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Woke up and it was sunny and bright. Messed around the house finished the laundry and got the towels in the dryer.

Went out finally to Freeman’s Mill and took some photos. There were a few people there, even down in the water like they are not suppose to be. I would have liked to get some shots of the water but with all the kids around and the adults with them, there was no way. Funny part is that there was a special services cop there with the car parked in the Buses ONLY spot, figures. Then a group of gals that looked as if they were all of at least 18yo but not a bit more. I walked through the woods a bit but found nothing of interest. I did come across a American Lady and then I think a gulf fritillary, lastly I stumbled on a common buckeye, tried to catch him and I kicked myself since I though of but didn’t bring the net.

I then went over to the Hooters and had some shrimp and a beer, then over to the Shroom for another beer and a turkey hoagie. Beth, the slightly Asian gal was @ the bar, met a new gal, Victoria? who wants to be a Nascar driver? Then another brunette who rivals LaurenDe. @ the Shroom, Lauryn was in a bit of a mood, didn’t feel well due to the dust in the air. But about the time I got there she took a benedryl and figured she would be high in a few minutes. Her disposition did get a bunch better and she was joking about beer and tasting some as her shift ended @ 4 and Sahil and Justin showed up.



Came home took a short nap and messed with photos and figuring out some of the mushrooms and insects I’ve taken photos of throughout the week. Then I watched some TV, episodes of tBBT and lastly today’s Game of Thrones. The character played by Oona Chaplin, Talisa had a really sexy part at the end of the episode. She has some wonderful back dimples, I love dimples…

the Annular solar eclipse was at ~8:30pm tonight but a storm and clouds came in about 7pm and didn’t allow any viewing for us. It would have been nice with Brian’s solar telescope to have a glimpse. I had resigned to not seeing anything earlier when the clouds came in but I totally forgot and when I looked at the clock it was 8:36 so I would have missed it anyway. Brian came up and said something again about 9pm so he forgot as well.

There was a 6.0 Earthquake in Italy today, Italy earthquake kills six and razes centuries of history | World news | The Guardian.