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partly cloudysunnyWoke up @ 7, then I went back to sleep. Woke up a short time at 8 then finally got up at about 8:50 mostly just messed not he computer.

Sunny then partly cloudy the rest of the’d any.

I took some photos oft he squirrel skull that I bleached with peroxide overnight. Then watched some music videos and messed around in the yard trimming back the vins on th deck and the side of the house.

Went out to Hooters for a beer and some buffalo shrimp, got to see Beth and also Katrina who seemed to be working as a manager. She looked very respectable in her glasses. Bruceaxnd a large Ganga werreaxttxhe bar when I arrived, ted included. Then most except Bruce left. Met a nice couple from Wisconsin, big Green Bay fans watching the game. He wifi there is still f’ed up so I didn’t stay long.

Stopped in at the Old Towne Tavern and sat at the bar outside, sweet, very nice the clouds had come in and it was cool with a slight breeze. Had a couple Hopsicutioners end then a wild pie with shrimp, damn good. I forgot how good it was. Oh, the bartender at the patio was named Alicia, beautiful brown haired, eyed girl. They also had beer long back in June back on the patio, college. I think I did see a gal from tilted kilt, blonde tall a bit on the redneck side, possibly playing for the other team.

Got a few things from Home Depot to update the shower to add a handheld shower in addition to the overhead rain type shower head I have already. The main reason for this was to be able to make it easier to clean up the shower. Only problem is I wanted the main one to be on all the time and then the handheld one to be turned on as well to rinse off the sides. I had first installed it so the main unit was turning off and on and the handheld always on. I didn’t get it reconfigured correctly since I ran out of the Teflon tape using it to set everything up the first time.

Watched the season premier of the Walking Dead.

From Beer Street Journal–>

Tonight’s Season Four premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead featured a fight scene full of craft beer. SweetWater Brewing, Terrapin Beer Co and Jailhouse Brewing had cameos. You also see Decatur’s Ale Yeah! banner in a scene. (Slightly obscured by the Jailhouse sign.)

This hit show is filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia. The Walking Dead’s set designers often reach out to local brewers asking for beer, signage and boxes to be used as props for filming.

The cat had gotten a hold of my squirrel skull and was obviously began batting it around, several pieces from the nose were on the floor and one tooth, I can’t find the other tooth and I’m a bit pissed at him. I have no idea where the damn thing is. I want to strangle Crash now, I really don’t want animals for exactly this reason, I want to be able to leave things and not have to worry about them getting broken or ruined.

mostly sunnywhen I first woke up it was sunny and looked great out, stayed that easy the whole day, although I didn’t actually get up until after 10am.

Today is national beer day, the day that prohibition ended and they could sell beer again. A whopping 4% stuff. But good all the same.

Today is big day in beer history. Leading up to today, The Cullen-Harrison Act was signed on March 22, 1933. This act was a major step in repealing Prohibition. It allowed for the sale of low-alcohol beer (4% ABV). Cullen-Harrison took effect on April 7, 1933. On this day, beer could flow again. April 6th is referred to as “New Beers Eve,” which saw throngs of people waiting in line until the first beer could flow at 12:01 AM on the 7th.

Just couldn’t get motivated to do much of anything till almost 11 and then just did some laundry and hung out at the hour. Brian and I did finally get the reservations for the camping trip over to Providence Canyon Park, also known as the Little Grand Canyon. N 32.064445 | W -84.921913

Finally, went out the Kroger and got some Mountain Dew and some other stuff. Then went out to the shroom and dropped off the photos for Charlie and had a late lunch. They were celebrating Sahil’s birthday that is tomorrow, s surprise thing. Michelle, Lauryn, Ryan and the rest of the crew here. Lauryn was looking adorable in her little summer dress. It had birds on it.

I released Jorael from his exile, Now he is allowed back in the house, but only till 10pm weeknights and midnight on weekends. Nicki made a comment that it wasn’t much help since he doesn’t get off school until after 9, but honestly it is not my problem. I honestly don’t care if he EVER steps foot in my house again. They were not bashful about taking over the livingroom and the TV the rest of the afternoon/evening though.

