his and only pay about 1/5 of what he did. They had trouble with the card printer and I watched the “safety” video and went back to get the photo and card made, it still wasn’t working so I went on in the rifle range and met up with the bro. Shot the mossberg a few times and then we headed over to the pistol range were I shot the beretta 9mm and Brian shot is 22 pistol. After that we looked around the shoo/store and finally got the photo and card done. She gave me 4 free passes and I know Nicki will love going with me to shoot. The folks that work there are super nice and very talkative, they do understand that making it fun will bring people back.

Went over to the shroom for lunch after that, Erin, Margaret and Madison were working, Madison coming in a bit after we arrived. She is so hot, damn. Erin had gone over to the store to pick up some things for the kitchen and I switched things up with a mushroom club.

Went over to bulls eye after that and Brian used the money he owes me for the bills to pay on my Ruger GP100, so now I’m at only 390 or so one the layaway. Still lusted after the thompson machine gun and then the Tavor IWI type.

Went home for awhile and checked with Nicki about having dinner with us all for Brian’s birthday tomorrow night. She we all will be at olde towne tavern @ 5 for prime rib and stuff.

Went out to Hooters for some Hopsicutioner and crab legs, and some Erica, ouch. Regular crowd showed up and then Stephanie came on at 4pm, bar cleared out a bit then.

20140727-124055-45655429.jpgCame home and then Brian was returning from a gun show and we decided to head over to the El Real and have dinner. Met a new gal @ the bar, Vinia? she was from Nicaragua and has been in the US since she was about 5, started her citizenship @ 8 and got it at 18. Her mom was first in California and then they moved to Atlanta later. I had something new, Pollo Maya, very good thinly pounded chicken with a sweet/hot sauce, plantains and white rice.

Came home for a bit longer and then went out to T-Mac and had a couple of beers, Three Taverns Quasimodo and Monday Night Draft Kilt Nitro. The hispanic gal, Jackie and Matt were working the bar, love Jackie’s curly hair and dark complexion. I’ve always loved Hispanic women, and Asian women and European Women….

partly cloudyfoggyFoggy this morning on the drive in, especially around the house and just down Russel Road.

Ended up going Panera with Brian for lunch, then we thought we should have gone to the Greek place down manscell drive.

Painted Skimmer? Eastern Amberwing?

I didn’t get. Much else done ther rest of t he afternoon and then about 3:30 Fernando and I headed out to Brookheaven for an evening of beers and new places.

Drive down to the newer Brookheaven area down through the back roads. Missing most of the traffic and it only took about 30 minutes. The Marta ride would have been over 1 hour and 30, the first place we stopped was at Noche, a Mexican tapas bar. They had terrapin hopsicutionier and I ordered two tapas, a calamari with jalapeños and a bacon wrapped dates with blue cheese. The calamari was great and the one fried jalapeño I had nearly made me cry. The dates with bacon were good although a bit too sweet for me.

We then went over to the olde blind dog Irish pub. Very nice with lots of wood, very cool atmosphere not many people there when we arrived but it grew steadily. Had the eventide Irish stout on nitro and then a wild heaven civilization Barleywine. There were a few people about our ages there unlike the folks at Noche.

Later we went back to Noche and sat at the corner, Fernando did the extra ordinary by ordering a drink and I had a beer as well. There was three cute gals at the end of the bar, one blonde blue eyed with beautiful shoulders, a brunette with. Dark eyes and light complexion, then a very pretty black gal with short hair and a very elegant look. Talked with them a little and they were really nice.

Drove on home and was safely home by midnight.

Rainpartly cloudyhazyHazy and lazy in the am. Then sunnier as noon approached. Rain at about 3pm for a short time. It then rained a bunch more for some time and I even had to run through the rain to get to my car as I left work.

Mom's Garden


Went out to Jimmy Johns for lunch with the bro, had the JJ Club, it was really yummy and huge to boot. I was way too full by the end of lunch and should have done like Brian did and only eat half of the 8 inches.

