The jQuery Mobile team is happy to announce 1.3.1. This is the first maintenance release for 1.3 and contains close to 50 fixes and improvements in the library. Try it now!

In this release, we’ve added support for sourcemaps in the library to make it possible to view the uncompressed code from the minified version. Sourcemap for jQuery Mobile 1.3.1.

Also noteworthy, the reflow and column toggle tables now have fully operational refresh methods to properly support dynamic content.

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Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 | jQuery Mobile.

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I started to convert my Beers, WebApp to JQuery instead of the iUI that I began about 2 years ago. The iUI project just doesn’t have enough going for it. I began today a bit during lunch and had the Media webapp that didn’t work well before modified by the end of lunch. Started on the Beer WebApp after work, finished the main 4 lists, All, Cellared, Deep Cellar, and Last 100 beers.

Latest stable version – 1.3.1

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