I wasn’t feeling well and ended up taking a nap for several hours upstairs and finally did get back down, took back over my TV and got to watch the last of the Season 3 episodes of The Walking Dead. Dam if they didn’t kill off another beautiful lady. First Lori and now Andrea.

Up just after 7 and messed around, got sheets ready to wash but noticed I was out of detergent. Then did some cleaning around the house, 409 and then vacuuming first the upstairs and then the down.

Brian headed out to the range to shoot his mosin and others out on a outside range somewhere in south ATLANTA. I had not wanted to get mostly due to my not feeling really comfortable with the cleaning job I’ve done on my mosin.

I also tried a little maiden flight for my falcon40, it seems to be spinning in the clockwise direction wpuntil it leaves the ground and then it seems to steady up. But then the ‘copter pitches to the left, I need to look ontheweb to see if I can find some tips on tuning and stuff, the v2 is different than the v1 which I’ve learned mostly about.

Went over to the shroom for lunch, Justin showed up and I got to see the gals there, mostly Caitlin fawn over him a bit, he’s cool like that :). The dude does have a following there and is very popular with the gals. Erin was her typical standoffish self but smiled more than usual. Lauryn was a bit slow early on but after she go stone caffeine in her she was mu ch more fun. Caitlin was at the beach or at least the poplin the last couple of days, the tan lines where her bikini top was were very evidence and kept drawing my eye, I really do like tan-lines. Talked about Portal, a new store called Xxxxxxx, the Olympics but only by me.

Went over to Hooters after since I don’t have any will power, Katrina was working the bar and Kris awa working manager, let them both know about the night Patty and Rob are suppose to be in town, also Kree sho I expected to be working bar was on the floor, mmmm.


I then headed on home, picking up some laundry detergent and after getting to the house realizing that Nicki and Jorael were there and the washer/dryer were occupied. Nicki then told me that she feels she may loose her job @ the “school”. They have a new Manager, not Ashley whom I knew and hired her but another lady who is very close to the owner whom Nicki does not get along with very well. She also says her “class” is shrinking due to many getting on to school this year so when that happens very soon now she may not be a lead teacher (or she will have to go part time). I hope things go well and I let her know that if she is not comfortable with her job security she really needs to start looking HARD.

I then decided to head over to the pool for some R&R and some ultra-violet light. Had a beer there and got to chat a bit with Patty from next door. Heard a tail about the folks being asked to “tend” to the overgrown area behind their prospective houses, the area between each and the creek, by Patty and I it is part of the “border” of the Post Office but I think their’ is only between each of their houses. Also, Patty’s step-son has been with them the whole summer and they hope to go back to TX with him and possibly be able to bring him back to go to school here and stay with them. Hope so too, he’s a nice kid.

Went out to Taco Mac while Nicki and Jorael watched the Olympics, I caught the volleyball and then some of the men’s gymnasics while there. Brian came by and had a beer with me as well along with some dinner, we both had the new roast beef and blue not a bad wrap but I could and should have taken half home. Had the Festive Ale 11 and the Rogue Dad’s Little Helper, both dark and sweet. A new gal behind the bar with Nicholas, Meg (but not the one from Johns Creek with the tattoos), seemed nice but a but quiet, like Meg with the tattoos.

It began to rain about 9pm or so, the TVs in Taco Mac began to search for signal and I walked outside and noticed a few large drops, the ground was still about half dry but I went ahead and put the top up on the car, wiped down the seats and things to dry the little rain that did get into the car. I left about 20 minutes after that and it was a lot wetter as I got closer to home.

Came home and watched “Source Code” with Jake G*&*((&*, whatever his name is.

After the tremendous thunderstorm last night that thankfully included rain, it was quite damp, overcast and muggy this morning. Got sunny in the afternoon and by evening it clouded up again and even rained just a little bit. No thunderstorms tonight though.

