beer list: week ending 11/15


Consumed: Cellared:
Terrapin Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA -TM Stone Rye
Red Hare Sticky Stout -TM Sierra Nevada Narwal Imperial Stout
Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail IPA -H
Sweetwater IPA -TM
Sweetwater 420 -TM
Monday Night Drafty Kilt -TM
Jekyll Hop Dang Digity -MM
Terrapin Moo Hoo -TM
Goose Island IPA -Hoot

The violence in Paris shocked the world. The terror group ISIS claimed responsibility, the French President declared it “an act of war,” and even Pope Francis called it a “piecemeal Third World War” with “no religious or human justification for it.”


about 129 people died, over 158 to include the wounded I think.

beer list: week ending 11/08


Consumed: Cellared:
Sweetwater Happy Ending 2012-H Stone Vertical 08-08-08 Ale
Red Hare Chocolate Porter -TM
Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout -TM
Oskar Blues Old Chub -TM
Lagunitas Brown Shugga -TM
Stone Coffee Milk Stout -TM
Miller Lite -TM
Goose Island IPA -Hoot
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity -MM
Terrapin Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA -H
Red Brick Double IPA 22nd Ann. -H

Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Special Winter Ale is being bottled for the first time today, in 22 ounce format. Brewmaster Eric Johnson took Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy, and added bourbon soaked oak chips.  he result is a winter beer with oak, vanilla, coffee, with a semi sweet finish.You’ll find Special Winter Ale in 22 ounce bottles and draft. (Within the week of this update)Style: American Brown Ale (w/ Bourbon Soaked Oak Chips)Availability: Draft. 22oz Bottles (New)Return & Bottle Launch: Early November, 20158.2% ABV

Source: Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Special Winter Ale

Trying to calibrate The vacuum tube voltmeter but instead all I did was trip the breaker upstairs. Looked at what was going on inside the voltmeter and then look at the schematic and realize that somebody had put on a three prong plug and grounded attached the ground wire to the chassis. The problem is the ground wire is now grounded to the negative side of the AC they seem full line was just tripped the breaker. In the original circuit the AC line only hooks to the transformer in the problem with the chassis is the chassis is actually the AC ground or the negative AC not just ground. I’ll have to talk to some folks about this.

Actually what happened was as soon as I touched the negative ground wire of the test probe into the AC socket it tripped the circuit breaker. I realized

I’m going to have to build myself a dim bulb tester so that I wouldn’t won’t do this again Brian had even mentioned that possibly a ground fault interrupt her might be is good as well or maybe in conjunction with it I’m not sure if I use the damn bowl with a ground fault interrupter outlet if that would work, possibly.
Knight KG-690 -1
During the day I purchased an older model night TK or KT6 70 off of eBay for 25 bucks +15 or so dollars shipping. It ended up shipping this evening or at least being said it was shipped. I’m not sure if it’s actually going to be working when I get it.

At home I finally decided to go ahead and purchase a second night KT 670 capacitor tester it was a little newer, has a nicer front panel and hopefully I can get parts from both of them in order to get at least one complete or maybe I can fix them both. I did find a website that had directions and calibrating capacitors for many capacitor testers.
Knight KG-670 B -8
HERE is a site that talks about these testers with help on calibration and repair.

beer list: week ending 11/01



Consumed: Cellared:
Goose Island IPA -Hoot Sweetwater Pit & Pendulum
Sweetwater IPA -MM
Terrapin Walking Dead IPA -H
Burnt Hickory Pumpkin Porter -H
Warsteiner Oktoberfest -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM

beer list: week ending 10/25

Red Brick


Consumed: Cellared:
Sweetwater Hop Hash IPA -TM Sweetwater Imperial Stout
Grimbergen Dubbel -TM Dogfish Head Kvasir
Redhook Long Hammer IPA -TM Burnt Hickory Drivin’ & Cryin’
Uinta Punk’n Ale -TM Red Brick 22nd Anniversary Double IPA
Left Hand Wake Up Dead Russian Nitro -TM
Sweetwater Hash Brown Ale -TM
Goose Island IPA -TM
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity IPA -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM
BeerName -TM

Somewhere along my path to Loving beer, well after college, I began collecting bottles from the different beers I have drank. At first I even bought two beers and only drank one, saving the other. At the time I didn’t understand the concept of a beer Cellar or what type of beers cellared well and which ones didn’t. I let over 4 cases of beers just go bad, keeping them for about 10 years before finally emptying the bottles. I then kept the bottles for quite awhile later, collecting more over the years until I was storing well over 300 empty bottles. Finally, I just started taking photos of the bottles and then threw most of them away only keeping one’s I thought either looked cool or were unique in some sort of way.

