mostly sunnyWarmer today, sun out and just a faint wisp of clouds and con-trails this morning.

Started working on the precived issue with SP5/CPR but having trouble with simply configuring the Enrollment Server.


Out to Panera for lunch and then out on the trail. Found a toad hiding under some bark in a mostly rotten tree trunk. Found a few wildflowers and a large number of dandelions. I walked over by the entrance by the mall and things have changed a bit over there across the small bridge, they are constructing a water retention deal there now and have changed the ecology of the area a lot.

I came straight home after work, I thought about stopping in @ the Shroom for a beer but instead just hung out at the house.

Nicki had called eariler in the day about some issues with her latest doctor appt but everything seemed OK on the Insurance front, things paid.

I checked on the second group of bones I have in peroxide from the Raccoon skeleton I found last week, they still need a bit more whitening I think.

I almost decided to go ahead and run out for a beer but after messing with the computer and then a small nap it was almost 8pm and getting dark, didn’t feel like it anymore. I just stayed in and watched some more Battlestar Galactica and drank a couple of the beers I got from KarenC.

hazysunnySunny and coolant first warming up to the lower 70′s, absolutely beautiful. It got a bit hazy cloudy as the sun dipped below the horizon.

HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!!! Also it’s Earth Day and 420 Day not to mention Hitler’s Birthday.

Brian and I decided yesterday to hit up the shroom for lunch, after noon-thirty and we drove up to theplaceand it was closed, doesn’t open until after 4 this evening. So we opted for the Olde Towne, they had a buffet and it was $19, great looking but just too much. We ranted about it for awhile to the very cute strawberry blonde with freckles and very fair skin, her legs were very white and sexy poking out from her frayed jean skirt. The manager took petty on us and gave us the child price of $8, score.

Golden Gate

golden gate

A very hot gal sat down at the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary. The manager who gave us the special deal on the buffet talked to her for awhile so I was thinking she must work there., ouch what a hot outfit, half sweater top and sheer white pants which clearly showed she wasn’t wearing much more than what you could see.

At the house for awhile, tried to look over the tub in. Nicki’s bath but can’t tell if it’s cracked or not. We did see some wet ceiling area last night though. I also need to go ahead and have ACS come. Out and look over the ac units before summer really starts.

Headed out to the Mac to check on LaurenR, she was fine and in good spirits considering she wasn’t liable to make any money today, it was dead. I did get to chat with her quite a bit, found out she did make a long night of it, heading down to the Tin Lizzy’s and closing the place down. She didn’t mention if her and Nickolas hooked up or not and I didn’t ask. Chatted with the cute as hell redhead tomboy waitress, I’ve had a secret crush on her for some time, just have a thing for redheads.

Haven’t figured out what may be wrong with Nicki’s tub. She and Jorael messed with the dresser some more, I really need to get something to hold the shit I had in it.

Bought tickets to the EABF, the East Atlanta Beerfest which will be held on May 17th. Thinking about asking Karen to go with me, I need to feel out if she is up for a relationship with an older gentleman, or just an older dude, like me.

I messed around a bit more with photographs, uploading some to Flickr and also checking out a bit on some Astrophotography stuff, I had installed the latest copy of SN7 and was looking at things I could image with the 4″ Refracter I have.

beer list: week ending 04/20


mmmmmmm beer

Consumed: Cellared:
Terrapin Hopzilla -H Mikkiller Single Hop Nugget
Sweetwater IPA -Parma
Eye Patch -Hoot Mikkiller Single Hop Cascade
Starr Hill Terrapin Gava Belgian Espresso Stout -TM
Smithwicks -TM
Allagash Black -TM
Stone IPA -TM
Hop Ticket Session Ipa -TM
BridgePort Hop Czar Citra -TM
Terrapin Hopzilla -TM
Unibroue Blanche de Chambley -TM
New Belgium SnapShot -TM
Clown Shoes Clementine -TM
Russian River Pliny the Elder -H

Rainy and overcast all am and starting into pm.

Went over to hooters instead of going to the shroom first, nice to me. Met Erica at the bar, I was the first customer, is that. Good or bad? Kelly, Stephanie and Nikki were also there. Things picked up after that. Had some shrimp and a few eye patches. I showed some photos that I had taken of Kris and his ex (Amanda), damn he did look young back then and the girls had a hard time figuring out it was him. Found out an assistant manager named earlier is pregnant and wants some photos, maybe she will pick me to do some maternity photos, I’d be honored to do so.

Came home for awhile and just hung out,

Went out to the ivy creek trail and picked up a few more pieces of the skeleton I found last time I was out there. Had a family pass me and look back wondering what I was doing.

After that I stopped in at the taco Mac and had a few beers and some dinner,had the chicken Swiss burger with the new broccoli casserole. Karen stopped in and we chatted the whole time. She had some beers from Florida in her truck that she gave me, she’s so nice. I also saw LaurenR from Parma, but who now works at taco Mac, she had gotten off earlier in the evening and was having a few drinks and stuff with Nicholas, he was trying to work on her. They both were feeling no pain and although Lauren was talking that she was going home I’m not sure that it happened right away. Left there at about 10 and went home and then stayed up way to late.

Found out that possibly Nicki has another leak in her tub this time a small damp spot on the ceiling in the kitchen area.

RaincloudyCloudy this morning as was driving into work, didn’t change all day long. It rained a bit in the pm and no sunshine at all.

