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cloudyCloudy and hazy all day, a bit warmer than normal though, in the high to mid sixties. Sun only came out in the afternoon for a short time.

Work was a bit slow, the build machine not set up yet.


I called up the dentist and they do have my crown and said they could get it “installed” this afternoon @ 3:20pm. Headed out of work about 2:15 in order to get back to Lawrenceville by then and just about the time I was rounding the corner of 120 where Great Expressions, my dentist, is they called to say they had an emergency and they were going to have to re-schedule, FUCK! OK, tomorrow @ 8:10 it is.

Decided to go ahead and order a TriggerTrap Arduino off of Amazon. They were suppose to just bill me for one when they began to stock again but I haven’t heard a thing and then looked it up. They billed me so I hope it comes in soon, and is right. They were having lots of trouble with the China connections they had.

Came home and watched some BBT and the newest Cougar Town. Also made some chicken fajitas and smashed up an avocado. Very yummy but still unable to eat very well. Brian was going to the ‘Shroom for dinner and invited me to have a beer or something, I was sleeping mostly on the chair and thought about it buy since I wanted to go to Trivia tonight I decided against it.

Trivia was cool, bunch of people today, Sam, Brett, Bill, Kate, Russell, a friend of Sam’s-Lisa, Autumn, her friend Brian and I. We were in the thick of things until the last question where we lost it all. Not very conservative when it comes to betting. Had one too many beers actually, should have just stayed with two.

Sunny and warm, didn’t get outside at all today during working hours.

I found out this afternoon that the latest (fixed) version of PhotoSmith is suppose to be released worldwide this evening,

I messed with trying to get my device provisioned using enrollment codes but the system wasn’t letting me do it. The SQL server was down again, seems to be something with the computer in support going to sleep. Had a small lunch with

My order from X-Heli just got into town this afternoon about 2:38pm, into Atlanta and should be on the truck tomorrow for delivery. I’m a bit excited to get the 4ch fixed pitch heli so I can see if it flies closer to what I have been noticing the emulators do. I’ll be moving the “training gear” onto the new smaller 9958 ‘copter and playing with it from Thursday on. the three channel ‘copters are just plain messed up since you can’t properly fly them the same as you would the 4CH and 6CH ones. I’m ready to buy a 6CH EXI 450 for about $70 with no electronics, it is made mostly of metal and carbon fiber, not sure if I want the spindle or the belt driven tail rotter though, the belt may fair better in a crash.

I’ve also realized that I just like the idea of constructing a helicopter and then all the adjustments and fine-tuning along with the electronics of the transmitter and programming that. So my next order from X-heli will be the mechanical EXI450 and some spare parts for the 9958. A

Stopped in to the Home Depot in Jones Creek and finally picked up a Dremel Tool, I’ve been wanting one for some time now and I just bought it on impulse since I’m getting more excited about constructing a ‘copter. I also picked up a small caliper and metal ruler both are what I really went to the Depot for to begin with. Lastly, I picked up a set of small drill bits for the Dremel and some locktite as well, the blue kind they said was good for the metal to metal screws on the ‘copters.

Celebrated Katie’s birthday and we all had tequila shots, yuck, we ended with 2nd place due to to some nice questions, the last being how many seats on the Stock Exchange, there is over 1000, but I had no idea and we ended up guessing about 200 something, the gals behind us got 3rd and the two guys (English) won 1st. Katie had turned 28 on Saturday, wow so young, and smart too. took some photos but nobody was really looking. I had a few good moments, one where I was the one to get the answer to the main plant used in the production of Absinthe, wormwood.

After the tremendous thunderstorm last night that thankfully included rain, it was quite damp, overcast and muggy this morning. Got sunny in the afternoon and by evening it clouded up again and even rained just a little bit. No thunderstorms tonight though.

Finally got my iOS system together, all the silly stuff is now installed but I can’t reproduce the issue I’m working on. They (Support) will be hopefully get me a system that does fail so I can do some testing and get to the bottom of the issue.

Star Trek

star trek

Home and finished off the leftovers from chicken and rice night, Monday and then watched a bit of TV, upstairs for a short nap and then after a bit of computer time, off to Trivia @ Parma.

When I arrived, LaurenS was working but not looking all that happy. Seems she is not feeling well and is up for a procedure to take care of some cysts tomorrow or the next day. Anna came in to take over about 8pm, after a bit of rain. I had forgot Anna’s name and she was all into hugging and stuff with all of us. Not that I’m unhappy with that but…. We discussed some massages she had gotten off of Groupons and she was a bit sort although very relaxed. I have to say I love her blue eyes and dark very curly hair, I just want to get my hands wrapped around it and pull a bit. *darts eyes around***.

The group was Bill, Same, Brett, Russell and I, not sure where Katie the almost PhD was… We did basically HORRIBLE, we were only in about 4th and even though I told them the answer Sam didn’t want to change it and we lost 20 on the last question, the second most popular drink after water in the world. It isn’t Milk, it’s tea and I said so after thinking about a billion Chinese and whatever he tries to say it’s OK because Bill didn’t go with his answer not so long ago, whatever I know I had the right answer.

