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HDR, B&W IR Timelapse from aaron walton on Vimeo.

cal cal-from-fat fat chol sodium
McD Breakfast Borrito         300      140    16g    115mg      830mg
Firehouse Engineer              350      270    30g     40mg    2160mg
Herr’s popped chips                70         15       2g        0mg       140mg
Poptarts                                     420      130     14g        0mg       350mg
Diet Dew                                          0           0       0g        0mg          50mg

Total                                          1140

RDA                                           2450      ???       ??g      ??mg     1300mg

Home to an empty house, just the way I like it and it lasted all of 1 hour, eat some left-over steak and some chips then played on the computer for a bit. Nicki and the boy came in and quickly turned the TV on to some SHIT, too good to be true.

Went out to Parma, tried to get Autumn to go out as well but she didn’t, sent a message about waiting until she gets her place (condo) I guess maybe but I don’t really see it getting better. I know her son is still little so I’m not sure how this is going to play out. Babysitters? It would work but I just don’t know. I do know I’d love to spend more time with her. We did GREAT at Trivia, not me, I just helped a little but not much. Lauren Shep & Brad were there along with Bill, the ever present Sam, Brett (without Kim now) and Russell. LaurenS (cute waitress with tatto on her left shoulder) was there with lots of touchy feely. I had a couple of Happy Endings and a Fat Tire, should have gotten the Fat Tire last so I could have gotten the glass. We did get first today and they acted like they had over $60 for next week, I should make sure I show up.

Nicki reminded me that we have Megan’s Wedding coming up in about 3 weeks, on the 3rd of March, that also means that I need to look into a wedding gift as well. Need to take off the Friday before since Nicki said that Megan wants to do photos of the wedding party on Friday in a park somewhere.