Overcast then sunny later, then overcast again for the evening with the sun o it now and again. Rain on the way to Florida several downpours.

Waiting the morning for the ups truck, messing around with packing for the weekend and getting some guns and camera equipment together. I also packed most everything but my computer and waited for UPS.

Nicki stayed in bed until after noon and just before that is when the ups dude came by, he first stopped at two neighbors before delivering our iPhones.

I opened mine and started the validation process, the restored the backup, it ended up taking almost an hour. I then got on the road with the truck. The ride was mostly uneventful, a wreck going north on i85, traffic wasn’t all that bad and nothing much happened until after Macon where there was a small downpour. That cooled things down a bit considering the air conditioner doesn’t work at all. I had forgotten that the cruise control did work and didn’t end up using it until I was almost in Florida.

Arrived at rob’s about 7pm, and we had pizza and watched Godzilla, it was just as campy and the original but with a bit better special effects.

sunnySky was clear this am as I left the house, stars were all out, orion high in the south. Sunny with a bit of haziness during the day.

Found that the $20 fee for my checking account was again levied, printed out the fee schedule and what you needed to have to waive fees, for Advantage with Interest a grand-fathered in account type only needs a mortgage to waive fee and then it comes with 4 free savings accounts, which I’m not getting. A very cute gal named Jade helped me out, I was a bit harsh but tried to calm down and thanked her for her help. She linked all the accounts to my mortgage and in 3 days I’ll hopefully see the refund for the fees, should be $20 for checking and $40 for the at least two years of savings fees ($5 a quarter).

Left work about noon-thirty and stopped in at the house before heading over to wood Eyecare and my appointment. The gal who let me through the basic measurement stuff was a really cute brunette, very polite and knowledgable, asked a few quest ones and she had the answers. The doctor came infante that and his bedside manner was excellent. He informed me of all the decisions he was making and even that he verified what I was telling him by doing it multiple times. If you have ever harass an eye exam sometimes you are not sure which one is clearer and you need conformation, he did it. They didn’t have the exact contacts they wanted to give me so I got some others that were close to what I already had and ordered the others. I had planned on trying the multi focal again but he felt with my stigmatism they would be way too expensive and not good enough. I ended up buying a pair of progressive reading glasses, they go from 2.50 to 1.XX from bottom to top.

Went to the carwash and got the car washed as you would expect. Then off to hooters for some crab legs and beer. Katrina was there at first and then Kelli came in after that.

Stopped in at the shroom for some more, Sahil is leaving soon to go to some massive wine bar place down in town, named Two something. Madison and Kate were working the floor, Kate was not happy and wouldn’t say why, I wanted to go hug her every moment I was there and she looked sad. Did get a hug when I left that evening, she will be working Sahil’s shift after Saturday, and I won’t be able to see her then since I’m going to Florida on Friday. Told her we would make a point to come over during her new schedule as well. Joanna and a friend (brunette, Natalie) came by for dinner as well, along with the cabinet dude, John?

mostly sunnycloudyOvercast and a bit warmer this am, in the 70’s instead of the 60’s. Sun came out just before noon, mostly sunny afterward.

Trouble with the build of HF13 for SP4 and Time is out on vacation and so it Greg, so I start working on the build figure out the issues and BAM! the network goes out. It came back up before lunch and I finished the re-package adding 3 more files to the Server update.

Brian and I went over to Jimmy Johns for lunch, damn good Italian sub. Noticed a sign stating there is some sort of Class Action lawsuit against them, something to do with Alfalfa Sprouts.

A California woman has filed a lawsuit against Jimmy John’s claiming a sandwich she ordered was supposed to contain sprouts but it didn’t.

The woman’s court case is listing fraud and a violation of California’s False Advertising Act, among other claims.

Jimmy John’s is settling and is now issuing vouchers for a free side item to anyone who claims they purchased a sandwich that was supposed to contain sprouts but didn’t.

Customers must fill out a form on their website saying they bought a sprout-less sandwich from February 2012 to July 21st, 2014.

via Jimmy Johns offering vouchers after class-action suit over sprout-less sandwiches | WTKR.com.

Went straight home after work, took a short nap and then headed over to El Real for some dinner. Stephanie, a very cute short Hispanic gal was working the bar, Ashley will not be there because finally the labor pains have gotten to a point that it doesn’t make since. I’m going to miss her. Asked Nicki if she wanted to go but she didn’t. Met a couple of women @ El Real today, gal named Jenny dirty blond nice body lives in Highland Oaks on Something Lane about the 12th house, drives a white stationwagon looking thing and has a son living with her, been there since 2001 as well, been through 2 husbands while there. Talked about the gun range down the street and CC licenses.

cloudyOvercast and cooler today.

