beer list: week ending 08/31

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Allagash Tarnia -H Straight to Ale Vern’s Wheat Wine
Dogfish Head World Wide Stout -H Straight to Ale Laika Russian Stout
Mikeller Black Hole Stout aged in Tequila -H Red Brick Matcha Yuzu IPA
Stone Black Rye Kolsh -H
Kona Castaway IPA -TM
Stone Russian Imperial Stout -TM
Lonerider Red Spur -TM
Starr Hill Soul Shine Pale -TM
Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro -TM
Widmer Rotator Hopside Down -TM
Sierra Nevada – OB Canfusion -TM
Boulevard Dark Truth -TM
Bells Two Hearted -TM
Rogue 7 Hop -TM
Creature Comforts Tropicalla IPA -TM

Went out to t.mac at about 2 o’clock and had a few beers and a shrimp and guacamole wrap. Jackie was behind the bar other guy and nobody else was on the floor that I was very interested in seeing. I did chat a long time with Bob and his wife. Had my 1000th beer on my Suwannee list and will be stopping there.

Brian was over at the Nissan dealer trying to get himself a new truck. It was well past 6 o’clock before Brian got home and with his brand-new truck. We will be heading over there tomorrow morning in order to pick up his old truck.

After Taco Mac I decided to go ahead and go shopping for the cookout on Labor Day Monday. After I purchased $120 worth of food, chips, ribs, and the fixings for potato salad and shrimp salad, I decided to go ahead and check El real and see if Ashley was working.

Ashley was working and I went ahead and ordered a Hopsecutioner, because the main gang, the Brunswick Stew fellow, Ken was there and I even got a jar, looking forward to eating it soon. Invited Nicki to come out to the restaurant but she was doing her homework and had a test later tonight. Ashley wasn’t feeling very well and was having a lot of shortness of breath due to a small blood clot in her lungs that was found when she was at the doctor for her appointment, she is on a lot of medicine too thin her blood and hopefully soon she’ll be cleared up.

Came home and help Nicki with a little bit of her homework and on the problem that she was having with her quiz but then I sat back and watched most of American Beauty.

Up before 9am, then at 9:30 Brian and I cut and loaded the eat of the garage door I to the back of the truck and then went out to the dump. The oak grove landfill in winder ga. It cost me $35 to get rid of the stuff but we didn’t have to cut it down to 4 foot pieces, only about 6. Unloading was quick and we were headed back. Down the road in no time. Brian wanted to stop at the walmart there in winder since they sell guns. Not much there but it killed some time. We then headed on home.

We quickly regrouped and then was off to the shroom for lunch, Katie and a new gal, Alice was there, Alice is a cute petite brunette with longer hair in a ponytail, glasses? Madison came in a bit later, all spunky and wired. Her long hair does things to me I can’t describe, she is one sexy woman. Yeah, I’m a dirty old man.

Headed home after that and painted the deck until I run out of paint, not much done but the rail on the bottom of the stairs. Still will need at least a quart to finish up but will need to buy a gallon. After sweating outside for about an hour I decided to change shirts and head out to the hooters for some beer and a bunch of crab legs. Erica at the bar looking lovely as always, the cute blonde Ashley on the floor reminding me to he curves of a woman’s body that gets my fire burning. Crab legs were great today.

The gator game never actually started and they postponed it due to lightning.

Sunny and clear most of the day, in the afternoon it did get a bit more cloudy, fluffy ones.

Very short walk in the afternoon just down to the bridge and back, it was getting HOT.

Working on a bug but having trouble with SP5 install.

Went over to Johns Creek T.Mac after work, Amy working the bar and JohnH already there. Peter and his gal arrived after Trent left. John left for Suwanee before 7pm. No Meg today, Boo.

Drove over to Suwanee since John and gone other there for the Sierra/OB Collaboration ale, Canfusion. John was leaving as I arrived, met up with Kevin, Erin was with their daughter and he showed lots of pictures. Bonnie and her husband Johnathon was there too, along with a “friend” of his from work, Sara. Sara is a cute as hell dark haired and eyed girl from Puerto Rico, talked and chatted for quite some time, she had just started the Brewniversity. When they left she mentioned seeing me next Thursday, well maybe…

Stopped in @ Wild Wings like an idiot, should have gone straight home, or at least something to eat.

lawnmowerThe lawn guys mowed today.

partly cloudyhazysunnyHazy but clear and sunny today, am cool in the upper 60′s then warming to mid 80′s to upper 80′s.