Anna is one of those people who talk to you with her face about 6-8 inches away, kind of inside my personal zone but with her beautiful eyes and the sparkle in them it made me feel good. Maybe it’s nothing but it did make me think of possibilities, not at all sure how old she is. Also, she smokes so that’s def. a let down.

The other gals working, Linsey the buxom bartender is going through a bad breakup with her ex boyfriend, and the dark haired slightly latin looking gal was wearing a killer black top with a strap over only one shoulder that really played up her upper body quite nicely. For the life of me I can’t remember her name.

The team behind us, Monostat7, the large group of women with several guys today, finished first, the English dudes finished 2nd. The gals have a table of younger girls with them, must be daughters/friends of daughters, they seemed to have some answers as well and were really excited to participate.

One older gal who by the end of the evening came by our table telling us that her phone got “dropped” in the toilet. She had someone else fish it out, she was a bit upset. Also she was messing with Brad’s computer, only being funny and “acting” like she was typing on it but he didn’t take it well.

I did get a few more answers, music, Genesis for “No Son of Mine”, and another name for leaves of Coriander, Cilantro. I personally think I did OK.

Nicki called while I was there and hung up before I could get outside and figure out what she wanted. It had to do with her school, why does the moons of Saturn get torn apart but the space station doesn’t? I gave her a few reasons I thought were valid but who knows.

I didn’t go to the John’s Creek release of a new beer, the Noel for the Christmas in July, I’m thinking that it will still be there tomorrow for BOTM. Hope so.

The dude from TriggerTrap finally emailed again, still no word on when the v1 Shields will be available. At this point they have issues with some substitutions of parts by their suppliers, they really need to get the suppliers in line here. I think they are not really procuring the parts but just ordering a bunch from a vendor and the parts have changed since they initially designed the board. I think the fact that they have had this going on for the better part of a year is the problem, had they gotten it together fast it may have worked. The issue is they are not getting the parts from the manufacturer but a vendor who gets them from multiple manufacturers.

A bit cooler this morning, about 60 while driving in. Mostly sunny and I don’t see much to indicate it rained at all last night. Sunny most of the day but then at 9:30-10pm it poured for a few minutes (top down).

The 9th Annual East Atlanta Beer Festival will be held  in East Atlanta’s Brownwood Park and looks to be better than ever! – via East Atlanta Beer Fest.

Just got my tickets today, about 9am this morning. Noticed through facebook that the tickets were on sale starting today.

Went out on the greenway again today and a bit early. First thing I saw was a hummingbird but it don’t slow down a bit and flew off. A couple of butterflies, both varieties of Tiger Swallowtail, Red-Spotted Purple I think.

Home after work, cooked for a change, just some mexican rice with green onions. Also cleaned more of the shelves from the fridge. Picked up some groceries from Kroger, over $100, more than almost anything this year.

Another wild night at Parma Trivia, Lauren is back, she had taken a set of stairs poorly (missed that last step) and her left ankle was blown out. She did it weekend before last and on Monday it was Purple-Yellow and Black, and HUGE. She has been on crutches for about a week and had just gotten back to work today. She as limping around and was sitting with us every chance she got. We ended up winning tonight and spending the two first places we had gotten the month before, hopefully Lauren’s tip was good. Wow, our tab was about $125 and after the -60 was about $65, I think at least three of us pitched in $20 and another $30 so that was enough for the check and then Russ just added to the tip on his card. Bill got a bit angry that people were thinking about the bill and not the question which we got right but thought we only bet 15, instead Sam had raised to 16 which allowed us to win 1st.

I stayed and had a beer with Lauren & Bill but Bill left almost right after, I think he was really drunk and in a bad mood for the most part. Russ’s friend and his wife were there, Hellen? as well. Saying the dude is a bit LOUD is an understatement and he just YELLS the answers without really engaging his brain first. By the end he was beginning to learn to tone it down. He’s nice just a bit overbearing and he really rubbed Bill the wrong way.

Stayed out WAY too late, didn’t get to bed until after 11pm, drank one beer too many. The car also got caught in the rain, about 9:30 it must have started to rain, everyone was beginning to leave, I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the table to order up another beer I over heard Bill saying it was raining. Eeeek! ran out and put the top up but the damage was already done. I was continuing to look all evening and just when my guard was down, bam!

Got to talk to Lauren a bit and I got her number to get together for a photo shoot, she seems very interested in doing some stuff artistically which is REALLY cool!

HDR, B&W IR Timelapse from aaron walton on Vimeo.

cal cal-from-fat fat chol sodium
McD Breakfast Borrito         300      140    16g    115mg      830mg
Firehouse Engineer              350      270    30g     40mg    2160mg
Herr’s popped chips                70         15       2g        0mg       140mg
Poptarts                                     420      130     14g        0mg       350mg
Diet Dew                                          0           0       0g        0mg          50mg

Total                                          1140

RDA                                           2450      ???       ??g      ??mg     1300mg

Home to an empty house, just the way I like it and it lasted all of 1 hour, eat some left-over steak and some chips then played on the computer for a bit. Nicki and the boy came in and quickly turned the TV on to some SHIT, too good to be true.