Went out to the dentist @ 9:50am today, it was suppose to be @ 8:30 but they rescheduled on Friday. Had a new hygienist, she was nice with short black hair since she was african-american, most of them are @ this place. Didn’t see a Dr. this time, just a cleaning and then some antiseptic jell to help with my gingivitis. I did end up buying a new Braun toothbrush that I hope will help with my gums as well.

Came home and worked a bit on pulling down the wallpaper in the kitchen some more. Got the wall to the right of the door to the garage. I think I’m about a third to a half done as far as square footage goes. The part I did today was a bit more secure than the other areas were. Next I need to figure out what color I want to paint the areas and start on the smaller areas in the windowed dinning area.

Nicki asked about helping her with her car payment this month, she is suppose to pay me back on Friday, hope it happens I really can’t afford to allow her to continue to mooch off me, it’s not good for me or for her. I had to move some payments around and then deliver the $$$ through the bank transfer deal.

Just watched TV and drank a few beers the rest of the evening.

beer list: week ending 09/14

Bitter Woman

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Red Brick Matcha Super Green Yuzu-H Lefthand Double Sawtooth DIPA
Avery TwentyFirst Brown Ale -TM Stone 18th Ann. IPA
Warsteiner Oktoberfest -TM
Monday Night Drafty Kilt Nitro -TM
Eventide Irish Stout -TM
Terrapin Pumpkinfest -TM
Sweetwater Tangerine Dreamcicle -TM
21st Amendment Hop Crisis -TM
Ass Kisser Smoked Porter -H
Dogfish Head Rhizing Bines -H
Pike Space Needle Ann. IPA -H

cloudyCloudy and colder today, didn’t get up much past 66 all day. The sun did pop out a bit in the early afternoon but then nothing.

Felt rather good considering how much beer I had drank last night.

Got ready and then Brian and I went over to the Georgia gun club and shot some pistols. They had just finished upgrading the 50 yard range to satisfy some dude who lives in an adjacent neighborhood who is complaint about the noise. He says that he has to wear protective plugs in his ears even in his house, we wants to hear nothing. Found out while we were there that they are allowing rifles up to 308 in the pistol range until the 100 yard range is upgrade is finished.

I just laid around the house watching TV and playing on the Internet until Nicki and I went out for Sushi @ about 5pm.

Went to Kani House for sushi and after talking about possibly getting some rolls we just opted for the Sushi Deluxe, it’s perfect for us since we both want salads and miso soup. Plus the regular assortment of nigri sushi is just fine with us. I did forget to ask about subing the spicy tuna roll with the non-spicy version. Nice dinner with the daughter.


partly cloudyIt was cloudy in the a.m. and then it got warmer and the sun popped out.

Messed around the house before heading over to the shroom with Brian. The crew, Katie and Alice were there, a few folks showed up a bit later. Erin arrived at the time we were leaving. I wish the Saturday lunch was a bit more busy for them, $$ but I do enjoy chatting with them.

Went over to Frys with Brian after lunch, ended up getting a new monitor for the Mac down in the kitchen. I also bought a new mouse for the MacBook since often I’d rather use that instead of that infernal touch pad.

lawnmowerAfter lunch we noticed they had mowed the lawn, I was thinking that they would get it on Friday.

Went home and a bit after that and then headed over to the Hooters for some football. The Gators so a though in overtime and very sloppy. I hoped for a better showing against Kentucky. I became quite a bitch later when the UFC fights came one bitching about how crappy our society was to enjoy seeing one person beat up another.

Went home and chatted with Nicki and Brian before getting to bed. Have plans with both of them doing things they like, and I do.

RainWoke up to a bunch of rain.

Ordered the iPhone6, not the plus. Don’t need a HUGE screen at all. I did get the 128G one since I am a memory hog. Did it @ 5:30am, tried @ about 3am and the Apple Store was being updated. I’m guessing I’ll be giving my old phone to Nicki, it’s black so I’m not sure she is really down with it but it’s faster and nicer, I could just see her trading it in for a white one. I also think I’ll give my metal case to dad if he wants it.

I went over to the t.mac at johns creek and had a few beers, also a borrito that I took half home. The English dude, Martin and his friend Robert were there a bit later. Defiantly the second crew there, the service basically sipucked, very slow and not very attentive. Kate was the on,y bright light and she was mostly swamped by the floor.

