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On Friday April 2nd a Alpha Phi Omega Brother, Noel Berger was the Vet they took all the rescued animals to making sure they were OK.

State of Emergency
The team reunites displaced pets with families in South Carolina after rain results in record flooding. Will a pregnant dog make it home in time?
The squad rushes the pregnant chihuahua (who they have named Brooke, in honor of the flood) to vet Dr. Noel Berger for an assessment, who finds the mom-to-be in good health. Litters of chihuahuas tend to vary from a single puppy to up to 8, and Brooke looks like she’s expecting 3 puppies.

The team also locates a foster home for Brooke, so she can give birth to her puppies in the comfort of a home. Just two weeks after local resident Heather took her in, Brooke gave birth to a litter of beautiful puppies.