I finally got the issues with my server taken care of Nd found out that the android clients rolls just fine on. M y system with the latest build. Wtf? I closed the bug and we’ll have to see what happens now. I also had Michelle test it and she confirmed that it works. It was her last day today, damn, I’m going to miss her.

I left work a bit early to get over to the tmac for dinner and some beers. I got there and Tommy and Meg were at the bar, got myself a beer and ordered up some wings. Ah, TGIF all the way. Pete from suwanee, another Florida gator arrived a bit later and John, his wife Katrina and some other very talkative chick were at the far end of the bar.

After having three beers and dinner it time for me to get on back to the house, maybe got out later, nope.

When I got to e house, Nicki and Jorael were there, I just put on the music videos on upstairs and played on the computer downloading some more videos and playing with some pron. before I knew it it was past 9pm and I decided I was not going anywhere.

sunnyIt was sunny and clear today but the wind was there and the air was cool most of the day. Didn’t break much over 60 today.

Chasing the issue with Android Client Enrollment on SP4/CPR, I’ve got most things merged in from the HotFixes but it still will not enroll an Android device.

Went out to the Lunch truck for lunch today, met a very beautiful lady out there who works in the next building in a Law office. I was wearing my Gator hoodie and she is a Gator fan too. The wait for lunch after ordering was a bit more than usual. I didn’t get outside until almost 12:15 so I blame it on that. There was a group of landscapers who were grinding up parts of trees and the noise made it almost unbearable. It was the Mixed up Burger truck, and I got the Lamb Burger with Italian fries, the fries were not worth the $5 I paid for them at all, small short things and an extra dollar for some Parmesan cheese and garlic.
I worked a bit late tonight and got over to the BOTM @ a bit before 6pm, the glasses were all gone. I had also stopped in @ Pop’s and maybe I shouldn’t have, not the end of the world at all though. All gal crew today @ the Mac. Meg asked about whither I did wedding photography, I let her know I don’t do anything that “high stress”, I’m in it for the fun and creativity, oh and the beautiful people. I picked up two beers on my list, up to 882 now.

I also picked up two beers from Pop’s both from Mikillner and both from their single hops special IPAs. I was also told by my beer lady that they wouldn’t be getting anymore from them since their distributor is no longer going to distribute to the southeast, wtf?

Came home and chatted with Nicki while we watched some love story on E! or something like that.

sunnyVery cold this morning, in the 30′s, clear and a BIG full moon setting in the west. Didn’t get much warmer as the day progressed, into the 50′s.

The CPR build of SP4, has not been kept up to date with HotFix changes and therefore when dev tried to use it for testing of fixes things didn’t work out so well. I merged in some things quickly and got it to work for the testing and development of fixes. This I consider my problem although I had thought that it was only going to be used by CPR and not the world. We also have to start a new HF build, only a new Android client again.

Nicki called and was concerned about an item in her Credit Report, seems that a Lab bill had not been paid, namely one that had been placed on the wrong insurance at the beginning of 2013 and was not paid. It was placed in the Sybase place and not the SAP place on Aetna, they will be running it again correctly this time and taking it off her credit report.

Got home and messed around with some photos, taking shots of my older Gil Hibben knives.

Texed Autumn and we met up @ Parma she being a bit late. Rocky and Sheri were there with their kids. Daniel was there and we even had the pleasure of Sam showing up, the asshole. If it wasn’t for Autumn liking to go there I don’t really think I would frequent the place. Stayed a bit too late and got home after 10pm.

I noticed again that the build I started before I left for Parma had broken and I fixed the merge issue and continued the build.

There will be two releases in New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Reserve Series this year. The first ships this week (Mid-April, 2014) – Dragon’s Milk with Toasted Chilies. 

Coming this fall, the brewery will release Dragon’s Milk with Raspberries.

“The raspberry Reserve is equally amazing,” says Brett VanderKamp [Brewery President]. “It will definitely appeal to those who love that tangy tartness of raspberries and those who are a little scared of the chilies…”

Look for New Holland Dragon’s Milk with Raspberries in late fall, 2014.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Raspberries. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)

Availability: 22oz Bombers. Limited release.

10% ABV

via Dragon's Milk with Raspberries Coming This Fall | Beer Street Journal.

Three Taverns Brewery (Decatur, GA) will be releasing new big bottle on April 25th, 2014 – Quasimodo Quadrupel.

The brewery plans on making this an annual release, celebrating Quasimodo Day each year.  The Belgian-style quadrupel brewed with Belgian candi sugar and naturally carbonated.

Inspired by the best of Belgium, specifically the brothers of the cloth who have devoted their lives to the brewing arts, Quasimodo is a classic, full-bodied quadrupel ale—for us, the measure of brewing perfection. Dark, savory and fruity, yet with a dry, bittersweet finish enhanced by the addition of imported Belgian dark candy sugar, Quasimodo is dangerously drinkable. Re-fermented in the bottle for natural carbonation, it can ring your bells now… or years from now.

Three Taverns Quasimodo will be released with a special bell ring at the brewery in Decatur on April 25th, at 6 pm. Bottles will arrive sometime in May.

Style: Quadrupel (w/ Candi Sugar)

Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft

10% ABV, 30 IBUs

via A Bell Ringer: Three Taverns Quasimodo | Beer Street Journal.