Sent email telling the painter dude for ProPainting that I’d like to go ahead and schedule something and that I’m out of town from 8/1 to 8/4. We will see what comes of this, possibly they will want to re-quote the job. I’ve saved almost all the cash and will pay the down payment in a check, then possibly the rest either by check or credit card.

Johns Creek was cool, new glass for Anytime IPA and Meg, Tommy and Kate all together. Trent was there along with Brian and then the Suwanee Couple came by as well. The Bro was there @ about 4pm while Amy was still there. Talked to Tommy about possibly getting me a glass from the last Thursday of the month since I will be out of town, he said he should be able to.

I stopped in @ the Olde Towne Tavern and asked about when Prime Rib would be available on Sunday, 5pm was the answer. Met a cute bartender named Lori with very dark hair and very young. They were doing trivia in the back.

Hooters for a nightcap, Kate at the bar and Erica on the floor, some of the regular crew Bruce and then the odd dude who is sure everyone is out to get him showed up just as I was leaving.

lawnmowerCame home to find the lawn had been mowed and the bushes trimmed, that’s an added bonus. Invited Nicki to Brian’s steak dinner @ Olde Towne Tavern.

partly cloudycloudyToday began as a cloudy grey day with the sky looking like a large grey backdrop. The clouds broke about noonish and the sun popped out and the temperature rose.

Work mostly consisted of looking through code to see if there was any way a Tenant could be messed up when logging device out-bounds.

Went out for a short walk on the trail, didn’t quite make it to the second bridge since I wasn’t feeling all that well, why is it that I always seem to need to hit the restroom when I stand after sitting most of the morning?

Headed home after work, then did a bit of painting on the deck, still need to finish the side of the staircase, the steps and the far side of the railing to the north. I’ll also need to cut back the climbing vines from the side of the stairs before finishing them.

Went out to Tin Lizzy’s with Autumn for our Wednesday night beers. Gabby was working along with some dude I didn’t know. Brit from Parma Bar has moved over to TL but is only working the floor and not the bar. She was quite busy and didn’t say Hi until we were leaving, no worries. The place was packed with women, many of them were in pairs or triplets, seemed like maybe they had been shopping and then stopped in for a drink before heading home, or maybe before shopping.

I keep thinking about Robyn Chan the dude who used to be in our chain of command with SAP and the terrible shooting in Cali that took him and his girlfriend’s lives.

In the same vein, Brian signed up for the Georgia Gun Club in Buford today and I’ll be getting the $100 addon that allows me to partake of the facilities for a year.

Marin Independent Journal By Gary Klien @GaryKlien on Twitter

Mara Yvonne Truly

Mara Yvonne Truly

A couple found dead in Sausalito last weekend both died of gunshot wounds, police confirmed Tuesday.

Robyn Jay Chan, 51, and Mara Yvonne Truly, 41, were discovered inside 173 San Carlos Ave. about 2:45 a.m. Sunday after police received reports of gunshots in the area. The couple hosted a party at the home earlier that night.

Investigators found five guns at scene, four of which of which were registered to Chan and one which was unregistered, said Sausalito police Chief Jennifer Tejada.

One of the guns was an AR-15 assault weapon, and two of the weapons had high capacity magazines, she said.

Sausalito police did not disclose that both had gunshot wounds until the autopsies were performed Tuesday. Investigators are still trying to determine the circumstances leading to the shooting and whether it was a murder-suicide.

Robyn ChanA screen grab shows the profile page for Robyn Chan, who died at a Sausalito home early Sunday. ( Allen, David

Tejada reiterated earlier statements that there is no apparent public threat of a killer at large. Tejada said the police department is "very appreciative of the exceptional patience and understanding the community has shown" during the past two days, while police kept a tight lid on information during the early investigation.

The investigation is continuing and police planned to conduct additional interviews.

via Police: Sausalito couple died of gunshot wounds amid trove of weapons – Marin Independent Journal.

Started out grey and cloudy in the am, wet ground. The sun peeked out a bit during the daytime. Mostly cloudy though all day.