We had a fire drill @ work about 10am, walked all the way up and out to the parking lot where we were given some ice cream for our trouble. It’s cool to be able to check out all the nice folks who work in this building every day, some are rather cute.

Short walk out to the bridge and back, sun in and out, a lot cooler when it was behind clouds.

Went over to the T.Mac in johns creek for some beers and dinner. Had a bad day. The trash, garage door wasn’t picked up since it was not cut into 4ft pieces, called them to find that out then called back to see if we could just deliver it. They don’t own the landfill, but gave me the number, I called but they didn’t answer. Niya was working, the very cute black gal with glasses. Tommy came in a bit later.

Went home after and got in a bit of a argument with Brian over how we treat each other, we both feel we are always right. Moved the garage door from the front to the side yard by the edge of the driveway. Nicki helped after Brian dropped one piece as we were moving it because of the word exchange. Talked about driving the door to the landfill in the truck ourselves, or we will need to cut up in smaller pieces before they will pick it up next Wednesday.

sunnyClear and sunny. Then a bit hazy as it got hotter.

Had a funky dream last night that I was in some sort of LARGE cave with lost of others working on making it some sort of museum or something. Building glass cabinets and tables but there was water leaking to nearly flowing in waterfalls and showers all over the place.

Went out on the trail in the am, cooler and into the 80′s still. Quite a few larger shrooms all around, yellow bolete’s and a few other types. Saw a couple of deer and lost my reading glasses out there.

I began working on the issue with ADM0001 & ADM0002 errors, seems the AD is not responding or something like that. I think I’ve solved the issue, it was throwing an exception since the string was empty, the function checked for null but not empty.

Got a text from the Optometrist, time for the eye exam. Only issue is that currently the HSA is not working since they are moving it to another bank so we will be getting new cards sometime before Sept 4th. I think I’ll be getting the dual focus thing again and then possibly glasses through America’s Best.

Outlander_StarzWent home and had a quick dinner of the leftovers I had from yesterdays pasta. Then I watched several of the Tivoed programs I have queued up, the Leftovers, True Blood (last episode, it’s over!). I then decided to head over to El REal and have a beer or two, only Ashley wasn’t there again and the short gal who seemed to be having trouble and the bar was only half full. I did notice on my way in that the dude who first owned the Brickhouse pizza, Bruce? (no it was Billy) was sitting in one of the booths with a younger gal, or I think it was him. I just headed on back to the house since I wasn’t just in the mood to drink out, and possibly they didn’t even have Hopsecutioner. Instead, I just watched a few more shows, started the Outlander (IMDB) series about a WWII nurse who travels back to the 18th century, interesting and the gal who playes Claire, Caitriona Balfe is HOT.

partly cloudymostly sunnySunny and not as hot as it has been, it was below 90 all day long! Clouds got more plentiful as the day progressed, mostly cumulus.

I mailed out the homeowner’s paperwork for the house painting. Did it after lunch @ the post office near the Athens Restaurant in Alpharetta. Brian and I went there for lunch today.

Work is a bit slow now, I debugged the DirectoryMonitor Server since there are errors when another Tenant enables removing user devices from management when the user is removed from AD.

Wild Heaven Brewery

wild heaven

Went out on the trail for a short walk to the north, noticing that there are a lot more poison ivy, oak, etc all over the place lately. Maybe just because I notice it and not that there is actually any more than before. Saw a turtle at the edge of the creek but scared it away before I got a good shot of it. Just a few spiders and shrooms but nothing really spectacular.

Had a short chat with Sheri, the person who took over JoeOwen’s responsibilities, I asked if I could request to be on the Blue Team, I know the dudes and I feel I’m more suited for the backend stuff. She told me that I was slated for the Blue Team in a meeting they had back on Friday. Cool.

