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Around 4am I got the camera inside, it only finished 999 photos, need to figure out the interval photo and I could get more photos.

It was overcast all day except a few times when the sun peeked out a few times here and there.

Went over to the train tracks and put down a couple o f pennies and then went back but couldn’t find any that had been run over by the train.

Russell and Laura left about 2pm and I walked downtown and took some photos of the older buildings.

Great food in the evening, steak, potatoes, and fresh corn fried up in a skillet.

It was also the last day of the Olympics, the US was on top with gold medals and the over medal count, 48-??-??-?? total ???

Lake Washington, Melbourne, FL

Up and went for groceries and then got all the stuff ready for the 4th on the 3rd Bar-B-Que. Shawn and Gail along with the rest of use had a great meal. Watched a bit of the Casey Anthony Final Statements and then a couple of movies. Push was the only one I hadn’t seen.

Nicki called about how to transplant an Orchid, what’s interesting about that is just earlier in the day Mom did the exact same thing. We were able to tell her what to do exactly.