About 20 years ago I began my trip of beer appreciation and also began collecting beer steins, getting some of the first ones from places like Disney World and finally picking up some off the Internet and up at places like Holland, MI and Helen, GA were Belgian and German steins were sold in touristy areas. I’m only got about 10-15 at this point and haven’t really actively pursued purchases only getting them when I noticed one I liked.

The last thing I began to “collect” were beer glasses, mainly started when I began going to a place called Taco Mac here in the Atlanta area. The first place I got my “beer list” started was at one off of Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs that is now closed up, today they are called Summits but they would give out glasses on special days they would call “Pint Nights” and when you drank a certain beer you got a glass. Back then if you drank 2 you got 2 glasses, 3 – 3 glasses, etc. Now I’ve found several places that do these “Pint Nights” and have to say I’ve gotten about 90% of my glasses through these giveaways.

Even after getting rid of most of my beer bottles and substituting photos, I did end up keeping the bottle caps from most of the bottles, actually just the different caps. I plan on taking photos of the caps together for a wallpaper for my computer and possibly in order to have a framed photo someday. I’m sure I have over 100, although I haven’t done much with them after initially photographing them a while back. Since then I’m sure I’ve added quite a few more.

I’ve got a “drone”, but I couldn’t get close to a large aircraft.

Toys and small drones that don’t present a safety threat are likely to be exempt. Drones that weigh only a pound or two or that can’t fly higher than a few hundred feet are considered less risky. Heavier ones and those that can fly thousands of feet pose more of a problem. 

I’m sure most of the ones that people will be buying @ Xmas will be the small toy ones, like the one I have. DJI Phantom II & III.

Source: Feds to require drone registration after close calls | Fox News

beer list: week ending 10/18

Burnt Hickory Brewing


Consumed: Cellared:
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity IPA -MM
Stone HiFi+LoFi Mixed Tape -H
Sweetwater Hash Brown Ale -TM
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA -TM
Fannin Toccoa Brown Ale -TM
Terrapin Vapricot IPA -TM
Bell’s Best Brown Ale -TM
Monday Night Blood Orange Pirate IPA -H

mostly sunnyMostly clear and sunny all day although it did stay pretty cool.

Didn’t get a lot done at work although I did figure out finally that the problem was seeing wasn’t Tonyas problem it was the fact that I don’t have the correct certificate SSL certificate so that Apple will connect with my system. This really sucks.  I spent the whole day trying to update windows I had over 140 or 135 updates.

We closed our Sprint today and I had to hold my head down in shame and explain that I didn’t get anything done this Sprint.

lawnmowerDude move the lawn today in addition to leaving a bill. Long look good though although didn’t get a chance check out the backyard I know it probably needs a little help in the fertilizer department or maybe even the receiving department.

Got a text from Autumn about heading over to Parma tonight, I was all for it. Met up about 6pm, Bill was there, ha. Then I noticed that StaceyW was there as well, the gal I met @ the Suwanee winefest last year, got a hug and boy is she thin. Then a bit later, KatrinaH arrived and played trivia with a gal at the end of the bar. Her name was Courtney and was a nice looking long haired brunette with amble body parts, very drawn on eyebrows.

Aimee was HOT as usual, showing flashes of her tattoo between her stomach and down below. Lindsey was there but looking green most of the night, said she had something like the flu, but says the doctors say it isn’t.

Got my package from Amazon that wasn’t suppose to be here until tomorrow, set up the new battery for the FlySight Black Pearl to charge but when I got home it wasn’t working either, damnit! I’m not sure what is wrong.

New Belgium announced today that their new Asheville-based brewery will be opening in Spring 2016, coinciding with the brewery’s 25th anniversary.New Belgium began planning the new brewery back in 2013. Below is a look at the Western Carolina Livestock Market, the site of the Asheville brewery.New Belgium will begin pouring at the new site in February, 2016, and will begin tours in March of next year.The brewery’s 25th anniversary party will be August 27, 2016.

Source: New Belgium Announces Asheville Brewery Opening Date



Consumed: Cellared:
Sierra Nevada Big Foot -H
Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale -TM
Sweetwater Festive Ale -TM
Heavy Seas Great’er Pumpkin -TM
Victory Donnybrook Stout -TM
Carson’s Brown Cow -TM
Sierra Nevada Stout -TM
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest -TM
Burnt Hickory Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout -H
Le Bilboquet MacKroken Flower Wee Heavy -H