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Update 27-April-2012: We’ve reduced memory consumption as much as is possible and gotten performance on iPad 1 to an acceptable level. Our internal testing team has their paws on it now and once we get their blessing we’ll send it out to the entire beta testing crew and submit to Apple.

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WANT!!! Problem is I only bought my D700 about 2 years ago.

More than twice the mega pixels of my D700 and better Dynamic Range. Maybe the D800e is what I want, only $300 more for no moire filter.

D800, built for today’s multimedia photographer includes a groundbreaking 36.3MP FX-format CMOS sensor, Full HD 1080p video at 30/25/24p with stereo sound, class leading ISO range of 100-6400, expandable to 25,600, 4 fps burst rate and Advanced Scene Recognition System with 91,000-pixel RGB sensor.

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via Nikon D800 D-SLR Camera | High Dynamic Range Camera.

Most of the day was just hanging around the house and chatting with mom & dad. We did go over to the Costco, Target and got the car filled up with gas @ Sam’s Club with Mom&Dad in the early afternoon. Found a few things at Costco I may pick up sometime, TurboTax for one and then another set of silverware but it’s a 12 piece set and I really don’t need that many.

Brownie Bull's Eye

Ended up going out about 7pm and having some drinks with Kim, I’m really wanting this relationship to move ahead or at least to become more consistently physical (not just sexual) but she is very cold right now and due to her doubts about her desirability due to her ex moving forward so quickly with another woman. Also, the death of her dad has hit her hard and I’m not getting what i want but realize she will have to work through this before I can. I feel like I need to walk away but I just can’t and if I don’t I will feel rejected when she can’t give me the things I hope for. I thought she said she was very touchie and physical but she shows non of that toward me so I should drop the relationship down a level which hurts me to think about. I guess it is already there in her mind so it really is a mute point.

I mentioned that she should take me home and she said her little dog, William? wouldn’t let me sleep on the bed. She doesn’t want to let me in. She was getting upset at the gal next to us, the blonde woman that I met earlier who has been making a play for me a bit, forget her name now, so that isn’t so bad, maybe jealousy? I wish.

Came home and mom & dad were already asleep, I watched the 2009 version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” that mom and dad did earlier when I was out and drank the Ommegang Gnomegang and got a bit more drunk and felt sorry for myself.

Kim sent a text and said she didn’t know who she was anymore (I thought it was due to the divorce) so I sent a reply about what I liked about her and that I didn’t want to be just friends, since I was very frustrated about our “relationship” status. I think we both have our wants and they cannot be fulfilled by each other.

Basic Infrared Photoshop Techniques Tutorial & IR Instructions

Standard Infrared Filter

The Standard IR filter is our most popular choice as it’s also the filter most frequently used as a threaded lens filter. It has a 50% pass frequency of 720nm and is equivalent to the Wratten  89B gelatin filter.

Since this filter also transmits a little bit of the visible deep red light the resulting image has a bit of color in it. With proper adjustment in Photoshop you can achieve the very popular blue sky effect.



What was done with my camera, Life Pixel – Nikon D200 DIY Digital Infrared Conversion

via Internal filters for modified cameras – Standard Infrared Filter.

Got up early this morning even though I didn’t need to, I set up the camera for some star widefield shots of Orion but my vantage point with the camera put Orion behind a tree. From my room windows it was well centered between the trees. I went back to bed after that and got up about 8am instead. Went over to the Home Depot and picked up another tube of caulk to finish up the caulking before I could paint the interior of the bay window. Caulking was finished and I was doing a few cleaning chores inside when the BACP Termite inspection dude arrived. I felt a bit ashamed when I took him down into the basement due the the mess that Brian keeps there. We discussed the pile of wood in the back under the deck and I’ll need to get rid of alll the branches and things that are WAY to small for Brian to use for building things, I should be able to use it for firewood but I don’t know if it would even be practical to use it.

First shot with my IR modified D200

I had my old D200 Modified by removing the IR filter on the sensor, they replaced it with a visible light filter so the photo you see here is mostly if not all inside the InfraRed spectrum.

I then began painting the inner panel of the window, all by hand with a 3 inch brush, not all that bright. By the end of it my hand and arm were really feeling it and the coverage wasn’t all that good. The paint can was a bit rusty and some was falling into the paint as I used it. Later I moved the paint to a tupperware bowl and will need to get another can possibly later. The three seam areas at the top of the window, the one in the center and the others on either side look quite noticeable at close inspection but at the road are not all that bad. With a little work I could make them better I think. Or else, I may just do some creative decorating and cover them up with something.

I had just completed the painting and cleanup about 3:30 when the UPS truck pulled up and I got my newly modified IR D200, snapped a few shots like the one up here and later realized that they had left the camera on JPG and not RAW, I think for the PRE-set White balance they set. Need to look up the stuff on the web, I’ll do that tomorrow.

Neighbor's house

First shot with my IR modified D200

Decided to head over to Hooters for some beer and an order of Buffalo Shrimp, got to hang with AshleyS and then Trish & Shawntea. Shawntea has a new large side tattoo of a flower of some sort, daisy? Not sure I didn’t really get a good look at it. Ashley’s son’s name is Titan, very odd but considering who the father is I’m not very surprised, he’s a nice guy but… I really don’t understand how some folks name their kids, the kid has to deal with it, it’s not as bad as Tweezel or Moon-unit I guess. 🙂 It was the last Bike Night, got to see Rick the photographer, Ted, Anna, LaurenD, Brad the DJ, and meet a few more “new” people. The place was DEAD when I showed up about 6:30pm, got a bit better but truly not much. I feel for LaurenD, she knows how GREAT the place was when it was under “good” management.