Didn’t do much there and then went straight homeland watched tv for the rest of the evening. I did get a text from BeckyT about the kitchen Nightmares ther was playing today, we had been at the checkup of the gastro pub in Everett, prohibition, and all I got to see was my arm and part of try sleeve, you did get to see BeckyT do a lot of talking to me and eating. Or as she out it her feeding her face. I’m going to have to try to put some video up here of that. The up part is that the food was great and chef Ramsey was impressed with it, the only one of the show to get his approval.

partly cloudyCloudy most of the day.

Working on an issue within the Administrator and Custom Views, I have no idea what or how it does it. Just poking around really. The problem I noticed with the move of the LastConnectDate came in from a customer yesterday. I pointed out what needed to be done and I’m not sure anyone is going to do anything about it. I’m not sure how to put a note into the BCP (customer issue tracking) and not make a big scene.

Went out to the Johns Creek T.Mac for BOTM, Brian decided to show up as well. The crew, Tommy, Amy, Hannah & Kate with Amy leaving earlier than normal. They say it’s been really slow this week and they don’t have a clue as to why. Got the cool Heffe glass today. And I also didn’t stop in @ Pops. I did end up @ Suwanee and had some wings and another beer, got to see Erin and Kevin along with the new baby girl, Keira as in Keira Knightly BUT I think it may be Kara instead. Kara was adorable and very healthy looking, smiling and all wide eyed at everything. Also met a friend of John’s a lesbian so I’ve heard, name was or was similar to Claire I think. She had a fresh tattoo on her left shoulder of her dog’s face, actually looked good.

Left there and stopped in @ the El Real for “just one” did do that and got to catch up with Ashley, seems she is having contractions again and the baby wants out, may not be a good thing since it would be over two months early.

Today is the 13th Ann. of the attack on the World Trade Center in NY

partly cloudycloudyStarted out cloudy today in the am, continued most of the morning.  The sun did peek out a bit around noon time.

Went to my first meeting for Blue Team (or is it red team?).  Not very exciting but nice to see all the faces.  Found out also that the issues I have been seeing with Custom Views is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are plenty more where they come from.

iPhone5-vs-iPhone6plus iPhone5-vs-iPhone6Looked over the info on the iPhone6 and 6plus.  Not sure there is a compelling reason to upgrade at this time.  Also, my $150 elements case would not work and they currently do NOT have one available for the 6. The things come in two sizes and the photos to the right let you know how much bigger they are than the iPhone5.

They do not come with un-breakable screens so that is not all that good, maybe the next one will.  iOS8 will be on it and there are some cool stuff there but that doesn’t require the new phone.

reasons to upgrade

1) Who doesn’t like a new toy?

2) Battery life longer

3) The fingerprint thing

4) Bigger screen

Went home and just watched TV most of the evening.   I had detoured and picked up the Captain America movie that came out yesterday.  Watched a few Tivoed shows and then watched Captain America.  Had a beer and then hit the sack.

mostly sunnyIt was cloudy when I left the house and began clearing as the sun came up. The full moon was setting and was 100% @ about 7:30am.

Out on the trail after lunch, a bit HUMID and warm and not much wandering about.  I lady did tell me she saw a copperhead just a mile down the trail but I had to be going in.

Got a call from the Bank about my VISA card, they were not sure about my charge from DataSomethingORanother, it was the re-bill of my porn site for 3 months, no real problem doing it since I love the videos there.  I ended up looking over my account online and I found that I’m a bit over limit at the moment so I transferred $400 over from savings and then I’ll move more around the 15th when I get paid again.  I need to concentrate on pulling the balance down since it’s now my only CC card.

Found out that BlogLovin now can follow Tumblr blogs again.  Got over 200 entries to go through…

iPhone 6 was announced and isn’t all that big of a deal, it’s bigger with a larger screen, actually two sizes, the larger one is over 5.5 inches screen and 7.1mm thick. and they are back to the rounded exterior no more flat sides.

Came home and made dinner, some spaghetti, then went over to the El Real and had beer and sat with the folks there.  I had planned on inviting Nicki but she was talking with the Duran I think on the phone and then giving me crap about her germ phobia when I told her she used to much paper towels and needed to use a regular cloth towel to dry her hands.