Went straight on home, Nicki got 100% on her test she took last night, I let her know I don’t feel right helping during her tests, I won’t do it again.

I just hung out and watched TV, having some crab pasta with olive oil and herbs. Watched the latest episodes of True Blood, Extant, and the Leftovers, that’s 4 hours since there were two of Extant. Had a few beers from the cellar.

beer list: week ending 08/24

Red Brick

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Southern Tier Pumking -H
Sweetwater Festive 2011 -H
Mikkeller Black Stout -H
Lost Abbey Angel Share -H
Lagunitas Brown Shugga -TM
Terrapin MooHoo -TM
Goose Island IPA -TK
Lonerider Dead Eye Jack Porter aged in JD Barrels -TM
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin -TM
Ikley The Chief IPA -TM
Creature Comforts Athena Sour Wheat -TM
Sweetwater Dank Tank Johnny Hash IPA -H
BeerName -TM

mostly sunnyWoke up to an overcast and cooler morning.

Got all the crap together for the Homeowners Ass. for the painting that is already done. Need to file the paperwork in order to get it approved, people have a job to do. I received the letter dated 8/12 certified mail sometime this week, possibly Wednesday I think. I’m still wondering if they are going to give me crap about the garage door, too many people in the neighborhood have the same door for them to actually do much about it.

Wild Heaven Brewery

Wild Heaven

Looked up that Wild Heaven has a beer tour & tasting on Sunday so I planned on going today. Did it. I first stopped in @ the Savage Pizza, a really cool pizza place in Avondale Estates area by Decatur, lots of super hero stuff, mostly Wonderwoman and some Thor, Batgirl etc. I should have take more photos. I had the meatball sub, very good.

I then hurried over to the Wild Heaven Craft brewery and got my goblet and started having samples. My first was the Eschaton (10%), a yummy sweet Belgian Quad, dark and dark fruits are what this sucker is all about. I then had the Civilization, a barleywine @ 12% and then I had the White Blackbird Saison. By this time the place is doing well, lots of very nice gals and some cool dudes. The blonde (German) dude at the register, Jake was very helpful with lots of trivia, Eschaton means End of Days (or is that End of the Day?) Also he had lots of info on the things coming up next and he is the guy who did the tour. The brewery is all in ONE building/room as you can see in the photo below. The gal who served me most of my beers, Jessie was really great with beautiful brown eyes and very nice olive skin and dark hair.

Wild Heaven Brewery


This was an all ages tasting and there were the fair share of kids but they all were really well mannered and there were absolutely no problems, I say it is definitely a family and pet friendly place. The age ranged from above me to well below me down to about 1year or less. Lots of the women were wearing dresses and since is was quite warm still they were the light summer kind, very good on the eyes. Enjoyed myself but I wish I had invited KarenC, she would have appreciated the beer for sure.

Wild Heaven Brewery


Came home afterward and stopped in @ the Suwanee Beverage Superstore, picked up a Red Brick Matcha Yuzu IPA and two Straight to Ales from Alabama, the stout and a Wheat Wine.

Nicki was doing her Algebra homework and then needed to take a test before midnight tonight, she asked me to help her with some questions in the homework and then some on the test, I’m going to not do that next time, I’m sure she will give me grief about it, I’ll be letting her know I won’t be giving her answers anymore but can “tutor” if she wants it.

sunnySunny RainsunnySun shining into the house, rolled over and went back to sleep. Finally got up about 8am, then started laundry, three loads later I was heading out to the shroom for lunch. Did a load over regular clothes, sheets then towels.

Nicki got up about 11:10 just before I left for the shroom.

Over at the shroom, katie and Joanna were there and things were a lot smoother tha on Wednesday. Katie had this flash dance type shirt on, that always seemed to fall off one shoulder or another, ouch.



Headed over and got my car washed after that, then stopped in @ Hooters and had a Hopsecutioner or two while having my normal crab legs. I should possibly do this on Sunday instead of on Saturday, leaving Sat. afternoon more for other things. Erica was @ the bar, the whole management team was there having some sort of meeting with the regional dude who stuck around and made everyone uncomfortable. JaimeS came in for a beer and we chatted for awhile before he left. Lawyer dude was there as well, headed home about the time LaurenDe came in. We had a bit of a sunshower about 3pm I’d say, yeah, just after I got the car washed…

@ Home I finished off the car, touching up the outside and wiping down the leather along with wiping the plastic/vinyl parts as well. It was too damn hot outside to do much else.