Dreary and overcast most of the day, the clouds continued moving toward the west all morning long. Lots of wind.

Read a bit about Christopher Columbus, seems he wasn’t a really nice fellow. Terrorized what is now the Dominican Republic, killing and enslaving many Indian and Caribbean people. There are people who want us to stop having a Columbus Day, seems silly since we are not really celebrating the man but the fact that he helped start colonization of the USA back in 1492, wow, that was almost 300 years before we became our own country, and we have only been a country for 235 years. Kind of reminds you how young we really are as a country compared to all the ones in Europe & Asia.



I went over to the Natural Foods Warehouse for some frozen things for lunch, ended up seeing a dude I’ve met over at Taco Mac – Mall coming out of the Beer Depot in the same shopping center across from my office. Just after I finished my lunch I realized that it was raining outside, the light misty kind.

mmmmmmm beer

Checked on my package to LifePixel (D200 IR conversion) and it is out for delivery today. Should be finished 5-10 days from today (also should get email from them tonight) and then be back to me sometime by the end of the month. Need to get set up for adjusting the focus on the camera just in case.

Came home and had some dinner, then watched some Ancient Aliens again, then some FoodTV. Noticed Terra Nova was recording but some Dumb-Ass baseball game was still on, Fuck, now I won’t have it recorded.

Took some shots like the one above, messing with the reversed 50mm on my 150 macro, used the NIKON CLS flashes.

another tiny

Up and Adam this morning, I did hit the snooze once but I had woken up about 4 and then again at 5 dreaming some shit about work, mostly worried about something. I’ve dreamt similar things in the past, odd buildings, weird happenings. After getting to work and messing with some iPhone bug I went out and sent the D200 to Life Pixel Infrared, $26 and change to get it there by Thursday. Hopefully I’ll have a IR camera before the end of the month. After messing with installing the Server at work I figured out that I needed 2008R2 and not just plain vanilla Win2008 so I downloaded the ISO burned using my Mac and then started the install just before going on home.

Came home and made some chicken and mushrooms with Whatsthishere sauce, simple and good. Then watched a few of Beyond the Wormhole, then took some photos of the bird skull I’ve got. Let the TV to Nicki after I made sure that Terra Nova was going to record.

Went upstairs and played on the computer with photos for awhile.

Green darner taken earlier this spring, many of the dragonflies I capture are not as easy to identify, this one was unmistakable. I noticed while taking some photos and looking over a few of the macros (mainly the one I put up yesterday of the droplet on a blade of grass) that I had a lot of crap on the sensor. Cleaned the senso this morning. Went out on the trail about 9am and picked up two of the cicada husks from the days before. I also got shots of a few spiders and chatted with a few people on the path. Seems there was a copperhead sighting.

Common Green Darner

Drove over to the Natural Foods Warehouse store across the street by work. Picked up a few items (frozen lunches) some of them some flatbreads from evolFoods. Realized it is love spelled backwards, their logo even has the e turned backwards. You can get a free t-shirt when you collect box upc points, only 16 flatbreads and I can get one. So for about 3 weeks of lunches and I’m almost there. 🙂 They even give you a free sticker that I put on my cubicle wall at work just over my desk.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple Inc. It would have to end sometime and now everyone is worried about IF Apple will just crash and burn. The stock market did some flips too from what Fernando, a buddy from work was saying he could understand a little that Apple stock would fall a bit but even very un-related stocks were falling. Also in world news one of the Russian space rockets crashed yesterday as well, it was unmanned but there are plans for manned missions soon. The rocket was carrying supplies for the Space station.

Out to the Suwanee T-Mac for BOTM, got the last and different Harpoon IPA glass having the Oktoberfest and then I had the Stone Smoked Porter after. It was a flirt-fest between me and Lori? It seems there may be 2 Loris there, Blonde with the “actress” daughter and another who has a boyfriend and whom I am a bit more attracted to, darker dirty-blonde to brown hair, freckles etc. Talked to Joy (short hair, taller gal there) but repeated some of the questions I had asked her later, duh! She was giving me shit about my goatee and put me on he defensive so I wasn’t feeling all that chatty. Seems Lori-1 (blonde) will be having a “camping” party at her house over labor day weekend. It’s BYOB, BYOF(food), and BYOT (tent), but she did say she had a few beds. Also, it seems her daughter is really into DragonCon, I should go myself, I’ve never been but wouldn’t be able to dress up worth a crap. She has three outfits, one for each day, one from pokemon, one vampire/goth and ?????? the last one was left out conversation interrupted. Oh, and Lori-2 was showing a bunch of skin in a spaghetti strapped top, showing off her tan-lines and freckles, I let her know I loved them.

Thinking about my photographic history and my first camera given to me by my grandfather. I think it was an old Argus and I found a link to an Argus Collector’s Group on the web. I had given the camera to my younger brother after I got an Minolta SRT201. I wish I hadn’t done that now since he has “lost” the camera.