October 2nd will be Ashley’s last day @ El Real before the baby.  She’ll be coming back though to see everyone suppositely,  we will see.  Basil the big black dude arrived a bit later, the couple who are usually @ the end of the bar were there and so was Ken.  No Tiffany, damn.  Maybe I need to try to get to Applebees?  or not.  Found out that Ashley has trouble carrying babies to term, this one is not due until Dec 5 and she has already had several times they have had to stop labor.  She expects to have the baby @ least a month early, maybe before the end of October.

partly cloudyIt was partly cloudy all day, got humid but didn’t rain.

Work was productive, I finally figured out the issues that the SP5 release has with Querys, they really fucked it up and I’m really not sure what it is SUPPOSE to do at all.

Headed on home and ran into a small accident on Old Alabama just before the School, looked like about 4 cars all in a row, one of them with gal in a school uniform.  We sat for a bit but then got the chance to get around and other than that the traffic on the way home wasn’t all that bad.

Brian got home about the same time as I did, still no magic drawer box it was suppose to be here on Saturday, email said it was on it’s way but no word on it’s arrival.  The other two boxes came in on Friday.

StewFinally ate Ken’s Brunswick Stew, it was really good, although a bit spicy for my tastes, doesn’t linger long, I think it would be great on some rice or something like that.

I then just watched TV for the rest of the evening, having a beer while watching Stephen King’s “Storm of the Century” although I don’t think it was the whole movie in 1.5 hours.

beer list: week ending 09/07


mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Stone Perfect Crime -H Black Ball Porter
Southern Tier 2X Stout -H
Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA -H Weyerbacher Blasphemy Quad
Breckenridge 72 Imperial Cream Stout -TM
Lien Big Eddy IPA -H
Founders Devil Dancer IPA -H
Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast IPA -H
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot -H
Sweetwater Bobblehead Bob 35th -TM
Warsteiner Koenig Ludwig Hefewiesen -TM
Southern Tier Oak Backburner -TM
21st Amendment Back in Black IPA -TM
Jekyll Hop Dang Digity IPA -TM
3 Taverns Quasimodo Quad -TM
Dogfish Head Rhizing Bines -H

Rainpartly cloudyOvercast most of the morning. Rain in the pm, stopped the reception of the falcons game too. It rained a lot.

Got up early and messed around the house.

Took off to Hooters to have a beer and some crab legs, forgot to save the bill so I could use it for the app thing. I did get to watch the falcons game though and had a nice time doing so. They did end up winning today after an over time. I noticed a new gal at Hooters that I have to say is really cute. Dark hair curls and the Cheshire Cat going on. Cute.

I stopped in at the shroom for “dinner”, had a meatball sub and a rebel IPA, Erin w managing with Katie working the floor, not anybody in the place due to football. Since they don’t really do specials for football nothing much was happening. Sad, since they are really nice folks and very interesting to chat with.

Sahil came in at about 5 and the other two left but not until Madison came in wearing the sexy little black dress, with her slim figure and long legs, I couldn’t stop staring… Although I did try not being to conspicuous. The waitress I saw last week, Alice came in to work as well, had to leave anyway.

Back at the house I just hung out and watched TV, the DirecTV was having trouble due to the storming outside and I watched most of Steven King’s Dreamcatcher.

Rainpartly cloudyCloudy, hot and humid today. Rained a bit in the evening.

Got up and played on the computer for a bit in the am.

Went out to the shroom for lunch, getting to chat with Katie and Joanna. Heard com rumors about Madison almost having a stalker type due who is bringing flowers and stuff to the store. Found out that Katie also found her puppy Forest, he had been picked up by some family down the street as a stray, they had to pay to get him back.



Went over to the Kroger and picked up the things I didn’t when shopping last weekend, paper towels, olive oil and handsoap.

Went over to the Mall of GA T.Mac and watched the game. We started a bit slow but worked our way up and by the half the score was 30+-0 by the end we had more than doubled our score to 65-0 still skunking Eastern Michigan. Jackie was working and had been all morning, she also opened and closed yesterday, ouch. Matt came in just after 5pm and Natalie was there earlier but left around 5 complaining about her feet hurting. Bob and ??? were there for a bit, not sure anything was wrong or if it was just Football. Several gals here and there were quite cute but never close enough to chat. A couple watching the Auburn game was interesting though, she was all fancied up and cheered for Auburn like a true southern belle.

Came home and watched Extant and AlienNation from back in the 90’s. Had another beer, the Lefthand Twin Sisters IPA.

Got up out of bed about 2 hours late, feeling like crap and almost called out of work.

