All posts for the month September, 2018

Partly cloudy and cooler today, only in the mid to upper 80’s.

Up in the am, not much going on this am. Played on teh computer.

Went over to the BB&B and picked up some new sheets for the bed, I think they are the same as the one’s I had.  Got 20% off the  sheets and also picked up a standard set of pillow cases.

Decided to go to the TMac for some lunch and nooners.  Still Pledge Week and double credits all around.  Taylor and John was thinking about going early but didn’t end up there until after the Falcons game.

The game was sucky, they lost in overtime.  Just couldn’t hold them back and score. Ended up getting 12 credits and a flatbread.  Earlier I saw Amanda and Corbin, dang he has really grown up.  Much taller than mom is.  Amanda was looking really HOT, a bit older but in a very sexy way.

Brian stopped in just as I got my flatbread, then stuck around for about 7 credits himself.  He talked with almost everyone who even came near our area of the bar.  The two hottest servers there were Lauren and a younger red-head with a few extra lbs but mostly in very good places.  

Moved over to Jodie who was sitting next to John and Taylor for only one beer, the 3 Tavern’s Midnight Snack, a very excellent coffee chocolate, hazelnut Stout.

Came home and watched the latest DVD release, Jurassic World, not a bad movie but…

Overcast and drizzle all day long.

Went out with Brian to MicroCenter, looked over some 4K monitors and a few things for home security, ie fun things to see the house and surrounding  area with.  Then we stopped in at the Barnacles there and had lunch.  The place turned out to be all black, I think we were the only white folks there at all.

Came home and just was boring the rest of the day, watched Netflix mostly and then started a new series, Atypical, all about a Autistic HS senior and his family, serious and funny at the same time.  I’m liking it a lot.

Got through the first season.