Got a bit accomplished at work today, mostly just learned more about the enrollment server and helped on a dev-assist issue. Although the support engineer didn’t want to believe my conclusions (and davidt’s).

Realized today that after loosing the fitbit AGAIN on Monday I may have lost it for good. It may still turn up and I have to admit that I’ve lost it about 4 times now and have found it in places like the back floorboard in the car, in the parking lot @ work (after more than a few days had passed), and even had a fellow co-worker find it and after finding the name when it wakes up returning it to me. I do think it’s lost now….

Headed home and snacked for dinner watching some tv, episode of the Leftovers and one of Under the Dome.

Brian then suggested going and possibly getting the DVD release of Transcendence, decided to go ahead and buy it so we headed down to the Movie Stop and picked it up. Along the way we decided to go get a beer @ Taco Mac, Nickolas was having a beer as well and Brad and another dude were manning the bar. I’d much rather there be a lady or three but…. Ashley was working but I never got a chance to get her attention and she was working hard anyway. We discussed the possible availability of this years Founders KBS, they have a case in the back and haven’t put it out yet.

Came home and settled into bed.

He was our VP for awhile, I even had a one-on-one meeting with him about a year or so ago.

Marin Independent Journal By Gary Klien @GaryKlien on Twitter

20140721__MIJ-L-DOUBLEFATAL-0722~1-RobynChanTwo people found dead inside a Sausalito residence after a flurry of gunfire were identified as the homeowner and his girlfriend, police said Monday.

Robyn Jay Chan, 51, and Mara Yvonne Truly, 41, were discovered inside 173 San Carlos Ave. about 2:45 a.m. Sunday after police received reports of gunshots in the area.

Neighbors told investigators that Truly had just moved in or was about to, and the couple threw a party Saturday night to introduce her to neighbors and friends.

A friend who was at the party Saturday night said the couple had been dating for some time and that Truly, a Sacramento resident, already spent a considerable amount of time at Chan’s home.

“He loves traveling and he and Mara were just really happy together,” said the friend, who declined to be named. “They were happy that night. … I was shocked when his sister emailed the next day.”

Sausalito police are investigating the deaths with assistance from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, the coroner’s division and the Central Marin Police Authority.

Sausalito police Chief Jennifer Tejada declined to comment on the circumstances of the deaths pending autopsies, which are planned for Tuesday.

Tejada said police think the event was an isolated incident and that the public is not at risk of a killer at large.

The case would be the first homicide in the city of Sausalito since 2009, when Chet Turner killed his girlfriend, 46-year-old Avril Clary, at the apartment they shared on Bridgeway. Turner, who slashed the woman in the neck, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and took a 12-year prison sentence.

The homicide before that occurred in 1990, according to California Department of Justice records.

Sausalito police say deaths of resident, girlfriend occurred after party – Marin Independent Journal.

partly cloudycloudyWet for the morning drive in, up a bit late due to the shittyness of the day.

Call at work for one company, Colgate and they just hammered us over 7 issues that were mostly related cleaning up the database. Almost over 15 people on the call only 4 actually talking. Most of the problems should be taken care of in SP5 but we’ll need to do something about SP4 also.

Straight over to the Shroom for dinner and a beer, Brian stopped in along with me. Lauryn, Madison and Johanna were there along with a new gal. Obs, Maclynn showed up a bit later. Still Lauryn is not her usual chipper self, I feel I must rub her the wrong way although I can see I might by my non-politically correct attitude.

Came home afterward and had a Widmer Kill Devil Brown Ale and watched the latest episode of Masters of Sex and then the Punisher.

cloudyIt was dreary in the am and dreary the entire day.

Got up rather early and went online and got the tickets for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. Did more laundry, washing the towels and rags that I use for the car and also the pool.

Nicki left @ about 10:30 to go to church with her Mom, or maybe by herself. When she was getting home I got to see how wonderful she looked, and made sure I told her how beautiful she looked. I was cleaning the inside of the car @ this time.

