Stock market

The stock market did pretty good today. Tesla is up to $1209 I share. Only yesterday it just hit 1000 or maybe it was earlier in the week yeah I was last week. I’ve made quite a bit of money in Tesla I kind of kick myself now that I haven’t sold some of the stocks I have like maybe Disney invite by Tesla if I had I might be sitting a lot more higher than the hundred thousand.

Finished my anabiotic’s I don’t think my ears are quite cleared up yet but things seem to be a little bit less plugged up and then I’m not coughing as much except for maybe in the mornings.

Amaliya hasn’t isn’t going to be finishing her anabiotic‘s until about Thursday or so she still got a little bit of a cough. Other than that though she’s doing wonderful lots of role Sheri Nelson I love use and I am lots of she wants to go outside. She also has been really bad about having these tears welling up and crying and screaming about whatever she doesn’t seem to get what she wants. That’s I guess just being two almost 3 no worries there.

Chavez trial guilty of second-degree murder unintentional.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy but he did overstepped his bounds he wasn’t paying attention and he let somebody die I’m not sure if you figure need to get away with it I can’t think that would be the case considering how I don’t know I guess maybe this is the first case that people of really I don’t know been aware of.

What are the things that worries me the most now is that certain communities think that now anytime a police officer shoots a black person it’s murder. I don’t think that that’s the case and I’m hoping that these people don’t think so as well sometimes homicide is legitimate especially in a crying situation but I don’t want people to feel that any time a black person is shot by a white person or of any black person is injured by a police officer that all of a sudden there’s a case against them.

Second shooting, at a Whole Foods.

Another crazy person, but now this is giving the Democrats the ability to push the old we’ve got to do something about this. They’re going to do something but it’s not gonna help it’s not gonna change anything crazy people are crazy people. If anything we need to have more things to help crazy people not go crazy.

Getting rid of guns isn’t going to stop their anger or their hostility. These people will find other ways to hurt and injure people. Guns are not the root cause of the problem.

On March 16 a man walked into several massage parlors and shot people. The news said this was one of the largest shootings for the last two years. Doesn’t sound like it’s an epidemic. eight people died this is a real shame six of them Asian most of them women. Supposedly the perpetrator was a sex addict and was trying to get rid of them so we wouldn’t be tempted.

Trump acquitted 57 to 42 they need to have 67

Gerald Cole Park all 50 of the Democrats voted to repeat only seven Republicans thought that was necessary. I think we need to make sure those Republicans don’t go back in office. It’s a real shame because that would probably make them just going to turn into Democrats. It’s funny but it seems that happens is Republicans think for themselves and Democrats do not.

CNN)Seven Republican senators joined with Democrats in voting to convict former President Donald Trump at the conclusion of his second impeachment trial. Trump has been acquitted of inciting an insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. The GOP defections nevertheless stand as a sharp rebuke of the former President.The Republicans who voted for conviction were:

  • Richard Burr of North Carolina
  • Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
  • Susan Collins of Maine
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
  • Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Ben Sasse of Nebraska
  • Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Another shooting involving a black man, Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. Shot while trying to pull something out of his car after he was repeatedly told not to. I’m assuming that he may not have had a gun but there really is no telling.

This after they Freak out about a black man getting shot while running away with a taser stolen off a police officer.

There is just no respect of authority being shown at all in both these cases.

Multiple sporting events are being boycotted in order to protest the action of these officers protecting themselves and the communities they are in. I find it more than tiresome.

Seems they might think that giving people with covid some plasma from a person that has recovered and have the anti-bodies can improve their chances of living ing.

The FDA has allowed use.

I noticed a couple of days ago that the caterpillars on the parsley plants had decreased to one. There were two then one and yesterday the second one disappeared as well, not sure if they became some food or if they are off to become Black Swallowtails

They had arrived about a week or two ago. About 4-5 of them and then only two.

Someone was telling me that apple may have a stock split, they also mentioned that Tesla was going to split, looked that up and they are talking about a 5-1 split, stock is around $1500 a share at this point. As far as Apple goes, it’s a 4-1 split planed for August 31, 2020.

Talked to Brian about Apple and he says they are moving all the IMacs and MacBooks to ARM processors in the future, he doesn’t like it. Says software support for many applications could or would go away. Not sure about that myself.