I then went out to the MAll of GA TMac for a few beers, nothing much happening there, I’m @ 992 now and only 8 more to go. Should make sure I finish up on Thursday or Friday this week in order to do it @ the John’s Creek store since it’s truly my favorite store now.

mostly sunnyhazyIt was hazy and foggy for the drive into work, traffic sucked also since I was a bit late waking up this morning and didn’t get out of the house until after 6:30.

Dude from support came over and I showed him how I couldn’t get the error to occur if we used the global AD cache. He left and never came back.

We were introduced to the new bug acting system @ SAP. There are two systems now one for customer issues and the other for internal issues. We are suppose to but all new internal issues into the CSS and later this year it will be combined into the new customer system that support is currently using.

New paint, new garage door

new paint & garage door

Fernando and I left for midtown about 3:30 and it was hot as hell walking from the Marta station to tin lizzy’s were we had a small snack and chatted about the shit at work. We then headed over to the FPN and talked it up with Starla, I had a jumbilya egg roll appetizer and a few IPAs. We all began showing pictures of our families and of some cool places we have been too, Fernando has a trip to Costa Rica planned for some surfing in the next month or two.

We took a mall detour to the bar that used to be twisted taco but the place was dead and smelled like smoke, also the upstairs was either just closed or is all closed up. We then went to ra rei and had a drafty kilt pane wat for a bit before heading back to FPN and listening to the band for awhile before heading I out to the Marta, they were playing mostly 80′s stuff, pretty good.

mostly sunnyGot a call from Nicki that she had “popped” her tire on a curb, the thing was split down one side, she must have really hit it at a funny angle or something. She called the RoadSide Assistance she had and got them to change it to the spare.

Went over to the Doctor then, about 8:30, got my labs taken care of and then was in the exam room before 9am, my appt wasn’t until 9:30 actually. The nurse did her thing even giving me my EKG since it was a appt for a Physical. The Phys Asst. McPeters then poked and prodded me a bit, listened to my lungs, looked into my eyes, nose and throat. Then I did the turn your head and cough maneuver. Lastly, the check every man over 50 knows about. All was good, except that I need to stop eating and drinking so much beer so I can lose weight.

Found out last night that the trash was still in the front and they hadn’t picked it up. I then found the phone number of the Winder office of Republic Disposal and called them up, no one had gotten my other message on the website. They are now planing on picking it up this coming Wednesday so the stuff will have been out front for more than a week.

Noticed when I balanced the checkbook online that the check to the painters had went through, they called me just yesterday evening about if I was going to be sending a check.

Went to hooters after messing around with some work and then with the hose I’m mounting to the deck so I can water the stuff there. Katrina is working during the day only now. Looked great and same additive as she usually have, not taking crap from anyone.

Went over to the tmac @ mallofga for botm, met a cool dude who works for a metal supply company, things for housing construction. Ashley wa there, sexy and scholarly, she now is doing substitute teaching at Gwinnett schools, will be teaching science tomorrow to 7th graders, lucky seventh grade boys.

partly cloudyIt was totally cloudy this morning and then as the day progress the sun popped out here and again in the clouds became a little more dispersed.

I finally figured didn’t figure out what was going on Fernando talk to me about some issues that he saw with the check group assignments and I think that maybe the whole problem been saying this issue is the fact that the android client stops communicating before we actually complete the assignment check. Therefore what I’m really trying to say is that it really isn’t the bug at all and it was something that we fixed somewhere else but this is what it manifested self as when you use an android client.

When out for a short walk on the trail all I did was go out to the creek and then I went out a little bit in the northern direction didn’t really get much of in the way of pictures except for a very large spider and a couple of mushrooms. I did see two police officers on basic goal which was kind of interesting one way there then back. There also was a couple of mega cute joggers.