Brian and I then headed out to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes @ the Movie Tavern. Not the best time there, it took them 3 times to finally get Brian his Pepsi One and a shot of bourbon, twice they came by with a Bourbon & coke mixed up. My Cuban sandwich was good but the fries were horribly cold and they just plain didn’t give us any napkins. I still like getting a beer @ the theater so I’m sure I won’t stop going. I did try to order the “MUG” but they didn’t have any.

By the time we got home it was almost 5pm and I gave up on the idea of going and seeing Pattie the neighbor @ Wild Wings. Instead I just had a few more beers and watched a few tivoed episodes of things, Californication and then True Blood. Ended up watching the better part of “The Internship”, funny and uplifting movie about Google Interns.

Drank a couple of my cellared beers, and called it a night.

I did get a few more moves I’d like to watch, The Giver, Sin City …. II, and the next Hunger Games episode the Mockingjay part 1.

beer list: week ending 07/20

Stone RuinTen IPA

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Ommegang Fire & Blood Ale -H
New Belgium LOF Gruit -H
Starr Hill Red Rooster Coffee Cream Stout -H
Lefthand Milk Stout -TM
Samuel Adams Porch Rocker -TM
Southern Tier Creme Brulee -TM
Southern Tier Chokolat -TM
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout -TM
Olvisholt Russian Imperial Stout -H
Monk’s Revenge Red Wine Barrel 13 -TM
North Coast Old Stock 10 -TM
Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA -TM
Terrapin Hopsecutioner -Hoot
Rogue Integrity Ale 25th -H
Trappist Rochfort 10 -H

Marin Independent Journal By Gary Klien @GaryKlien on Twitter

MIJ-L-DOUBLEFATAL-0721-01Two bodies were discovered inside a Sausalito residence early Sunday after police responded to reports of gunfire in the neighborhood.

The bodies were found at about 2:45 a.m. inside 173 San Carlos Ave., a two-story home over a garage in the hills near Spencer Avenue. The residence has a front driveway on San Carlos Avenue and a rear staircase leading up to Santa Rosa Avenue.

The police department said it sent officers to the home after receiving a report of gunshots at 2:38 a.m., but another resident across the street said she heard several sharp bursts at 2:15 a.m. She said she did not call police because she thought the sound might have been firecrackers.

MIJ-L-DOUBLEFATAL-0721-02A rear staircase leads from Santa Rosa Avenue down to the home on San Carlos Avenue where Sausalito police found two bodies Sunday, July 20, 2014. (Gary Klien/Marin Independent Journal)

"I heard a loud pop, pop — then a pause — then pop, pop again," said the woman, who declined to be named. "This is Sausalito. You don’t think that anything like that would happen here."

A neighbor who lives behind the residence, on the Santa Rosa Avenue side, said she heard a "bang" two to three times.

"I looked around and saw nothing out of the window," she said.

Sausalito police declined to release details about the two people or their injuries, but described the event as an "isolated incident." Police Chief Jennifer Tejada said there is nothing to indicate the general public is at risk but declined to elaborate with the investigation in progress.

There was no sign of a break-in at the home, she said.

Two pets, a cat and a dog, were inside the home when police went inside. The animals were turned over to the Marin Humane Society.

Marin County sheriff’s detectives, Central Marin police and a coroner’s investigator were assisting in the inquiry.

The coroner’s office did not release the names of the victims pending confirmation and notification of family members.

The case would be the first homicide in the city of Sausalito since 2009, when Chet Turner killed his girlfriend, 46-year-old Avril Clary, at the apartment they shared on Bridgeway. Turner, who slashed the woman in the neck, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and took a 12-year prison sentence.

The homicide before that occurred in 1990, according to California Department of Justice records.

via Sausalito police find bodies in home after report of gunfire – Marin Independent Journal.

RaincloudyRaining in the morning then into the afternoon. Rain stopped but the sky’s stayed mostly cloudy.

WileyClapp-RugerGP100Woke up to rain noises going down the gutter drain pipe by the bedroom window. Brian and I then went out to do some things gun related. He wanted to test some sub-sonic ammo and I was looking for a revolver. Went over to the new place at about 9:30 but found out they didn’t open until 11. So we went right over to bull’s Eye and I ended up putting a Ruger GP100 on layaway. It’s a Wiley Clapp special edition, with a combination wood and rubber grip in brushed stainless with a 3inch barrel.

