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Got up about 8:30 and it was sunny and getting blazing HOT.

I had a couple of eggs for breakfast and then I started doing laundry and messed in the yard some. I pulled a few weeds in the front, pulled some dead stalks off of the lilies and trimmed back some of the vines along the deck, that is an un-ending task. I also roamed around the house looking for some things to take photos of, a few wasps building a nest in the front porch, going to have to kill them soon, and then followed a dragonfly around but he just wouldn’t stay still.


Tried to mess with the Falcon 40 and decided what if any tunning needed to be done on the linkage between the servos and the swash plate, it looks mostly level but the times I’ve tried to “hover” the ‘copter it would slide to the left, it may have been the wind but I still haven’t determined that fully. I wish I had an indoor area like a gym to fly and practice in.

I messed with printing some photos today, cleaned the nozzles and have done head checks but the print quality is still pretty bad, I’ve just left the printer stay dormant too long with the ink it has.

The paper had an article about a young couple from Gwinnett where she has a similar “flesh-eating” bacteria as another Gwinnett gal did sometime last year. She seemed to get it from somewhere in her yard and the other gal got it when she fell from a ZIP-line that broke and she fell, cutting her leg and ending up in a river somewhere near West Georgia College. Both have now lost all there feet and hands, very sad, both were at most in their 20’s. Reading about the gal’s husband and the fact that he is going to have to explain to her that she has lost her hands&legs is going to be really HARD and I was crying at the end of it like a baby.

Nicki called up and I gave her the Direct TV login so she could watch the Olympics through the Internet.

Met up with ChrisW (was Kohrs now Finch) and in celebration of Brian’s Birthday we went out for some Prime Rib as always. Had planned on and did meet at the Old Town Tavern in Suwanee but after getting our drinks and then ordering the Prime Rib we were told they wouldn’t have any until after 5:30, the menu says after 4pm so we were quite upset. Also, about 2 years ago or maybe only a year ago, @ Brian’s b-day last year we had a similar thing happen when we were there a bit early at the OTT over in Lawrenceville. After that we had boycotted that establishment. A manager showed up and then told us they had only medium and above, so they had shoe leather and tougher. We decided to leave and go ahead and forget Olde Towne forever and just head on over to the Outback and have the Prime Rib there, it was more equidistant from our respective homes and we may have paid a bit more but the food was way better IMHO. Also the waitress Laura was a doll. On the way home we stopped in at the Beverage Superstore and picked up some Creme Brulee Stout.

Went out to the Taco Mac for a couple of beers after dinner. Had the Dad’s Little Helper again for the 2nd list and then the LAzy Magnolia Southern Gentleman, nice Brown Ale. Cute Ashley was in a good mood today and Brad at the bar was not. Meg from the bar yesterday was there but very quiet as you would expect. Watched a few American women win some Olympic Gold in swimming.

Sunny when I got up about 9am, it became steadily more cloudy but really nice fluffy clouds and they moved fast enough the the sun stayed out as well.

Made the baked eggs, with salsa and asiago cheese, yummy. cleaned up around the house, vacuumed and picked up some of the clutter. I put the new LED light up in he porch but it doesn’t work with the X-10 stuff either, I guess I’ll remove the X-10 switch, don’t use it anyway.

reaching for the sky

This heartburn started up about noon, right after I had some “breakfast” a bit after 10am and drank a few more Diet Dews. It went away after that.

Went out to the Kroger and picked up some food and lunch stuff for work. Also some paper towels and TP for the house.

Out to the T-Mac about 3pm and with JiJi at the bar I had a few beers, the Green Flash Le Freak and the Heavy Seas Pale. Chatted with a dude there that had the same political thoughts I have, liberal as far as freedoms but conservitive when it comes to financial matters. I’m maybe a wee bit more against super high incomes though. Term limits, prosecuting the Senate for not having a balanced budget, the president it a liar, and if Obama wins in November the economy is really going to go to hell. I also chatted with a very nice couple, Will and Amy, Will was a big guy, 6’4″ with a greying beard; Amy was a very petite dark brown eyed gal with a nice tan and a very thin figure. Damn, it was difficult not to continue to glance down her top and at her legs, trying not to be the oggling bar fly. Talked about all sorts of things from sports to places to vacation. I’m wondering if they don’t live in my neighborhood.

Brian asked about re-upping with the Bull’s Eye Gun Range for the $60 for six months, I figured I would go ahead and do it, I won’t get near the benefit that he will since he goes over there about 2-3 times a week. I may go about 1-2 times a month. But with the $7 range fee I only have to go about 9-10 times during the half year and I’ll be about even.