Finally got my iOS system together, all the silly stuff is now installed but I can’t reproduce the issue I’m working on. They (Support) will be hopefully get me a system that does fail so I can do some testing and get to the bottom of the issue.

Star Trek

star trek

Home and finished off the leftovers from chicken and rice night, Monday and then watched a bit of TV, upstairs for a short nap and then after a bit of computer time, off to Trivia @ Parma.

When I arrived, LaurenS was working but not looking all that happy. Seems she is not feeling well and is up for a procedure to take care of some cysts tomorrow or the next day. Anna came in to take over about 8pm, after a bit of rain. I had forgot Anna’s name and she was all into hugging and stuff with all of us. Not that I’m unhappy with that but…. We discussed some massages she had gotten off of Groupons and she was a bit sort although very relaxed. I have to say I love her blue eyes and dark very curly hair, I just want to get my hands wrapped around it and pull a bit. *darts eyes around***.

The group was Bill, Same, Brett, Russell and I, not sure where Katie the almost PhD was… We did basically HORRIBLE, we were only in about 4th and even though I told them the answer Sam didn’t want to change it and we lost 20 on the last question, the second most popular drink after water in the world. It isn’t Milk, it’s tea and I said so after thinking about a billion Chinese and whatever he tries to say it’s OK because Bill didn’t go with his answer not so long ago, whatever I know I had the right answer.

Anna is one of those people who talk to you with her face about 6-8 inches away, kind of inside my personal zone but with her beautiful eyes and the sparkle in them it made me feel good. Maybe it’s nothing but it did make me think of possibilities, not at all sure how old she is. Also, she smokes so that’s def. a let down.

The other gals working, Linsey the buxom bartender is going through a bad breakup with her ex boyfriend, and the dark haired slightly latin looking gal was wearing a killer black top with a strap over only one shoulder that really played up her upper body quite nicely. For the life of me I can’t remember her name.

The team behind us, Monostat7, the large group of women with several guys today, finished first, the English dudes finished 2nd. The gals have a table of younger girls with them, must be daughters/friends of daughters, they seemed to have some answers as well and were really excited to participate.

One older gal who by the end of the evening came by our table telling us that her phone got “dropped” in the toilet. She had someone else fish it out, she was a bit upset. Also she was messing with Brad’s computer, only being funny and “acting” like she was typing on it but he didn’t take it well.

I did get a few more answers, music, Genesis for “No Son of Mine”, and another name for leaves of Coriander, Cilantro. I personally think I did OK.

Nicki called while I was there and hung up before I could get outside and figure out what she wanted. It had to do with her school, why does the moons of Saturn get torn apart but the space station doesn’t? I gave her a few reasons I thought were valid but who knows.

I didn’t go to the John’s Creek release of a new beer, the Noel for the Christmas in July, I’m thinking that it will still be there tomorrow for BOTM. Hope so.

The dude from TriggerTrap finally emailed again, still no word on when the v1 Shields will be available. At this point they have issues with some substitutions of parts by their suppliers, they really need to get the suppliers in line here. I think they are not really procuring the parts but just ordering a bunch from a vendor and the parts have changed since they initially designed the board. I think the fact that they have had this going on for the better part of a year is the problem, had they gotten it together fast it may have worked. The issue is they are not getting the parts from the manufacturer but a vendor who gets them from multiple manufacturers.

Feeling crappy this morning, nicki was at the house early and was wanting to get the car tow it and sell it to car max. I was pissed but decided to go ahead and get the car with her and then sell it to car max so I would be rid of it. She and I got into a discussion about why she isn’t very humble when someone does something for her. I guess it was what was expected when I was a kid and I equate that to being confrontational.

We got to the U-Haul place where we were going to pick up a tow thing to get the car but they had just rented it out. Emotions were HIGH and some crying was done. Instead we just went to the car and I decided we would try to move the car. I had planned on just driving down to the next shopping center there off of Satellite Blvd & SR120 but the temp stayed just below the red so long as I coasted most of the time and didn’t accelerate much. I decided then to go to the ‘Shroom and give the car a rest while we had lunch and tried to decide what to do next. Nicki had intended to take it to CarMax and see what they would give her for it.

