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Rainy and warm, only 59 when I woke up, started the day with shorts and a hoodie.

Brian called in the morning to tell me he had a small fender bender, but no fenders were bent. The lady who hit him in the rear just barely tapped him and neither saw any damage so they exchanged info and went along their way after the police got there.

PhotoSmith, a cool iPad program for importing photos and doing a bit before syncing with Lightroom, is delayed again. Looks like it’s going to be about a month behind schedule at a minimum. With a small Agile team they should be able to have added a few things and then released instead of holding so long, well at least in theory they should have been. I’m just a bit excited to get my hands on something that seems to be exactly what I was looking for to begin with when I purchased it about a year ago. I’m thankful they are giving v1 users a free upgrade, I know I would buy it anyway so I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient.

Due to my contact lens purchase I’ve messed up my finances for the beginning of the month, now I’ve taken out over $200 out of savings and need another $50 to $100 today to fill up the tank and then allow myself to have some fun on Wednesday @ Parma Trivia. Just about the same amount of money I spent on my contacts. I wish I had at least tried to use the Flex Spending Debit Card before using my Bank Debit. 🙁

I only weighed 212 this morning, not sure if I really am loosing weight or if I just didn’t eat well yesterday. I’ve also been a bit below the weather, a bit of back and forth from the bathroom today, and tummy not feeling well. I’ve only ate a McD’s breakfast boritto, two pears and some Tostitos corn chips.

Texted KimO about meeting up for some dinner tonight over at the Los Arcos, dinner a bit later than I would do but cool enough. Got the car washed and then had a beer over at the Shroom before, went home messed with the car some more and then went over to meet her. She was already there, and we sat down. I felt like I hold the conversation, not very give & take imo. They didn’t have Riesling, damn, the second place to be out of it, and then they didn’t have white zif either. I had suggested that we head over to the Shroom for another drink, she said something about messing up her routine or something on that order if she stayed up late, instead we said goodbye, with a hug outside near her car, maybe I should have tried a bit of something more, nothing too much but Damn It! I want a bit more from the relationship than friends, maybe some benefits but I really do want a true relationship. I’m really not sure if she is open to more or not, mostly I believe NOT.

Most of the day was just hanging around the house and chatting with mom & dad. We did go over to the Costco, Target and got the car filled up with gas @ Sam’s Club with Mom&Dad in the early afternoon. Found a few things at Costco I may pick up sometime, TurboTax for one and then another set of silverware but it’s a 12 piece set and I really don’t need that many.

Brownie Bull's Eye

Ended up going out about 7pm and having some drinks with Kim, I’m really wanting this relationship to move ahead or at least to become more consistently physical (not just sexual) but she is very cold right now and due to her doubts about her desirability due to her ex moving forward so quickly with another woman. Also, the death of her dad has hit her hard and I’m not getting what i want but realize she will have to work through this before I can. I feel like I need to walk away but I just can’t and if I don’t I will feel rejected when she can’t give me the things I hope for. I thought she said she was very touchie and physical but she shows non of that toward me so I should drop the relationship down a level which hurts me to think about. I guess it is already there in her mind so it really is a mute point.

I mentioned that she should take me home and she said her little dog, William? wouldn’t let me sleep on the bed. She doesn’t want to let me in. She was getting upset at the gal next to us, the blonde woman that I met earlier who has been making a play for me a bit, forget her name now, so that isn’t so bad, maybe jealousy? I wish.

Came home and mom & dad were already asleep, I watched the 2009 version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” that mom and dad did earlier when I was out and drank the Ommegang Gnomegang and got a bit more drunk and felt sorry for myself.

Kim sent a text and said she didn’t know who she was anymore (I thought it was due to the divorce) so I sent a reply about what I liked about her and that I didn’t want to be just friends, since I was very frustrated about our “relationship” status. I think we both have our wants and they cannot be fulfilled by each other.

They are firing one of those “guns” at work that mount things into a slab of concrete, can you say, “NOISY!” and distracting, I guess I’ll just keep surfing the web instead of working. It was misting rain just a bit on the drive into work this morning, overcast when the sun did finally peek out a little. Messed around with my beer website a bit, have 2 cellars, beers to drink now and ones to leave for 6-12 months, I’ve currently got cellared long term.


Had more of my daughter’s lasagna for lunch, funny aspect of her lasagna, she cuts off the little wrinkled part of the noodles, I’m afraid she may have gotten a bit of my OCD but channeled it a bit differently. No matter, the lasagna tastes GREAT!

Out to the Taco Mac Suwanee for BOTM, had the Tumbler and then a Heavy Seas Great Pumpkin, very good. Saw Connie (or Bonnie) with the blonde shoulder length hair, nice cleavage *smile*. There were also a trio of gals, all married I think who worked with the dude Mike. Then Joy (tallish with the short redish hair) came by and said something about my shaved face, she liked it but I just don’t feel it, a couple of weeks before she said I should shave my goatee off, I made sure she knew that I did it for a passport not her, not really sure why, well yes I am. Connie is who I really would like to see but Beth was being her chatty self and with some looks at Connie I ended up hitting the road. Realized that Beth is VERY much like my brother, very opinionated especially when it’s not a viewpoint most people have.