The PhotoSmith release is back on Apple again, they found the error late on Friday and should have the 2.1 version out soon. It will be better for the larger number of files I have and also have added the flags sync.

Got up early this morning even though I didn’t need to, I set up the camera for some star widefield shots of Orion but my vantage point with the camera put Orion behind a tree. From my room windows it was well centered between the trees. I went back to bed after that and got up about 8am instead. Went over to the Home Depot and picked up another tube of caulk to finish up the caulking before I could paint the interior of the bay window. Caulking was finished and I was doing a few cleaning chores inside when the BACP Termite inspection dude arrived. I felt a bit ashamed when I took him down into the basement due the the mess that Brian keeps there. We discussed the pile of wood in the back under the deck and I’ll need to get rid of alll the branches and things that are WAY to small for Brian to use for building things, I should be able to use it for firewood but I don’t know if it would even be practical to use it.

First shot with my IR modified D200

I had my old D200 Modified by removing the IR filter on the sensor, they replaced it with a visible light filter so the photo you see here is mostly if not all inside the InfraRed spectrum.

I then began painting the inner panel of the window, all by hand with a 3 inch brush, not all that bright. By the end of it my hand and arm were really feeling it and the coverage wasn’t all that good. The paint can was a bit rusty and some was falling into the paint as I used it. Later I moved the paint to a tupperware bowl and will need to get another can possibly later. The three seam areas at the top of the window, the one in the center and the others on either side look quite noticeable at close inspection but at the road are not all that bad. With a little work I could make them better I think. Or else, I may just do some creative decorating and cover them up with something.

I had just completed the painting and cleanup about 3:30 when the UPS truck pulled up and I got my newly modified IR D200, snapped a few shots like the one up here and later realized that they had left the camera on JPG and not RAW, I think for the PRE-set White balance they set. Need to look up the stuff on the web, I’ll do that tomorrow.

Neighbor's house

First shot with my IR modified D200

Decided to head over to Hooters for some beer and an order of Buffalo Shrimp, got to hang with AshleyS and then Trish & Shawntea. Shawntea has a new large side tattoo of a flower of some sort, daisy? Not sure I didn’t really get a good look at it. Ashley’s son’s name is Titan, very odd but considering who the father is I’m not very surprised, he’s a nice guy but… I really don’t understand how some folks name their kids, the kid has to deal with it, it’s not as bad as Tweezel or Moon-unit I guess. 🙂 It was the last Bike Night, got to see Rick the photographer, Ted, Anna, LaurenD, Brad the DJ, and meet a few more “new” people. The place was DEAD when I showed up about 6:30pm, got a bit better but truly not much. I feel for LaurenD, she knows how GREAT the place was when it was under “good” management.

*moved to on willa drive

The house in Michigan
Moved into house on Willa Drive in St. Joseph, MI.
It was an older neighborhood with mostly young families.
The next door neighbors, the Tefinbocks were very nice. Kendra and ?????
The couple across the street were high school sweethearts and she was very HOT!

date close to 5/89

*moved to apt in michigan

Moved to Saint Joseph, MI
Michigan Apartment
Apartment on Lake Michigan, Lakeshore Drive (yes, right on lake Michigan!).
We had met a couple (actually Tammy did) and during the summer we would sit down in the area between the building and drink beers and/or strawberry daquries.

date unclear

Moved in with the Brother of Angela’s Roommate– lasted a very short time. (Essex Place) It was just down from the RiverBend Apartments. At the end of the road down from the ?????? Club.

this happened one month move than a year after moving into Riverbend Apts.

Cuckoos Nest
Moved into “The Cuckoos Nest” with Gene Honeycutt, OHS friend and Alpha Phi Omega Brother. (813 NW 13th St.- Above the Red Cross)
We had several really Kick-Ass parties there! The police were called several times (mostly because they thought we were inside the Red Cross office).
On many a Summer day we would lay-out on the roof and drink frozen daiquiris

6/80 to 8/82

Century Tower
Started college at University of Florida
This is the Century Tower on the University of Florida Campus,
Folklore has it that if a virgin ever graduates from the university a brick will fall off the tower.

Horizon Point
Moved to Horizon Point with Rick M (and new wife Helen) on NW 16th Street. Interesting story, Rick and I had been planning to room together at UF after high school graduation.
We had drove up to Gainesville and taken out a lease on a two-bedroom apartment in the NE area of town the weekend before.
The moving weekend we loaded up a trailer attached to his car and drove that down,
A few weeks past and then we took a trip home for the week-end.
When Rick came back that Sunday to pick me up he had his then girlfriend Helen in the car and they proclaimed they were getting married.
They actually did and they are still together at this time with 3 wonderful kids!

a week before classes 8/79 to 6/80