While @ the ‘Shroom we realized that the belts were not moving and one outside one was no longer there. Nicki also mentioned that the belts were making noise (squealing) and that had stopped on Friday morning, yes that must have been when it fell off or broke. She googled and found someone else saying that this will make the car overheat. We then got extra conformation since the battery light was on as well. Decided to get to the Auto Zone and get a new belt and install it. After quite a greasy time it was installed and everything seemed to be fine, I’m still worried about the power-steering unit and since she isn’t putting any fluid in it the belt will more than likely crap out again really soon. Nicki slept most of the afternoon away after that.

I decided to head out to the Red Hare Brewery for their Saison Release Party. It was a lot of fun, good beers, nice people and some nice music by the 4 Monkeys, three guys and a gal singer.
Ended up at the Fred Bar downstairs of the Prado Taco Mac, met a couple that were also at the Saison Party, Steve and Kate I think, really nice folks. They told me about the Tiny Toast that they were having for La Chouffe beers, got a mall gnome sized pint glass and we all toasted @ 6:66pm or 7:06pm. Had the RWS Fred Fries which were slightly undercooked IMHO but the dipping sauce was so good I wasn’t even worried about it.

Brasserie D’Achouffe celebrates 6,666th anniversary with Gnome Week. Huh? You’ve seen the Chouffe gnomes right? It goes that – 6,666 years ago, a village of gnomes were found in magical water in Belgium they were using to make beer. In 1982, the last surviving gnome pasted the secret recipe on to two aspiring Belgian brewers, giving birth to Brasserie D’ Achouffe.

The Fred

all the taps @ the Fred

I then stupidly went over to Taco Mac by the mall to have some dinner and a couple of more beers there, namely the Innis & Gunn Independence Day Ale.

Cool but not rainy this morning, very overcast before actual sunrise.

Need to turn off my alarm and just wake up normally. I’ve been turning off the alarm after waking up and just letting myself want to get up before actually doing it. It has worked ok so far, sometimes I’m later sometimes earlier.

Booo! No Visual of the Transit of Venus, all cloudy here.

Checked in all the changes up to this point I have on my project at work, didn’t get an email from Chris or Kem about the things I need to do. I guess I just need to say it’s done and let them do a build.

Got home and Nicki was here, she went and got Subway even after I told her that I think I had enough spaghetti for her too. She left soon afterward, and left her Subway trash on the couch, not good. She also called last night and earlier today about the book she needed for class, obviously there was something that was suppose to come with the Astronomy book but didn’t in the whole book.

Nicki complained about her aches and pains again, seems another part of her body hurts as soon as another stops. She said it is mostly joins and gets bad enough for her to call out of work. She has mentioned it to the Nurse Practitioner and has gotten really no response except to have an MRI. Well seems a bit overboard to her and me as well. I’ve heard of a lot of young people coming down with certain chronic ailments more often than it seemed my generation did.

I made changes to the Beer web-code that now requires a login and should make it so bad things do not happen to the database due to crawlers and robots on the web.

St. Simon lighthouse

I tried with Brian’s help to get a CVS thing on my site, instead I just found out that I really don’t have tty access to my server. It’s the only way he knows how to make it work, I’ll look around to see if there is another way, I haven’t seen one yet.

Brian and I ended up going to the Movie Stop and picking out some movies, I got the two that came out just today, Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds along with Disney’s John Carter of Mars. Then I also reserved the next Sherlock Holmes and the Avengers. Used up about half of the $100 card I got for the rebate of my contact lenses that I just received. We then stopped in at Parma and got to see Lauren and Brian had dinner and we both had beers. The sun was out finally today, it was just before sunset and we couldn’t have seen it from the house due to all the trees to the west of us. If we had forgone the trip and went right back and got the solar scope we could have seen something but didn’t feel it was that important. I don’t figure I’ll be around in 117 years when it happens again, but who knows 🙂

It continues to be overcast this morning.

