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Only a  Partial Lunar Eclipse will be occurring in Lawrenceville since the moon will set about half way to it.

Time Phase Direction Altitude
5:51 amWed, Jan 31
Penumbral Eclipse beginsThe Earth’s penumbra start touching the Moon’s face. Map direction West277°


6:48 amWed, Jan 31
Partial Eclipse beginsPartial moon eclipse starts – moon is getting red.
Moon close to horizon, so make sure you have free sight to West-northwest.
Map direction West-northwest284°


7:31 amWed, Jan 31
Maximal Eclipse visible in LawrencevilleThe maximum part of the eclipse occurs when the Moon is close under the horizon. The best time to view the eclipse in Lawrenceville would be around this time.
Since the Moon is near the horizon at this time, we recommend going to a high point or finding an unobstructed area with free sight to West-northwest for the best view of the eclipse.
Map direction West-northwest290°


7:33 amWed, Jan 31 Not directly visible MoonsetBelow horizon Map direction West-northwest290°


7:51 amWed, Jan 31 Not directly visible Total Eclipse beginsBelow horizon Map direction West-northwest293°


8:29 amWed, Jan 31 Not directly visible Maximum EclipseBelow horizon Map direction West-northwest298°


9:07 amWed, Jan 31 Not directly visible Total Eclipse endsBelow horizon Map direction Northwest304°


10:11 amWed, Jan 31 Not directly visible Partial Eclipse endsBelow horizon Map direction Northwest316°


11:08 amWed, Jan 31 Not directly visible Penumbral Eclipse endsBelow horizon Map direction North-northwest328°


President Donald Trump signed a bill Monday night ending the government shutdown, capping off a nearly three-day deadlock and reinstating funds until February 8, a senior administration official said.

The Senate passed the measure earlier Monday 81-18.

DACA? Immigration?

Made my first box joint, not a full box though. The joint on the first try was really loose, The pins were too small I think, re-aligned and made the “kiss” on the blade a bit closer and then made the “fit” of the slot a bit tighter. I think I measured the blade without making sure the tooth was at it’s highest point. I kept forgetting to tighten and un-tighten things as I was setting stuff up.

I need to get what I need to do if things are a bit tight, or loose.

Need to get more .5 by 2.5 inch poplar tomorrow and possibly get over to Woodcraft to pick up some clamps.