Got some headway on the issue, figured out one issue then another plopped up, due to the shit that is query whatever.

Went over to the johns creek tmac for some beer, got the Konig Ludwig in the boot and then another beer, Southern Tier Oak Backburner I met a gal Andrea, very cute, a dirty blond with blue eyes and into real estate. We chatted a bit, she has all brothers and also all boys as kids. Her name was Andrea and just got divorce a few months before. From a rich guy … She could really put away the Miller Lites, had a least 6 maybe more. She is into bald men and not money.



Stopped into the shroom for a beer and a Caprice, most of the gang was there, Madison in a very tight stripped mini skirt and Katie in a very tight cleavage showing top. All of them were showings hat they are beautiful women. Lauryn was there along with Sahil both being more sedate. I’m still wondering why Lauryn doesn’t talk to me much anymore. Sad since I really did love out conversations, she is a very intelligent woman.

Over at hooters and the dude, brad the short guy, dark hair always in plaid paid for all my beers since I paid for one of his tabs was back when about a month ago, when he had too much fireball. Sierra a very cute black gal, very petite and a gal between her front teeth was working the bar. Stephanie was also working the bar but left early.

It was overcast all day, the sun didn’t come out @ all. It rained a bit but nothing much really.

Work is stalling a bit, I’m not getting very far with the issue I have.

Went over to the Johns Creek, JC, T.Mac and had the beer of the month along with a couple of others. Very cool glass today. Amy was looking great, don’t seem to see Meg as often now. Chatted with the dude who had just retired about 3 months ago, a bit later Brian and Peter came in as well. Kate was as snarky as ever and Tommy’s hair is still growing.

Stopped in at El Real afterward to order a cup from her for her kid’s fundraiser, she had forgotten to bring the stuff in today but I gave her $$$ and name and phone anyway. Broached the question about possibly doing a photoshoot, baby belly shots, she isn’t interested. Also, there was talk of a Zombie baby thing for Halloween. The gals who work with her were there along with other Regulars, Basil, black dude with English wife and Ken and his gal. Also the dude Josh from the night Nicki met Duran, she came by later and I drank too much, more than I wanted to.

Overcast this morning, then some sunshine and then in the afternoon the thunder arrived again. It was very humid but no rain @ first.

I had another (I always have dreams) odd dream this morning, I was in a house/condo and it was leaking with water softening up some of the walls and things. Basically the whole thing collapsed since the wood had gotten all spongy and just fell apart. I was trying to determine if the insurance would cover it or if I would have to lose the whole thing.

Found a cute photographer from UNF in Jacksonville. MacBaker, freckled strawberry blonde with several tattoos, good photography and likes photos of roadkill and dissecting them, also likes bones. Wish I could find a gal like that in my age bracket, she’s actually younger then Nicki @ 23.

Another Internet pal, Dainty Squid also put up an interesting photo blog post, an old abandoned Observatory in Cleveland, OH.

Went straight on home and missed the rain, it poured @ the house and everything was wet when I got there. Totally forgot to stop @ the liquor store and look for the new Terrapin Pumpkin Porter.

Went over to the Movie Stop and reserved the Captain America movie that comes out next week, I’ve currently got 3 movies on reserve, most ever. We also stopped in @ Best Buy and I picked up another power supply for the MacBook and looked over the Mac mini’s. Need to get a monitor for the Mac mini we have now.

Just was boring and had a sandwich for dinner and then watched TV and had a couple of beers, trying to knock out the beers.

Cloudy and overcast in the am, as the sun came up it cleared. Looked stormy and even rained a bit before dark.

Only got a little way with the issue I’m working on.

Found out that some guy down the street in our neighborhood had something to do with the photos of celebrities. There were news camera crews and vans all over our neighborhood, Apple says their security was not at fault.

Because, look: When people seek out stolen images like the ones just released of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and other celebrities, those people are violating these women in much the same way that the person who stole the pictures did.

A spokesperson for Lawrence acknowledged the authenticity of the images, calling it a “flagrant violation of privacy” and vowing to prosecute anyone who shared the images online. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence,” the spokesperson said in a statement, People Magazine reports.

After messing around on the computer after work I checked with Nicki and we headed over to El Real after she got out of the attic looking for things from the past. Ashley and Ken were there @ first, then a few other couples came in. Had the Pollo Maya and a Hopsectioner and she had a Mango Margarita. Not much else and then we came home after that.

Watched some Tivoed programs and drank some beer.