Came home and did a couple of loads of laundry, clothes and then towels. Headed out to Hooters for a bit of fun. Before that I did stop in at Home Depot and got some stuff of the bathroom, remodel. Two towel holders and a new toilet seat.

At Hooters Erica as there for the first part and I had some crab legs and a Hopsecutioner. Met up with clay and a few other regulars before Haley came on duty. Kelli was also working the floor and Nikki was managing. Also she is showing something fierce. In a good way. LaurenDe came in along with Haley a bit earlier and Erica took her leave, Clay was in and out and another dude and I chatted about programming stuff. I started drinking water and Brian texted about hitting the tmac later.

Finally, left hooters and ran the car threw the car wash before deciding to head over to the tmac for the couple of beers I still wanted from there. I think I ll have to either drink a lot of water before leaving or call a taxi. Brian was over at the best buy I think but never came over when I texted or he dropped his phone at best buy. Then I got a call from him and he did stop by and have a beer with me.

I then cruised over to Kroger and did a bit of grocery shopping and came back to the house afterwards. Chatted with Nicki about woman’s issues and dating. She and I have found ourselves dating when we both don’t really want to. Also, she will not be going with us for the Reunion weekend after next, booo, hooo!

cloudyOvercast and a little drizzle in the am as I drove into work. Not the fluffy stuff you see on the right, but the big whitish sheet that looks to be only several feet away.

Mom's Garden


Ate a bunch of pistacios and I’m really happy they don’t dye them red like they used to. Otherwise, I would have red fingertips right now.

Work was rather slow, still trying to get the AD problem reproduced, sent to support for help.

Went on a short walk over to the bridge and back, felt a few raindrops so didn’t go far. Met up with a dude from work on the way back from a walk and he said he only felt a few during his walk, I didn’t want to chance it.

Headed over to the Mall of GA TMac for the couple of beers I wanted to have for their “Christmas in July” with Brian. Only had two and then went on home about 7ish. I had thought about possibly going back and having the new Founders Triple IPA but didn’t. Instead I just hung out at the house and watched some TV, drinking a european Russian Imperial Stout.

Getting up early in the am to head over to the gunshop and then to lunch but I still didn’t get to bed until after 1am. I’m looking for a revolver.

mostly sunnySunny and warmer today than yesterday. More overcast in evening.

Had some computer laptop troubles, seemed like the stuff I was seeing during the malware stuff. It had been upgrading some internal software and after a few reboots everything seemed ok.

Sent back a bug today, they had misunderstood the documentation and well need to fix the documentation in order to describe what it does and why.

Did a lot of snacking today on the stuff I bought last night.


Stopped in @ Pop’s and picked up two beers, Alagash Triple and a new Clown Shoes Burnt Carmel Brown Ale, I need to look for some Founders

Went out to the John’s Creek tmac for botm, the regular gang was there behind the bar, amber, Meg, Kate, Tommy and none of the ones on my side except for one, no two. The Irish dude and the English dude. Then about 30 minutes later JohnH, Trevor, and Brian showed up. The Christmas in July has started and Johns Creek along with Mall of Georgia have some wonderful cellared beers. Had the Southern Tier Creme Brulee 13 and a Left Hand Milk Stout.

Went a little overboard this evening by going over to the Mall of GA and having two more beers, both cellared versions of a Brooklyn Black Stout 12 and then a Southern Tier Chokolat 13. Matt, Nickolas and Brad were behind the bar, Ashley called out to me but I was bee-lining it to the bar. Got hugs and apologized for not noticing her @ the door earlier. Later the brewing dude and his wife (who never drinks) came in and he showed me the latest on his new-old Roadrunner, hast he engine out, both fenders and has bought another to replace them with. He had lost lots of weight, about 30lbs he says, basically by drinking only Michelob Ultra.

Home, small chat with Nicki before heading on to bed.