Cloudy and cooler today,

Got up and Nicki was making pancakes for Amaliya, I even got a few, yummy.

MEssed around the house for a bit, re-potted some plants and swept and mopped the kitchen floor.

Went over to TMac with Brian a bit later, had some more beers and watched the Falcons win a game. Nickolas and SarahD at the bar, several cuties on the floor there as well. Still not as nice as Johns Creek but not bad at all.

Got up and went home afte that, I then stopped in at Hooters, BrittD out and Chella in. Regulars at the bar, some football and Bo. The couple at the end of the bar were there again, him dark hair and a bit of an asshole, always talking down to his wife, Nicole, a cute rather dense gal but a real sweetheart compared to him.

Wow,how would have thought?

Pi Beta Phi

The UCF chapter of Pi Beta Phi — a national sorority which aims to “promote friendship” and “develop women of intellect and integrity,” according to its website — was notified of the interim suspension in a November 21 letter from the university.

bulls eye on fire

A fire broke out inside a downtown Lawrenceville gun shop Saturday morning, authorities said.

Firefighters responded to the blaze at the Bull’s Eye Indoor Range and Gun Shop on West Crogan Street about 10:20 a.m., a Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said

Taxes 2018

Taxes 2018, Finished my returns today and payment will come out on Monday. I guess I have to pay about 180 some dollars in federal taxes and I’m supposed to get another 500 back from state.

Private Meeting

Walton, Aaron ; Samadi, Ali ; Harrison, Ben ; Buchanan, Bruce ; Conti, Chris ; Junius, Christopher ; Heimann, Daniel ; Avera, David ; Darden, David ; Taggart, David ; Thomas, Deanna ; Sivakumar, Deepa ; Angelucci, Dominique ; Hinds, Don ; Lopez, Donna ; Marks, Doug ; Van Heest, Eric ; Peacock, Gary ; George, Geoff ; Gibbs, Greg ; Naftel, James ; Newman, Reed ; Reid, Janice ; Williams, Jeff ; Jones, Kem ; Moore, John ; Medina, Fernando ; Raffaele, Joe ; Hanson, Jowell ; Lynch, Kate ; Joseph, Ligy ; Weaver, Marcus ; McNeil, Mariel ; McGahee, Mark