Came straight home after work and then after a little bit of something to eat I headed out to pick up a certified letter that I was told I had from our homeowners association. The letter was exactly about when I thought it might be it was about the painting so they want me to send in color samples and pictures and just do everything I was supposed to do before I got the house painted to make sure that they can ok it.

After that I went out and picked up the amazing Spiderman two movie and put down some money and two new movies before heading over to Michael’s and picking up some frames for the 8 x 10 photos that I bought quite a while back. After that I decided to stop in at the tilted kilt and have a little dinner and a beer lo and behold the two little twins were there. At this time I figured out that I had totally forgotten about the mellow mushroom for your birthday.

So then I went ahead and drove down to the house dropped off the stuff and picked up my iPad and headed over to mellow mushroom . The Shroom was packed to the gills. There was standing room only and there were people even sitting outside and standing around outside. Almost everyone was working except for Aaron and Lauren is the only two people I didn’t notice. I was lucky enough to stand by the end of the bar in the dude there was just getting ready to leave so I got to see it right away. Then the two little pair girls started chatting with me or I started chatting with them I’m not sure which one I’m going to Georgia to state and the other I’m not really sure of the first one was short with short brown hair and looked a lot like Rebecca Bloomfield or whatever her name is from God girls guide to depravity. Her name is Elizabeth and I think the other girls name was Kaylee or something like that. They both seem like really cool little maintenance women although quite a bit younger than I.

The mellow mushroom closed up about an hour early I would say and they had by that time ran out of all the beer all the small pizzas and were basically about an hour and a half behind on all to go orders.

partly cloudyIt was mostly cloudy in the a.m., then on into the p.m. and in the evening it was threatening to rain.

In our CPR meeting Greg went through all the stuff that he thinks is going to happen with the abolishment of CPR in the next week. so from now on we have no more 11am meetings, but I’ll more than likely have scrum meetings instead.

Came straight home and went out to the kani house for some sushi with Nicki.

Came home and Nicki ordered her books for her classes, then I get a phone call about my card, tells me to call another number and says something about MasterCard so I call up capital one and they know nothing about it. What? They think the people are phishing for info on my account.

Went over to eL real for beer, stayed a bit longer since it was Ashley’s birthday. The cute little young strawberry blonde was there and tried to talk more but we were a couple seats away from each other so didn’t do very well. She was looking very cute though and she did give me a hug before she left and she talked about needing a shower. I’m not sure if it was some sort of secret I guess you know but I found out today that Ashley is getting a divorce she’s a guess basically just outgrown her husband and she’s looking to get away. From what I can gather though the guy is a little bit too much on the drugs and is not really big on providing for his family. I’m sure it’s better for her that she gets rid of now while she still young. Speaking of young I guess she did turn 30 today so kudos to her.

partly cloudymostly sunnySunny then a bit mostly cloudy with sun now and again.

Up on time this AM, got to work and enrollment still isn’t working. Fiddled with it all day and still nothing.

Looked up our trash pickup folks, Republic Services and messaged them about picking up the garage door, I still need to also put in the old wine fridge and a few tires I have in the back.

Out to the Big Creek and back, saw a small turtle sunning on a log in the creek, lots of dragonflies, and I found another cicada husk. The turtle plopped back into the water at the sight of me.

Didn’t get very far in the bug at work today but I’m hoping I will break some thing loose tomorrow.

Went to the mellow mushroom with Brian and had some dinner, chatted with the gang, Katie and Madison about seeing Joanna at the concert on Saturday, hope I didn’t get her in trouble. Also saw Macklin there, and found out he had been in the hospital, he hasn’t been watching his diet and blood sugar very well.

A whole evening watching tivoed episodes of Masters of Sex and drinking high gravity beers, stayed up way to late as well.

beer list: week ending 08/17

Citra Ass Down

mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Terrapin Guano Loco -Mc Delirium Red
Lonerider Eve’s Amber -TM
Sweetwater Bobblehead Bob TMac 35th -TM
Victory Mad King’s Weiss -TM
Three Heads Tre Kind -TM
Boulevard SSS Grainstorm Black IPA -TM
Terrapin Hopsecutioner -Hoot
Monday Night Eye Patch IPA -MM
Terrapin Moo Hoo -MM
Southern Tier Pumking -H