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odd dream

It first was about me and some folks, who knows who, on top of a building.  I was dropping sheets of large paper, I think, down to people.

Then there is a storm and the building and surrounding area is getting pounded.  I’m running about the bottom of a building and people I know are up in the higher floors of this building.  I’m with a friend, ChrisW and a small girl.  We are trying to get up into the building but people are crowded all around, especially in and by the elevators.  We watch as one of the elevators fall.  Somehow these things are just on the side of the building.

Then we are climbing up the stairs instead, but people are trying to stop us for some reason.  Also, the weather has gotten better and then a large animal, a dragon perhaps, is trying to knock us off the building as we climb in and out via the stairs to the top.  The building is more like one of the old libraries from UF.

Woke up.

Overcast most of the day, the sun came out a bit now and then in the afternoon.

Devops was a bit hectic at first, both portalDBs were down in Pilot and then about 3pm finally all was well and the Sensu dashboard was completely clear (after I “resolved” the stuff we were not going to handle at all).

It took a bit of time clearing and then restarting the Portal DB on Pilot, oops I rebooted them both about the same time, maybe I wasn’t suppose to do that.

I’ll be in early in the am and be able to leave early on Tuesday.

Over to hooters after the workday was complete.  Erica on the bar and David came in a bit later than I did.  I left after one beer.  Chela showed up just as I was leaving and Ali was there the whole time.  Ouch.

Came home and watched some Netflix and a SyFy movie but then it asked me about my Cable Provider so I’m guessing I may need to pay some $$$ to get SyFy for real.

It’s been awhile that the construction on the section of road between Jones Bridge and Old Milton on Kimble Bridge has been a mess. I used to only have to worry about it when I went to the Johns Creek TMac from work. Now it is something I deal with every day going to and from the Avalon and home but NOT when I go to TMac.

Hope it gets better soon.

I’ve been plagued with some silly aches and pains lately. I pulled a muscle in my back/right shoulder that is making it difficult to reach behind my back, I also broke a blood vessel in my palm that hurts like hell. Then during the weekend I did a bunch of walking and now my legs, calves mostly, are in some discomfort. I have to say that getting old really sucks.