Only good photo I got from the Eclipse.­

­found out about 1/23 that there was a meteor that hit the moon as the moon was in totality. Not as crazy as you might think, these things happen quite often.

At this point it seems that the sky maybe clear on Sunday.

Jan 21, 2019 at 12:12 am
Max View in Lawrenceville
Global Event:Total Lunar Eclipse
Local Type:Total Lunar Eclipse, in Lawrenceville
Begins:Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 9:36 pm
Maximum: Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 12:12 am 1.20 Magnitude
Ends: Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 2:48 am
Duration: 5 hours, 12 minutes
Time Phase Direction Altitude
9:36 pmSun, Jan 20
Penumbral Eclipse beginsThe Earth’s penumbra start touching the Moon’s face. Map direction East96°


10:33 pmSun, Jan 20
Partial Eclipse beginsPartial moon eclipse starts – moon is getting red. Map direction East-southeast106°


11:41 pmSun, Jan 20
Total Eclipse beginsTotal moon eclipse starts – completely red moon. Map direction Southeast129°


12:12 amMon, Jan 21
Maximum EclipseMoon is closest to the center of the shadow. Map direction South-southeast148°


12:43 amMon, Jan 21
Total Eclipse endsTotal moon eclipse ends. Map direction South174°


1:50 amMon, Jan 21
Partial Eclipse endsPartial moon eclipse ends. Map direction Southwest227°


2:48 amMon, Jan 21
Penumbral Eclipse endsThe Earth’s penumbra ends. Map direction West-southwest248°


­Did some searching on the Internet to get the things I need to help with the Lunar Eclipse Photography I want to do this weekend.

Bought the BackyardNIKON software I looked at about a year ago. Used it once and was sold, it should do the job for the AstroPhotography I want to do.

I’ve also have already got the cable to enable me to control the scope with Starry Night, I’ve got version 7 and will stick with that now, but version 8 just was released and I think I’ll be upgrading soon. Brian is moved down to Lake City now and I expect to have a pier mount that I can use over there this summer and hopefully will be able to get some got photography done soon.

Things to do BEFORE Sunday Evening:

  • Charge ALL devices, cameras, GoPros,
  • Find Bahtinov Focusing mask
  • Install new ASCOM and EQASCOM, or update
  • Install Starry Night and License Key, update
  • Connect Mount via usb and Connect via EQASCOM
  • Use Starry Night to move mount and scope
  • Verify that PoleMaster is working, update if necessary
  • Verify possible tracking of Moon with mount.
  • VNC or RDP with iMac upstairs, or Windows machine in office

Things to do EARLY Sunday Evening:

  • Setup GoPro5 for timelapse of Moon during Eclipse (start 10:30pm)
  • Setup D700 for taking photos @ specific times during eclipse, merged.
  • Setup Telescope with laptop and get RDP connection going.

­Things to do DURING Eclipse Sunday Evening:

  • end timelapse @ 1:50am

A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him.
Creators: David E. Kelley, Jonathan Shapiro
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Tania Raymonde, Nina Arianda |

Rainy in the am, overcast all day long.

DevOps am, I figured out that the one bug I have has already been fixed, sometime around September in PL02. Good, one thing down. Now to work on the Win2016 crap with MDM.

The Clemson Tigers beat Alabama last night 44-16, hooRah.

Lunch today was mexican, quite good and very filling.

Left and went straight home today, didn’t get much done on the workbench project since I tried to jury-rig Brian’s dust collector and couldn’t get it attached good since it has a 4″ port and my saw has a 2.5″ one. I did get two of the 4 legs finished as far as the top dado for the long stretchers. I did outline the cuts on the other two, then outlined the second short stretcher on all 4 legs marking the material that needs to be removed. Still need to mark up the dados for the long and short stretchers on the bottom of the leg and do all the nibbling away.

Watched a new Netflix movie called Bird Box (with Sandra Bollock) about some odd beings/creatures/devils that make people crazy and they kill themselves, except if you are a horrible person/murderer.

  • On Monday, NASA’s new Mars lander touched down successfully on the Red Planet.
  • Flight controllers embraced and shared moments of celebration after the lander touched down.
  • The lander will study Mars by burrowing beneath the planet’s surface.

After a six-month, 300-million-mile trip that ended with a six-minute descent through the planet’s atmosphere, the InSight spacecraft landed on Mars successfully Monday.

After receiving confirmation that the landing was a success, flight controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, embraced and celebrated for several minutes. High-fives were exchanged and tears were shed after several suspenseful minutes awaiting word that the lander had touched down on the Red Planet.

odd dream

It first was about me and some folks, who knows who, on top of a building.  I was dropping sheets of large paper, I think, down to people.

Then there is a storm and the building and surrounding area is getting pounded.  I’m running about the bottom of a building and people I know are up in the higher floors of this building.  I’m with a friend, ChrisW and a small girl.  We are trying to get up into the building but people are crowded all around, especially in and by the elevators.  We watch as one of the elevators fall.  Somehow these things are just on the side of the building.

Then we are climbing up the stairs instead, but people are trying to stop us for some reason.  Also, the weather has gotten better and then a large animal, a dragon perhaps, is trying to knock us off the building as we climb in and out via the stairs to the top.  The building is more like one of the old libraries from UF.

Woke up.

It’s been awhile that the construction on the section of road between Jones Bridge and Old Milton on Kimble Bridge has been a mess. I used to only have to worry about it when I went to the Johns Creek TMac from work. Now it is something I deal with every day going to and from the Avalon and home but NOT when I go to TMac.

Hope it gets better soon.

I’ve been plagued with some silly aches and pains lately. I pulled a muscle in my back/right shoulder that is making it difficult to reach behind my back, I also broke a blood vessel in my palm that hurts like hell. Then during the weekend I did a bunch of walking and now my legs, calves mostly, are in some discomfort. I have to say that getting old really sucks.

Partly cloudy and cooler today, only in the mid to upper 80’s.

Up in the am, not much going on this am. Played on teh computer.

Went over to the BB&B and picked up some new sheets for the bed, I think they are the same as the one’s I had.  Got 20% off the  sheets and also picked up a standard set of pillow cases.

Decided to go to the TMac for some lunch and nooners.  Still Pledge Week and double credits all around.  Taylor and John was thinking about going early but didn’t end up there until after the Falcons game.

The game was sucky, they lost in overtime.  Just couldn’t hold them back and score. Ended up getting 12 credits and a flatbread.  Earlier I saw Amanda and Corbin, dang he has really grown up.  Much taller than mom is.  Amanda was looking really HOT, a bit older but in a very sexy way.

Brian stopped in just as I got my flatbread, then stuck around for about 7 credits himself.  He talked with almost everyone who even came near our area of the bar.  The two hottest servers there were Lauren and a younger red-head with a few extra lbs but mostly in very good places.  

Moved over to Jodie who was sitting next to John and Taylor for only one beer, the 3 Tavern’s Midnight Snack, a very excellent coffee chocolate, hazelnut Stout.

Came home and watched the latest DVD release, Jurassic World, not a bad movie but…

Overcast and drizzle all day long.

Went out with Brian to MicroCenter, looked over some 4K monitors and a few things for home security, ie fun things to see the house and surrounding  area with.  Then we stopped in at the Barnacles there and had lunch.  The place turned out to be all black, I think we were the only white folks there at all.

Came home and just was boring the rest of the day, watched Netflix mostly and then started a new series, Atypical, all about a Autistic HS senior and his family, serious and funny at the same time.  I’m liking it a lot.

Got through the first season.