Came home and had the beer Beth gave me week before last, the Krombacher Weizen, nice but WAY too bready, banana for me. Also watched some movies with Nicki and updated the stuff for beers and dvds on the net.

Green darner taken earlier this spring, many of the dragonflies I capture are not as easy to identify, this one was unmistakable. I noticed while taking some photos and looking over a few of the macros (mainly the one I put up yesterday of the droplet on a blade of grass) that I had a lot of crap on the sensor. Cleaned the senso this morning. Went out on the trail about 9am and picked up two of the cicada husks from the days before. I also got shots of a few spiders and chatted with a few people on the path. Seems there was a copperhead sighting.

Common Green Darner

Drove over to the Natural Foods Warehouse store across the street by work. Picked up a few items (frozen lunches) some of them some flatbreads from evolFoods. Realized it is love spelled backwards, their logo even has the e turned backwards. You can get a free t-shirt when you collect box upc points, only 16 flatbreads and I can get one. So for about 3 weeks of lunches and I’m almost there. 🙂 They even give you a free sticker that I put on my cubicle wall at work just over my desk.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple Inc. It would have to end sometime and now everyone is worried about IF Apple will just crash and burn. The stock market did some flips too from what Fernando, a buddy from work was saying he could understand a little that Apple stock would fall a bit but even very un-related stocks were falling. Also in world news one of the Russian space rockets crashed yesterday as well, it was unmanned but there are plans for manned missions soon. The rocket was carrying supplies for the Space station.

Out to the Suwanee T-Mac for BOTM, got the last and different Harpoon IPA glass having the Oktoberfest and then I had the Stone Smoked Porter after. It was a flirt-fest between me and Lori? It seems there may be 2 Loris there, Blonde with the “actress” daughter and another who has a boyfriend and whom I am a bit more attracted to, darker dirty-blonde to brown hair, freckles etc. Talked to Joy (short hair, taller gal there) but repeated some of the questions I had asked her later, duh! She was giving me shit about my goatee and put me on he defensive so I wasn’t feeling all that chatty. Seems Lori-1 (blonde) will be having a “camping” party at her house over labor day weekend. It’s BYOB, BYOF(food), and BYOT (tent), but she did say she had a few beds. Also, it seems her daughter is really into DragonCon, I should go myself, I’ve never been but wouldn’t be able to dress up worth a crap. She has three outfits, one for each day, one from pokemon, one vampire/goth and ?????? the last one was left out conversation interrupted. Oh, and Lori-2 was showing a bunch of skin in a spaghetti strapped top, showing off her tan-lines and freckles, I let her know I loved them.

another type of Amanita, I think

Today was the big “Spring Event” @ work.

Not much else going on, it was about mid 70’s this morning on the drive into work, I had the top down and listening to the beginning of the 4th Honor Harrington novel on my iPhone.

November 3rd, 2011 — Now There Is An International Stout Day?  I’m in.

The event for work was quite good. The food was great and that is not even because I didn’t eat lunch at all and just waited until we had the “stuff” there @ 2pm. There was a TON of stuff, wings, beef and chicken skewers, crunchy flatbread, FISH tacos (yum), crab & goat cheese with bread, pulled pork mini burgers and shrimp & bacon skewers. I also had a Hopescutioner that I shouldn’t have had. On the way home I was feeling a little sick, took a nap after getter to the house for about 2 hours and then headed over to the Taco Mac about 8:20pm.

Two beers at the Mac, Widmer Nelson Imperial IPA and the Victory Hop Wallop. Saw the couple from last time, Christine and Dale (or Cole) and then I saw Veronica, she actually stopped me outside while I was leaving, she was behind me when i walked out and tapped me on the shoulder and called me by name. Chatted for awhile, she works in Buckhead, lives in Buford (around the corner from the Mall) apologized about being short last weekend. I felt good about the exchange and she even hugged me at the beginning and end of our conversation. Wow, I wonder if something could happen there?

Got home and it began thunder and lightning a bit, funny since I just mentioned it to Veronica before I left the MAc that I would like it to rain and she asked if it was in the forecast. Also, I had the top down in the car and I’m glad it didn’t rain BEFORE I had gotten home.

Arduinio UNO close up

So, yesterday I got the Arduino and messed with it for awhile, today I instead just had some beers and hung out.

After work I stopped in at the Shroom and had a beer along with some meatball sub, then came home and had a short nap on the couch upstairs. I did wake up before too long and was over at the Taco Mac for a couple of more beers about 9pm.

Stayed out way too late, Cara & Timmy holding up the bar, JiJi even said Hi.

I chatted with a cute younger couple I’d talked with before, Christine and Dale or Clay. Also met a new Florida fan, Karen Christy who is a Sales person at a Plumbing supply company. Had a nice time talking and stayed for more beers than I should have. Got home after 2am and got her number.

got married to tammy

Me and the Bride Tammy
Got married to Tammy Thompson (Keith).
The ceremony was held in the historic Carriage House in Columbia South Carolina.
From there we partied till we gathered ourselves up and headed to the mountains of Tennessee.
First we spent our Honeymoon in a Jacuzzi suite at the Sheraton just outside Columbia.
The rest of the week was filled with Activities in the Cherokee mountains and beyond.