Went out to Parma, tried to get Autumn to go out as well but she didn’t, sent a message about waiting until she gets her place (condo) I guess maybe but I don’t really see it getting better. I know her son is still little so I’m not sure how this is going to play out. Babysitters? It would work but I just don’t know. I do know I’d love to spend more time with her. We did GREAT at Trivia, not me, I just helped a little but not much. Lauren Shep & Brad were there along with Bill, the ever present Sam, Brett (without Kim now) and Russell. LaurenS (cute waitress with tatto on her left shoulder) was there with lots of touchy feely. I had a couple of Happy Endings and a Fat Tire, should have gotten the Fat Tire last so I could have gotten the glass. We did get first today and they acted like they had over $60 for next week, I should make sure I show up.

Nicki reminded me that we have Megan’s Wedding coming up in about 3 weeks, on the 3rd of March, that also means that I need to look into a wedding gift as well. Need to take off the Friday before since Nicki said that Megan wants to do photos of the wedding party on Friday in a park somewhere.

Here’s a way to kill a few minutes at work.  This not-so-little infographic was made by Michigan State Professor Phillip Howard outlines who owns beer.  Dotted lines define partial ownership or distribution.  P.S. It’s a huge graphic. Click here for full size image. You might want to save and view.  Happy reading.  [DraftMag]

via [INFOGRAPHIC] Who Owns Beer? | Beer Street Journal.


Got to work this morning, going through my e-mail on the iPhone an noticed my Federal tax return has hit the bank. Now to pay off some credit cards and my car. I also think I’ll be investing into a new computer with Windows 7. Need to step up to a 64 bit operating system at home.

Got the Girl Scout cookies I ordered last month, immediately ate a half a box of Lemon Cremes.

Ordered my tickets to the Brew Your Cask Off Festival next weekend. I’ve missed the other beerfest activities so far this year and since I hadn’t gotten to the one last year (the first?) I decided I would make it to this one. I said tickets but I mean ticket (1), I have bought an extra in the past but who am I kidding here? I’ll buy that second ticket when I know I have someone who wants to accompany me from now on.

Came home and then cooked some dinner, pasta and clam sauce, with garlic.

Off to trivia and won 3rd, the regular gang, Kayla, LaurenDe, Kimberly, and Andge were about. Also the very quiet JessicaK and the very HOT brunette (tall- Chelsea – who’s mom tried to get a job @ Hooters as well) with the half shirt. They’ve had 420 since yesterday, wonderful.

Set up the camera just before I took off for trivia, had over 1000 photos waiting on the card when I brought the camera in. Mostly cloudy all evening so not many stars in the timelapse but it still may make a cool video we’ll just have to see. Downloading as I type and now to bed.

I got a new spin on the issue I was working on, seems that maybe I can just add a few things into a table used to indirectly assign channels by the Profile assignments and maybe then assign the channels in a Channel Set indirectly to the profiles the Channel Set is directly assigned to.

I ended up stopping in at the Summits in Cumming,GA again in order to pick up a Negra Modelo glass, the beer was basically just OK but the glass is cool. Also had an order of chicken quesadilla and although I tried to be able to talk with the very cute brunette there I instead ended up with the oddball dude.

The trek across on Hwy 20 wasn’t so bad this evening, I got home in plenty of time to print the photos from Hooter’s Halloween for Patty and also got a little nap in before heading over to Trivia.

We didn’t win and I was instrumental in missing some questions, I really thought I was correct, sorry guys. I found out that one of the Hooters Gals were arrested early in the morning on the 2nd, some altercation with a boyfriend, they found a fake ID so she got in more trouble than necessary, she also looked really tired in the photo, why would someone look tired like that when they are only 19 years old? JG

After getting home, I had wanted to chat with Brian about telescopes and stuff, thinking about getting one or at least a platform to allow long exposures with my camera and my 300mm lens (which with the 2x converter and the D200’s 1.5 multiplier comes out to 900mm, almost as much as his smaller telescope – 1200mm).

Picked up Eric and after arriving at Hooters, David showed soon afterward. Jaime was looking great and seemed in a really fantastic mood, the two guys I saw at the bar on Sunday were there again, they seem to either be friends or one of them is a “boyfriend”. The guy with the bandanna around his head under is hair aka. was in true “hair band” form. Along with a long blond hair look and very young looking face he could pass for a very young member of Def Leopard. We started off the game with a perfect first round and I helped the “Pam” team with the bonus question, maybe I shouldn’t have but then they helped with a question in the last round that helped us a lot. Our second round was just as good, acing it and then we stumbled in the third missing the first two, getting the last two and then missing the bonus question to end up tied in first with another team. The tie breaker is always a song length and nobody on the team though about timing it. We guessed and it just so happened that the other team guessed the exact same time, so we did another and they ended up getting closer, we were over by about 40 seconds, damn. So we ended up with only second even though we were first the whole rest of the game. Final score, 62 out of 77