I hit the snooze multiple times and was in and out of a cool dream where I was with a HOT gal who was driving my S2000 and making out with me. Very odd dream, I kept trying to get back into it so I could manipulate what was happening but just couldn’t do it. 🙂 Brian came upstairs to ask if I was going to work about the time I got up, around 8am, he left about 30 minutes before me. Nicki was pulling up at the house about the time I was leaving the garage, she has a doctor appointment today, so no work.

I started on another issue today at work, mostly I just got the device figured out and then I messed around with some WordPress stuff. Changed the theme on my Blog, then had to try and fix all the things it broke. Needed to change the way it got the tagline in the header.php, changed to use bloginfo() instead of get_bloginfo() which doesn’t allow filtering it. I still haven’t figured out what is wrong with the rotating headers plugin to change the photo displayed in the header.

After work, it was almost just mostly cloudy instead of ALL cloudy. I put the top down but it was just a bit too chilly for that really. Stopped in at Pop’s and picked up a few new beers, well I thought I had, Got a third bottle of Jailhouse Hard Time Barleywine and then a six pack of Victory Storm King Stout and a Belhaven Scottish Stout. I already had a Hard Time but I didn’t check and had forgotten. Started todays BOTM at John’s Creek and sat with the Engineering dude, Harold? and another Chancellor – the older guy (like I’m not) who is almost always there, he works very close to the area. Found out that Alyssa is only 24, damn. Talked about the Cummings T-Mac and decided that I need to get there sometime soon.

After having a Terrapin 10th Anniversary Belgian and then a Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA I just went straight home and watched some TV, a few Big Bang Theory episodes and before that the 3rd Predator movie.

Sad day today, two musicians died, Greg Ham from Men at Work, and the drummer from the group the Band

Cool, almost cold today. Mostly sunny and clear skys.

Got a bit more going on the issue @ work. Just feel things don’t get tested well enough when we originally put them out.

I stopped in @ the Mellow Mushroom after work, had a beer and a Chicken Caesar Salad. Lauryn was a bit out of sorts today, school is taking it’s toll but her spring break is coming up. Margaret was there along with Erin, or at least I think it was Margaret, not sure any more, I can’t tell the difference even when they are right next to each other, I think Rebecca is a bit more laid back. When we talked she mentioned working out so I think that it certainly was Margaret.

Went home and drove around to see if Nicki’s car was still there, hoping it wasn’t. It had gotten too dark so I couldn’t tell at all since I was on the other side of the road and there isn’t a streetlight where they had stopped the car.

Watched the latest episodes of Shameless and then Californication, damn the cutie on the show that is the one dudes nanny is FANTASTIC!

I then finished up the photos from the wedding and got them up on the web, sent the gal Nicki a message with the link.

Heard some very odd news from Brian, the place we (he) shoots is Bull’s Eye over in downtown Lawrenceville, GA. He heard that a dude killed himself in the gun range last week, or in the last few days. Just rented a gun, got bullets and then from the cameras in the range they said he kept looking behind him so as not to possibly hurt another person and then finally just put the gun to his head a fired.

PS. It was on the 25th of Feb 2012, the guy got eye and ear protection, no targets and then did this around 5pm and by 8 everything was back to normal.

Brian and I got the wood scraps from the front path to the door moved into the back so he could cut them down to a size the garbage collectors with take. Then Nicki and I headed out to have lunch and get to the Decatur Winefest 2011.

We stopped in at a Sushi place and had a couple of rolls and some miso soup, then we got back out into the slightly chilly afternoon and the long line into the festival. Fernando was suppose to show up as well but didn’t get there until well after 3pm with only about 45 minutes left, WTF, I feel terrible that he didn’t show up because of her. Lots of women my age and around it should have taken more photos but didn’t want to make Nicki feel funny at all. Took some of her and around a bit though. Talked to a few gals, lot of pairs of women. I did meet a bunch of Gators since I had my Florida hoodie on. The food lines were WAY to long again.

