All posts for the day January 8th, 2019

Rainy in the am, overcast all day long.

DevOps am, I figured out that the one bug I have has already been fixed, sometime around September in PL02. Good, one thing down. Now to work on the Win2016 crap with MDM.

The Clemson Tigers beat Alabama last night 44-16, hooRah.

Lunch today was mexican, quite good and very filling.

Left and went straight home today, didn’t get much done on the workbench project since I tried to jury-rig Brian’s dust collector and couldn’t get it attached good since it has a 4″ port and my saw has a 2.5″ one. I did get two of the 4 legs finished as far as the top dado for the long stretchers. I did outline the cuts on the other two, then outlined the second short stretcher on all 4 legs marking the material that needs to be removed. Still need to mark up the dados for the long and short stretchers on the bottom of the leg and do all the nibbling away.

Watched a new Netflix movie called Bird Box (with Sandra Bollock) about some odd beings/creatures/devils that make people crazy and they kill themselves, except if you are a horrible person/murderer.