Decatur 2011

Decatur 2011

@ Taco Mac I met up with Dan and Cathy for about 10 minutes and they had to leave, *frown* but then not long after a couple of twenty somethings sat next to me and all was good again. Christie and Amy were really fun, two UGA fans cheering for Arkansas to beat USC. They were drinking shots for every USC score, they only had two and then a few blue moons but they were fun and possibly drunker than they needed to be. They did say they weren’t going to be driving so that’s good. There was also this REALLY drunk gal about my age or so, a Alabama fan who was a bit tipsy as well, told me I had nice eyes which is always nice to hear. She grabbed my hand and smashed it to her breasts asking if I would cheer for Alabama, nope sorry.

Had a small rah-rah session with Kate at the hostess desk about Florida and felt funny that I wasn’t wearing any Florida gear. We beat Vandy 21-26 but I heard it wasn’t pretty.

Watched the movie Driving Angry, with Nicholas Cage and some really HOT gal run around and finally kill all the bad guys who are Devil worshipers/Cult group.

Everything seemed OK this morning until I got a call from Nicki that the car battery won’t start the car even with the charger, I think I messed up the cable when I replaced it and since I didn’t re-test before finishing it up it’s my fault. Told her to just take Brian’s truck and be careful. Called Brian to let him know and ask forgiveness and he told me we had left the garage door open last night, I should be more careful, just forgot about it when we came in after messing with the car.

tiny gulf fritillary

The sky was clear and I almost set up the camera this morning to take some wide field shots of the Orion constellation but didn’t. By about 9am it was totally clouded up and the wind was gusting.

Went out and got a few photos before it got bad or began to rain, stayed close in, checking on the Viceroy larva that are on a willow branch. The willow tree-bush is really small and looks as if it had been cut down more than once. Since it is close to a colvert I figure it may not continue to thrive in this area. There are at least 4 larvae, one large and three smaller ones. The Big Creek is getting smaller by the day, went down to the edge by the bridge that connects the greenway to our office building area and got a few photos of what I think are either small wolf spiders, grass spiders and some sort of jumping bug that looks like a crab.

Home and Nicki’s car is still BAD, I charged the battery again, it started and then about 2 hours later off the charger it wouldn’t start. Nicki walked to the store, didn’t even bitch about it so I told her we would get a battery after work tomorrow. I’m a sucker I know.

Watched True Blood, still weird. Then messed with some photos and made some zucchini for dinner.

This morning Nicki’s car wouldn’t start again, the battery or charging system is not working correctly it seems.

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast during the weekend and things got blown around. Not much rain here (none) or in Florida last week but the news was full of 10+ inches all up in North Carolina, Jersey and New York. And as always there are a lot of people without power right now up there.

1952 or so, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles

My parent’s families were friends, my dad with my mom’s older brothers (Chuck and Dean) and mom’s older sister – Glenna with my dad’s older sisters (Nadene and Glendene) ( finally everyone moved away. My mom is the second from the left, with her eyes closed and my dad is the 5th from the left. My mother’s dad (Grandpa Schadd) is taking the picture, I assume he’s doing it with the Argus that he gave me when I was about 15. Mom helped me date the photo, she figured she was about 10 here which made my dad about 14 or 15.

Walked around the creek today, saw a turtle about 6 inches long, about the size of the shell I found with a turtle missing from it awhile ago. I noticed something moving through some long grass and snuck up on it. It kept itself hidden and stopped moving as soon as I was watching it. Looked away photographing a spider and it began to move again. Walked around back to the Big Creek not finding anything good to shoot, went back to the spot where the turtle was and couldn’t find him.

Got home this afternoon and the dudes had mowed the lawn, it really needed it and I’m not sure but I think they only do it every two weeks. I need to check and see since I think I blogged about it then.

Nicki looked up a way to test the alternator on a car with a multimeter so we went out and tested her car. Seems the Alternator is just fine, which leaves the battery, it shows charged but will not start the car, I think it may be shot, put it on the charger until tomorrow morning and she will have to see what happens.